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Author:  Rellic
Date    Mon Apr 25 11:04:25 2005
Stamp   1114445065
Subject  A New Path, Part I

A warm breeze wafted gently across the sun bleached ruins of Larune making the
white hair of the young Irda seemingly float about his head as he practiced
his katas in the morning sunlight.

He worked his way through his practices slowly, concentrating fully on each
minute movement of his body. With movements fluid and graceful he worked his
way through the artform of his ancestors.

After a while he became aware of footsteps approaching across the grasses
which grew between the rubble of the ancient town which his family called home
but he continued with his practice knowing that it was his father who came.

Rellic had long ago passed the point where he needed to be scrutinised. He
knew his katas very well and was almost his father's equal but still the elder
Irda would watch his son.

Maybe he just wanted to ensure Rellic was progressing at a satisfactory rate
or maybe to make sure his son wasn't cutting corners and being lazy. His
father was very a very strict teacher and brooked no changes to the form of
their forefathers.

Neither did Rellic. He took his practices very seriously. He was proud that he
had been able to learn this style of combat. Created by his ancestors in the
Age of Dreams it had been passed from father to son ever since.

Rellic was the only child in his family and after his aged father passed he
would be the only one who knew this martial art. It would fall to him to
continue the ancient traditions of his family.

When he had finished he stood straight and opened his eyes. Turning he bowed
to his father who was seated on the stump of a fallen column at the base of
the small step pyramid upon which Rellic practiced.

Nodding in response Lenthryl motioned for his son to come to him and
respectfully Rellic did as his father bade him. Picking his way down the
cracked side of the pyramid he soon stood before his father and Master.

The old Irda looked at his son for a moment, appraising him. Seemingly
satisfied he nodded and greeted him with his voice melodic and strong despite
his years.

'The time is come Rellic. You have known for many years that you must someday
leave this place and learn that which I cannot teach you. You have done well
and I believe you are capable now of surviving in the world beyond this

'As your father I wish you to stay but as your Master I know that you must
follow our traditions and strike out on your own, find your own Path through
life. It is the way of our family.'

Rellic nodded. Indeed he had known this day would come eventually. It had
always been thus with his family. When a child was deemed ready they were sent
away to discover the world with their own eyes and to find their place within

'You have mastered our traditions well enough I think. You also are familliar
with two other forms which you may change into to protect you from the
servants of the Dark Queen. The gift of Mishikal will guard you well.'

'I have taught you all I know. In time you will add to that knowledge, as did
I and my father before me. The martial art you know now is but a base. You
will expand that and make it your own and eventually pass that on to another

'I know not if we will meet again in this life son. You're journey will take
you far and wide and it may be that you might not return here but that is
unimportant. What matters is that you survive and flourish.'

With that the old Irda stood and embraced Rellic. The boy was startled. He had
been an infant the last time his father had embraced him in this manner. He
returned it and commited this moment to memory, never to be forgotten.

Stepping back the father looked upon his son and smiled a rare, warm smile.
'Indeed, you are ready my son.' he said. 'Go now to prepare, and do not forget
to say goodbye to your mother or she'll make my remaining years a nightmare.'.

Author:  Rellic
Date    Mon Apr 25 11:50:41 2005
Stamp   1114447841
Subject  A New Path, Part II

Rellic chuckled and nodded. While his father was a formidable person his
mother's wrath was nothing to be taken lightly. He nodded and went to gather
his things and to speak to his mother one final time.

Aafter paying his respects to her he made his way to the edge of the forest
which surrounded the ruins of Larune. Looking back upon them one final time he
promised himself he would return some day.

Many generations of his family had lived here and he wanted very much to spend
his final days in this beautiful, secluded place. Turning again too face the
forest and his future the young Irda entered the forests of Silvanost.

Walking through the thick, verdant green forest he listened to the calls of
the birds and other creatues of the woods. He inhaled the scents of the trees
and flowers and felt that wherever he went this would always be his home.

He could not imagine anything more splendid or any place he'd rather be. Life
called however and so he went, seeking his destiny and his place in the world.

