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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Nichevo.

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You note the spine bears the word 'Nichevo' scribed in deep brown ink.

Author:    Nichevo        
Date:      Thu Apr  3 09:38:03 2014
Subject     Nichevo's beginning

Nichevo, well where to start, well I guess at the beginning. He grew up an orphan in a sea town port. Everyone assumed judging from his appearance that his parents were elven, at least mostly, but no one seemed to know for sure. What everyone agreed upon was it was a stormy night when a basket appeared in front of the harbormaster's office at the port. Inside was a baby boy, a bawling baby boy. But as soon as the harbormaster picked up Nichevo, the baby stopped crying and even smiled, displaying dimples and a twinkle in his huge green eyes. "You are nichevo", meaning that the infant has no parents, nothing in the world, but that become his name. Shaking his head, the harbormaster brought the young child to the house of a nursing mother, who fed Nichevo and cared for the infant along with her son. The boy grew up fast, a free spirit, reckless, daring, and with an infectious laugh. Stealing a shiny rock from the jeweler's shop, or an apple from the street vendor, Nichevo lived by his wits, his eyes never still, but always searching for another adventure or treasure to ..umliberate. The elven lad always loved the Sea, especially with there was a storm blowing. Standing at the edge of the pier, his wet clothing plastered against his lithe body, his long white hair flapping in the wind, he felt so alive. Each clap of thunder, every lightning bolt stirring his inner soul. One day, sitting on the pier, next to the Harbormaster, Nichevo sighed deeply. "Why is it that I, who am at least part elf, gets lost in the woods, but loves the Sea?" The Harbormaster didn't answer right away, puffing on his pipe. "Nichevo, you are not a Sea elf, your hair and skin are more like that of a human. Your build is also too muscular. But that said, the Sea claims many, no one seems to know why. I would just say to follow your instincts. I am sure that the gods will help show you your path." Nodding in agreement, Nichevo offered a prayer to Gilean, hoping for some sign where his destiny might lead.

Author: Nichevo Date: Fri Apr 4 17:36:37 2014 Subject Nichevo's new adventure

Nichevo stood on the pier, every fiber of his being drinking in the sights and sounds of the powerful storm, the waves pounding the surf, the flashes of lightning directly overhead. His clothing drenched, clinging to his body, he laughs out loud and heads back to the office of the Harbormaster. Perhaps today he would get another errand, running notes and items to the many ships anchored in the harbor. He would do anything to sail on one of those majestic ships, no job too small or dirty. If only he would get a chance. The Harbormaster heard Nichevo open the door and shouted, "Belay that, close the damn door! All my papers are getting wet. " Looking over at Nichevo, noting his bright eyes, inspite of the dripping water on the wooden floor, he just shook his head. "Boy, are you sure that you are not a follower of Zeboim, the Sea Queen? On a night like this, only you like be out there." Pulling out his pipe, he took his time, getting an even burn and then blew out the match. With a twinkle in his eyes, the Harbormaster turned to his desk and pulled out a sealskin pouch, sealed with magic of some sort. "I have a special errand for you, but you must promise to do exactly as I say." Nodding his promise, the elven youth took a deep breath, trying to manage his growing excitement. "I promise and will do it just as you want." Blowing a smoke ring, the Harbormaster fingered the package. "Do you know the Tempest? She is anchored at the far end of the pier." "Well the Captain is a friend of mine and I need you to deliver this package to the Captain and only the Captain - just the way you see it here. And", then lowering his voice, "no one else can see you give it to him. Not the first mate, no one. Can you do it?" With an appraising eye on the sealpouch, Nichevo nodded. "yes, Sir. Leave it to me. I will put it safely in the hands of the Captain and no one else will be the wiser." Sighing loudly, the Harbormaster handed Nichevo the package and bade him godspeed with his errand. Stuffing the package down his pants, the elf called the Shadows and silently moved to the end of the pier. Not sure that he could board the ship without raising alarms, Nichevo stayed in the shadows, watching the coming and goings of the Tempest, no doubt preparing to sail on the tide. As his luck would have it, the Captain of the Tempest just finished some business in a nearby pub. Like a wraith, Nichevo came up from behind, whispering, "Captain, you won't need that blade. I have something of yours." Pulling out the package, "the Harbormaster sends his regards and sent me to find you. You can see the magic seal still is in place." Handing the package to the Captain, Nichevo turned, about to disappear in the Shadows. "Wait, lad. I might have something else for you, if you are of like mind." Looking over his shoulder to make sure that they were alone the Captain continued, "I need someone like you on my ship, the Tempest. Someone handy, asks no questions and does what he is told." Nichevo felt his eyes boggle, his dream was here. "oh yes, Captain. That would suit me fine. Anything. I always wanted to sail and feel the Sea beneath my feet." "Fine, what do I call you?" Nichevo blushed slightly, "Nichevo, just Nichevo." And that was how Nichevo joined the crew of the Tempest.

