The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Rek.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a concise treatise on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Rek' scribed in earth-colored yellow ink.

Author:  Rek
Date    Thu May 23 19:09:17 2002

Subject  Reks first quest

After a hard nights training and deep meditation through the night Rek awakens
to the sound of a horse leaving the Lord City.

Deciding that maybe Rek should also begin his journey as Bevier had, Rek
quickly rushes to pack his items into his young brass dragons packs.

Patting his mount Rek talks quitly too him comforting him for the difficulties
that will most deffinitly lie ahead.

Mounting the dragon Rek taps lightly on his hide and the Dragon takes off
flying into the night sky and towards their destination.

Arriving at their destination the young Brass Dragon lands and Rek dismounts.

Slowly patting the Dragon on his nose Rek nods at the dragon and says 'You
must be off now boy, ill be alright but I wish not to put you in any danger'
Nodding affectionaly at Rek the young Dragon slowly departs from his presence.

Turning quickly around Rek departs to his destination, the Galen Dracos tower
in search of the missing knights.

(more to come later)

Author:  Rek
Date    Fri May 24 18:42:42 2002

Subject  (cont.) Reks first quest

For the first time in his life Rek felt truly happy walking along the Eastern
path to the Galan Dracos keep.

He had been trusted to a mission for his Lord Paladine in a quest to search
for some of his lost borthers-in-arms.

Although knowledge of the dangers ahead put some dent in the Knights
happiness, Rek trudged faithfully along looking for signs of his lost

Walking further along Rek begins hearing slight wishpers, thinking that they
are nothing but the local wildlife traveling in the forest, Rek continues on
his course.

However, out of the bushes jumps three very large trolls, eyes burning with
hatred they attack the lone Knight seeing in him the Good that they so despise
in life.

Not missing a second to prepare himself, Rek unseathes his sword and charges
into their midst calling for the protection of Paladine.

Cutting left and right, Rek makes a path to the hugest of the three trolls.
Only to be tripped to the ground by one of the Trolls which circled behind

Rolling back to his feet Rek makes a wild jab at the face of one of his foes
with the tip of his sword, effectivly ending the life of one of them as the
sword buries itself deep in his face.

Drawing one of his belt daggers, Rek leaps at the next troll and dispatches
him with a quick slice across its throat.

Grinning evily the last remaining troll puts his fingers to his lips and makes
one last ditch effort to save himself, whistling for his Roving Beast.

Out of the shadows the beast attacks ferosciously, however, misjudging its
timing the beast actually ends up impaling itself on top of Reks dagger.

Not missing its chance the remaining troll charges at Rek and slices down at
him with its clawed hands.

Jumping back Rek releases the dagger and comes face to face with the last
troll, weaponless.

Breathing slowly Rek speaks to the creature,"It seems that you have gotten me
in a sour place. However, tell me where my friends are and I shall let you
leave this place without harm. Do not tell me and your life is forfeit."

The troll begins to laugh harder and harder, and than it speaks, "youh kill
meh? hahaha*laughing even harder* I think not, you weak Knight, you
weaponless, I kill you easy."

Rek nods and jumps to the side as the troll tries to bash him, rolling towards
his first kill, Rek makes one more leap and grabs for his sword.

Standing up to face his enemy, Rek narrowly misses being decapitated as the
trolls claws sweep over his head.

Leaping back to avoid another attack Rek salutes his enemy and charges in for
the kill.

Blocking the trolls right arm with his shield, Rek lashes out with his sword
slicing through the thick membrane of the Trolls body, straight through its

Standing up Rek removes his sword from the body of the dead troll and cleanes
it on the skin of his enemy.

Walking around Rek grabs all the spare coins that he could find on his enemy.

While checking the body of the last troll, Rek notices a mark on the bottom of
its hand.

It looked just like the Holy Symbolic mark that Rek wore on his own uniform,
wondering what a mark like this would be doing on a beast such as this, Rek
wanders into the forest from where the trolls first came.

Looking around Rek effectively picks up the direction from where their tracks
originated and followed it.

(MORE To come, its a ongoing thing*smile*)

Author:  Rek
Date    Fri May 31 03:51:50 2002

Subject  Part 3:

Not wanting to be seen by anyone else that may have been wandering the forest,
the young squire stepped off into the foliage, following the tracks from afar.