After two days he was  walking along the bank of a small stream when he heard
a very faint noise ahead. With a thought he used the gift of Mishikal and
shifted his form to that of a Kagonesti elf.

He listened carefully for a moment but only the familliar sounds of the forest
could be heard. Carefully he continued along the stream bank, alert for
anything unusual.

Then he heard it again, this time closer and more distinct. A splash as if
something large moved in deep water. The stream was shallow though and it was
with curiosity the Irda moved forward.

When he felt he was close to the sounds which now repeated again he knelt and
carefully parted the foliage of a shrubbery in front of him. Peering beyond he
discovered the source of the noise.

A pool of water water alongside the stream lay before him and in it he could
see a figure swimming gracefully. He watched as the figure dove under the
surface. As it's feet kicked to propel it downward the splash Rellic had heard
came again.

Nodding to himself he stepped through the undergrowth towards the basin and
sat down upon a rock along it's edge. There he waited for the figure to

A minute passed, then another. Soon Rellic began to feel concerned. How long
could this person hold their breath for ? He peered into the pool, trying to
see into the clear depths but he couldn't see anything other than a few small

After another few minutes he thought about diving in himself. Surely something
had happened. No one could hold their breath this long. Standing up he began
to doff his simple robe but was stopped by a sound directly behind him.

He felt a slight prick in his back and knew someone behind him held a weapon.
It was positioned so that an easy thrust would quickly find a kidney. He
stopped and stood still.

'See anything interesting in that pool my friend ?' a voice asked. It was
delicate and yet carried strength. Rellic considered his answer carefully.

'I saw someone dive under the surface and they have are still down there. They
have been down there a long time and I thought they might be in trouble. I was
just about to enter the pool to aid them if needed.' he replied.

A moment passed and still the tip of the weapon could be felt at his back. 'Do
not move. If you do you will not see another day.' the voice told him. Rellic
nodded and stood where he was.

The weapon tip was removed from his back and he heard light footfalls recede
behind him. A few minutes passed and Rellic began to wonder where the person
had gone.

Shortly he heard the voice again. 'Alright, you may now turn around, slowly.'.
Carefully, slowly, the young Irda turned about to face the owner of the weapon
which had threatened him.

At first he couldn't see anyone but then he discerned a form amongst the
shadows of the trees, kneeling and armed with a slender longbow. A barbed
hunting arrow was drawn and aimed at his heart. Rellic bowed slightly to the

Author:  Rellic
Date    Mon Apr 25 12:49:10 2005
Stamp   1114451350
Subject  A New Path, Conclusion

'I assume you are the figure I saw swimming in the pool. I apologise for
intruding, I meant no harm. I have been traveling for days without meeting
another soul and merely wished to talk.'.

The figure knelt in the shadows for a moment and appraised him. After a moment
they spoke. 'Kneel.'. Rellic slowly lowered himself and knelt upon the grass
never taking his eyes away from the figure's.

Standing up and moving forward, arrow still nocked and drawn, the figure
emerged from the shadows and approached him. Rellic found himself staring into
the deep green eyes of a beautiful female Kagonesti elf.

Her long brown hair hung down to her waist, still damp from her swimming. Her
clothing was loose as though donned hastily and Rellic felt slightly
embarrased for having stumbled upon her while she swam, obviously naked.

'Were you anything other than an Elf you would already be dead. As it is you
are only a hair's breadth from the hands of Chemosh. I do not recognise you.
Who are you and from whence do you hail ?' she asked.

'I am called Rellic and I grew up with my parents a few days west of here. I'm
not from a village. It was always just my parents and I in out forest home.'
he answered.

She narrowed her eyes and peered intently into his, searching for a whisper of
a lie. He returned her gaze unflinching, hiding nothing and allowing her to
take her measure of him.

'Why did you leave then ? You have not been here before else I would know you.
What brings you here ?'.

'The time has come for me to find my own way,' he replied. 'I simply seek to
find a place for myself in the world. It is the way of my family when one
comes of age. We seek our destiny instead of letting it find us.'