Author: Nichevo Date: Sun Apr 6 20:58:32 2014 Subject Some painful lessons for a cabin boy

Nichevo, the new cabin boy on board the Tempest, left the Captain's cabin, tray in hand, heading to the galley. So much to learn and the ship still seemed a maze. A huge minotaur sailor, the bosun's mate, towered over the young elf, blocking his path. "What have we here? A new cabin boy, and look, mates, with long white hair to boot." Not wanting a confrontation, Nichevo smiled uneasily, "I am Nichevo, new cabin boy. Glad to meet you." Snickering the bosun's mate leaned down, whispering in the boy's ear, "Boy, I know you are nothing. From now on, you will serve some of that grog to me and my boys too." Shaking his head, "I can't do that, the Captain would have me hanging from the yardarm." The minotaur was a bully and lived to intimidate the new crew members. Smashing the tray from Nichevo's hands, he smashed a huge fist into the cabin boy's stomach, laughing evilly. "Now I will teach you a lesson." The bosun's mate and his cronies methodically began to beat and kick Nichevo, leaving the young cabin boy unconscious on the floor. Waking up, he was back in his hammock, every part of his body sore. Climbing out of his bed, he stopped waiting for the pain to subside. Taking stock - one eye, black and blue and nearly swollen shut and a possible broken rib appeared to be the worse injuries. Bringing breakfast to the Captain, Nichevo tried to leave quickly, but one look from the Captain stopped him in his tracks. "What happened, boy?" "Nothing much, Captain. I feel down the stairs in the dark. I will try to be more careful." The Captain gave an appraising look at the cabin boy. "Aye, let's try to avoid those stairs in the future." Leaving the Captain's cabin, a cough stopped Nichevo in his tracks. A huge, ugly ogre sailor nodded. "It was best not the snitch. The captain expects us crew to sort out our differences, short of killing of course." Taking a deep breath, trying to calm his nerves, Nichevo nodded. Before he could say anything, the ogre continued, "No one bothers me much, they know that if they do, I give more than I take. Do you know how to fight at all?" "I know a bit using my sword." Scoffing loudly, the ogre shook his head. "Lad, we are not bleeding Solamnics. You need to learn our way - we fight dirtly and cheat. But we win. If you want, after your chores, find me in the hold. I can teach you a thing or two." Still unsure, Nichevo hesitated, then blurted out, "Why would you help me?" The scarred sailor just winked, "the Captain sends us lads out on errands, and not always to the nicest part of town, if you get my drift. If I can make you a fighter, it strengthens all of us." Taking a slow breath, his ribs still sore, Nichevo nodded his agreement. "thanks, I will be there." The next day, still sore from his beating, Nichevo finds the ogre in a secluded part of the hold. Looking over the youth, the ogre corrects his posture adding, "You are too stiff, are you sure that you are at least part elf? Spread your feet slightly, pressure on your toes. Then with a sudden kick, the ogre kicked some dirt, blinding Nichevo. "That is lesson one. Expect the unexpected. Know your terrain and and look for ways to use it against your foes." Seeing the cabin boy's distain, the older sailor explained, "Listen, we are not knights or saints. Honor is fine if you have any army at your back. The Captain's errands have taken me into alleys, bars, and even a brothel or two. Learn what I can teach you, follow the Captain's orders and in time, you can get rich on other people's gold." Then the ogre handed Nichevo a curved dagger, the blade dark as night. "In addition to hand to hand, you will practice using daggers, both with blades and alone. In cramped quarters, a dagger can keep you alive." After that, Nichevo spent most of his free time practicing with the ogre sailor. Before long, his skill with his fists and weapons improved until one day the elf bested his teacher. With a acknowledging grin, "yes lad, you are ready. I will tell the Captain."

