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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Tourach.

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You note the spine bears the word 'Tourach' scribed in unearthly yellow ink.

Author:  Tourach
Date    Thu Jan 23 22:12:57 2003

Subject  The New Found Evil

While taking a much needed rest one late evening, Tourach was thinking of his
Solamnic duties when suddenlya flash of darkness crossed his eyes, it
disappeared immediately after it had appeared. He stood hoping to see what it
was, his hand unconsciously reaching for his weapons for protection. After a
brief moment of tense anticipation th dark flash came back, but this time it
did not disappear, it merely stood in front of him, unable to completely
decipher what it was he he stared in awe for a few seconds. Unexpectedly the
dark cloud spoke, but Tourach did ot understand the words spoken to him, yet
all of a sudden he was filled with some unholy bloodlust. A squire warily
approaching caught the corner of Tourach's eye he turned quickly, his eyes
were glazed over in a red cloud.

The squire cowered slightly and quietly asked, "Are you alright, Sir Tourach?"

Tourach merely smiled and raised a gauntleted fist and brought it down hard
across the squire's face. The squire fell to the floor coughing up blood and
spitting out broken teeth, "why did you do that?" asked the squire Tourach
pulled his sword from it's sheath while closing in on the squire.

Bringing the sword up above his head he swung with all his might down upon the
squire severing the body in two and clashing his sword with the stone floor.
Continuing to walk towards the exit of the Solamnic Keep he was encountered by
a solmnic guard, the guard attempted to stop Tourach and ask him the
intentions of his actions , Tourach quickly removed a small dagger from his
belt and before the soldier could react Tourach had jammed the dagger through
his throat.

Finally reaching the exit the two soldiers guarding the door blocked his exit,
"For actions you have just taken you cannot leave the premises Tourach!"

Two more guards filed in behind Tourach blocking his exits. Grinning with a
smile that only an insane person would show, Tourach removed his other sword
from it's sheath and prepared to slaughter the Solamnic soldiers. The first
one ran at him with his spear pointed at Tourach's gut, in one quick movement
Tourach slapped the spear aside and raised his sword to the soldiers face,
impaling the soldier upon the point of the sword, squirting blood across the
walls and Tourach's armor.

Pulling his sword out of the soldiers skull, he turned to the next Solamnic
standing in his way. Blood dripping down one of his swords he stared evilly at
the three remaining. They all quickly charged at Tourach, Tourach acting with
his Warrior instincts maneuvered himself to the best position.

Author:  Tourach
Date    Thu Jan 23 22:33:29 2003

Subject  The New Found Evil (cont.)

Moving quickly from his position he first headed for the single soldier coming
from the doors. Crouching down Tourach slashed at the soldiers weapon knocking
it out of his way, then Tourach quickly jabbed his still clean sword into the
soldiers gut, using his minotaur strength he lifted the soldier up with his
sword. The soldier slid down the blade leaving a streak of blood on the blade.
His sword still stuck in the soldiers body he swung the other around so that
he was standing sideways so as to defend himself from the soldiers approaching
from the rear. Fending off the soldiers he attempted to yank his sword from
the dead soldier he had gruesomely impaled While doing this he was not paying
enough attention to the soldiers he was defending himself against, taking a
deep slice across his arm he roared in anger. Filled with even more evil
hatred with the blood drawn from him, Tourach quickly pulled the blade from
the dead soldiers body. Turning to face the soldiers with both arms free now,
he was prepared to kill them and destroy their bodies in his anger.

Thinking quickly so as to catch the soldiers as off-guard as possible he swung
his swords knocking the soldiers weapons towards the wall creating a path for
Tourach to get into close quarters with the soldiers. He closed in quickly,
but did not stop when he was close enough, he continued to charge towards the
soldiers, lowering his head pointing his horns towards them. Unprepared and
untrained for such an attack the soldiers were frozen where they stood.
Dropping his swords Tourach reached out and grabbed the heads of the soldiers
and forced their heads into the perfect positions, before they could fight
back Tourach had gored both soldiers through the center of their heads.
Raising his head with both soldiers hanging from his horns he smiled as the
warm blood trickled down his face. Reaching up and tearing both bodies from
his horns he dropped them on the ground, and began reaching for his swords.

