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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Oceidus.

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Author:  Oceidus
Date    Thu Aug 22 20:21:45 2002

Subject  The Quest For The Purple Dragon Part 1.

*From the Diary of Oceidus Umeladric, Professional Tea Brewer*

So there I was, on my way to Garnet to meet with my dwarven friend, Blevaas
Ivorymace, or was it Blorvis Ivenhammer, I can't remember for sure but it was
one of those.  Anyway, I was on my way there and remembered a dream I had one
time about this purple dragon that lived in a cave not far from the city of
Garnet.  Yes, I know there isn't such thing as a purple dragon, but I figured,
what if this dream was a vision from Lord Paladine himself and maybe there
really was a purple dragon.  If so, perhaps I could slay the beast and become
a great hero.  Or atleast find a cool new tea recipe.  Either way it could be
an adventure.

So I tried to remember the directions to the cave from the dream.

In the dream I had a talking tree branch to lead the way but I didn't have one
of those at the moment so I decided to wing it.  After hours of following what
seemed like a trail, I found that it only led to a small pond with a bunch of
ugly fish swimming in it.  It was then that I spotted a very rare flower on
the shore of the pond.  What luck!

I went to go collect it but unfortunately forgot that this particular flower
had an odd defense measure against those who would disturb it.

When I began to break it free, it unleashed a cloud of prismatic dust right at
me, blinding me.  Yeah I know, being the great alchemist that I am, I of
course had something to counteract it, but unfortunately I had set my satchel
down a few feet away while I was getting a drink of water.

I rubbed most of the dust from my eyes but my vision was quite blurry and I
had little control over the color receptors or the tear ducts of my eyes so
there I was, crying like a newborn baby and seeing all manner of odd-colored
plant and animal life.  It reminded me of the time I tried that herb that the
kender sold me.  Remember?  He told me that it would make me see things that
weren't really there.

Oh wait, no, you wouldn't remember would you, I never wrote that down.

*Note to self, write that one later*  So yeah, I just sat down and decided it
would be best to wait for the dust to clear from eyes with the help of my now
uncontrolled tears.  It was then that IT approached.

At first I thought it was just an illusion.  An affect of the dust.

But I know the smell of one when I see it and I knew that I was faced with a
dragon.  Its wings were huge and its horns were very long.

I didn't see a tail at first, but I figured it was just folded up or
something.  They do that sometimes.  Not usually while flying but they are
strange beings with mannerisms beyond mere mortals.  So yeah, a dragon.  And
you know what?  Yeah, it was purple.  I was shocked.

The dream really was a vision from my Lord.  I grabbed my staff and prepared
to battle the demonic beast.  It noticed my sudden offensive stance and must
have got scared because it began flying away.  I wouldn't have none of this so
I jumped at it, staff in hand and grabbed a hold of its massive body.  Now, I
didn't know dragons had fur, but then again, I didn't know purple ones
existed.  But I held onto the fur as it struggled to fly higher.  I realized I
could not hold onto my staff and the dragon and still be able to fight it so I
sent my staff back to the pond and with that free hand, reached for one of the
beasts horns.  This thing was getting weirder and weirder because its horns
turned out to be fuzzy and very flimsy.  The dust was beginning to wash out of
my eyes at this point and I was gaining better vision.  It was then that I
realized that I was not fighting a dragon.  It was just a giant purple
dragonmoth.  Yeah I know, bummer.

Realizing that it was just a harmless giant purple dragonmoth, I let go and
let it fly off on its not-so-merry way.  It had seemed like it was miles up in
the air when if fact we were just about a dozen feet off the ground.  I landed
in a patch of wildberry bushes.  Tell I made my way back to the pond and
gathered my things.

Author:  Oceidus
Date    Thu Aug 22 20:26:01 2002

Subject  The Quest For The Purple Dragon Part 2.

So yeah, I gathered my things, retrieved that blasted flower, this time using
better precautions, and even discovered that the residue from the moth's fur
would do great in a new flying potion or a potion of giant growth not to
mention a tasty tea.  I decided I would name the residue, which had a
powderlike texture, Purple Dragonroot.  Yeah I know, catchy name isn't it.  So
I was all done at the pond and realized it was getting late.  I remembered I
had to get to Garnet before dark.  I got a few steps back on my way and
realized that I was thirsty.  Gloomar or whatever his name was, wouldn't mind
if I were a little late.  So I sat down to a mug of tea.

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