Author: Nichevo Date: Mon Apr 7 14:25:35 2014 Subject Nichevo finds faith

Nichevo, cabin boy of the ship Tempest, felt the increased movement of the ship, his hammock swinging wildly to and fro. A crack of lightning, the crash of thunder, drew him on deck like a moth to a flame. Once on deck, the deafening gale force winds, the sheets of rain blowing sideways, the lightning's acrid smell of ozone, the liquid darkness, every one of his senses was totally engaged by the tempest. Nichevo never felt so alive. The cabin boy scanned the deck, all the other crew members had taken refuse below, waiting out the storm. Something, however, deep inside him seemed to be calling him. Nichevo ran up to the mast and began to climb up the rigging, hand over hand, nearly falling numerous times. Finally he pulled himself into the crow's nest, feeling like a drowned rat. Looking up, the terrible, yet awesome beauty of the storm held him spellbound. He could see the powerful waves, pummeling the Tempest, but every time, the gallant ship returned for another battle with the Sea. The ferocious winds deafened him, threatening to tear the skin off his face and arms. Then Nichevo saw the reef, the storm was pushing the Tempest straight for the rocks. Shouting at the top of his lungs, "Ahoy there, Captain, reef ahead!" But no one could hear his voice in the din of the storm. For the first time in his life, Nichevo felt totally helpless, hopeless and desparate. Kneeling down, not raising his sea-green eyes to the heavens, Nichevo offered his first prayer ever. "Goddess Zeboim, Queen of the Sea, Mother of all tempests, hear me. Please save our ship, the Tempest doesn't deserve to have its life crushed like this. " "I pledge to be Your humble servant, the lowest of the low, Yours forever, if you grant me this small favor. " Not daring to breathe, but unable to look away, he kept praying to Zeboim, hoping against hope that the ship would feel the sharp teeth of the reefs ahead. Nichevo nearly panicked, it seemed that the storm was growing stronger, the winds howling now. Then slowly the winds changed direction, still the tempest still howling, but no longer forcing the Tempest against the rocks. Facing the heavens, the elf offered a prayer of thanks to the Sea Queen. "My Goddess, my Queen, I am Yours, Your lowest servant. Thank you." Climbing down the rigging, his limbs shaking with fatigue and more, Nichevo reached the deck. Other crew members were up on the deck, cleaning up the storm damage, glancing over at the soaked cabin boy with puzzled looks. But the cabin boy didn't say a thing. He found his hammock, his body stiff and sore from the ordeal and wondered what his future might lead.