Picking up his weapons Tourach turned back to the dead bodies. Raising both
swords he swung through the bodies chopping them to pieces, blood splashed
through the whole room. Tourach completed his slicing and his fur had turned
to a dark red stained by the blood of the solamnics. He turned towards the
exits, replacing his swords in their sheaths he stepped out of the Solamnic
Keep. Once outside the doors of the keep he roared his new allegiance to the
Dark Queen Takhisis.

Author:  Tourach
Date    Sat Feb  1 21:08:02 2003

Subject  The Induction

The induction was a long and prosperous meeting with the Knights and Lords of
the Knights of Takhisis, Tourach was enveloped in his love for the Dark Queen.

He had been accepted as a squire to the knighthood, he foresaw the tasks that
lay ahead of him, he smiled at the thought of serving the queen. Shortly after
his induction Tourach was introduced to the halls of Storm Keep. Holding the
great hall in awe he was caught off guard by one of the other squires
approaching from the barracks The squire held out a training sword and a
squires standard armor, taking the equipment Tourach quickly changed into the
items given to him. He had small tasks to take care of around Storm Keep,
until it was requested of him to retrieve a few items for an aspiring squire.
He agreed and and quickly left the knight.

He searched through the cities until he was able to find what he needed, being
carried by some lowly being, not deserving of what it had acquired. He proudly
stepped toward the being, coming face to face with it, close enough to smell
the dank warm breath consumed by liquor. Tourach simply told the being to drop
the items and he would let him live. The worthless creature refused in his
drunken stupor, Tourach removed his training blade from it's leather sheath
and asked again. Once again the being refused, becoming slightly angered
Tourach stepped back and said "Wrong answer."

Using all of the power his minotaur body could put out Tourach swung his
weapon slicing the being across the chest opening a wide gap. Tourach watched
as blood seeped from the wound and the disgusting, drunken creature fell to
the ground.

Removing the items he needed Tourach murmered a slight prayer to takhisis
leaving the body in her sacrifice he quickly returned to Storm Keep and
reported back to the Knight that had requested the items.

Author:  Tourach
Date    Thu Feb  6 21:11:00 2003

Subject  The Training

Shortly after his induction within the Knights of Takhisis, Tourach learned
the ways of the Vision, Order, and Discipline. He studied these textures many
time over intending to memorize them to his darkened heart. Everyday after his
intentive studies Tourach would remove his Squire Issue Sword from it's sheath
and begin his intense rounds of training with the weaponsmaster. His training
was extremely difficult because of the weaponsmaster discipline towards
Minotaurs, they should be excellent in using their strength with their
finesse. Tourach carefully studied and practiced each move with delicate
exactness, making sure each action was completely correct.

Improving his mind and memorizing nearly every aspect of the Vision, Tourach
began to focus his training more towards his weapon and battle skills.
Becoming extremely proficient with the sword he began to train with different
weapons. Working many hard hours with the weaponsmaster, Tourach became
proficient in a variety of different weapons. He was preparing himself for the
battles that lay ahead of him, practicing his skills with the other knights he
learned different fighting styles intent on being the best he could be, He
didn't want to be surprised by any kind of attack thrust upon him. The Knights
and the weaponsmaster watched as his skill grew, he was nearly ready for real

Ending each day Tourach would make his visit to the Temple dedicated to
Takhisis spending hours making his prayers to the Queen. Kneeling before the
altar Tourach dedicated his heart, mind and soul to the prosperous Vision his
Queen provided.

Declaring his love for the Queen, Tourach would gather his things and end his
day, taking his rest to prepare for the next day of Training, Study, and
always Prayer.

