The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Quintin.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a small volume on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Quintin' scribed in deep red ink.

Author:    Quintin        
Date:      Mon Jun 23 02:48:55 2008
Subject     knowledge

I was sitting in my quarters in the Black tower memorizing my spells and going through some spell components when i heard a knock on my door. I told whoever it was to enter.
Looking up I saw it was a black imp that had a scroll with my name etched on it. After giving me the scroll the imp said 'This scroll is from High Archmage Jendaron'. With its job done the imp left as quickly as it had entered.
It's not every day that a low level mage such as myself gets a message from the head of there order. Upon opening the scroll I discovered that I was to travel to Palanthas and aquire knowledge from Astinus about spell books that the Conclave want
I was pleased that the Conclave trusted me with this task and I vowed that I would not let them down. Plus this gives me an excelent oportunity to practice my herb lore on the trip to Palanthas I told myself.
I packed my things making sure that I brought some extra pouches to collect my herbs and started my trip to Palanthas. 
Heading straight for the Library as soon as I got to Palanthas I noticed that I hstarted getting nervous as soon as I got to the door. The door opened and one of the Aesthetic's said 'Greetings Sir Mage. What bring you here?'
'I'm still an apprentice not a mage yet sir but I'm here to see Astinus to aquire some knowledge from him' I told the Aesthetic. The man got this shocked and horrified look on his face and told me to wait at the door. 
Having expected this reaction I waited patiently at the door until someone returned. It didn't take long before the door opened up and another Aesthetic walked out. 'My name is Bertrem. How may I help you?' the man asked. 
'I'm here on behalf of the Conclave of Mages and am here to obtain knowledge from Astinus' I explained to Bertrem. 'I'm sorry sir but nobody is permitted to interupt the master from his work' Bertrem replied. 
'Please sir if you will go and talk Astinus I believe that you will find that he is expecting me. I promise to make this as quick as possable as to not disturb his work'. 
Bertrem left and returned a few mintutes later (a bit paller than when he left) and told me that I could enter and he would bring me to Astinus's study. Following Bertrem I gasp in astonishment at the endless rows of books that was the history of
Standing outside the study I was forced to wait to let my stomach settle. I was about to have a conversation with a man that some people say is the god Gilean himself. Using the disipline that mages have to use I was able to calm myself down.
I entered the study with my head bowed and hands folded into my robes. Astinus was sitting at a great polished wooden desk writing in a large book. Without ceaseing to write or even look up Astinus offered me a chair. 
'Sir I'm here on' I know why your here apprentice mage Astinus exclaimed. 'I know the minds of all in this world'. 'Here is a list of the locations that you are looking for. You can bring this back to the High Archmage and the Conclave'.
'Now if you will excuse me history is passing by that is being unrecorded'. 'Thank you Sir and forgive me for taking up some of your valuable time'. With that I bowed and turned around and left the study.
Once outside of the library I looked at the list of locations for the spell books. One of the books is here in the Library of Palanthas. Another one is located at Skullcap (which used to be the fortress of Zhaman).
There is a book on the Isle of Dragons. For the last two books one is in the Labatory of the Archmage Raistlin Majere and the last one. I read and reread the location and realized that I needed to tell the High Archmage this personally.

Author:    Quintin        
Date:      Fri Jul  4 00:46:09 2008
Subject     Information 

I entered the study of my Master Archmage Leodas. 'Greetings Master, you
summoned for me?' 'I did apprentice please come in and have a seat' Leodas
said as he was scanning through one of his numerous spell books. I have been
pleased with your work apprentice. You are well on your way to becoming
ready in my eyes to take the test. That is the future though apprentice for
now I have a task that I need you to complete for me. 'Thank you Master' I
said awkwordly not expecting the compliment. I listened to the instructions
intently and left the study when I was excused.

I'm going to the solamnic town of Caergoth I thought to myself as I packed
my components. I finally decided that I would use the ways of magic to
Gerighelm and walk the rest of the way to Caergoth. I saw very few people on
the road between Gerighelm and Thelgaard Keep. However, when I got to
Thelgaard I started seeing people everywhere going in and out of the Keep.
Running with full buckets of water to put fires before they lost there town
Everyone was busy enough they didn't notice a black robe walking buy them.

When I got to Caergoth road I ran into the first of many solamnic patrols
that I knew I would see before I got to the town. I forgot at the last
moment that I was not invisable. It was to late they had already seen me and
before they could send for other patrols I silenced them and finished them
off with a fireball. Quickly making myself invisable (so that I wouldn't
have any more delays) I continued on towards the town.

Author:    Quintin        
Date:      Fri Jul  4 16:09:29 2008
Subject     Information (cont)

Being invisable it was easy to get passed the guards and slip into
Caergoth through the east gate. I soon found an alley to duck into so that I
could look at my map. Geeting my bearings I stepped out of the alley and
headed down Rekt Street towards Northern Stretch. I had to get to the
Caergoth Plaza. Rounding the corner of Northern Stretch I looked up and saw
the Plaza. Looking around at all the signs I finally found the one I was
looking for my destination Purgo's Potables.