However, the troll tracks soon led off into open ground. Spreading out into a
clearing within the forest. Deciding that it was worth the risk to examin the
area, Rek stepped out of the foliage, the sunlight of the morning rebounding
off of his Knightly armor.

Standing in one spot, Rek scanned the area for possibilities of enemys.

Not seeing any the Knight slowly sheates his sword and steps out into the
carnage that the trolls had made while they slept. Near to Rek lay a pile of
ashes where the trolls had burned up the disgusting remains of their evening
meals. Having examined the place thoroughly and finding nothing of importance,
the young Knight slowly walked off into the forest again, trying to resume his
journey for any sign of his fellow brothers. Further into the woods Rek
walked, and further into the woods he stopped.

For imbedded into a tree lay a sword of a Knight of Solamnia. And littering
the ground beneath the sword were many stains, stains of blood which soaked
into the ground. Walking up to the bloody mess the young night reached out and
yanked at the sword in the tree, succesfully pulling it out of its resting

But lying only a few steps further were the tattered remains of a Holy
Solamnic symbol. Burn marks lay around the edge of the item where the troll
had once tried to touch it. And further on into the forest lay even more spots
of blood.

The spots of blood however were to few, and were drying up to quickly.

If Rek had hoped to track the injured Knight from the spots of blood left on
the dirt it would have been in vain. However, the only clue that was left to
the young Knight lay in this forest somewhere, with his lost and bleeding
brother in arms. And it was with a stout heart that Rek left the area,
scanning , searching, seeking out any sign that would lead him to the injured

Author:  Rek
Date    Mon Jun  3 22:32:04 2002

Subject  The last two-Part 4

Having traveled for several hours at night, the young squire sat down on a
rock, to exhausted to move any farther for the rest of the day. While sitting
there many thoughts flitted through the squires mind, throughts such as being
lead on a wild goose chase trying to look for his lost brothers, and thoughts
that shouldnt have been uttered in his mind at all, for he was starting to
loose faith in his god, Paladine. It has been a long time that the Knight has
been searching the woods and it was awhile since he saw his last proof that
the two knights were still somwhere within the forest. And it wasnt until the
Knight sat down did he finally give thanks to Paladine, for making him so
tired that he need to stop and rest. For right beneath his feet were drops of
blood and a trail that lead off into the bushes.

Getting off his butt the squire sprinted into the bushes searching and
following the direction that the track of blood was leading him in. And he
followed it so studiously that he didnt know when someone drop on him from
behind and stuck a sword to his neck.

"Who are you?" a voice whispered into his ear from behind.

Not fearing for his life the young knight responded to his captor, "I am Rek a
squire of the Knights of Solamnia.' Turning him around his captor scanned the
Knight over briefly and gave him a quick embrace shouting for joy, "Boy it is
good to see you! It has been so long since me and my companions have seen
anyone at all, please tell me, is there anyone else with you? anyone at all?"

Looking at his captor the squire finally noticed that he was also a Knight of
Solamnia and said a quick word of prayer to Paladine for leading him to his
destination even after his doubts had become apparent.

"Sir" the squire said "I am afraid that I am alone. However there is another
that was sent to find sign of you, but he took the western path."

Nodding briefly the Knight looked over the squire and regained his composure.

"Very well" he said,"would you happen to have any healing powers? My companion
was injured and may die soon without aid. There is a dragon that was with us
but he departed to search for something."

Nodding in respone, Rek allowed the Knight to lead him to his injured friend.

Coming to a cave, Rek scanned around and noticed a figure huddled in the back
with a hand over the side of his hip. Walking closer the young squire noticed
the gaping hole which was in his side.

"Sweet Paladine" the Knight whispered under his breath and rushed to the side
of the injured Knight. Laying his hand over the wound the squire pressed it
closer while a light radiated his hand, enveloping the wound and helping it to

Only a few minutes passed however before the squires energy gave out and he
leaned over in exhaustion. Looking at the wound he noticed that it was still
fairly deep.

"There is little I can do I am afraid. I am still weakned from a fight, but
this should hold you until we can find a better healer than I."

Looking up the injured Knight gave a brief nod and smiled in thanks.