Author:  Tourach
Date    Fri Feb 14 21:23:34 2003

Subject  Tourach in the Beginning (Part I)

Stepping outside of his tent, Tourach emerged coming face to face with the
leader of their small tribe. They were all warriors trained to the heat of
battle learning the ways of power and strength. Drawing from their Minotaur
heritage for their agile strength and battle intuition. Tourach was one of the
more revered fighters of the tribe. Though he was a fierce and loyal warrior
he was somewhat despised for his arrogance that came with his seemingly
natural ability. The leader staredat him, searching deep into Tourach's eyes
looking for a reason for what he was about to proclaim, the leader was afraid
of Tourach and did not wish to accuse him for what he had done. Tourach's deep
blue eyes seemed cold as he undauntedly gazed back at the tribal leader,

Knowing well that he had the rest of the tribe to back him up the leader got a
more confident demeanor and, not stepping back from his face to face stance
with Tourach, began to shout so that all could hear what he was saying,
"Tourach your arrogance and attitude towards the rest of us has gone beyond
what we can tolerate. I challenge you to a duel, this is the end Tourach if
you survive you will still have to depart from the tribe, if you die...the
consequences are self evident."

Smiling to the leader he simply completed buckling his sword belt and rested
his hand on the pommel of his sword. The leader stepped back reaching quickly
for the hilt of his sword. The entire group of minotaurs surrounding the two
widened into a large circle creating a make-shift arena around them.
Delicately pulling his sword from his sheath he prepared himself to fight the
leader. Yanking his sword from his side the leader nervously prepared himself
for what was to come.

Advancing quickly Tourach swiftly knocked his opponents sword aside catching
him off-gaurd holding both swords out of the way Tourach quickly, yet
powerfully, jabbed the leader square in the gut knocking the breath out of
him. Stepping away Tourach spun around preparing for the opposition to make
his strike, but it did not come. Tourach becoming the complete agressor in the
battle once again advanced swinging his sword clashing it with a parry from
the opposite longsword. Returning quickly with his weapon he swung with
complete finesse to the underside of the leader. The leader regaining his
composure after the blow to his midsection was getting his defense back into
full effect.

Grinning at the full challenge of his opponent Tourach stepped back and
prepared to once again engage the leader. The leader placing his feet in a
firm battle position ready for Tourach next advance. Seeing that his opponent
was fully ready for any trained attack that Tourach would make, Tourach did
something unexpected.

He charged at the lower half of his opponents body, swinging to deflect
Tourach's sword the leader moved to frantically in his surprise completely
missing Tourach.

Pulling away with his weapon Tourach rolled quickly standing behind the
leader, deftly spinning the sword in his hand, Tourach stopped the weapon and
swung full force with the flat of his blade at his opponents head. Striking
with a force unmatched by the rest of the tribe, Tourach's blade shattered on
the bone. Letting out a sharp cry of pain that ended swiftly, the leader fell
to his knees, a spatter of blood dripping down the back of his skull. Dropping
his broken weapon, Tourach walked back to his tent. He retrieved his most
important belongings stepped outside the flap of his tent and simply stated,
"To te abyss with all of you, I was a loyal companion and this is how I am
repaid? You say that my arrogance and attitude is wrong to you? Straight to
the abyss with all of you, you are all worthless."

Turning his back on them he walked away, he was last seen stepping over the
hills as all the others watched him leave in awe of this unexpected end.

Author:  Tourach
Date    Tue Feb 18 12:10:15 2003

Subject  Tourach in the Beginning (Part II)

Traversing the hills past his former tribes camp he grumbles, angered at what
they had done to him. Not looking back he walked not knowing yet where he was
going to end up. Realizing that he had no provisions to eat or any shelter to
sleep under he stopped and decided what he must do. Seeing a large forest off
in the distance he headed in that direction, once he had reached the forest he
had the good fortune to find a large sum of oak trees standing at the brim of
the forest. Climbing up one of the trees he pulled his dagger from his belt
and sawed off a large, sturdy branch and returned to the forest floor. Finding
a convenient stump to rest on he began to whiddle away at the branch. In time
he had fashioned a crude bow from the branch Tearing a thick string from the
clothing he was wearing he tied it to each end of the bow and slung it across
his back. He went back to the oak trees and chopped off some smaller branches
preparing to make some arrows. After he completed his arrows he tested one on
a nearby tree overgrown with lush green moss. The arrow flew true enough,
inspecting it after the shot he grinned at himself satisfied with his seeming
competence. Removing his items he left them near the stump and went out to the
forest looking for food. Almost losing hope that there were ANY animals in
this forest he turned and saw a large elk grazing in a small field contained
within the forest.

Creeping up slowly he lodged himself against a tree and set in arrow to the
string of his bow. Carefully aiming being so careful as to not miss he loosed
the arrow and waited.

