The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Sobleski.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a large book on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Sobleski' scribed in unearthly black ink.

Author:  Sobleski
Date    Tue Jun  7 10:27:17 2005
Stamp   1118158037
Subject  An impending danger...

Many years had passed since I had last visited the sanctuary of light in
the forest glade south of Solace.  Only something of great importance could
summon me away from my Holy Order dealings in Palanthas, but the news I had
recieved this week was just that.  My mentor, the Elder Prophet Cathas,
wanted to see me.  It was a bit unusual for him to be coming right out of
the blue like this, but I trusted him and so I packed my belongings.  I had
decided to pay a visit to Paladines temple before I headed on my way, and as
I kneeled in the same place I had kneeled many years before while training
under Cathas I felt a great presense engulf the room.  The presense
surrounded me and made me feel safe, but I could sense this was not its
purpose.  Just then an old, toothless man in a floppy hat stepped out from
behind one of the large iron torches resting in the corner.  The man had a
grim look on his face and when our eyes met I instantly knew something big
was going to happen in the eminant future.  When I tried to speak to the
man, I found myself at a loss of words, and before I could even reacted he
had stepped back behind the torch and was gone.  The moment he disapeared,
the power that had engulfed the room left with him.  I ran over to check
behind the torch and all I found was a floppy hat.  I was troubled by what I
had just witnessed, it worried me and I began to wonder why Cathas had
summoned me.  "something must be wrong."  I thought, "is he in trouble?"  . 
I pondered while I walked on toward the southeastern gate of Palanthas. 
Just then I ran into one of the young clerics of the Order, after recovering
from the collision I looked up and smiled, it was my good friend Mirtha.  

(to be continued)


Author:  Sobleski
Date    Tue Jun  7 13:44:45 2005
Stamp   1118169885
Subject  Cathas's Invitation

"Why hello there."  I said to Mirtha.  She responded with a slight nod
and went to dusting herself off.  "What are you doing around these parts?" 
I asked, "I sometimes come here to visit the local library" she responded. 
"Heh, sorry about that little collision, I was in a hurry and thinking
about...  Other things.."  With that I picked up my belongings and asked
Mirtha if she'd mind accompanying me to the Solamnic post on the outskirts
south of palanthas.  She nodded and we went on our way.  When we arrived at
the barracks, two clerics were waiting at the door.  "Are you the Prophet
Sobleski?"  One asked, I answered, "Why yes, what business do you have with
me?"  Both clerics gave a slight smile to eachother and the second cleric
said, "We are clerics from the Sanctuary of Light, we were sent to be your
guides by the elder Prophet Cathas."  "Very good, We'll be on our way
shortly."  Turning to Mirtha, "You know Mirtha, I'll be going right by the
Dark Library of Takhisis on my way to the Sanctuary, they have quite a bit
of information on the Maladictive arts there."  She grinned and nodded her
head, "I was thinking just the same thing" she responded.  I smiled and
replied, "it will be good to finally get out and teach a cleric again, even
if it be one of the dark cloth."  After me and Mirtha finished speaking I
was approched by one of the clerics with a worried look on his face, he said
"I'm sorry master Sobleski, but she cannot come with us, you must come
alone."  I stepped back and said, "if she doesn't come, I'm not going." 
After hearing this threat the two clerics wispered among themselves for a
moment and then nodded at me.  "She can come, but be warned, she won't be
welcome in the Sanctuary of Light."  I smiled and went toward the entrance
of the barracks, "give me a few minutes" I told the clerics.  

(to be continued)


Author:  Sobleski
Date    Tue Jun  7 14:06:05 2005
Stamp   1118171165
Subject  The Solamnic Knight

As I stepped through the small door of the Solamnic barracks I instantly
took notice of how clean and neatly kept the post was.  The floor was swept
and and illuminated by four torches place on adjacent walls.  As I walked
in, a Knight clad a suit of platemail stood up and saluted, he spoke "Why...
Prophet Sobleski...  What brings you out here?"  "Please don't let me
interrupt what you were doing, I merely come to give you a message to pass
onto your lords."  I replied.  After jotting down a note, I told him of my
plans and what I needed him to do, "Young knight, a few other clerics and I
are going to be leaving the confines of Palanthas and traveling to the
Sanctuary of Light south of Solace, the Elder Prophet Cathas has beckoned me
there, so I must go.  I am suspicious of this journey however, and I fear
something might be awry.  So I need you to tell your lords that the Holy
Order will be weakened for a short while, and should any trouble come to
Palathas, we will be unable to assist."  The young knight nodded and folded
the note into a leather pouch at his side.  "I'll deliver this message to
them immediatly, good Prophet" he responded, "please be careful in
journey's.  If any trouble comes to you, please let our High Clerists know
and I will make haste to come and help."  I chuckled and shook the knights
hand.  After saying our goodbyes, I stepped back into the daylight and
nodded to the clerics, they took up my belongings and we began heading south
on the Knights High Road.  

