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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Thaddeus.

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Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a manilla folder on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Thaddeus' scribed in rich red ink.

Author:    Thaddeus       
Date:      Thu Aug 24 15:03:55 2017
Subject     An Unexpected Fury I

Rain blew in as a shadowy figure entered The Sunset Inn. Silhouetted by street lamps, the figure removed a drenched cloak to reveal the black bearded Thaddeus Coalbane, a dwarf of little importance. He quickly scanned the room finding a single table with a lone goblin waving a disgusting claw of a hand and chirping, "Over here! Over here!!" This overzealous goblin was known simply as "Mildew." Being new in town, the dwarf hadn't been too picky making friends. The unlikely pair had met three days before trying to rob the same travelling merchant. Not being able the count, Mildew was happy with the eighty-twenty split of the coins. Thaddeus figured having a witless partner would come in handy. That night was spent drinking till sunrise to forget their troubles and to forget the brutal murder of that merchant they both committed. The goblin's enthusiasm only increased as Thaddeus sighed and made his way to the table. "I was beginning to think you weren't going to make it." Mildew said. Obviously annoyed, the dwarf replied, "We agreed to meet at The Slaughterhouse." The goblin took a swig from his mug and started, "About that... The owner walked in on me sexing one of the ladies in the back room. He screamed something about my taint and the rising prices of cattle. Then he threw me out and threatened to 'curb stomp me into a worse looking pile of gnoll shit' if I ever showed my face there again." Thaddeus thought about it for a second but decided to just let it go. "Who's your friend, Dewey?" asked a waitress as she handed Thaddeus a menu. He opened it and read "Drinks: mug of ale" on the left and "Eats: plate of beef" on the right. Lifting an eyebrow toward the goblin, he just ordered an ale. The young waitress picked up the menu with an exaggerated lean, her low-cut blouse revealing an ample bussom. "She certainly knows how to get decent tips." chittered Mildew as the waitress walked back to the bar. Thaddeus looked at the goblin and said, "Dewey?" Mildew's face contorted into something that could only pass for a smirk on a goblin as he said, "What can I say? The ladies love getting covered in my..." Thaddeus simply raised a hand to stop him from finishing that sentence. As the bard wrapped up another song, an intoxicated knight stumbled over to the table. He sat down with an arm around Thaddeus.

Author: Thaddeus Date: Thu Aug 24 15:07:57 2017 Subject An Unexpected Fury II

"Have you boys ever thought about joining the Knights of Solan- *HIC* -mia?" he slurred. "They have some pretty nice incentives. You get one silver for every friend you recruit, five silver if that friend stays in the service for a year," the knight paused to let out a hearty belch before continuing, "and fifty gold for every person signed on by your recruits. All you have to do..." Thaddeus cut him off, "That sounds like a pyramid scheme." The Knights eyes slowly closed as he started to pass out. A few awkward seconds went by and the knight raised his head to bellow, "IT'S NOT A PYRAM..." Lowering his voice he continued, "It's not a pyramid scheme. It's a 'recruitment bonus.' Whad'ya say? Ready for some excitement?" Mildew spoke up, "I think we'll pass." Drawing his sword, the knight rose to his feet. "MAYBE I WASN'T ASKING !" he roared and charged at the coat rack near the door. He struck a solid blow to what would have been the rack's soft tissue, if racks had soft tissue, and the two combatants toppled to the floor in a heap. Thaddeus noticed three figures in similar armor step out from crowd around the bard. He turned to Mildew saying, "We need to leave... now!" The unlikely duo ran out of the inn and into the rain. "What now?" asked the panicked goblin. Thaddeus took one last look inside and said, "Split up!" The two ran in opposite directions. Before reaching the corner, Mildew turned and screeched, "Same time next week!" After credit scene: A Knight picks up a small green cloak left at The Sunset Inn after closing time. He turns it over revealing a tag stitched inside that reads: Thad Coalbane. The knight smiles as he wrings the cloak in his fist.

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