The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Reiner.

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Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a leather bound tome on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Reiner' scribed in dull grey ink.

Author:  Reiner
Date    Sat Dec 22 18:23:30 2001

Subject  Quest

Reiner's frustration at his defeat by the solamnic knight grew as he struggled
to control his anger. I must have more power, i must.

throwing his arms up in frustration he he sat with his head in his hands
thinking to himself then he remembered what the renegade had said to him.

"if..i..had..the sword..greed you wouldnt have had a chance."He died, but the
proposition of such power able to destroy one such as myself...? "hrm i must
find this sword" and with that he withdrew an undecyperable note from his
pocket which was tucked into the pocket of the renegade.

perhaps this has a clue to the whereabouts of the sword.Maby i shall visit the

Reiner Avondale

Author:  Reiner
Date    Tue Mar 12 20:17:07 2002

Subject  Denied !

Reiner walks the streets of sanction depressed and stupified. He thought
that it was takhisis's will that he join the ranks of the thorn, but
apparently it was not.

His anger came in outbursts tantroms you might say and it showed by shooting
forth from his fists and crackeling through his robes searing his flesh.

He diddnt care, he had nothing: his magic was fleeting, the gods tormented him
still, and soon he would not be able to sense the renegade hunters of the
bloodmages of whom he'd deserted.

The Blood mages had followed him through their magic, he could sense them, but
had thus far avoided contact "It isss only a matter of time." he thought
to himself "They will ssseek me sssoon. My death shall be ssslow and
painfull to make an example of me of thisss i am sssure." It was dark now,
he had wandered for hours. Surveying his surroundings he realized that he had
unconciously wandered out of the city.

Things skuttled about in the night and made noises as he passed occaisonaly he
came upon one he couldnt distinguish, but kept walking none the less.

He sought shelter from the night and as he came upon a seemingly abandoned
cave a cold skelital hand settled upon shoulder...

Reiner Avondale [  Renegade  ]

Author:  Reiner
Date    Mon Apr  1 15:20:32 2002

Subject  Denied: continued

The boney hand on Reiner's shoulder tightened .Reiner turned around, his eyes
were livid. He pushed the gauntleted hand away and glared darkly at the form
within the enterance to the cave.

Others had sought his help in the past few days, an order of mage hunters,
conclave skum. Reiner had pledged himself to the order of mage hunters, at
least under the light of sargonas he practice his magic.

He had remained in his cave for the last few weeks. He was still depressed and
disenheartened by his denial, and though he had joined the order of mage
hunters his heart had not joined with him and thusly his contributions from
his dank cave were nill. The owner of the hand backed away slightly at the
look in the draconian's eyes. He was a knight, Squire to Lord Nekros, whom
Reiner had meet in a local tavern weeks before.

Their meeting was somewhat productive as Nekros' had put in a good word for
him to the Highest Ranking leaders of the Knight Hood. The word had not,
apparently, been enough as Reiner had still been denounced by the council.

Infuriated, he left the city and took up residence in a small cave, where he
planned on dieing at the hands of the tormentors of the conclave. The conclave
was growing weak and did not recognise their chance to get rid of the

During this time an ambassidor of the newly formed group of mage hunters
enlisted his aide with promises of power and vengance. He allied himself with
the group and drew his power from their patron Sargonas.

Promises of power bound reiner to his new god, but he still secretly sought
the knighthood which had denied him, the dreams were so Alluring and so
Convicing that he could not simply remove these ambitions from his mind.

Reiner turned on the figure "yesss, what issssit ?." The squire squirmed
but his courage held "A message from my lord Nekros," Reiner inturupted
"The Knight ?". "Yes hes had some trouble locating you..."

"Lets see," The squire produced a scroll from a pouch within his armor and
placed it on a rock, not wanting to get too near the creature "Leave". The
squire hurried away, dust kicking up behind his horse as he left.

The Letter maintained that the Dark Queen's intentions were never as obvious
as they seemed, and said that if his devotion was unwavering, and he became
selfless in serving her, there may still be hope.

The message reawoken something inside of him. He vowed to cut all ties with
Sargonas and serve the Dark Queen as best as he thought best. Ambitions are a
strange thing, they can push you to glory or they can push you to death.

Reiner [ Renegade ]

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