Author: Nichevo Date: Sat Apr 12 13:55:08 2014 Subject A first assignment

Nichevo, smiling to himself, just sold a huge white tip reef shark. His fortune was growing and soon he could upgrade to a better dagger. Just as he was about to leave, Parlak, the owner of the fish shop, tugs on the youth's sleeve. "A minute of your time, lad. I heard that your Captain was looking for you. Be quick about it or he may find someone else." Without taking the time to thank the crusty shop owner, Nichevo ran all the way back to the Tempest. Still breathing hard, he asked the first mate, pointing to the Captain's cabin. "Is the Captain inside? I heard that he was looking for me." The first mate never stopped carving a rune-covered ivory piece. "Aye, lad. I believe the Captain might have something in mind for you. Min,d knock and wait to enter." The cabin boy smoothed his outfit, clean but showing its age, the sleeves and pants now a bit short as Nichevo continued his growth spurt. Knocking, he heard the Captain bid him enter. Standing straight,, "Captain, reporting as ordered." The Captain smirked a little, coughing, "err, I think order might be a bit strong, but I'm glad you are here nevertheless. How well do you know Caergoth?" "Well enough, Captain." Grinning with his dimples showing, he added, "I think I know the names of all the rats there on the docks. What a dump!" "Enough of your cheekiness, boy. The docks there are better for us than the rest of Caergoth, The guards there would rather run you through as look at you." Without waiting for Nichevo to reply, the Captain continued, "Anyhow, there is a seedy character, Rocino, who spends his time hanging out on the docks. The man is a poor excuse for a sailor, but somehow items of interest find their way into his grimy pockets." The Captain cast an apprising eye over the lad, his eyes lingering on Nichevo's sharp weapons, "Sadly, Rocino has err, acquired a map and intends to sell it to one of our rivals. That map should be mine. Think you can well persuade Rocino to give the map to us, well you?" "Aye, Captain, I have been training hard and can take care of myself." Chuckling in agreement, "Tis true, lad. But the Caergoth officials don't like it if we start killing off their citizens. I am sure they take a cut from Rocino's hoard. You will have to find another way to get the map." "Of course, Captain. Let it to me." Nichevo took a non-descript trawler to Caergoth, finalizing his plans as he rested, offering a prayer to Zeboim, as he watched the endless Seas. Arriving at the dock, he pulled the Shadows around him and found a small alleyway to watch his target Alas, he was too late. A scurvy sailor from another ship was seen putting the map inside his vest, Rocino sending his regards to the other Captain." Not panicking, Nichevo followed the sailor along the dark walkway, moving like a wraith, silently catching up to his prey. Looking around, Nichevo jumped out of the Shadows, his black, curved dagger finding its target, his other hand over the sailor's mouth. The elven youth pulled out the map, inspecting it for damage, and, with a sigh of relief, tucked it safely away in his vest. The cabin boy returned to the Tempest , and giving a secret sign to the first mate, stood again before the Captain. "Here is the map, Capt'n. Things didn't go exactly as planned but it all worked out at the end." Nodding as he spread the map over his desk, a gleam of excitement in his eyes, the Captain agreed, "Well done, Nichevo. Things worked out well indeed." Just as Nichevo was leaving the cabin, he heard, "Lad, send in the first mate. Seems we will be lifting anchor soon."

Author: Nichevo Date: Mon Apr 21 20:43:12 2014 Subject A Somamnic out of place

Nichevo, cabin boy for the Tempest, returned early to the ship. Stowing his gear, he smiled to himself, proud that he found the lair of the infamous Pirate Lords. The young elf just climbed on the deck, hoping to have a quick chat with the First Mate, when he heard his name. The gruff voice of the Captain was hard to miss. "Nichevo, come here quickly. I want you to make sure our, umm, guest here gets on board safely." Dashing on shore, Nichevo was breathing hard as he made his way along the alley to his Captain. But, just as he was about to report, he noticed the 'guest' and his jaw nearly hit the floor. Not only was there a Solamnic here in Port O Call, but a woman to boot. The Captain gave the cabin boy an answering nod, "Nichevo, help the lads escort our distinguished guest to my cabin." With orders given, the Captain strode purposely back to the Tempest. Blushing slightly, Nichevo noticed the woman was standing at ease, indifferent to the daggers pressed against her back. "Umm, Ma'am, I am kinda new at this. My name is Nichevo, cabin boy for the Tempest. How should I address you?" The Solamnic gave the youth a cold stare, nearly freezing the marrow in his bones. Coughing nervously to cover his embarrassment, Nichevo turned to his shipmates. "Let's go, lads, the Captain is waiting for her. Don't mark her unless she starts something." Casting a curious glance at their 'guest', Nichevo noticed the burnished armor, polished bright, even under the huge robe. Up to now, he had kept his distance from any Solamnic, hiding in the Shadows, especially in the Solamnic strongholds. Like the Captain, his curiosity was peaked. Why would she be in Port O Call, especially trying to hide her identity? To her credit, the Solomnic knight regally walked on deck, the eyes of every crew member burning into her back. Silence was total, you could hear a pin drop. Then the moment was broken, the Captain's gruff voice booming, "Show in our guest, lad." Escorting her before the Captain, the two sailors still in attendance, Nichevo queried the Captain's wishes with a raised eyebrow. The Captain shook his head, "No, That will be all, lads. Nichevo, find a bottle of wine and a couple glasses, clean if possible." After returning with the requested wine, Nichevo closed the door. If only he could be a fly on the wall for that conversation.