The arrow struck the elk with such force it went straight through barely
staying lodged in the elks body. The frightened creature attempted to run
realizing it was injured.

Using quick instincts Tourach pulled back another arrow and and fired it at
the creatures hind legs, luck more than precision Tourach got the elk right in
the hindquarters.

The elk fell immediately, dragging the elk back to his makeshift campsight,
Tourach skinned it and cut the meat from it's bones. Retrieving more oak wood
he built a roaring fire and cooked his food.

Continuing to survive by hunting while he travelled through the forest Tourach
got exceptional skills in hunting down his prey. Learning much more while
getting through the forest by himself Tourach prided his ability to survive.
Reaching the other edge of the forest he saw a city looming on the horizon in
the distance. Deciding that he would head that way he looked back at the
forest and smiled and continued towards the city. He reached the city in a
little more than a day, seeing that he had arrived at Kalaman he realized that
he had been traversing the forest of Estewilde, noting this in his mind he
walked to the gates of Kalaman preparing to enter.

Stepping up to the gates Tourach is confronted by a guard standing at the
gate, he stands in front of the gate stopping Tourach. "What's your business

Tourach says "I wish to find food and lodging, I do not bring trouble."

The guard looks Tourach up and down nods realizing the only weapons Tourach
carries are his bow and his dagger, considering these weapons to be not very
dangerous he steps aside and motions for the gates to open and let Tourach

Stepping into the town Tourach looks around and wonders what this town may
have to offer to him.

Author:  Tourach
Date    Fri Feb 21 12:41:40 2003

Subject  Tourach in the Beginning (part III)

Stepping into the city of Kalaman, Tourach smelled the salty air coming from
the waters to the north of the city. The buildings in the city were taller
than most Tourach had ever seen, they looked as though they had been built
studier than most as well. He continued to walk down the cobblestone road
until he came to an inn amusingly coincidentally named the salty dog. He
walked in and was confronted by the stagnant air of malt beer and salty
skinned saliors. A few turned to stare at Tourach as he bent down to walk
through the doorframe. They stared at him until he reached the bar where he
seated himself down on a stool obviously made for a human. Asking for a beer
Tourach reached into his pocket to retrieve his money ,the bartender merely
stared at him for a moment before coming to his senses and grabbed a mug and
began to fill it. Laying the money down on the counter Tourach smiled and
started drinking. Polishing off the last drink of his beer he stood up and
tossed another gold piece to the bartender and started out the door. When he
arrived at the door Tourach noticed a tattered piece of paper posted on the
door pane. Taking a closer inspection he read that there was help needed at
the docks with possible openings for sailors. Taking interest in this Tourach
walked out the door, stepping out into the cobblestone streets once again.
Stopping a passerby he asked where he could find the docks, the man he had
stopped merely pointed up the street to the north. Nodding in affirmation
Tourach thanked the man and headed to the north.

He found the docks quite easily and saw many scruffy looking men in weathered
clothing either standing about smoking or moving crates onto boats. Searching
for the captain Tourach walked through the shipyard, finally coming to one of
the sailors he asked where he could find the captain. The sailor pointed out
towards the docks and said, "He's out at the end of the docks, starin' at da
water heh heh"

Nodding in acknowledgement, Tourach started out towards the end of the dock,
looking through the light mist created by the splash of nearby waves, a tall
figure began to come into view. Approaching more quickly he saw that this was
a very tall human, chuckling at the thought he came closer until he could see
distinct horns on the man stopping for a moment and staring, Tourach realized
it was not a man at all, it was a minotaur. Smiling at his seeming "luck" he
walked more quickly up to the captain.

Arriving behind the captain Tourach said, "Excuse me, sir."   Turning about a
minotaur with lighter fur faced Tourach, his fur touched by the salt causing
it to appear a lighter color, almost white. The minotaur asked, "What do you

Tourach spoke quickly, "I was coming to inquire about the help wanted sign in
the bar."