(to be continued)


Author:  Sobleski
Date    Sun Jun 12 12:54:34 2005
Stamp   1118598874
Subject  Holy War!

So my preminisions were correct for the time being.  The Dark Order had
all but abandoned the ways of the Order of Stars in their selfish allience
with the Knights of Takhisis, and we were beginning to lose hope.  After
ascending upon the city of Palanthas from the Celestial halls I had come
accross and old dwarf, clad in a sturdy set of armor.  The dwarf brought
news of an emanent attack on Kalaman by the KoT and I froze.  After
conversing some more on the issue I knew that I had to leave for Kalaman
immediatly.  I gave a note to one of my fellow clerics to take to the High
Solamnic lords of Palanthas about the dire situation.  The dwarf and myself
would reach Kalaman via Celestial portal and bring a small group of Holy
Order warriors to aid in Kalamans defence.  The dwarf was somewhat afraid of
portals but that did not stop him from going through.  On our way to speak
with the Commander of the Kalamanian forces, the dwarf told me of the
"brilliant" evacuation plan his dwarven brethren were concocting.  When we
arrived at the SOlamnic headquarters in the Lord city of Kalaman, we were
questioned by of few knights but were allowed to pass.  Upon entering the
warehouse we were met with an enormous golden Wyrm, one could argue that it
was one of a kind.  Upon the back of this wyrm was the commander of Vingaard
himself attaching an age old dragonlance.  Dartain smiled at Luigionious and
I as we walked in.  He already knew of the impending danger and the dwarven
plan of escape, we spoke with him ovre the issue of the KoT fleet and we
came up with a brilliant idea.  We would hire themerchant group known widely
or the Mariner to help in diverting the KoT fleet with their faster ships. 
And so we concluded our plan and after envoking Paladines divine blessing
upon the city, I went and stood upon the ramparts, looking at the dark sky
to the south and watching my own brethren organize in flanks next to the
Knights of Takhisis.  I then thought to myself.."  This is the beginning of
the end if we lose faith."  

(To be continued as the RP goes on)


Author:    Sobleski       
Date:      Mon Apr  6 16:49:24 2009
Subject     The Return

 I fell into this dimension from essentially the same place. I look
around bewildered, I've been experiencing several years of differing
tangents of existance only to wake up in a place of strange familiarity.
Immediatly I am greeted and helped up by an Acolyte of the Holy Order. The
young woman checks me over making sure I haven't sustained any life
threatening injuries. Confused, I look at her and ask where I am. A nervous
smile grows across her face, "You d..don't remember falling from the top of
the bookcase ladder just now?" I look up, completely stunned at the distance
to the top of the ladder in front of me. I regain my senses an realize where
I am, my perception of time has been completely altered in an extremely
profound manner. The fall off that ladder took but moments, the resulting
space-time ripple or "flashback" as one might call it, took just over two

The experiences contained within that time void have made sense of a
plethora of aspects of existance on this plain. 

I take a single step and a very strong presence is felt all around me,
almost as if I'm wading through a pool. The impact of my movement on this
"thick" air immediatly impacts other parts of the room. After a short time,
I regain my familiarity with this feeling. I focus in on a diameter of about
10 fathoms around me, and begin uttering a series of mantras pertaining to
thought and healing.

Om Mani Padme Hum.. Tzav.. Yod heh Vav.. Vav heh Yod

As the mantras are uttered the entire room begins to pulsate, energy from
all of my conscious surroundings begins to pulsate towards a ring of energy
which has begun forming at a 10 fathom diameter from my center of being. The
field I am charging is called my MerKaBah, it allows me to pull energy from
surrounding objects by pulling into question the validity of their
existance. Every being in this dimension has access to a MerKahBah field.
Once in a great while, an individuals field will become so immense, they
will appear as a Galaxy spinning in space, such systems are living beings.

As my field of energy grows, I feel my injuries literally pulling energy off
of surrounding resonance. My senses are overcome with the bliss of what is
happening. Suddenly I feel very exhausted, the rotating MerKahBah field
desintigrates into nothingness and all is as it was. I sleep for two days. 

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