The smell of of many different potions hits the nose as soon as you enter
this shop. I went over to look at some flasks on a shelf while some
customers got done making there purchases. When the people left I picked up
a flask of water breathing and walked over to the counter. Greetings Sir
Mage. Is there anything else I can get for you today? I pulled out the 25
gold pieces to pay for the flask and handed them over. I quickly looked
around the shop to make sure that we were the only people in there. Actually
there is something else that I require from you Purgo I said. Anything for a
paying customer Purgo replied. I require any information you have on
Renegade Mages in the area.

A look of horror crossed Purgo's face as he looked around his shop expecting
at any time for a mage to appier out of thin air. Rest easy Sir. I assure
you we are alone. I have cast enchantments on the room to let me know if
anyone enters by any means and I have ways of seeing people that wish to
remain invisable. However, if it would put your mind at ease take a look
around for yourself and put a closed sign in the window and love the door.
Apprently he liked this idea because he instantly went around his enire shop
stopping first to lock the door. Coming back to stand behind the counter
Purgo looked at me and said The renegades that I have seen in the area are
Athin, Andros, and Orrym. Funny though I haven't seen them around in the
last few days. Purgo exclaimed. Wait, there is one more name I know of. Let
me think a bit. What was that name? Purgo was mumbling to himself.

Just then someone tripped off one of my enchantment alarms that I placed on
the room. I quickly passed my hand over my face disguising myself as a
Qualinesti elf. Obviously startled Purgo looked up and said Welcome Athin.
How may I help you? Why is your door locked Purgo? Athin asked. Looking over
at me Purgo breathed a small sigh of relief and said Oh I'm just having an
early lunch with this young elf. His father is an old friend of mine.
Handing over a piece of paper to me Purgo said Give this to your father
young one. I will and thank you Purgo I said and then walked out of the

Walking down Rekt street I slipped back into the same alley and looked at
the piece of paper that was given to me. I guess it was the beginning of a
name. Purgo must have stopped writing when Athin walked in. There was Lu on
the paper. I passed my hand back over my face so that I looked like myself
again and uttered the word recall. I decided to take this information right
to the Archmage as quickly as I could. 

Author:    Quintin        
Date:      Tue Jul 28 18:21:47 2015
Subject     Quintin's choice

Quintin was sitting at his desk going over his spells. He rubbed his eyes from the long hours commiting his spells to memory and pulled his robes closer to him because of the chill in the air. He was getting more restless with every passing day. Not because of the upcomming duel he had with Nestos on the night of the eye (for there should only be one High Master for the Black robes) but, because it was getting increasingly difficult for him to feel the power of Nuitari. At first he thought it was because Nuitari was waiting for the outcome of the duel but now he wasn't so sure. It was the night of the eye. Quintin closed his last spell book and said to himself and his God Nuitari that he was ready. Ready to prove himself as the only Black robe deserving of the position of High Master. Nestos entered the room where the battle was to take place. Quintin removed the hood covering his face and said to Nestos You knew this day was coming. Nestos nodded and an evil grin came over his face when he said "if you are ready to die in front of all of the Gods of magic than I am ready to send you to them. For I am the one true High Master of the Black Robes. The battle was long and the occasional person walking by the room could hear lightning and fireballs hitting the door. Cries of beings from the Abyss doing the bidding of their casters. The High Archmage of the Black Robes Falkore stepped from the shadows for he was watching the entire battle. He looked at the mage that was standing over the mage that had fallen and said Quintin finish him and take your position. Quintin had his hands raised lightning cracked from his fingertips to give the final blow but, he hesitated. His mind raced trying to figure out why he was doing this. It would be so easy to finish Nestos off and get back to his duties. He couldn't bring himself to give the final blow and lowered his hands. Falkore was shocked at the actions he just witnessed. Quintin Falkore hissed this is not the actions of a Black Robe. Looking up behind Falkore Quintin saw 3 figures standing at the end of the room. Each were wearing the 3 colors of Magic and Quintin fell to his knees knowing who these 3 figures were. The God of Black magic Nuitari looked at Quintin and said end this and show your strength and I will open spell books to you that you have to this point not been able to open. You will be strong in the art and someday will challenge Falkore to run the Black Robes. Right now you are acting more like a White Robes than a Black. Just then it hit Quintin. His mind went back to everything that had happened the last few days. Finding it difficult to study his spells, why it was getting difficult to feel the presence of his God Nuitari. Every person make a choice as to which path to follow in life and he now knew that he had made the wrong one. Looking back he realized that he always knew. He was not a follower of Nuitari, he was a follower of Solinari. Quintin looked up at the Gods and said I can and will not end Nestos life. It would be to much of a loss to the magic if we were to lose him. If the Gods would be willing I would like to shed the robes of Black and replace them White Robes and follow Solinari? Answer to come soon everyone :). Hope you enjoyed the story.

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