Author: Nichevo Date: Tue Apr 29 17:03:50 2014 Subject Pirate wars?

Nichevo found himself pacing back and forth on the wooden deck, his elven features hard, as if carved in stone. He was in trouble and hated this feeling of helplessness. Surely he wouldn't lose his billet on the Tempest, but then he brought danger on the crew and his ship, an unforgivable transgression. Offering a silent prayer to Zeboim, the wild elf just shook his head and, having made a decision, caught the eye of the first mate. With a nervous cough, he began, "First Mate, do you have a moment? I need your advice." The older sailor at first didn't reply, just pulled out his pipe and stash of tobacco. Not hurrying, he puffed on the pipe until it was burning even and hot. Blowing a smoke ring, the first mate looked over at the cabin boy, "Aye, Nichevo, tell me what is bothering you. I saw you pacing to and fro, nearly wearing through the wooden planks." His course now set, Nichevo drew a deep breath, then another. "I think that I have put the Tempest in danger." Not interrupting, just puffing on his pipe, the first mate fixed his gaze on the cabin boy, waiting to hear more. The young elf flinched as he saw the first mate's gaze. "I guess it is best to begin at the beginning and you can judge what should be done." In a quiet voice, he continued, "Last time we were in port, I have a few days off, so slipped away on my small outrigger, hoping for some shark fishing. It was picture perfect day, gentle swells, a few puffy clouds. I baited my shark line and before long was wrestling with a huge great white shark, the brute pulling me further out from shore. who After a while, I was not sure who was more tired, the shark or me. I lost track of where I was. Reeling like a madman, yelling for some divine help, I finally had to cut the line. It was clearly too big to try to pull into my boat. I started paddling into the west, hoping to find shore. Luck was with me as soon I heard some seagulls, then the sound of the waves breaking against the shore. I looked around for a gap in the reef, the sharp rocks beckoning my small boat closer and closer. Then a huge wave caught the boat and flung it against the rocks, leaving my boat broken and battered. Forced to dive into the water, I swam past the rocks and pulled myself on shore - tired, looking like a drowned rat, and not knowing where I was. Finding some wood on the beach, soon I had a fire going and fell asleep. Waking up the next morning, I heard someone cursing, and slipped into the rocks. I found Pirates. I watched as the scurvy crew finished loading something on their schooner, then they began to sail around the point. Like a wraith, I followed them along the coast, and then nearly tripped over a posted pirate guard. To be honest, I am not sure who was more surprised. But I responded first, my dark dagger slicing him deep. He died with a cry of alarm still on his lips. Keeping a watch on the pirates and small ship, Nichevo weighed his options. When it was dark, he slipped quietly into the water, swimming to the moored ship. The young elf pulled himself up the anchor line, hand over hand, until he peered over the railing. Cursing under his breath, both pirate guards were awake and moving around the ship. But when the moon disappeared behind some clouds, the elf sprang from the Shadows, quickly subduing one of the guards. Before long, both guards were subdued and dropped into the water. But just as he was pulling up the anchor, Nichevo heard a yell from shore. "Hey, there is someone on the ship! Quickly, lads! Don't let him escape." Releasing the sails, he turned the ship out of the harbor, the sleek schooner gather speed like a thoroughbred. who The pirates released the bound guards, trying to find out who the thief might be. Over the water, Nichevo heard the faint words that froze his soul. "It was the bleeding cabin boy from the Tempest as Davy Jones is my witness." Hardly daring to look at the first mate, the cabin boy stopped talking. "Lad, follow me to the Captain's cabin. Now!"

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