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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Talin.

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Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a large tome gilt in gold on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Talin' scribed in unearthly black ink.

Author:  Talin
Date    Fri Jun 28 17:53:59 2002

Subject  A Cold Story to Warm the Bones

*When its a cold day, and the sea is high, I like to tell this story.  Its....
nothing special, just the story of my past, the things I have seen.... and
hope to see. So pull up a chair and warm yer belly with sum rum, and listen to
this little tale... maybe it'll beat the chill out of your weary souls... make
you think of home... and how lucky you are with what you have.*

Back when I was just a lad.... well I wasn't ever that small.. but you get
my meaning... I learned a little lesson about what you know, and what is
waiting to be known.

What I knew wasnt much.... but I did know one thing.  I had a home, and a
family, and I felt good.  I know most of you don't know about Mithas.... and
don't care that much either

So i'll make it clear.  You grew up storng or you died.... so... thats what
I did.  My father taught me everything I knew .... and most of what I know
about fighting... sailing.... killing.  It seems pretty simple in my
homeland... but let me t let me tell you this... i've never worked so hard
since then.... that is when i was with my father.

He was the biggest guy in the whole village... everyone looked up to him...
especially me.  When I had grown... physically that is... I was still as
foolish as a boy... that little thing about what is waiting to be known....

well.. lets just say i reared its ugly head and.... she wasn't pretty.  By
that time I was on my own... working on a sea vessle... old one she was....
but rode like no other i've ever been on since.

but anyway... one day we pulled back into harbor, and were greeted by one
hell of a reception.  It's a wonder we didn't see it from sea... must have
been that foolishness again

Fire! a huge fire had broken out in the village.  As soon as we landed ...
half stumbling out... we ran as fast as we could to help the people.  Fire...
she isn't one to play with.... well... by the time we got there... lets just
say the fire d  wasn't the concern anymore.... as we ran up the hill... my
father.... my mother.... my brothers.... my friends... my own flesh and blood
lay there...

Well... i don't remember much of what happened after that... but it doesn't
really matter... i couldn't go back anyway.  That's the funny thing about
knowledge... sometimes... you just don't want to know.

enough rambling... well it turns out it was a pirate raid or something.... I
don't know what kind of pirate could do that to my village.... I didn't see
any evidence of their bodies....

The years passed.... they always do... never stopping , no matter how you
feel... I don't think about my family much anymore... I don't think about
anyone much anymore.... just my work.... getting by.

After a couple of years of the high seas, I took to the land again.  I never
went back to fishing.... I was a pirate... kind of ironic.. heh... but I loved
it.  It's a good life to have when there's nothing to worry about... yes it

On the continent I was hired as a mercenary... mainly becuase of my
skills.... and my strength.  I met a lot of people in my time... and there are
some mean bastards out there... but they never bothered me.  Apparently I had
gained a reputation you see.... I am relaible.  I guess I was... the work
comes in more and more every day.  I guess the reason i'm good at it is I
don't care.... I just get by... nothing gets to me anymore... not after what I
have seen.. done.

I have made a few friends along the way... some good ones too.  But even
they fade after a while... thats the way this line of work is... one day...
they just don't come back.

You don't ask why.... you know... but, with the rescent wars I have seen my
faire share of action... I even fought for my Queen... heh thats a good
tale...  I had fun then.  I was a leader... I felt powerful, and thats what I
want some day....

Author:  Talin
Date    Fri Jun 28 17:57:43 2002

Subject  A Cold Story to Warm the Bones Cont.

maybe.  I haven't slept on a real bed in... well... since I can remember ...
I prefer the ground anyway, its comforting in a way... and it keeps you
strong.  I know i'm not that old when you really think about it... but with
what i've experienc ed.... I feel that way.

Well... I had enough of your time boys... I think i'll head off... go back
to your families... if you still have em... take care

Im off to look for work... maybe something will come along.

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