Following this a brief crash sounded in the forest, reaching for his sword the
squire rushed out to see what was the commotion and saw a man walk to the
cave. "DARVEN!!" a brief yell came from inside the cave, and the Knight that
Rek first met came rushing out to embrace the newcomer. " It is good to see
you again!"

Walking over to the two Rek looked at Darven and smiled " So you are the
Dragon Aurumnus? I was told that you were here. Might you be able to aid us oh

Looking at the Knight Darvan(Aurumnus) gave a brief nod and followed the two

Looking over the injured Knight Darven said "I am sorry but there is little I
can do also, I just came from a brief scuffle, however the flight has nearly
exhausted me. Please mount my back though and we will return now"

looking at the two Knights, Darven slowly said "I am sorry that it took me
this long, however I needed to make sure of the enemys numers"(cont. note

Author:  Rek
Date    Mon Jun  3 22:34:43 2002

Subject  The last two-Part 4(finale)

It wasnt long before the three were off returning to Palanthas on top of the
back of the great dragon Aurumnus. On there way to the Lord City.

At last landing at the hall of the Knights of Solamnia, Rek rushed in to give
his report to the Grandmaster and also to call up a cleric for the injured

(Now wasnt that fun, well I think my parts over)

Author:  Rek
Date    Sat Jul  6 10:59:20 2002

Subject  Father Arrival

Standing atop the battlement of the Solamnic fortress in Palanthas Rek watched
the courtyard peacefully. It had been a good day so far, no bad news of the
Knights of Thaksis had been reported yet and no scuffles had broken out within
the city either. It had been a calm relaxing day and Rek felt like strolling
atop the battlements which is why he was up there at the moment, and also why
he had a frown on his face. Off in the distance he had spotted a wagon nearing
the fortress, at first thinking it a merchant wagon with some business to do,
Rek paid it no attention whatsoever. However, as the wagon neared he saw
clearly the mark of the Loreblade clan resting atop the flag fluttering above
the wagon. It was marked with the Silver Moon of Solinari with the Platinum
Dragon of Paladine soaring high behind it. This symbol had been in use for the
Loreblade family for quite some time now, ever since his Great Grandfather had
first spotted the Dragons flying behind the moon. It was the same year that
the Dragonarmys had been pushed back and it was the same year that the
Loreblade family had become a respected name.

Watching the scene carefully Rek waited until a young squire came up behind

'Lord Rek' the squire whispered 'there is a man that said he wishes to see
you.he said he isyourfather' Turning around Rek nodded to the squire and
thanked him for delivering this message.

With a calm face the Knight strode off the battlements and made his way to the
entrance of the fortress receiving and returning salutes from other Knights.
However, deep down inside Rek was furious. When Rek had first told his family
of his desire to join the Knights of Solamnia, his father had been the first
and foremost to show his disapproval of this action. It was not that he did
not find it a worthy cause, it was that he wished his eldest son to take over
the family fortune and keep it running. Now at this moment, Rek wondered why
his father would ever want to be here and what was the reason for him showing
up unannounced. At long last Rek had made it to the entrance of the keep and
opened the stepped outside to speak to the newcomer.

'Father', Rek said a bit stiffly as he clasped the hand of his dad.

'Son', his father said just as stiffly. A moment of silence stilled the air as
the two looked at each other for some time until coughing Rek spoke up.

'What brings you here father? Is it to torment me more on my decision?'
Sighing Rek's father looked him in the eyes and Rek could see the hurt behind
them. Looking down his father mumbled a few things and caught himself.
Composing himself again he looked his son in the eye and said ' son
although I do not support you in your chosen profession, there is something I
still must give you'. Beckoning his son to the other side of the wagon Rek's
father removed a chest hidden behind crates and brought it out for his son to
see. 'This was my fathers, and his fathers before that, and so on and so
forth. All of us in the Loreblade clan have always at one time in his life
fought for something, and this chest has held contents which kept us safe
through our life.' Removing a key from his pocket Rek's father slowly opened
the case and moved aside so his son could see.

'This chest has passed down from generation to generation within our family
through its eldest sons, and also daughters at times. And now my is
yours to keep and take care of.' Removing the chest from the wagon he gently
placed it on the ground and called for two squires to come and take it to the
High Warriors office.


