The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to the private room of Samual. You are lead into a rather large room filled with old journals in various shapes. The room's books are split into three divisions. The first division is under a holy symbol of Chislev. The second is under Habbuakuk's device... The third, rests under the symbol of a Silver Harp. As you look about, you notice scrolls of sheet music, drawn maps, bits of writing on borrowed pieces of cloth, and other odds and ends. In the center of this room is a trio of couches, soft and comfterable, with a pile of pillows in the middle. At the end of each couch is a table for setting things upon. In the far wall from the door, in a recessed niche, is a statue of the kender, wielding his blade, the Wandering Soul.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Samual.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a bluish black leather-bound book on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Samual' scribed in deep grey ink.

Author:  Samual
Date    Fri Dec 13 19:05:04 2002

Subject  Samual's Journal (part 4.)

*written in a rather uncharacteristic scrawl*

This is being written fast, as the two I am following have only taken a quick
break, and I don't dare use a light.

We came across another burnt out clearing. . . just south of it were a pair of
strange travelers. . .

They gave vauge and very roundabout awnsers to anything asked. . . and claimed
to be from the south, which would put them from the New Sea. . .

However, they seemed weird. . . and they, self-proclaimed nature likers,
didn't know how to say Chislev, nor know who she was.

Kilandara apparently saw evil in them after I got nervous due to one reaching
for his bow, and then his sword. While I don't fear anything, I do like to
live to tell my tales.

That is when Derdus found us. . . He was tired, beaten, and, as we found out
shortly thereafter, short a silver dragon. I stayed long enough to hear the
basics before being asked to do something. . .

Kilandara asked me to follow the two strangers. . . I said I would as long as
she gave larger group, if indeed these two are part of the group, a few
special surprises from me. . .

I slipped on a ring I had found some time back while visiting a fellow kender
known for his ability to pick locks in plain sight without getting everyone's
attention immediatly.

You see, the ring makes the wearer invisible. . . makes writing this a bit
hard, but I pray it is readable when I remove the ring.

I still am being careful not to do anything that would let me be noticed
anyway, for I know there are ways of foiling spells.

I hope Kilandara, Validus, and Derdus are having some fun to make up for some
of the bad times. . . like us walking right past the 'heathens'. . . somehow.
. .

Until next time I can right,

Samual Lightfingers

Author:  Samual
Date    Sun Dec 15 16:41:49 2002

Subject  Samual's Journal (Part 5.)

Journal, I'm writing this on the run.

The two 'travelers' were phonies, as I thought. It seems their main camp is to
the south, however, I think their captain is following me, not that I blame

As noted earlier, I was following the pair of 'travelers'. Low and behold,
their superior officer showed up, who I introduced myself to, in a suitably
rude way for a firestarting warmonger.

I seeked to avoid persuit by harming him with a thrown dagger, but my throw
missed. Instead, I maimed his horse. . . I'm already mentally beating myself
up over that one.

Now I believe the captain is on my trail, as I try to catch up with my
friends, and in a hurry.

By the gods, I hope I'm not too late.

Till later, if their is one for me,

Samual Lightfingers

Author:  Samual
Date    Thu Dec 26 20:01:09 2002

Subject  Samual's Journal (Part 6 *boggle)

Well, I caught back up with Kilandara and the group at Anigrat. . . Now we're
really confused.

You see, the big camp and trail goes south, but Kilandara says they found
evidence of a group going North. . .

Now I have no clue what to think. . . but if that group of heathens makes it
to Solace. . . and my home town. . . I won't ever forgive myself if I'm not
there to help stop the mess.

Well, Wish us all luck. . . we may need it. . .

Samual Lightfingers.

Author:  Samual
Date    Fri Dec 27 10:55:25 2002

Subject  Samual's Journal (Part 7)

Well, Journal, things just keep getting more complex. . .

Kilandara and I were talking about what we know. . . and we're not sure if the
group we're after is trying to destroy temples in general, find and destroy
the great temples, or just wreak havoc. . . Further, their target is blurry. .

We suspect the next attack is most likely going to be near either Solace or
Palanthas. . . Not much we can do if it ends up being Palanthas other than
hope that the people there manage to repel the attackers.

