The Great Library of Palanthas

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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Thalijar.

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Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a metal bound tome on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Thalijar' scribed in glowing blue ink.

Author:  Thalijar
Date    Wed Feb  5 21:38:51 2003

Subject  Dreams of the Light within the Darkness

His eyelids grew heavy on him, as he laid in bed. His head resting comfortable
upon the pillow.

The young fellow was feeling extra drowsy tonight, due to the fact he didn't
sleep much for the past week or so. Seems he was haunted by repeating dreams.

The dreams always started off the same....

Thalijar was surrounded by total darkness. His own hand in front of his face
could not be seen. He had no choice but to walk forward, feeling his
surroundings as he did, hoping to find a way into the light.

He walked for what seemed like miles without bumping into a single object,
or running along a wall. In fact, his feet felt as if they were floating above
ground, and they never truly made contact with a solid surface of any kind.

Yet, he knew he was moving forward. Not by any movement of air, nor seeing
the ground move beneath his feet...more like he just "knew" it.

After what seemed like hours...possibly days, Thalijar felt, more than heard
a voice echoing around him.

'Thalijar Rondell, I am the one you seek, I am the guiding light in the
Darkness that is in your mind. I am your keeper. And, it is I whom you need to
help you in troubled times'

Thalijar spoke no words, yet every thought in his brain was heard loud and
clearly. Every answer he had, the voice had a question for...comforting
him...soothing his fear. He felt relaxed here. Felt comfortable in the embrace
of the darkness.

He knew nothing could harm him here, not with the voice....The sweet
voice...sounding so powerful, yet so lovely, and so harmless at the same time.

Thalijar had one last question, and before tonight, his dream always ended
after he asked it.....Tonight however, his question had an answer.

'Who are you?'

Tonight, this very dream differed from the rest...for after the question was
asked, a bright searing light erupted around him. The light didn't hurt him,
nor impair his vision.

In fact, his eyes saw everything more clearly now...Everything around him,
every minute detail, was in his field of perception. He was aware of all.
Every bird singing, Every child playing. And...He was aware of his answer....

It was her....She of the many faces....The Darkest of Queens....The
five-headed reptilian dragon.

She who had haunted his dreams, was none other than Takhisis.

Yet, he felt no fear...No worries. She would take care of him, she would
provide sanctuary in her arms. And all she asked was one simple favor....


Loyalty...was it so hard? No...not for what she offered him. She would give
him all he wanted....All he needed.

And she only asked for one thing....

Thalijar woke quickly. His eyes snapping open, then quickly adjusting to the
sunlight pouring into his room. He had not woken to daylight in quite
sometime...always waking prematurely before the sun rose.

Today, he felt rested....He felt refreshed. He also felt something else. The
gift she granted him. He felt the power residing within him. Power that flowed
directly from her.

It was an extension of herself...her own power that he felt.

He need only learn to master the gift, and time would be the only obstacle.
But he had plenty of it now.

Now that she watched over him. Guiding his every move. He lifted his body out
of bed, with ease...No Aches, or pains usually associated with getting out of
bed. He gathered what belongings he would need to travel, and before noon
arrived, he was

was travelling upon the road leaving his villiage. The road that led to his

His future within the arms of Takhisis. And what better place to be close to
his queen than the very home she gave unto her followers.

Storm Keep.......

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