'Father' Rek recovered quickly caught between anger and surprise 'I tell you
this now, though I will remain as a Knight of Solamnia, one day when my
service here is down I will return and if it is still your wish I will take
over the family busin businessBut as of now my duty lies with the Knights of
Solamnia. I thank you for your gift but there is much I must do at the
moment.' Reaching out the two clasped hands before going there seperate ways.

Author:  Rek
Date    Sat Aug 24 23:33:17 2002

Subject  Ending the Patrol

After a brief confrontation with two Knights of Thaksis, Rek watched admirably
as the Highjustice and Grandmaster and also all the other Knights that were
out on patrol calmly ask that the Knights remove themselves from Palanthas.
New rules were being enforced under the Knighthood. Watching the two Dark
Knights leave Rek turned back facing towards the Grandmaster to await new

'Lord Rek you will be left in charge of the patrol now. I will be returning
to the Commons if you need me' Nodding in reply Rek saluted the Grandmaster
and the Highjustice as they left the dome heading towards the fortress.

Leaving Brim, Covalk, and Lexant to finish watching the Great Dome Rek made
his leave to the entrance. Along the way unstrapping his horn and holding it
in his hands. As he made his way to the front Rek raised the Ivory horn to his
lips blowing it as it emmited a soft humming sound. Out of the sky a Large
Silver Dragon emerged landing with a thud. Reaching up Rek jumped into its
saddle as the Dragon leaped into the air.

In the air Rek began to relax. Guided under the safety of the Dragons of Good,
Rek unstrapped his lance from the side of the Dragon and awaited as the other
Knights gathered around him.

In a loud voice Rek told the Knights, 'We have orders to patrol the city of
Palanthas removing all Knights of Thaksis and KNOWN criminals from our city. I
have been left in charge of this patrol for the time being. Please if you
witness anything happen alert us first before taking care of the situation.'
In reply all the Knights gathered around him hefted their lance in salute and
wheeled around on their Dragons to patrol a certain part of the city. Doing
the same Rek casually watched the ground relying on the Dragons eyes to alert
him of anything.

After a few hours of flying Rek sought out a Knight and left him incharge of
the patrol as he rode back to the fortress.

Dismounting the Dragon Rek walked to his office grabbing a few papers and
penning out a message on them. Tucking each note in his belt Rek walked to the
entrance of the fortress mounting his Dragon once more and flying to the
entrances of Palanthas where he pinned up a note for all to see. Upon reaching
the last entrance Rek pinned up the final note and waved his Dragon off as it
leaped into the air once more. Pulling his cloak around him Rek walked slowly
back to the fortress enjoying the safety offered now in Palanthas.

Author:  Rek
Date    Tue Sep 17 22:08:06 2002

Subject  Important Duel

Rek made his way slowly to the spot where the duel was to take place. The Dark
Knight Zignus once again challenging him to a fight. His armor strapped on
tightly and his weapons shined and sharpened, Rek stood pateintly on the
battlegrounds, hoping that it will go as he planed it to go.

The Dark Knight approached the fields saluting Rek.

'You may have the first attack Lord Rek' Not wanting to waste his breath
on the Knight, Rek simply nodded returning the salute and quickly engaged the
Dark Warrior. The fight lasted for a few seconds until a sharp pain ripped
from Rek's back. A sharp dagger slipped through Reks armor from behind.
Another entered sliced Rek as it took him in the side.

Trying to make room to fight Rek swung out his sword trying to force the Dark
Knight back. It succeeded a bit. Slicing the Warrior up slightly in the

Bleeding from wounds in the back and in the front Rek seemed to slump to the
ground finding a dagger to his throat.

'Surrender or Die' It was a simple response and as Rek looked up the
bright flames of triumph shot through his eyes. Lowering his weapons Rek held
out his hands as the Knight bound it. The Dark Knight pleased at the job moved
a bit away and made a low whistle.

An old blue dragon emerged from the sky flapping to the scene its wings spread

The Dragon landed by the two opponents.

'Get up on the Dragon, you know the routine' the Dark Knight smirked
obviously remembering the last battle.

'And how am I to get up there?', it was a simple question. One done in a
mocking tone.

'Carefully' the Dark Knight chose to ignore the sarcasm.

The wings of the Dragon folded down picking up Rek and placing them on his

Behind him Zignus leaped up placing himself behind. The dragon bounded into
the air making his quick escape back to Palanthas. A new passenger in tow.