She arched a delicate eyebrow and considered this. It wasn't something common
to elven families but she had heard of such things, particularly amongst some
of the older more traditional families.

Seemingly satisfied she relaxed the drawstring and lowered her weapon. With a
fluid motion she replaced the arrow to the quiver at her hip and slung the bow
over her shoulder.

Reaching out her hand to help him stand she said, 'My name is Andryssa and I
bid you welcome to my home. My village is nearby. Come, I'll take you there
and we shall sup this night together.'

Accepting her hand and finding her grip to be very strong he stood and as she
led him into the forest he found himself watching her lithe movements. She
moved with grace and agility, obviously a seasoned huntress.

They followed vague game trails for an hour and soon came upon a sunlit glade
with a mighty oak in the center which towered upward, it's leafy boughs
swaying gently in the breeze.

A few elves could be seen and Andryssa waved and greeted them as they looked
over to see her walking with a strange new elf. They were lightly armed, as
was the way with elves, with slender swords and longbows.

She led him to the great oak in the center of the glade and as they neared it
he could see a few vines hanging down from it's high branches. Grabbing one
Andryssa began to ascend, hand over hand, and quickly vanished into the leaves

Following her lead Rellic too ascended into the folliage and in a minute came
upon her standing on a wide branch. He could see small buildings on this and
other branches, hidden from the ground by the leafy bough below.

Rellic looked about in awe. He had never seen such a place. Andryssa noticed
the look on his face and smiled. 'Welcome to my home Rellic, welcome to
Alinosti' she said and led him along the branches to her home.

Author:  Rellic
Date    Mon Apr 25 16:37:14 2005
Stamp   1114465034
Subject  Revelations, Part I

Andryssa led Rellic along the many branches of the massive oak and they
steadily climbed higher, ascending into the upper branches of the tree village
of Alinosti.

Eventually they stopped before a building whish was a bit larger than the
others and opening the door the young elven maiden motioned for Rellic to
enter. He stepped inside and found himself standing in a roomy, comfortable

Matts apparently woven from spun plant fibers covered the wood floor and the
ceiling was composed of cedar boughs, interwoven and scenting the air inside
with their sweet fragrance.

Sitting in a rustic rocking chair was an elderly elven woman who looked up
from her knitting as they entered. Andryssa walked over to her and hugged her
warmly then turning to Rellic she introduced him.

'Mother, this is Rellic. We met at Toffer's Hole. He's traveling, seeking his
Path, and I thought it would be good for him to rest here with us for the
night. Rellic, this is my mother Dryssa.'

Rellic bowed deeply to the elderly elf and she in turn nodded to him. 'Well,
it isn't every day we meet someone new here. Be welcome young Rellic. We would
be pleased to have your company for the night.' she said.

Rellic thanked her and she eyed him thoughtfully. 'Do I know your parents
young one ? You seem familliar and your voice carries an accent which seems to
ring a bell. From whence do you hail ?' she asked.

'My home is a few days west of here. I grew up with only my parents. We never
had any visitors or contact with any others. This is my first encounter with
other elves. I doubt you know my parents, Lady.' he replied.

'A few days west of here you say ?' asked a male voice and Rellic, somewhat
startled, turned around. A tall aged elf stood behind him having just entered
the house without making any noise at all.

'Father !' Andryssa chided. 'Don't startle our guest like that. I'm sorry
Rellic, father used to be a Liferunner with the Wildrunners and he still has
some old bad habbits, like silently approaching people and startling them.'

'Rellic. I'd like you to meet my father, Andryll. Father, this is Rellic. Be
nice.' she said and Andryll pursed his lips. After a second he nodded to his

He put forth his hand and Rellic shook it, noticing as he did they vice like
grip of the old elf. 'An honour to meet you sir' Rellic said.

Andryssa'a father nodded to him and replied, 'Likewise, buy please do not call
me "sir", I'm not a Knight. Andryll will do. You said you grew up west of here
? Where ? I know of no villages in that direction.' he asked.