If they strike at Palanthas, there isn't much we can do from here. . . I hope,
if they do, that the people of Palanthas manage to repel the attack. . .

As for Solace, I for one am going to be there, for better or worse. I hope our
group is big enough to do some good. . .

On a personal note. . .I found a grave marker today, that of Salindaravia
Lauruthia, the elvish ranger who was my mentor, friend, and rescuer. . . I
pray she rests in peace. . .

As a last gift to her, I left a charm, a simple leather necklace with a fang
on it, that she had once given to me. . . It seemed right to leave something
there. . .

Anyway, I must be going. . . long way to Solace still.

Until later,

Samual Lightfingers

(OOC Note: Yea, I know it isn't perfectly matching his former story. . . I
finally found a few screwups of my own :-P With that, I bid you all a good
day, and hope the next part of this journal comes soon.)

Author:  Samual
Date    Fri Jan  3 14:35:00 2003

Subject  Samual's Journal (Part 8) (it keeps going and going)

Well Journal,

Things are happening fast. Now We split up, some to stay and protect Arignat,
some to seek help in Palanthas, and I'm going to North Keep. . .

Apparently the others captured one member of the heathens (if that is what
they are). . .

So I'm off to see if their ship returns to the keep or if any sign of the
group is there. . . May I have luck and skill, as now I have no one to guard
my back.

Author:  Samual
Date    Wed Jan  8 07:40:12 2003

Subject  Samual's Journal (Part 9)

Well, Journal, I wasted time, it seems. . . The 'heretics', if that is what
they are, have been and gone, to Palanthas apparently, as Kilandara feared,
though not on the ship named "The Lilith" . . . Now I seek passage to there
myself, and find a

bird with an unusual note. I do hope she's ok. Well, I'm off to Palanthas, and
praying that I am going the right way.

Well Journal, I'm off, wish me luck!

Samual Lightfingers

(OOC note: Yes, I plan to start a new subject as soon as I'm part of a
different RP. . . Does that give you a clue as to how long this one is
running? *smirk*)

Author:  Samual
Date    Mon Jan 13 18:58:07 2003

Subject  Samual's Journal (part 10)

Well, I talked to Cathas this day. . . And now it seems that I'm heading back
to Solace, and maybe even the borders of Wayreth Forest. . .

All this over a fire. . . Well, they did just about set the vallenwood ablaze
in the process, and truly I feel something bad is happening.

I just wish I knew how to help more. . . Oh well, Till later Journal!

Samual Lightfingers

Author:  Samual
Date    Sun Jan 19 12:43:01 2003

Subject  Samual's journal, part 11

Journal, I write this quickly, as I fear time is of the essense.

I met Derdus at the Inn of the Last Home. From what I overheard there, there
is a patrol of mercienaries heading to Arnigrat to find out what has happened
to the scout they lost.

I hope Validus and Astea are alright.

Now we must make speed, so I must put down my pen. May we have lots of luck.

Samual Lightfingers

Author:  Samual
Date    Sun Jun 27 22:56:59 2004

Subject  The Tale of The Wandering Soul

"Tell us a story, Uncle' Samual, Tell us a story!" A crowd of kender
children had gathered around to hear a tale from the bard who stopped back
home. "Tell us about somethin' fun you did!"

Samual sat down  with a smile. "Alright, I'll tell you the tale of a gift
given to me by someone unusual." With that, the kender started his tale.

* * * I was a different person then, wandering the woods, learning the ways of
the animals and trees. It's a way I stopped when I learned I just wasn't
suited for it. It was a warm fall day, and I had wandered far from anywhere
else really, and just found myself a tad bit confused about how to get home. I
settled in for an evening out in the open. As the sun set, it got bitterly
cold. Then, the snow started... it started as a flurry, then worked its way up
to a blizzard. I curled up in a hollow in a tree and waited out the storm.