Reks eyes still gleaming in victory scanned the countryside carefully
remembering every detail.

Author:  Rek
Date    Thu Sep 26 00:35:32 2002

Subject  Departure/Arrival

Glancing down at the papers around him Rek checked briefly each report,
stopping at the important parts and studying them more carefully. A huge map
of Ansalon rolled out before him, a smaller, rougher sketch of Kalaman resting
near to it.

Rek scribbled out a message quickly and called outside where a Knight stood

Handing the Knight a message he left with a quick salute, Rek glanced back at
his reports as two men stepped in. One a small kender, the other a Squire of
the Crown.

'Greetings Brim and Squire Covalk please take a seat.' The two nodded and
sat out across from him where some chairs where aranged. For a few minutes all
three discussed a few things. The recent attack on the city of Kalaman. A port
city to the north east of Palanthas. And their duty in which would be taking
place. Recieving orders to head to the city to oversee repairs and strengthen
defenses. Closing their meeting at last Rek stood.

'Two of you ready to go?', Rek asked quickly.

'Yep' Brim replied eagerly facing Covalk. 'What about you Covalk.'
Covalk nodded in reply, his thoughts set on his first mission.

Nodding Rek reached down below his desk and picked up a small bag, hefting it
over his shoulder. Covalk following suit. And Brim as well, sort of, flinging
over huge sacks that he usually carried with him. Rek stood making his way out
of the door.

Closely followed by Covalk, and the jingling Kender. They made their way to
the front of the keep where two guards stood sentry. Saluting, they stood
aside to let the group make their way through.

They all walked with purpose towards the center of Palanthas. Stopping at
Imperial Square abruptly as Rek called out to halt. Covalk following order,
and Brim bumping into Covalk slightly.

'Hey whats going on?' Brim asked as Rek lifted up his war horn blowing out
a shrill sounding note. Three Dragons detached from the sky making their way
to land infront of the trio. 'Oh!' Rek turned around as Covalk leaped on
top of his Bronze mount, facing Brim he asked 'Need some help up there?' A
light breeze swept past Rek as Brim sprinted and leaped up onto the back of a
young Silver Dragon, giggling in his Kender attitude.

Rek chuckled, pushing Brim up slightly so he could reach higher up onto the
Dragons back. Rek wandered to his own mount, the adreniline of another Dragon
Flight pumping his blood up already. Rek mounted his Silver friend and
signalled for the group to ascend into the sky. The great Dragons leaped into
the air, their powerfull legs giving them the boost they needed to fly.

Rek glanced back at the two behind him. Brim holding on, his face looking as
if it were being pulled apart, his knuckles white with the increased tension.
Covalk sat his mount perfectly. The three finally made their way into the sky.

'I can't see well from this high up' Rek yelled to his mount. 'Please
lead on we are headed for Kalaman.' The Silver Dragon spread its wings out
to their full distance as the group settled into a diamond shaped formation.
Covalk and Brim resting behind him, with a copper dragon to send dispatches
resting behind them. The group soared quickly over the mountain ranges heading
out towards the sea, so they could arrive from that area.

The clouds thinned out a bit as they neared the port city. The bright beams of
sunlight pouring down on the ocean. The boats fanned out below them. The
seagulls squawking in flight. The three Dragons neared the port where the
recent battle had taken place. Rek nudged his mount slightly urging it to dive
so he could get a better view of the city and the areas of most concern for

'How terrible' Rek said it more to himself than to anyone else but his
mount cranned its neck back nodding in agreement with him.

Rek looked all around him, taking in the full view of the city. Rek raised his
arm up towards the other signaling them to descened, motioning to the park.
Following suit, the three finally landed. The fourth copper dragon staying in
the air, (continued)

Author:  Rek
Date    Thu Sep 26 00:47:17 2002

Subject  Departure/Arrival(continue)

lazily floating around. Rek dismounted in the midst of onlookers making his
way to the center of the group. He watched as the others dismounted, Brim
leaping off and throwing his arms around Rek in a huge hug.