'My home is just a small place in the forest Andryll' the young Irda replied.
'Not a village. It was just my parents and I. I don't even have any siblings.
Now I follow my family's tradition and seek my Path in the world.'

'Ah, yes. I believe I overheard Andryssa mention that. You are quite young
though. Maybe I knew your parents before your time. Who are they ?' he asked
again. Rellic hesitated for an instant, uncertain if answering might reveal
too much. Andryssa looked at him, noticing his reluctance to speak their
names. After a second Rellic nodded.

'My father is Lenthyl and my mother is Jestra. I doubt you know them. To my
knowledge they have always lived apart from others.' he said.

Andryll's eyes widened a bit and a smile crossed his face. 'You are mistaken
young one for I knew Lenthryl of old. It has been many centuries since we met
but we once knew each other well, very well indeed.'

Now it was Rellic's turn to open his eyes wide in surprise. 'You knew my
father ? He never spoke of his past. I just assumed he had always been as he
is now, just a man caring for his family as best he can. When did you know
each other ?.

'There's many a tale of those days I could tell you. He never spoke to you of
his past ?' Rellic shook his head. 'Your father and I were Wildrunners. As my
daughter said, I was a Liferunner, a healer. Your father was a Bloodrunner.'

Author:  Rellic
Date    Mon Apr 25 17:19:10 2005
Stamp   1114467550
Subject  Revelations, Part II

'He was a warrior, a soldier who helped defend the elven nation. A fine
warrior he was, and he fought without weapons. Tell me, did he teach you to
fight as he did ?' Again, Rellic nodded.

Andryll looked into Rellic's eyes and the young Irda felt as though the old
elf's gaze penetrated into his innermost thoughts. He closed the door behind
him then spoke softly to Rellic.

'As I said Rellic, I knew your father very well. If you are indeed the son of
Lenthyl your family has a secret they have guarded for millenia. You know of
what I speak, I see it in you eyes.'

Rellic gasped in surprise. 'How can you know this ? Surely my father would
have warned me if anyone knew yet he said nothing. I feel you speak truely and
yet my father said nothing to me about anyone knowing.'

'I am the only one who ever knew your father's secret. How I discovered it is
of no importance. I have kept his secret down these long centuries and will
never reveal it out of respect for him and his service to our nation.'

'I ask you, out of respect, to allow my family to know who their guest truly
is. While within this house I will brook no secrets, no illusions. Here truth

Rellic was stunned. He blinked a a few times as the words of the elven elder
sank in. Looking at Andryssa she found her watching him with a mixture of
curiosity and concern. Rellic looked again to Andryll, then nodded.

'Very well, I will do as you ask. I will trust your family to maintain my
family's secret as you have done for so long.'. Andryll nodded in affirmation.

With a thought Rellic's form shimmered and in an instant he stood beofre them
in his true form, white hair framing silver eyes and contrasting his flawless
azure Irda skin. The ladies gasped in astonishment.

'I am sorry for the illusion ladies, it is the way of my people. After
millenia of being hunted by the Dark Queen's servants we rarely reveal
ourselves to outsiders.' he said.

'You are Irda ? I thought the Irda were just a myth ... ' Andryssa said and
reached out to touch his cheek, to reassure herself he was indeed real.

'We are real enough Andryssa but our numbers are few in this age. Only due to
the gift of Mishikal have we survived this long. To this day the minions of
the Dragon Queen hunt us wherever they find us.'

Andryll nodded to Rellic. 'In this house your secret is safe. My kin and I
will never reveal it to any others. You have my word on that. Now, sit, and I
will tell you the past your father never told you.'.

For the rest of the afternoon the old elf regaled Rellic with tales of his
time in the Wildrunners with a young Lenthryl, of foes vanquished and friends

He spoke of finding Lenthryl unconscious after a battle, the young Bloodrunner
covered beneath the corpses of his fallen foes. As he had fallen he had
reverted to his natural form.

