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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Rauglothgar.

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You note the spine bears the word 'Rauglothgar' scribed in unearthly blue ink.

Author:    Rauglothgar    
Date:      Fri Jan 12 18:22:22 2007
Subject     Rauglothgar's past

Rauglothgar was born the only son of a minor noble. Desiring great
things for his son, his father ensured that he had the best possible
training to develop his intellect as well as skills in the arts of war.

However, due to the amount of time which he had to spend training each
day, Rauglothgar grew up to be a very sheltered young man, unwise to the
ways of the world.

One day, as he was returning from his daily training with the
swordmaster, he noticed a mysterious figure walking hurriedly away from
the manor in which he lived.

Feeling uneasy, he quickened his pace to catch up with the figure, but
no matter how hard he tried, he could never seem to do so.

Turning round a corner, he was surprised to see that the figure had
mysteriously disappeared into thin air.

Shrugging the matter off, he strolled back to the manor. Once inside, he
sensed that something was immediately wrong as it was very quiet, a
little too quiet.

He rushed into the house only to find corpses of the servants and guards
everywhere. In the study, he found the bodies of his parents and their
personal bodyguard, his childhood friend. They had apparently made a
final stand there.

His father had apparently been trying to destroy something as there were
ashes in the room. Clutched in his fingers were the remnants of a map.

Based on the small fragment which he managed to pry from his father's
lifeless fingers, Rauglothgar managed to decipher only one word,

His mind was in a whirl, Though he had read about the elves in his
studies, he had never encountered one before. Why would his father have
any dealings with them and what was he trying to protect?

Who too was the mysterious figure and what part did he have to play in
this? Rummaging through his father's belongings, Rauglothgar dug up a
suit of armor and a servicable sword.

Packing sufficient rations and clothings for one or two days, he
hurriedly left the manor before the deaths were discovered. As much as
he would like to co-operate with the authorities, too many questions
were unanswered.

It would only make matters worse if they discovered the map fragment so
he made sure that all that was left of it were ashes.

Stopping at the entrance of the manor, Rauglothgar uttered a short
prayer to his god, closed the doors, and with a firm determination, set
out to discover what relationship his family had with the elves, and
what fate had in store for him.

Author:    Rauglothgar    
Date:      Thu Jan 25 03:24:09 2007
Subject     The Faith

The first night after leaving Palanthas, Rauglothgar found himself in
the plains outside the town.

Uncertain of which direction to travel and way too wise to travel in
the night, he decided to camp till daybreak.

By the light of the small fire he had built, he reflected on the
events which had transpired that morning.

His once carefree features were now lined with sorrow and uncertainty.
Yet, there was still the air of purity around him.

Though he was alone now, without a home and a family Rauglothgar knew
that he would never be alone, as long as his belief in his god was
still strong.

As he stared into the flames, he thought of his name, Dragonchild, and
how it had come to be

One night, when he was but in his teens, Rauglothgar had a dream. In
this dream, he was a copper dragon, good-hearted but young and na?ve.

Soaring high up in the clouds, he frolicked without a care in the
world. Swooping closer to the ground, he suddenly noticed a human
caravan being accosted by a huge blue dragon.

The humans were valiantly fighting back but it was clear who would
emerge the winner.

Never one to back down from an opportunity to foil the chances of the
blue dragon, he flew down and, catching the blue by surprise, blasted
it with a cone of acid into the blue's face.

The acid failed to do much damage to the blue's thick scales, but it
did irritate it to no end.

With a roar of anger, it breathed a bolt of lighting at the copper,
narrowly missing it but singeing its tail.

Panicking and realizing for the first time the danger it was in, the
copper tried to evade the blue but due to its inexperience, caught the
next bolt right in the chest.

Pain ripped through its entire body and it plummeted to earth.
Strangely, the blue did not follow, maybe it felt that the bolt would
have been sufficient to kill the copper.

The copper crashed to the ground, creating a small crater.

As it lay mortally wounded, it strangely felt no pain, only a chill
that was slowly creeping through its body. "So this is what death
feels like," it thought.

This was when a voice pierced through its subconsciousness.

"My, my, you have gotten into a bit of trouble haven't you, little
one. Let's see what we can do for you."

The young dragon then felt someone lay his(its?) hand on his body. A
bright light emated from the palm of the hand and it enveloped the
dragon's entire being.

A moment later, the chill had disappeared and he felt whole and
refreshed again.

In front of him was a middle-aged man dressed in the armor of a

On his shiny breastplate was carved the intricate design of a dragon.

The warrior then turned to the dragon and said, "You do need to take
care of yourself better, my son. Taking on a blue dragon twice your
size won't do you any good at this point of time".

However, your bravery is indeed commendable and it will be noted,
thought next time, you may not be so lucky.

You will need to work very hard and you will face many trials,
tragedies and tribulations,

but one day you will be able to stand your ground against the fiercest
of man or beast and do good for all mankind." And with that, the man

When Rauglothgar awoke, he felt the spot where the man had laid his
hand on him when he was in dragon form.

At that spot was a small mark, a mark which had never been there

Not knowing why or how he knew it, Rauglothar realized that the man
was Paladine and that he had been sent a sign, a sign that his path
had been set out for him.

He would ask his father to permit him to enroll as a squire to begin
his training as a paladin in the service of the Paladine,

, the god of charity, redemption, leadership and greatness.

He also vowed to uphold all that was true and right, and to fight
tyranny and injustice whenever and wherever it was met.

He would also do his best to care for the lost and dedicate himself to
the temple of the gods of good.

Coming out of his reverie, Rauglothgar realized that the fire had gone
out and all that was left was glowing embers.

Berating himself for not being more alert, he quickly checked his
belongings to make sure all was still there.

Satisfied, he settled down and made himself comfortable to wait the
break of dawn

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