'That was the funnest thing I ever did, I could see Kendermore' Brim said
happily. Rek grinned. 'Well do it again some other time. I promise.'
'But now we must get to business.' Rek sighed making his way slowly
through the gathered crowd. The trio made their way to the central palace.
Behind them the dragons leaped into the air once more to patrol the skys.
Making his way to the entrance, Rek passed the palace guards without a second
glance and made his way to the city heads office were he stopped and knocked
on the door. A loud voice beckoned him to come in from within. Rek turned
around dismissing the two behind him for awhile, leaving them to their own

Rek opened the door and walked within, closing it tightly behind him. Nearing
the city head, Rek stopped bowing slightly in respect before taking a paper
from his belt and handing it to the man seated before him. On top of the
paper, it mentioned the mission of the Knights that made there way to Kalaman.
The militia to be trained. City defenses built up. Repairs to the city. All
these and more were listed on top of the paper. The city head glanced up at
the Knight before him sadly and agreed to the terms. Bowing Rek left the
building to make his way to the garrison headquarters where he did the same
with the commanding officer.

At last pleased with his job, Rek walked to a room set out for him by the
Garrison commander and set his things out to prepare for the grueling job set
ahead for him and his group, starting tommorow.

(to be continued more)

Author:  Rek
Date    Sat Sep 28 00:48:02 2002

Subject  New Dockhand.

Rek awoke to the sound of the seagulls flying above the city streets. Fully
refreshed and ready for work. The flight during the recent day brought back
much joy and relaxation from the office work left for his position. Now he had
a chance to be up and around once more. Help and meet new people at the same
time. Rek sat up in his bed, rolling out of his sheets and jumping into his
knightly armor.

The breastplate and chain mail he attached first. Adding on the leg greaves
and boots before strapping on his belt. Pulling on his forearm protectors and

Rek reached down grabbing his family cloak and throwing it over his shoulder,
adding a platinum neck choker of a dragon as well. At last Rek lifted up his
helmet and placed it on his head, leaving the visor up. Rek reached down to
grab his sword strapping it to his side. Fully dressed he walked outside of
his room heading to that of the garisson commander. Rek slowly made his way up
to the door, knocking at it for admitinance.

'Come in!' the sound echoed from within.

Rek opened the door removing his helmet as a sign of respect.

'Good morning Garrison Chief' Rek walked forward standing up in front of
his desk. The garrison commander looked at him and nodded, still somewhat
upset that his job title was being taken over due to the recent attack. Rek
still stood near the desk, a chair open right to the side of him.

'Would you mind if we discussed a few things?' 'Im fairly busy so Im
going to have to ask you to hurry up' Rek nodded and promised that he would
not take long. The two discussed a few important issues. Changing of the
watch, militia training, common off duty activities, and much more. By the
time that the two were finished Rek was well pleased with the response.
Excusing himself Rek walked out of the Garrison Chiefs office. His legs a bit
sore from standing the whole time. Rek thought of what he could do next.
Already he had a plan in which he could train the militia. Long and grueling
work. The docks and city parts would possibly be the hardest part, having no
clue about arcitecher. Rek decided that he would allow Brim and Covalk some
rest while he went to survey the city.

Few of the houses were damaged. Deffinitly a good sign. The damage had not
reached that far into the city thanks to Kalamans protectors. The docks were a
different story. From high on Dragon back Rek was unable to see the detailed
damage that was wrought on the docks.A dockhand approached him leaping across
the broken areas in the docks as if it was nothing. Reks stomach lurched a

'Its dangerous here Lord' the dockhand said as he approached. 'I would
not suggest wearing that heavy armor near these docks.' Rek nodded and
smiled to the man. 'You seem like you know much about docks, how long have
you worked on one?' 'Ah its been several years now, ever since my father
passed away, Ive inherited his ship, the Liona. A fine ship though its gonna
be needin repairs due to that heavy storm.' Reks head was working in over
time. The perfect man for the job he though. Rek decided to ask another
question. 'Do you live in Kalaman?' 'Scuse me Lord for asking, but what
is with the questions? We do not know each other and yet you wish to know
much about me.' 'Ah excuse me for my rudeness. I am Rek Loreblade,
Highwarrior of the Knights of Solamnia. Ive been sent to survey the damages
of the area and help in repairs and in training of military personel.'
'Whats with the questions though?' the man asked suspiciously.

