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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Tahmus.

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You note the spine bears the word 'Tahmus' scribed in deep maroon ink.

Author:    Tahmus         
Date:      Sat Apr 28 08:11:49 2012
Subject     Caergoth

Lightning crackled in the sky ahead of Tahmus and his company of twelve men as they rode to the West, and the sky was pouring buckets. Tahmus's mind wandered amongst plans and concerns, which helped the ride pass quickly, but his men seemed more anxious and impatient, pushing the young Lord to ride harder and faster. Nevertheless, Tahmus rode at a modest pace, keeping his troops in line behind. He knew they had a long night ahead of them and didn't want to push it. The squad arrived at the port city of Caergoth around nightfall and stabled their horses outside. The guards, getting ready to close their gates, took a brief pause in their preparation to usher the squad in, saluting them with respect. "Shall we stop for supper, my Lord?" One of Tahmus's men asked, Timothy, one of the younger and ferocious soldiers, about the same age as Tahmus. He was obviously eager to take a load off. Tahmus shot him a glace as if the soldier was brazen to ask such a thing. "Absolutely not. We must take a ship to the southern continent as soon as possible. You may rest on the journey." It was hard to hear Tahmus's stern voice under the roar of the rain. Timothy looked skeptical, but said nothing. Tahmus's glace held steady for a moment before they continued down the road toward the docks. When they arrived at the docks, looking down at the planks to avoid stepping on any of the seemingly endless rat population, Tahmus noticed the port was unusually barren. Only one ship floated in the water, a large merchant ship with three towering sails. Large armed men carried large crates from the ship to a large door on a nearby building, perhaps a dozen or so sailors Tahmus noticed, some of the men's armor occasionally reflecting in the bright flashes of lightning in the sea behind them. Some of the men seemed to stagger lazily, oblivious to the storm, their drunken singing muffled by the buckets of rain dropping against the planks. One man, off to the side closer to Tahmus, pointed and shouted instructions. Tahmus muttered under his breath "Looks like our only chance... and began to approach the ship. Tahmus approached the slender gentleman who was shouting commands. The man was armored in black and ash colored leather, and a flail hung at his side. When the man pulled back his hood as Tahmus drew nearer, it was clear this man was an elf from his pointy ears and angular face. Tahmus demanded, "Kind sir, we require your assistance. We must head to the southern continent immediately, whatever path you deem quickest." The elven man laughed, tugging at his beard. "Not a chance, boy." He cleared his throat and spit into the rain, his words slightly slurred. "My men have had a long night, look at this storm, boy!" He laughed again, his chuckles hoarse. He motioned to the men carrying crates, not 50 paces away, with a lazy arm. "We're busy, can't you see, boy? We have a long night of gambling ahead of us!" Tahmus frowned in disappointment, despite expecting an argument. "No matter, you can gamble amongst each other along the trip if you must." The tone in Tahmus's voice was of pity. "Our immediate departure is of great urgency." "I'm not your squire, boy! You cannot order me around like some faceless tool!" The sailor raised his lazy arm again to imply Tahmus's company, and they began crossing their arms or scoffing in anger. "We can pay." Tahmus poured a portion of the contents of a large sack into his palm to display the steel coins. "Well boy, that looks like quite a bit of steel! Allowance from your daddy?" He chuckled furiously and cleared his throat, then took a long pause to take a few large gulps of a bottle he seemed to pull out of nowhere. "I'd have figured you'd have given away all your coin to the church by now, silly fool." Tahmus took a long breath and remained composed, but he could tell the Knights behind him were losing their patience. Timothy almost started to growl. Tahmus shot them a stern glance, and they quickly fell silent. Tahmus repeated, "Our immediate departure is of great urgency." and nodded. The captain snickered, "Yes yes my boy, blessed light this and holy quest that, very well." The man looked amongst Tahmus's companions, apparently sizing them up. Tahmus watched the man take note of the weapons they used. "Very well, very well, 150 steel coins my boy," Tahmus's eyes widened, "and we will head out as soon as we are unloaded." He motioned to Tahmus's soldiers. "If these fools are hungry, we have the finest cook on the Orlouge!" Tahmus's face looked disgusted, "We will pay you 50 steel now and 50 when we arrive, no more. I have paid for trips twice the distance for a tenth of the price, or less." "In a storm like this?!" The captain motioned to the sea behind him the very moment a bolt of lightning struck its waters. He chuckled that horse chuckle again. "I think 100 now and 50 when we arrive would be appropriate." Tahmus shook his head in disgust, his troops snickering at the price. The group of them fell silent as Tahmus considered, the singing of the drunken sailors could be heard, still muffled by the hard rain. "60 now and 60 when we arrive." he finally proposed. "Very well, very well, my boy." The captain grinned, drunkenly sizing up Tahmus and company once more. Tahmus wondered, "what is this considering? Some of the men seemed uncomfortable, looking amongst each other, while others, including Timothy, stared the captain down sternly with arms crossed. Tahmus did the latter. The captain repeated, "We will depart as soon as our cargo is unloaded." Tahmus began to think what raided goods or illegal substances they must be unloading, but soon shook the idea out, replacing it with plans for watch shifts and other precautions for the trip.

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