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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Padin.

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Author:  Padin
Date    Sun Nov 30 10:50:57 2003

Subject  padins story

Padin was born 18 years ago His intrest in magic started at age 6 when solace
was under seige by draconians that day he had whitnessed a mage in red robes
with a wood staff with a dracon claw atop of it the mage had been with a group
of heroes fighting some draconians off after seeing some of the magic the mage
used agianst the draconains padin admired magic from that day on he liked
magic so much he tryed finding out as much as he could about it wich was hard
because he live in a solmaic family who distrusted mages to thier full exstent
padin was an half elf who was abandoned because of his human features the
solomic husban and wife quickly adopted him with no questions asked when padin
was seven years old he sneaked off to a mage school near solace when he got
there he bugged and bugged to see the school master "what would you like
child" said the impationt mage "I would like to know if i am gifted with magic
sir" said padin "and what makes you think your gifted with magic young child"
Asked the school master "Well i have this burning feeling inside me and i have
odd dreams of theses three gods dresses in red black and white robes looking
down at me like there judgeing me" replyed padin The school master thought in
his head i can sence magic in him and i can tell he will be good with no very
good in magic the years to come but he reminds me of one of my old school
apprenteses I just cant put my finger on wich one though...Ah what the heck "
I will make note of this day in my jounal and one day if you can bring your
parents here and i shall dicuss with them about you subscribing in my school"
said the school master "YES MASTER!!!!!" beamed padin bursting with joy " I
wont let you down" smilrd padin but things didnt go his way atleast for a
while. that night padin ran home to find his father galieth who had just
finished his guard duty around solace.

after telling his father about his conversation with the school master galieth
frowned and said "absoluty not padin mages are untrustful evil beings of
ansalon whos goods they worship are evil and plus mages could never join a
socitety like the knights of solomia they would never accept a mage and how
whould you make a living"

" dad you forget that the archmage magnis was with the knights and partener of
the most famed knight there was huma!" protesed padin Galieths face turned
completely red " were did you here that crap! Thats a rumor, A LIE! you are
forbiden to go back to that school and you will forget about being a mage or
haveing magic you will grow up to be a solomic kningt and will make our family
proud"screamed galieth in rage padins shoulders slumped his arms fell limp and
he noded his head saddly and he walked to his room, but padin didnt listen to
his father he didnt forget about magic or the school padin would go to the
school every dad and converse with the students but one day that all changed.
Five misserable years later his dad had died, galieth had been patroling the
outer solace when.

he was ambushed by a 5 hobgoblins in blue armor they had killed him quickly
and easly his mother lunaira grived for galieth for days and finally padin
came up to his mother and said.\ "mother dont let me die like him let me be a
mage let me go my own ways please mother!" pleaded padin "padin you have
always impressed me even when you asked your father about being a mage then
disobeying his orders every day by going to that school dont look at me that
way i always knew..."

"i have decieded you may go to this mage school on one condition you have to
wear the white robes aslong as you go to this school this you must promise me
"wisper lunaira "yes mother i will! i promise" and padin went to school every
day and wore his expesive white robes his mother had purchased for him and
padin would board at the school during the winter.

Author:  Padin
Date    Sun Nov 30 11:30:23 2003

Subject  padins story part 2

school was very easy for padin over the next 5 year period. padin had learned
how to read and write magic how to use wands, scrolls and staves he had also
learned how to use a dagger and its throng properly.

padin had also learned 3 spells in wich he added to his spell book the spells
were ventriloquate, detect magic and armour.

at 17 years of age padin had learned all he could from the school, so after
discussing it with his mother he had discided to travel the world so his
mother  gave him a map of ansalon a donkey and 300 steel padin had left the
next day padin had took his robes his waling staff all the stuff his mother
gave him and a months provions of food and most importantly his spell book
padin had planned on first traveling to haven the to sanction then going by
boat to palanthas .

the way to haven was unevenlty safe when he arrived in haven he stayed the
night at a inn then left the next day with 1 more weeks of purchased

the trip to sanction was a differnt story the traveling for the first week and
a half was safe untill he was discovered by a pack of roges they had chased
him for 2 days before giving up the next day padin made a makeshit tent and
spent the day caching his breath and his barrings. the next day he left for
sanction his next week was just as uneventfull as the way to haven but padin
keep on edge every moment of the trip wich saved his life the da before he
arrived at sanction padin was about 7 miles from sanction when he was about to
arrive at a t junction wich would take him straight to sanction when he was
about 30ft from the juction he say 3 hobgoblins in blue armor standing guard
at the junction padins fast instincts threw him in to the bushes about 10 ft
from the hobs padin thought in his head think think! how can i use my magic to
save me from this situation if i tryed attacking them they would kill me very
easyly they look hi rank any real mage could save them selves from these
stupid hob-goblins...then it came to padin he would use ventriloquate to make
the quarrel amounst them selfs maby fight each other giving himself time to
run padins lay in the bushes and muttered something to himself very quickly
and quietly.