'Well originally I came here to check out damages to the docks. But now that
I met you I could really use your help. I do not know much about ships and
docking so perhaps I could hire you for a bit as a councilor and dock
headman, at least until all damages are repaired.' The man looked as if he
was in deep contemplation for awhile. Until suddenly he extended his hand. Rek
did likewise and the two shaked.

'Names Rakil boss.' (To be continued)

Author:  Rek
Date    Sat Sep 28 00:53:19 2002

Subject  (cont)New Dockhand.

The two wandered back to the garrison, discussing various things about the
sea. For one Rek discovered that by taking a deep breath it would allow him to
float and stay above the water. Rakil filled Rek in on many things aquatic
till they reached the garrison. They entered the room, ready to check up on
Covalk and Brim to begin discussing matters to be taken cared of.

(New part later)

Author:  Rek
Date    Tue Oct  1 21:42:02 2002

Subject  Post Meeting

Rek walked from the meeting happier with the way things were begining to turn

The docks were going to be taken cared of by Sir Covalk and the new Dockhand
Rakil. The construction of houses, and mapping of the area to be done by the
Master Cartographer Brim Happytrailzzz. The duty for training of the troops
was left to himself. Rek walked over to the Barracks headquarters to meet with
the Garrison General to begin some plans on how to more effectivly train
troops. Although Rek had full control on how things would be run, it would be
best if the people of Kalaman agreed with him so things could be run more
smoothly. Rek entered into the Generals office were he found the man seated
once again.

'Greetings General!' The man nooded with a quick grunt and beckoned for
Rek to be seated. Rek moved to the front of his desk and sat on the smooth
leather chair placed for visitors.

'General if you have some time may I please speak to you?' The man looked
up and looked back down, continuing his writting. Rek beggining to think that
he was being ignored began to stand to make his departure.

'Please Lord Rek this will only take a few minutes than we can talk about
anything you wish to speak about.' Rek nodded and smiled finally realizing
that he was making some improvement in relations with the man. Rek waited as
he was asked. It did not take as long as he thought it would be and during
that time Rek thought up things that they could talk about.

'Finally its done, now how may I help your Lord Rek?' the man said with a
sigh of relief.

'As you know the men are not as well trained here, which is understandable
as most of the men are militia and are not put through rigourous hours of
training as many men of war are. However, we need to change this.' Rek
allowed a brief pause to let everything sink in. 'We must call in militia at
least weekly if not daily for some training and activity. If this is not
done, the men will not be prepared for any of the creatures that may be sent
later.' 'You ask much to be done Lord Rek, and how do you think to get all
of this accomplished in such a short time?' he asked, adjusting his

'Well first of all we need to seperate the men into training groups. These
we will train individually and together. Getting them used to each other and
their fellows around them. To gain swordbrothers in battle who will watch
theirs backs from danger. We will get them angry, and that anger will fuel
them into a dangerous battle machine. However first we must send
proclomations to all men of the militia calling them up for two weeks. For
these two weeks we will feed them and train them, their families will be
taken cared of while the men are out training.

and new officers will be appointed. We will need men who are good at office
work as well. I noticed General that you are very tidy here, and perhaps I
will need your help as both a quartermaster and as an accountant.' Rek
paused longer this time, out of breath from speaking to fast and to long. To
many thoughts to get up and put in motion. The general took this time to speak

'Lord Rek this is very admirable of what you are doing. However I must point
out one failure in your approach.' 'Oh! What would that be General?'
'If we get them angry than that anger will be placed at us. What will we do
than when armies come to strike the city? Our own men will turn against
us.' Rek smiled his plan finally coming to an end. 'Ah that will be the
tricky part General. That is when we will all have roles to play. For that
is when we will uplift them and encourage them. All officers will have a
part to play and a task to suceed in. None may fail in this or they will be
removed. But when that time comes we will uplift them and bring us back into
their good graces. We need only fuel their anger to push them through the
training. Than we will mold them to an (continued.)

Author:  Rek
Date    Tue Oct  1 21:44:52 2002

Subject  Post Meeting Part 2

honorable squad of men to fight the evils that have befallen this city
before.' Rek smiled and stood. The general followed suit and the two shook

'And now its about damned time we get to work to fullfil Paladines job for
us.' The general nodded and sat back at his desk. Filling out the
proclomations to call forth the militia of the city. Rek left the office. His
helmet in his hands and made his way to the Castle where the militia were to
meet that very night.

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