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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Quanlin.

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Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a large book on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Quanlin' scribed in glowing purple ink.

Author:  Quanlin
Date    Sat Aug  6 22:54:27 2005
Stamp   1123386867
Subject  beginnings

The eldest of three sisters, Quanlin, has spent much of her time caring for
others.  Before Quanlin had come of age her parents had disappeared and she
had to raise her sisters alone.  Many her age had gone in search of exitement
and adventure yet Quanlin felt rooted in Kendermore.  She feels everything
deeply, and tends to grow attached to things.  This quality was not at all
common in Kendermore and she felt out of place.  Quanlin also liked to spend
her time with the oldest kender she knew because they always had great
stories.  Quanlin loves older kender because they are filled with experience
and wisdom.

Quanlin learned about the gods from one of the oldest kender in Kendermore.
Zivilyn caught her attention immediately.  She has always had the inner
struggle of wanting to adventure and also wanting to gain wisdom and be true
to her heart.  The idea that you can grow wise and be rooted like a tree
intrigued her.  Quanlin believes that Zivilyn is the reason her life has gone
so well. She learned as much as she could and decided to improve her
relationship with Zivilyn by traveling to his temple and seeking guidance from
other clerics. Many before her have wandered off yet she has always faught the
urge because her heart told her to stay rooted.  With her sisters grown and a
goal to be reached she just had to figure out how to get there.  She had to
maintain balance between the desire adventure and being rooted.

An old priest by the name of Kildamin came to her house and knocked on the
door so loud with his cane that it cracked the door.  Quanlin opened the door
and greeted him "you know you don't have to.."

"KNOCK, yes I know your fooish rules," he replied as he pushed his way in the
house.  "It seems your sisters have left Kendermore as you dwell here alone"
he eyed her intently.

"I have decided to travel to Solace to seek Zivilyn's temple" she replied not
looking him in the eye.

"Glad to see your not planning on staying a heathen, I have made arrangements
for you to travel out of the city" he continued.  "Tinytot came for a visit
again and has agreed to take you with him."

"But that crazy gnome will have killed before I make it to Solace" she shouted
angry that he, a human who was cared only for controlling people and money,
was trying to control her.

"He is traveling to Solace in his flying machine and thought you would enjoy
then view from above."

Quanlin stared off into space dreaming about what it would be like to fly.

[to be continued]

Author:  Quanlin
Date    Fri Aug 12 19:22:48 2005
Stamp   1123892568
Subject  in flight I

"Hello my name is Quanlin and it has been brought to my attention that at
least one person got interested in my story.  It was left unfinished due to
content that really needs to come from the kenders mouth."

"After meeting with Kildamin I left to go see the flying machine.  Other
kender that lived nearby did whatever Kildamin told them, I never trusted him.
 However, Kildamin did have knack for finding an adventure even if it was to
get kender out of the way."

"I always liked Tinytot even though I knew it was as equally likely that he
drop me in the Blood Sea as it was in Solace.  I had to be sure that Tinytot
had not been paid to get rid of me for good.  I knew Kildamin would like me
dead since I always point out how his plots benefit mostly himself."

"As I approached the machine, I hid and watched him hoping to learn how it
worked. I could see Tinytot in front of his machine, I doubted that it would
even fly.  It was just a large basket with strings and ropes attached to a
large round thing with a hole in it.  There was wire netting around the whole,
probably nothing interesting anyway, that is how i got this cut on my hand.  I
almost got to see bone but the blood was flowing rather quickly so I healed it
until the wound closed."

"Tinytot was humming quietly to himself while attaching hundreds of different
color ribbons on the machine.  I was amazed by how much the ribbons, which
obviously could not help it fly, made it look presentable. I especially liked
the yellow and puple ribbons together.  Some day I would like to have a yellow
and purple bed, with yellow pillows and a purple curtain.  The bed would have
to be bouncy too."

She notices you losing your attention.  "I will finish my story later"

[to be continued]

Author:          Quanlin
Date    Sat Oct  1 14:44:40 2005
Subject  in flight II

"I am glad you came back to hear more of my story."  Quanlin reaches in a
pouch hidden in her tunic and pulls out a purple and yellow cloth.  "This 
came from the flying machine."

"As you might have guessed, my interest in adventure outweighed my fear of a
crazy gnome.  After a few minutes of watching Tinytot my attention was drawn 
to the flying machine and I was no longer hidden from sight."

the gnome continuued setting up the machine.

"Since I was sure that getting information from him would be hard at the 
rate at which he spoke, I agreed to help him hoping to figure out more
about the machine."  She continues fiddling with the cloth as she notices 
you fading off.

"We completed setting up the machine fairly quickly with nothing exciting 
except for my hand injury.  By the time we were ready to go I was about to 
get some food for the journey but I realized the villagers all came.  There 
was a huge crowd of people each with gifts of food, well one gift looked 
like food but it tasted more like a tree, why anyone would disguise wood as 
apples I do not know.  The basket was very full, so i began eating to 
lighten the load."

"Readytogoyoungkender" the gnome said handing a rope to me which was tied to 
a large wooden post, "pullthiswhenIsaygo."

"So naturally I pulled the rope."

"NoyouweresupposedtowaituntilIsaidgo" he shouted.

I replied, "I clearly remember the last word you said was go."

"NotthefirsttimeIsayitbutwhenIwantyoutopullit" he retorted.

"Well if you wanted me to pull after the second time, you should have made
that clear."  

She continues to play with the cloth, "oh, that reminds me this cloth did 
have a purpose, it seems that as the big round thing pulled us into the air 
but could not be steered.  So pieces of cloth were tied to it to function
like sails do on a boat.  Tinytot could control the sails from inside the 

"The sails seemed to work fine until we were nearly in Solace, and we 
started having trouble controlling the direction of flight.  As soon as
the sails were set proberly the wind would spin us round and round."  She 
begins spinning around until she loses balance and falls at your feet.

[to be continued]

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