This was when Andryll had discovered the other's secret. Understanding
immediately who Lenthryl truly was and deciding that friendship went beyond
race he had used his powers of healing brought the young Irda back from the
brink of death.

Lenthryl gazed upon Andryll then with eyes of silver and nodded his thanks. He
changed back to his elven form immediately and the two returned to their unit,
never speaking of their shared knowledge to each other or anyone else.

Years went by and they fought together many times. Never again did Lenthryl
let slip his elven guise. Eventually he retired from the Wildrunners for lands
unknown and Andryll never again saw his friend.

'I think then your father went to the Irda home in the Dragon Isles. He
obviously found an Irda lady and I can think of no other place where he could
do so. He lives now only a few days from here you say ?' he asked.

Rellic nodded. 'Mayhap I shall visit him. It has been too long since I saw my
old comrade. I still have a few bottles of the wine Lenthryl was partial to.
It is time I think to open them in good company.' he said.

Author:  Rellic
Date    Mon Apr 25 17:52:31 2005
Stamp   1114469551
Subject  Revelations, Conclusion

'I think he would welcome your company Andryll,' said Rellic. 'When you see
him tell him I am doing well and continue on my Path'.

'I will do so young Rellic. Now it is time for us to dine however. We will
speak again later but for now I feel my stomach grumbling and I'm sure yours
must be as well. Come.' he said and rose, leading his family and guest into
another room.

The feasted and Rellic ate better than he had in years, While his parents ahd
always provided the sustenance he needed compared to the fare Andryll provided
his upbringing had been spartan to say the least.

All manner of fruits and vegetables were laid out and rellic found things he
had never seen before. He sampled everything and was astonished at the

Tastes, textures and aromas previously unknown to him left him speachless and
when they had finished Anndryll rose and left the room. When he returned he
carried two bottles covered with the dust of ages.

'This is the wine your father liked. It was old back in the day. Now it is
ancient. Aside form these two there are only 6 others left on all of Krynn and
soon I will take those to your father. Then it will be no more.'.

He began to pour and everyone sat back and ejoyed this, the finest vintage
ever produced in Silvanost. Rellic knew why his father had enjoyed it.
Although Rellic had never tried wine he instinctively felt this was a special

They soon retired back to he living room after having cleared the dinner table
and true to his word Andryll told Rellic yet more stories of days gone by.
Some sad, some so funny the young Irda cried with mirth.

When he arose the next day he felt incredibly refreshed and when he entered
the living room he was greeted warmly by his hosts. He looked upon them and
decided that he knew why his father had been a soldier. Here were a people
worth defending.

'I know you seek you own Path, your own destiny, apart from that of your
parents'. A word to the wise however. Seek out the Wildrunners. They can help
you, as they did you father and I. It may be that your family can aid them
again too.'.

Rellic nodded and the elder elf continued. 'Seek them out near Kurmost, a
large city to the northeast of here. If you thought this little village was
something to behold Kurmost will surely open your eyes.' he said with a

'I have an errand to run in Kurmost for father so if it's alright with you we
can share the road together. It isn't particularly dangerous but you never
know.' said Andryssa.

Rellic nodded his assent, gratefull for the company. While he was used to
being alone it would be nice to have someone to speak to. Dryssa stepped
forward and gave him a small pack.

'Just a few things to see you through. Long walks require decent fare and
though the rations you carry might keep you alive they are hardly interesting
food.' she said and gave him a hug.

He stole a peek inside and was overjoyed to see not just some of the
incredible foods from last night's meal but a dusty bottle of the old
Silvanesti vintage. He thanked them profusely for thei generosity.

He gazed at them one final time with his own eyes, then changed to his elven
form. Andryssa shook her head, still amazed at his ability to disguise himself
so readily.

With a final goodbye they set off. Quickly finding a vine they descended back
to the base of the mighty oak. Very quickly they were again in the forest of
Silvanost and heading northeast.

They spoke as they travelled, the sun reaching it's zenith high overhead and
lighting their path. Walking the trails Andryssa knew well they made their way
through the forest towards Kurmost.

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