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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Salas.

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You note the spine bears the word 'Salas' scribed in brilliant green ink.

Author:    Salas          
Date:      Thu Feb  8 08:07:21 2007
Subject     Background of Salas Part I

Some say that the plains of dust are tough,some say that Kharolis mountains
are tough and These places are paradise compared to cold beauty and death of
the Icereach

This is why mages and clerics with inside power are very important,that is why
when Salas was born he was tested, like all the other babies,by a cleric of
Solinari to see if there was power within him.The cleric searched,and found

In the Icereach you must learn how to survive if you intend to be alive.This
is why the training of children begans after they come to age of 5.It was then
when Salas began his training with hunting and with the lead of the only mage
of the village,a white robed old man,his studies of magic. He was a good
student and quickly learned some minor spells to protect himself and others
along with cantrips and that sort of stuff.But the spells that intrested him
most were not those protective.Those were the spells to cause harm and pain on
others,the spells he was told not to learn before his white robed master would
give him permission to do so.Years passed and Salas started also his training
with weapons.And his studies with magic went on.Soon he was more powerfull
than his old weak master,and it was time that Salas decided because his master
couldn't teach him anything he would need to find a new master.When he once
asked his master if there was someone more powerfull near their village that
could teach him his master answered :"There is one but he is one of the Black
Robes and an evil man.We will not let you study with lead of that man". Salas
tried to ask the other villagers where he mind find this man,but obviosly his
master had told them about the situation and they didn't answer his
questions.Then one late afternoon Salas walked to the hut of his master and
captured him with the magic he had learned from spellbooks in the library of
his village. Salas questioned him and tortured him until he told him where he
could find this black robed person.Then salas killed him and escaped from the
village to find himself a master that could teach him more than the basics of
the magic.
This happpened when he was at the age of 13.

Author:    Salas          
Date:      Thu Feb  8 08:41:14 2007
Subject     Salas Baground part II

I took Salas almost a month to find the lonely tower that seemed to be made of
pure ice,where the black robed mage was rumored to live.He had faced many
strange and dangerous things on his journey ,but now he was here because he
wanted to learn because of magic.

When Salas entered the tower and asked the black robe to teach him the black
robe was first about to just kill him from intruding his fortress.But he
sensed the power of magic inside this young kid and decided to test him.Salas
passed the tests of the black robe,but they were not easy and left their marks
on him.At last the black robe accepted him as his apprentice and teached him
about the secrets of black moon and dark magic.And Salas turned from the light
and prayed to the Dark Moon and Nuitari answered.It was then when Salas
dedicated his whole body and soul to magic and to Nuitari. It might been that
Nuitari saw the insight power in  this kid or then he had other reasons,but he
gifted him with a powerfull magic staff.But he never told anything to the kid
about abilities of this staff and Salas spent hours and hours tryng to figure
out all it's abilities.And to this date he hasn't learned all the secrets of
this staff.But also his master noticed this gift from Nuitari and he wasn't
pleased.But he was also curious and kept teaching the boy.And Salas powers
grew. It was when Salas was at age of sixteen his master began to fear his
growing power and thought he had made a mistake accepting this boy as an
apprentice.And he decided that he must kill Salas.But Nuitari saw this too and
warned Salas.And in the night when his master sneaked in his room he was
ready. Their magical fight was tough and bitter,but in the end Salas came up
on the top, and when he stroke his dagger to his masters heart he smiled the
smile of a winner.But the spells of his master had horribly damaged his face
and when he realized that Salas cried because his face had been handsome,but
he reminded himself that he had done this because of magic.And he took control
of his master's tower and his small thanoi forces.And there he studied all he
could from spellbooks the tower contained.But it was not enough not nearly
enough and he decided he must travel to Ansalon and to the Tower of Wayreth to
learn more,but before he left he sealed the tower with his spells that it
would be his if he would like to come back.
 And then he leaft to search for power.

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