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An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Puck.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a pulp magazine on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Puck' scribed in glowing maroon ink.

Author:  Puck
Date    Tue Mar 23 14:25:02 2004

Subject  Puck's vacation

Moving slowly along the tree row, making not a sound, Puck snuck away from the
body he had found in a nearby alley.  The corpse was blackened
and burned, as if from a great fire...but the surrounding
buildings weren't even smoky.  There was only one explanation -- the
fireball of a mage.

"I have to tell someone...things like this just shouldn't happen."

Suddenly, a black figure faded into view just feet from Puck's position. 
Cackling madly, like a berserker gone insane, the figure started to chant in a
strange language...

"Sie gehen weit jetzt weg..."

Upon completion of the last syllable, a dark gate appeared behind Puck and
sucked him inside, closing moments after the Kender vanished.

Peering around intently for witnesses, Vkornan Blackeyes muttered to
himself..."Damn Kender.  Always wasting everyone's time."

(ooc - I currently have too much crap going on to enjoy myself here.

So Puck is going A.W.O.L. for a least until some stuff works out. 
Hope y'all enjoy your time without me around.  Take it easy and happy

Kurt) -

Author:  Puck
Date    Tue Apr  6 11:41:01 2004

Subject  adventuring with a dark elf

Slowly, I wandered the streets of Palanthas, recovering from my most recent
adventures with the beautiful and deadly Calypso.  Absent mindedly
readjusting the device I had a gnome friend of mine make (we still hadn't
decided on a name ("Calypso-Knee-No-More" just didn't have good flow), I
stopped at the fountain and thought of the fun I'd had.

Travelling through the swamp and graveyard may have been a mistake...

those big serpents and evil undead weren't nice to little Kender and dark

I was injured many times, and Calypso was knocked unconscious once.  *sigh*
Then my parrot decided she didn't like being lost with us.  I think she went
somewhere to be found.  I hope whoever finds Josephine takes good care of her.

The abyss was amazing.  Except for the smell.  It smelled really sad, and I
didn't like it.  But I met neat people!  There were death knights and liches
and manticores!!  They weren't very nice...but they were neat!  A lich snuck
up behind me and bonked me on the head...I don't know why he did that.

Maybe...*gasp!*  maybe he doesn't like Kender?!  But Calypso protected me
with her magic.

I enjoyed the maze even more.  *giggle*  I tried to map it out, but we kept
running into maze guards who didn't like our being there.  So I kept missing
important intersections and turns... (By the way, I have a map for sale, if
anyone wants it.  I'm sure there's a place that it fits...somewhere.)

I heard a shuffling to the right, so I stopped to look.  It was a maze beast,
running at Calypso full tilt!!  I didn't want her getting hurt, so I poked it
in the back with one of my daggers as it passed bythat distracted it all
right.  I think it maybe annoyed it, too.  It got an ugly look in its eyes,
then it bit me!  It bit me!  I was *so* happy for my
"Calypso-Knee-No-More" then (maybe we could call it
"Beasty-Bite-Be-Gone"?)...  I decided right there that I didn't like being
bitten.  At least not like that.

So I tried telling the monster that: "Why'd you do that?  I didn't
appreciate it!!"

Your pierce *** DEVASTATES *** the maze beast!

The maze beast is struck by lightning from a nasty dagger.

I think he understood...

The maze beast is DEAD!!

When we returned from the fun trip, I noticed that I had a lot more in my pack
that when we started.  A few cloaks, a bracelet, several rings...  I wonder
who put them there.  Oh well.  I'll just hold onto them for safe keeping.

Author:  Puck
Date    Wed Apr 21 16:31:15 2004

Subject  Knights at Night and Faeries of the Flask (or Tin Cans and Winos...)

Croaker looked bored.  I felt bored.  I didn't mean any disrespect when I
asked why he looked like a gully dwarf that had been eaten by a tiger.  (which
I've seen, by the way  *shudder*)  But he took it badly.  He started
getting all funny red looking, and he tried exploding.

We went running around Imperial Square -- I think we were playing 'tag' ...and
I really didn't want to be 'IT'.  Dalner came in, and apparently decided
it looked like fun.  So he started running around, too.

*cackle* Knights in armor don't run well!  They're all clanky and squeaky.

As he was coming around the fountain, a cat ran out and tripped him.

