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Author:  Shana
Date    Sat Apr  3 01:23:11 2004

Subject  To Find a Dragon I

The day had begun just as planed. The first meeting had gone off with out a
hitch and Shana was another step closer to her goal. Finding the illusive
maste of the thives gulild was no easy task to say the least. Her business
with him was of no others business, but the importance made her dilligent work
important. Her search had lead her to Tantalon, a city of nobles and a known
ruthless overlord.

This was an easy place to get lost in politics and find yourself in the

Wringing her hands on her neck subcontiously se proceeded to the local inn
where her next meeting was about to take place. The man said he had knowledge
of Eldabars whereabouts. Though when she entered the door to the inn something
was amiss. The raggedy man she had met in the town square two days before was
now dressed in full silks. The mark of nobility hung on his breast and his
arrogance wafted throughout the room.

Mistress Shana On time as usual. Please sit and enjoy a drink.

Smiling and dropping into a curtsey Shana noded and sat across from the noble.

You forgot to mention your rank when we first met Danzar, why the rouse

You think I have knowledge of a thief? Shana you surly knew why I brought
you here.

You must be smarter then that."

Looking at her hand and the wine glass that she had just sipped off sparked an
idea in her head, though as the world went fuzzy the only thing that she could
muster was a dull groan.

As the fog lifted Shana picked her head up from an extreamly soft pillow. Her
cloths were missing, as were her daggers. Danzar stood at the foot of the bed
pulling on a pair of soft silk pants. Questions swirlled in Shanas head, anger
welled in her heart. Anger so deep and ridden with hatred that she felt she
would combust.

It wasent hard, Danzar died quietly. Slipping from the sheets with a cats
grace he had no clue of her even being awake before his neck bone snaped.
Though Shana had not planned for the three guards who entered the room upon
hearing the thud of the dead nobles body. A fight would have been futile and
only caused more bodily harm, asides she had no weapons.

Killing was a crime in its self, but killing a noble was worse.

She was lead strait from the Danzars house to the stocks naked. Balcome would
hear the story when he entered town from the castle and Shana would be put to
death. Though a few hours of humiliation would serve her until then. A mirical
would be needed for Shana to keep her skin this time.

Author:  Shana
Date    Fri Apr 30 01:09:18 2004

Subject  New big-endings

She had not waited long after Calypso had left to turn in the other direction
and leave. Having the mage touch her with her magic had turned Shana's
stomach. Being near a mage was enough to make the hairs on her neck stand at
attention the entire trip.

Yes Calypso had saved her life and one day she would repay her for that. Honor
was one thing Shan did not mess around with. Her life brought her unsavory
situations, but her word was solid.

Following the woods as Forrest Master Llewyn had once shown her, Shana crept
along as quite as a mouse.

Her sense of direction was on as she soon found a small port town. A few hours
of work with the "men" of the town and she had enough money to buy new cloths,
her chain mail was irreplaceable, but she hoped to have that back within good
time. The set she lifted from the knights room while he went for water would
do just fine for now. Daggers were also taken from the Knight, she didnt think
he would miss them much, he wouldent be good for much for a few hours more,
that goofy grin that plastered his face as she left was like a child staring
at his first busom.

Once equipted she jumped the ferry for palanthas. Sleeping most of the journey
made it go by fast, but all the sleep in the world could not have prepaired
her for what she was about to walk in to. Once she stepped from the boat she
was ushered to a meeting with some ranking members of the underworld of
palanthas. The out come of those talks would change Shana's life in a way that
she herself was not so sure of. A new job had wandered her way. Her skills
were needed in Palanthas and there she would stay. things needed to be rebuilt
within the guild and she would do it.

This would put off her search of Eldabar however she would one day find the
Theives guild leader.

She could feel the meeting coming, and he would pay in blood for his crimes.
But that was the future. She had things to take care of in this grand city of
good. It isnt easy to opperate under such a close Garrison as the one that the
Solamnics have in Palanthas. Their numerous ranking members made keeping
secrets tough. She respected the Knights it took men of strong faith to follow
so blindly.

Fodder, she would never be fodder to a God of any kind. But the Knights
deserved respect.

It always pays to keep your enemies close she reminded her self as she walked
into the final of a series of meetings with the local "busniness men" of

Her holdings would be solid after this meeting. Things would be changing
within the Guild. Her momentium was moving forward at a steady pace.
Soon...... Soon she would be ready.