Morning came and went before the storm blew itself out. I climbed out sometime
after noon. I wandered for only the Gods know how long... before I stumbled
into a grove where the snow had not fell, where it was warm. Nature herself
awaited, she who I once held above all others but no longer do. She told me to
find a different path, and gave me something of mine she told me I had lost by
forcing myself down the path of the rangers. With that, she gave me a long
sword, cold to the touch, with all the cold of that storm concentrated into
one peice of metal. "Your soul is a wanderer, kender, don't loose it

she warned, then sent me on my way, the sword in my hand... I lost it south of
Solace when following some people who caused harm to a village I knew well in
my youth... Wonder where it is now...

* * * By the time the kender finished his tale, most the children had gone off
to play various games, but a few stayed until the end. "Next time I'll tell
ya about how I used that blade to ride a dracolich."

Author:  Samual
Date    Mon Nov  8 17:22:48 2004

Subject  A Kender's Wandering Faith

Samual sighed softly as he leaned back. He was being lectured for 'stealing'.

When would these people realize the difference between stealing and borrowing?

The kender nodded along with the chastisement having heard it several times
before. Finally, he grew irritated with the authority figure.

"Tell ya what." Samual said slowly, "I'll get myself out of your

The figure just blinked in confusion.

"After all, a priest only has to berate the followers of their god when they
misbehave? Then I'll find somewhere or someone else to worship. I don't need
to put up with this." the kender stated calmly, then turned, and walked out
of Habbakuk's temple, leaving the priest wide-eyed in surprise.

"Hmm... now where to go?" Samual pondered as he wandered off.

Author:  Samual
Date    Tue Nov  9 21:33:22 2004

Subject  Finding a Teacher

The Kagonesti ranger Samual had met had walked in on him playing his harp. The
kender looked up from his music, then asked what the elf thought of his skill
with the insturment. The ranger said "I would say you are a pretender, my
ears are beginning to throb."

Samual frowned. He wanted to be a bard, it was one of the few things he
thought he was good at. "Well, then," he said, "I guess I have to find
someplace to learn." With that, he departed, in search of a teacher, not
knowing where this trip might lead him.

Author:  Samual
Date    Tue Nov 23 20:02:57 2004

Subject  The begining of a new adventure

Samual's day had gone pretty badly. First a failed mugging by a Soulcatcher,
then a patrol misunderstanding, causing a pair of subdued unfortunates outside
of the Southeast gate of Palanthas. After this, it was good to see a friend,
even if it was one that was as unpredictable and unusual as Maire. Samual
listened to her, then smiled when she offered an adventure. He did have one
bit of business to take care of first, and they agreed to meet at sunset the
following day...

 Samual snuck back into Palanthas, to the Great Dome, and left a note for a
friend of his, then slipped back out to go wait until sunset of the next day.

Author:  Samual
Date    Wed Nov 24 23:49:38 2004

Subject  Samual's Journal: A New Adventure Begins

Day of Fire, 8th day of the month of Homefriends.

 Dear Journal,  It's been a while since I've been on a big adventure, but
I'm again on the road.

This time though, it is with a very different friend. Her name is Maire, and
she's from another world! Isn't it neat? She's kinda cat-like, though much
bigger than DraanAkar. She tends to wear big dark robes, and has a neat staff
that can stand on it's own! Anyways, Our trip to Sanction is being waylayed
for a trip to Kurmost for a meeting with a woman I've only heard rumors about.
Her name is Lady Amaris Baeyear. She's supposed to be a very beautiful sea
elf, but also older than the catalysm... she also is supposed to like art,
particularly things older than the catalysm. Maybe she'll have a few neat
things to look at!

But for now, I'm going to finish copying a map from here to Kurmost into your
pages so I have it to copy again later when I'm not here in the library with
so many distractions.

 Until I write again, stay in one peice, Samual Lightfingers

Author:  Samual
Date    Sun Nov 28 00:02:44 2004

Subject  The SeaSide meeting

Day of Ground, 18th day of the month of Wandertime.

 Dear Journal,  We made it to Kurmost in what has to be one of the fastest
overland times ever!