Dalner fell on Croaker...Croaker groaned...I decided that when they got up, I
didn't want to be around.  In order to avoid that occurring, I asked Arcaenon
and Coriel if they wanted to go on a trip.  (but not like Dalner's. 
Sorry...had to.  *blush*)

Zhan.  It's really a neat place.  Sprites, Pixies, crones, Kings,
moon-horses and many other interesting things abound.  Not to mention the
scenery!!  If you haven't seen the water column, you should check it's breathtaking.  The Throne Room of the Storm King is truly
spectacular, as well.  But make sure you don't bother him...he's even grumpier
than a dwarf after a three week binge (of sobriety). *giggle* I really
only wanted a closer look at his unicorn's horn...but not -that- close! 
He wasn't happy when I asked where he got it.  *sniff*

*beam*  I found some shinys, though!!  There was one right under a sprite.
 She'd been drinking (you know how much sprites like their wine) had had
passed out...the barkeep was annoyed, so I paid her tab and took the coin from
under her flask as compensation.  It's a really really neat coin!!  Arcaenon
was really thirsty after all that walking and sight- seeing, so I gave him a
flask I found in my backpack.  There was some good wine in there. 
*giggle*  Coriel didn't want any, so I gave her some milk to drink while
Arcaenon and I chatted.  *hic*  All in all, it was a great time!

Author:  Puck
Date    Thu Jun 17 15:39:30 2004

Subject  midnight meanderings and close encounters of the tin can kind

"I thought you said that we were going on an adventure.  *sigh* You
really are boring.  Nothing like that dark elf at all.  I still haven't
figured why she's called a dark elf.  She really needs more sun.  I tell you. 
Why, did I ever tell you about the time that we fought the undead?!  Or what
about the little dragon that singed my hoopak and tried eating my

   "No?  Well, we were adventuring of course, and having a great time
doing it.  My gnome friend had just finished building the improved
Calypso-Knee-No-More and returned to m...don't shush me.

I'm not finished with my story."

   "Oh, so this is why we're here?  It doesn't look like fun to me.

Just a bunch of stinky mules and horses and really ugly people in funny
clothing.  I suppose it would be fun if those guards didn't look so angry. 
Maybe I should go tell them about the dragon!!  I'm sure -they- would like to
hear about it."

   "Well, if you're going to be that way, I'm just going to ignore you."
   *fifteen seconds pass*

   "And what about the wizard with pink underwear on?  Did I tell you
about him?  It was really funny, because it didn't at all go with his black
robes.  But, of course, when I tried to suggest a color better suited to his
complexion, he got uppity and started waving his arms all funny.  So I decided
to leave.

Besides.  It really isn't my place to ...where are you going?  I wouldn't do
that, if I were you.  Those guards look like someone put rat turds in their
gruel this morning.  Oh, well.  If you insist."

Puck sneaks down toward the caravan with his companions.  They swiftly and
stealthily knock unconcious the sentries, tie and gag them, while Puck
collects misplaced shinys and forgotten baubles.

Suddenly, an alarm is sounded from within the camp and Puck's companions draw
steel with a quiet rasp of blood-thirsty metal.

Chasing after his friends, a snicking sound causes Puck to turn his head
toward the noise.  Seconds later, he's sprawled on the ground, having tripped
over an unconcious guard.


   "Oh!  Somebody dropped their pouch!  And a ring!  And...crossbow
quarrels?  Why would anyone put crossbow quarels in a tree?  They must have
been target practicing.  But ... I don't see a target on the tree. 

Just then, sounds of scuffling and cries of 'AMBUSH' begin to pierce the
night, coming from the merchant's tents.  (slow on the uptake, aren't they?) 
A large armored man comes running toward Puck.  Strangely enough, he doesn't

   "Ambush?  Where??  Who?!"  Seeing the man bearing down on him, Puck
asks, "Did you roll in pig lard to lubricate your hinges? Because you
aren't squeaking like tin cans normally do.  You are breathing a little
harder, though.  Are you just out of breath, or was that your sheep I saw tied
up behind the tents?  Oh well.

To each his own, I guess..."

This was said so quickly that the now enraged guard only just reached Puck
when he had finished speaking.  Of course...Puck wasn't there anymore.  He
was, oddly enough, behind the guard, walking away with the man's money pouch
and dagger.

   "Knights shouldn't run unless they have everything tied down.

*giggle* They tend to lose things.  *peer*  A lone Kender just isn't
safe alone on the road.  I think I'll get comfortable in this tree until the
noise dies down."

Having said this, Puck climbs a nearby tree and settles into a fork between
two limbs.  His hoopak lay at the ready to defend his erstwhile home against
mean unfriendly bug bears, dragons, and the odd rabid squirrel.

(I'm not sure if I kept my verbage straight throughout...
you'll live if I didn't.  :P)

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