Author:  Shana
Date    Tue May  4 16:00:44 2004

Subject  A Daggers Touch

Her last meeting with the dark Cleric had left a nasty taste in her mouth. She
got her money, who was she to cause such a stink and saunter off in such an un
lady like manner. So she wanted to help the Kender Whisper, whose business was
that but hers. Yes Nikolet's price was very fair, but the outburst that
followed after the item Nikloet retreive for shana was given to Whisper was

Frankly the sarcastic tone the Cleric always used was enough to make an attack
very nessessary. She needed to learn that her mouth would get her into trouble
some times and aparently today would be that day.

Enter the temple in Palanthas, Shana had planned to relax for a while before
heading for New Thalos where she planned to meet with members of the Guild
later that day, but upon entering she found Whisper and Nikolet both there
already resting. Rising as Shana entered Nikolet spoke where she was headed.
The City of Solamnic, Caergoth. Little was there to decide. Shana knew a
little used short cut and was on the road to caergoth far before the dark
cleric made it. A slight rustle in the bushes was all Nikolet was given as
warning as Shana's daggers met her soft flesh. The cleric to Shana's suprise
gave very little fight and passed out from the first strike. Finding it hard
to kill another Shana lifted a few belongings, mostly some diamonds and the
like, and left the Cleric in the road. The Guard would come through
adventually and find her. Perhaps they would help her though that was of very
little concern. Her meeting in New Thalos was next on her plans and she was
already going to be late. Steping back into the woods She gave one last look
to the Cleric laying bleeding in the road and headed off.

Perhaps now the Cleric would know her place, she was no merchant, and
certainly not strong enough to run her mouth.

Though Shana had a feeling she would be seeing Nikolet again very soon.

Author:  Shana
Date    Wed May 26 17:32:27 2004

Subject  plans plans plans

Sleep had been something that came very infrequently the past few days for
Shana. There were plans to make tand things to keep an eye on. Prices had
risen drasticly due to the raids on the caravans and various ports. The people
around her were begining to feel the sting of this all and it sadened her, but
the Conclave would pay. They provided nothing to the land. The Solamnic had
banned every Rogue from their towns, but the chances of them being able to
tell a rogue from a piece of drift wood was very small.

Mistress Shana.... a voice came from the shadow of her Office door.

Jumping at someone getting so close and even getting the door open with out
her noticing, she would have to be far more alert in the coming months.
"Yes! Never sneak in here like that again"

I apologise mistress but there is a man here who would like to speak with
you. He says he has information that would aid you greatly.

Have you searched him? a smiple nod from her aid was all she needed and
the man was shown in. "Good day Mr. ... I mean swift wind," the man had
agreeded to aid her but his identy was to be kept in secret, she was not even
aloud to utter the mans name in open conversation, "What news do you

Mi' Lady Shana, I bring news from across the contenents. Prices rise
everywhere. No ship that lays in port has unloaded cargo. No caravan on the
roads has rached its destination with... all its cargo."

A small smile crossed his lips. "Your plans have worked to profection."

No... Not to perfection... The Mages are not budging. The do nothing to
better this land, their shady dealings should be stopped. They play too much
in the underworld of this land. They need know their boundries. Though I fear
my haste with the Solamnic has cost us greatly in our progression"

Fear not Mistress, things will continue. We will increase raids and they
will break. Nothing will get to the Conclave towers, no spell components, no
supplies to brew. I am sure that not everything they need to complete their
spells is easy to come by. They will feel the sting of this as well."

I am sure you are right. Yes increase raids. I want nothing going through.

Please make sure that people who need assistance are aided. This will not be a
short fight I am sure. I thought that a mear two hundred diamonds a month
would be an easy thing for the mages to secure to us. We shall see where this
all goes soon.

Yes we shall Shana. I will take my leave and set things for tonights raids.
We will break the spirit of the Conclave." Turning Swift foot left in
silence leaving Shana alone in her office with pen in hand. A Meeting with
Lord Galan would need to be made and soon.

Author:  Shana
Date    Mon May 31 14:50:31 2004

Subject  A stand still

The tides of this little terrif seemed to be standing at a dead stop the past
few days. The heavily guarded caravans were more often then not getting
through. Only two in every five attempts at seige were working, and to top it
off there were garrisons of men at the gates to any dock in the land. Better
still was a stream of anonamous notes coming to her. The most recent was just
as confusiing as the rest.

There was hope however. Another Guild member had come up with an  amazing plan
to attack one of the port towns and that would be going into motion soon. Her
meeting with Galan Pathwarden was not scedualed et but she knew it would
happen. And prices were still higher then they were. It was now time to find
this ananomous person and find out what they were about. The notes had been
put in the same place so putting a watcher on the spot might prove beneficial.

It was also time to send the Conclave a little message. That would be
something she herself did and she took much pleasure in her duity.

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