However, what greeted us wasn't what we were expecting. A really old Minotaur
(dang, forgot to do what uncle Tass said to do and Moo at it...) greeted us.
His name was Sardis. Maire was contacted, along with two others whom I know
and do not greatly care for (Shilaan and Elidar, who I knew as Galaphile), to
get a statue broken into three parts. Our part is a onyx statue of an elven
lady with arms outstretched. Now, I'm not certain, but I can think of only one
being who's rumored to prefer an elven look at times, and would pick the dark
onyx stone to be their memorial, and that would be Maire's Queen... This gets
ever more interesting. The rewards offered are pretty great. For Maire, the
ablity to go home. For me, either learning the healing arts, or a harp that I
can bring with me that will never go out of tune, and is of masterwork
quality... THing is, the statue part was last seen in Istar... Looks like we
will either be swimming lots, or get to try out Maire's big bubble spell.
Wonder what we'll find down there... who knows, maybe I'll find neat glasses
or a dagger like Second Cousin Tasslehoff's! I also met a man named Savvan,
whom I'm guessing learned from this Lady Amaris Baeyear, as he has a horse
that, despite a burning mane and heart, is still walking... I don't think I
can take riding on something that smells of smoke for long. Anyway... I'll
find a mount in the morning, after we're done at this inn.

 Until later,  Samual Lightfingers

Author:  Samual
Date    Mon Nov 29 00:14:00 2004

Subject  Samual's Journal: A Forest Adventure

Day of Praise, 19th day of the month of Wandertime.

 Dear Journal,  Left Kurmost today, and started towards the Plains of
Dust. We left early, and I got to hear the tale of Maire's meeting with
Chislev, and recount my own encounter with the goddess of Nature. We then
stopped to water my mount, hers not needing it due to its state of being dead
already. It was then a large green dragon jumped out and tried to make me a
mid-day snack, but my reaction time was faster than its jaws, as was Maire's.
It tried to poison her with its breath, and then managed to wound her with its
claw as she sent boiling acid at it.

Meanwhile, I cut through a portion of its right rear calf, causing a very
frozen wound which seemed to make it run away...I'm still not sure why it did
so, I don't thing it was my attack. We then traveled a bit further before
making camp here. Maire protected the place with some kind of magic, but then
collapsed. I had some trouble getting her in her hammock. She's heavier than
she looks!

Anyways, I've a watch to keep, and a blade to clean.

 Until Later,  Samual Lightfingers

Author:  Samual
Date    Mon Jun 27 12:58:01 2005
Stamp   1119895081
Subject  Samual's Journal: To Palanthas We Go (and wow was it a short trip.)

Well, Journal, it's been a while.  Let me try to catch up on the events
that have occured.  The Irda, silly souls they were, thought me, Maire, and
Ayasana were an invasion force, and broke the Grey Gem.  I now carry the
halves, mostly as we were teleported by my 'gift's reaction to the energy
left in the Gem.  We ended up in Solace, and there rested for a day or two
before heading out to warn the world of the troubles to come.  I traveled to
Kendermore, to rally the kender.  Some agreed to help protect the other
races, though for reasons as different from each other as it gets... 
Although most realized there won't be as many interesting things around
without them...  Anyway, The gem halves once again caused a reaction, this
time semi-controlled...  I managed to put us in Palanthas...  I didn't
intend to land in the library, nor for me, personally, to land on Astinus's
desk.  I think I might have actually surprised him with that one.  Now the
kender are making a secondary wall, being encouraged by the songsingers
among them, myself one of them when I'm not writing.  We are also preparing
sling stones and hoopaks.  I don't know how things will work out in the end,
but I promise, we will stand with our friends until the world is no longer
Wish us luck,
Samual Lightfingers.

Author:  Samual
Date    Fri Jul 15 22:26:10 2005
Stamp   1121484370
Subject  Samual's Journal: Loss of the gem

Well Journal, It's been a rough day or two now.  I can barely sit up enough to
write this down as well as making the voiced version in Maire's magical box. 
Lady Baeyear came and took the halves of the grey gem from me...  Doing a lot
of damage in the process to Palanthas and the surrounding area.  Personally, I
feel like someone's ripped me apart.  The battle wasn't terribly long, but it
was painful.  Somehow, I managed to clear the skys of her thunderstorms for a
time, only to be knocked out, and nearly killed, by her staff.  I now think it
might be best to find out what that thing is, and get it the hell out of the
way.  Well, now I am stuck, I think somewhere in the keep of the Knights of
She of Many Faces, to heal.  Ironic, no?  Can't wait until I can get out of
here, I'm already going stir-crazy.  Anyway, I'm gonna search around the bed
here again to see if I missed anything. Wish us all luck, journal... we will
need it to survive the next meeting with that one.