The three hobgoblns were captains in the dragon army who were sapost to meet a
dragon high lord nick named the dark lady the hobs were really in a bad mood
after loseing to of there comrades to a death trap and being threw 2 storms
waiting at this t junction so they could escort the dark lady to sanction
snotnose broke the silence" your a fool craplick you should never been put in
the armour you are in"

craplicks face swung round "what did you say!" growled craplick as he
unsheathed his short sword.

"I didnt say anything you are seriosly going mad!"said snotnose as he glared
at crap lick.

"I said IT You brainless fools! and by the way snotnose you look like a
deformed draconian dwarf cross wgo stole his armor!"screamed wartface "know
what your both crazy fools who probably bribed thier way threw the
academy!"yelled craplick

Author:  Padin
Date    Sun Nov 30 12:00:13 2003

Subject  padins story part 3

will what craplick said snotnose screamed and drew his sword forth the
craplick launched him self at snotnose but fell short his his head on the
ground wartface sneered and licked the blood of his sword and then said "Its
me and you now snotnose"

snotface growled and swung his sword at wartfaces heart but was blocked by
wartfaces sciritar the wart face quickly swung his sword at snotnose stricking
him in the hip.

Snotnose hissed in pain and said "this ends now!" and with all his strenght
thrusted his long sword into wartfaces stomic. wart face howled in agony and
leaped down to the ground were crap licks corpse was wartface pryed the short
sword frok the dead hobgoblins grip leaped towards snotnose thrusted the short
in to snotnoses heat and brought his scrimiar down with crushing force down
the middle of snotnoses head snotnoses brains splattered everywere and fell
never to stand agian.padin got up quietly from behind the bushes and very
quietly walked up to fartface who was staggering about trying to stand an who
was also spewing blood padin raised his dagger and his all his strenght
plunged the dagger into the back of wartfaces neak. wartface fell down to the
ground dead.

padin ran the rest of the way to sanction just in case he might of been
caught. within 30mins padin arrived in sanction. padin didnt like sanction
that much so he planned to leave that day threw port aswell so padin guided
his donkey threw the evil looking crouds and keeped constant watch for
thieves. he arrived to the port within moments. padin arrived to the the port
and rushed to the closest boat(wich was the oly boat) and asked the captian
"how much will it cost to go to palanthas"

the captian replyed by saying"50 steel pieces and we will give you a room with
a bed and table and we will provide meals and stable your donkey"

padin accepted gratefully and handed 50 steel to the captain and boarded the
ship after about 1hr at sea padin became very ill with sea sickness the
captain had told padin he would feel better the next day consider this was his
first time on a vessal at sea and the captain was right the next day padin
felt alot better after a confortable sleep and a wounderful breackfast of of
cook salman spiced potatoes and a glass of elven wine.

the rest of the voyage on the ship wich lasted about a week padin stayed in
his cabin practicing his magic.

when padin arrived a palanthas docks he was amazed at the city and asked the
captain for a peice of papper in wich he wrote a letter to the conclave asking
if he could take the test and now he is waiting for the reply.

Author:    Padin          
Date:      Wed Oct 20 05:01:18 2010
Subject     Background

Laying down the well used spellbook, Padin Streched luxiously in his
padded felt chair. After a couple more yawns a crack of his neck padin rose
to his feet and closed the spellbook for the night. It had of course been a
long night, a long week. Confident in his skills but not one to slack in
prepairation, he had been studying like no other, for tommorow He left for
the tower of high sorcery. Although he came from a fairly wealthy family,
almost everyone possessing some magical talent to an agree, he was the only
one skilled enough to get the nod from the conclave. Tonight would be the
last night he would sleep in his down filled bed with its thick wool
blankets. Tommorow its sleeping in tents and living of the land. although he
prefered the city life padin had done many a camping trip in the wild, his
family gained its wealth from animal trapping and selling fine fur clothing.
A skill he had become quite adept at himself. although he enjoyed the
hunting, his real skill came in the art of seemtressing. His long nimble
hands easily sewing in and out perfect articles of clothing. Infact he had
made every article of clothing draped over his own body, wore it with pride.
Finally reaching his bedchamber padin flopped down into his bed and
instantly feel into deep dream filled sleep. 

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