The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Relgath.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap is at 65. You change? Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a brief catalogue on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Relgath' scribed in dark yellow ink.

Author:          Relgath
Date    Mon Jul 17 20:00:25 2006
Subject  Journal

My life was uneventful until recently.  I spent most of my time
rats and torturing them.  Recently, I came upon a cavern that I
had never
explored before.  I was chasing a rat and I heard noises coming
from a dark
cavern deep in the deapths of Krynn.  I investigated the noise
and found a
man wearing dirty robes in a makeshift laboratory.  I never felt
a liking
for my fellow dwarves, but after seeing this man doing magical
on my kin, I felt the need to enact my revenge.  I knew that this
man could
easily catch me and experiment on me so I stayed out of his view.
 I hid
for weeks watching him work and waiting for my chance to put my
dagger in
his back.  My hatred for him grew as each day passed, but his
intrigued me.

I noticed that he came at the same time each day, sometimes with
captured victim.  I felt a connection to the other dwarves being
even though I would not risk letting them go.  I knew that I
could release
them from there cages when he had gone, but that would prevent my
revenge because he would know that I had been there.  Instead, I
going there after he left at night and studied his texts.  I
found that I
had a natural talent for magic and became fond of the power that
it gave
me.  I felt my power growing and the call of Nuitari beckoned me
to seek
more power.  Before I could travel to learn more magic, I needed
complete my revenge.

I prepared myself to take on this man, but I knew that my plan
had to be
perfect.  I would not risk being captured.  I set many traps
along the
cavern of my escape.  If my blade did not kill him my traps
surely would. 
Then I set one trap with a large net in the laboratory.  I knew
this man
was not in Nuitari's favor. His experiments did no good for
magic, so he
deserved death more than anyone. His last day in the laboratory,
I set the
trap in motion which bound his hands. I immediately pounced on
top of him
to stop any words of magic.  I tied him up, including tieing his
closed.  After he was tied up, I realized that I could slice his
while he watched me.  A better idea came to mind, I could see how
much he
could bleed.  I tortured him for ten days using his own blood to
add to my
own magical power.  With each drop of blood, I said a prayer to
He died on the Day of Mithrik, 35th the Month of Dry-Anvil, a
pity since I
had fun plans for him that day.  I now make my way in search of
Conclave of Wizards to gain all that Nuitari has to offer and vow
to kill
all who intend harm on any dwarf.

Relgath Htagler.

Author:    Relgath        
Date:      Fri Oct  6 23:21:56 2006
Subject  Itch

Walking through Wayreth forest, I was trying to get away from the
studies in 
the tower.  I started getting the itch for adventure, I prayed to
Nuitari for
guidance.  Nuitari granted a wolf to guide me out of the forest. 
The wolf 
showed me to the City of Tarsis.  I met with an Ogre there, his
name or the 
meeting place are unimportant.  The Ogre claimed that followers
of the Dark 
Queen have not only ignored the laws of magic but are walking
about as if 
they were not criminals.  I figured if someone needs to teach a
lesson to 
show the unlimited power of Nuitari.  I released the wolf and
kneeled down 
again.  This time a falcon came to my aid.  The falcon searched
for the 
criminals and led me to the High Clerist Tower.  I am not used to
so much 
surface travel, this was tiring.  I stumbled toward the tower
looking for
signs of the Arcane.  I should have rested before heading into
the tower.  
Not prepared for battle just yet, I was met face to face with an
woman speaking words of magic.  She was not wearing the robes I
am used to 
seeing in Wayreth.  I informed her of her crimes and advised her
she should obey the laws and follow the true path of Nuitari. 
Again the 
words of magic came from her lips.  As the acid burned my flesh,
I fleed 
quickly.  I used the last of my rose petals gathering some
followers to
aid me against this foe.  I tracked her again and gave her no
to attack first.  I quaffed a potion and cast my own acid in her
Next I cast spell after spell in her direction, she pleaded for
mercy.  A 
weaker mage may have fallen for her tricks and stopped the
assult.  I had 
her weak and crying.  I continued my assult until she fell
After her cries stopped, I decided that she needed more of a
lesson.  I 
knew that she would know the power of Nuitari once I was
finished.  I 
tied her to the gate of the High Clerist Tower.  I reached into
my robes 
and pulled out a rat.  I bent his tail in half until it broke, he
to bite me on my hand.  I released the rat on my new prisoner. 
The rat 
bit her numerous times, her robes, that were evidence of her
crimes, fell 
from her body.  I pulled out a quill and dipped it in her blood. 
sign on the wall, written by my hand read as follows:
Nuitari's power has no bounds, follow the laws of magic or the
will be forced.

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