Author:  Samual
Date    Tue Aug 16 23:23:05 2005
Stamp   1124252585
Subject  Samual's Journal: A Day In Palanthas

Well, Journal, it's been a while. Not much has happened other than my return
to Palanthas since I last wrote. Then, today, an odd thing happened. A squire
to one of the local Knights asked for my assistance in rescuing an innocent
(which happened to be a gully dwarf) from a thug who tried to mug said
innocent. Of course, I helped these two out, quite willingly. It was rather
amusing to see a squire who seemed so taken aback by a talking pile of bones.
Apparently he never seen an animated skeleton before. Anyways, the gully dwarf
got his wallet back from the place he hid it, and the thug got a lesson in
manners and why one shouldn't try to mug people, delievered the hard way, and
I met one of the Justices, who rewarded me with a pretty little gem, which I
think I might get made into a necklace or something. Anyway, the squire, named
Valek, was rather friendly, and I hope to run into him again soon. He seems to
not be nearly so close-minded as the members of the Order he seeks to enter. 
Well, I'll write more later.
Until then, keep well,

Author:  Samual
Date    Thu Aug 18 23:38:13 2005
Stamp   1124426293
Subject  Samual's Journal: Another busy day.

Well, I ran into Valek again.  This time, he offered to help me out with
a few things, and so he did, but during the course of that, I noticed
something slightly ...  Odd about the fellow.  He's nice and all, but he
seems very...  Connected for being a simple squire.  Antinus knows him well
enough to stop and answer a question of where a certain researcher was in
the library.  Anyways, we found this friend of his after I mentioned I was
trying to find a set of reading glasses that might possibly survive the
kinds of things I go through when traveling.  Nothing too out of the
ordinary, just dragons taking swipes at me, imps running along and making
messes, the occasional run from a mage or big burly guy who took something I
said wrong.  Back to the topic at hand, I brought up the possiblity of
making the frame out of a metal I've heard of in song, called Mithril, or
perhaps the similar dragonsteel.  After finding out more about the metals, I
ended up paying a visit to the armorer, whom for the price of five hundred
steel, which the squire Valek offered to pay graciously, gave me some
filings of mithril.  Now, according to what I've been told, all that is
needed is some platinum to make the alloy, and a master smith to finish the
job.  And I think there is a Knight whom might be willing to help me out.  
Well, I'll write more later,
Samual Lightfingers

Author:  Samual
Date    Sun Sep  4 21:17:46 2005
Stamp   1125886666
Subject  Samual's Journal: A hasty entery

Writing fast as I'm in a bit of a rush walking right now.  Seria and her
mystery comapinon are sleepin' in camp, but it's time for me to part ways if
I'm to reach Solace without ending up where she's going...  And beign she's
not saying where, I don't think I want to end up there.  I have the feeling
it's Knight business...  And I've had enough Knight troubles lately.  
So I'm on my way to Solace now... I'll write more when I arrive there.

Author:           Samual
Date    Thu Dec  8 20:14:53 2005
Subject  Samual's Journal: Prelude to war.

Irony, that's the word for this mess.  Let me recap what I know.  The 
grey gem was broken, I'm somehow able to harness the energy from it...  And 
wanted to get things straightened out.  In the end, the Knights of Takhisis 
gathered to help...  But the knights of Solomnia.  Now...  We have this 
chaos forming, this war, this waste of life...  And I seem to be sucked back 
into it like it or not...  Now...  I can only hope to try to be an advisor 
for now, for the knights whom I'm traveling with, and try to keep losses on 
both sides down to a minimum...  Irony is such a pain in the arse.  I'll 
write more later Journal, Until then, Samual Lockpicker, Wandering Soul.   

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