The minotaur smiled and slapped Tourach on the shoulder and stuck out his
other hand, "I'm Illyathorak, I'm the captain of the Orlouge. I have a group
of 3 vessels, the Stier, the Orlouge, and the Vanderkaum. Of course you'll
start off like every other sailor did, swabbin' decks. When we get ready to
leave I wanna see a mop in yer hand."   Smiling at his amusement Tourach
started to leave when Illyathorak called back to him, "With a little bit of
hard work you should advance through this deck swabbing thing pretty quick, I
can see a lot of potential in your eyes, don't let me down."

Once again turning to walk away Tourach headed to the warehouse to store his
bulkier belongings in a locker and pick up the mop he would be using until his
much anticipated promotion.

Author:  Tourach
Date    Wed May  5 17:58:57 2004

Subject  Silent Shadows

The rose layed lightly upon the cobblestone street, Tourach stared in
deep contemplation as the flower slowly wilted before his eyes. Days passed
before his gaze parted the long dead rose, the rose that rested upon
his father's grave.

A thief had brutally murdered his father, stabbing him from behind multiple
times, with the only interest being to steal his belongings. The shadow cast
over Tourach's soul for the loss of his father grew increasingly darker over
time. He trained himself in the art of war, practicing with any weapon he
could find. Knowing that the men of the shadows were the ones that had killed
his father, he knew that he must lurk in the shadows as well to destroy the
evil he now hated so much. The passion of his anger has made much blood be
spilled in the shadows, where no one hear them scream. When he ran up enough
money to buy armor, he stained the armor so that it's color was black, darker
than the shadows he crept through. His blade, Shadow, was made with a special
steel that had a brilliant white color to it, piercing the darkness wherever
it may be. Now one of the most avoided men of the shadows, the darkness didn't
seem so frightening to the local townspeople, as they knew of Tourach's
intents, destroying evil.....

(To be continued)

Author:  Tourach
Date    Mon Jun 20 01:41:46 2005
Stamp   1119249706
Subject  A Marching Army

Day broke without the usual chirping of birds disturbing Tourach's slumber,
instead there was the quiet thunder of a marching army. Waking from his sleep
he walked over to a nearby hill and looked down upon one of the formations.
Their dark armor reflecting a dull light in the soft sunshine of dawn, their
steady march sounded the thunder that preceded the storm soon to rain upon the
land. Watching as they passed by, he thought quietly to himself about his
past. It had been many years since he had donned his armor, but he believed it
was once again time to join the struggle for control of the lands.

Putting on his armor and wrapping his swordbelt around his waist, he slid his
sword into its sheath. He walked out and unwrapped his steed's reins from a
nearby tree, climbed onto his horse and galloped down the hill and began
moving alongside the troops while still hidden within the trees. Waiting until
they stopped to camp near the port city of Kalaman...

Author:  Tourach
Date    Thu Jun 30 00:31:00 2005
Stamp   1120109460
Subject  An Experienced Soldier

The field was covered with soldiers wearing dark armor, their swords grasped
tightly at the hilt. They were anxious for the battle, awaiting the command to
launch the siege. The smoke from the fires billowed up to make great clouds
that shrouded the light of the sun, making the day seem dark and dismal. The
clangs of metal clashing together rang throughout the camp as the soldiers
sparred one another, making bets on who would be the victor. Tourach stopped
and watched from edge of the ring of onlookers. The battlers used worn-down,
blunt swords that could no longer severely injure anyone. One of the warriors
struck the other with a blow to the arm and the other battler went down to one
knee. They crowd of warriors roared with excitement, the jingle of gold coins
being exchanged to those who bet their money right sounded. The victorious
winner turned about looking at the others in the crowd asking for another
challenger. He turned and saw Tourach standing amongst the crowd and pointed
towards him

"How 'bout you old timer? Think you can challenge me?"

Tourach smiled slightly at the young warrior's challenge, knowing very well
that the warrior didn't have much of a chance. He chuckled to himself
remembering an old verse he had heard from an old warrior he had challenged
when he was young: Old age and treachery beats youth and skill every time.
Removing his swordbelt and his cape Tourach laid them on the ground and picked
up the blunted sword. Feeling the weight of it he swung it about a few times
getting a feel for the balance of the weapon. It was quite a bit lighter than
the one he was used to practicing with, which would make the battle that much
easier. Squaring himself he raised his blade and watched as the young warrior
moved towards him with his blade raised high. The warrior moved quicker
towards Tourach and swung his weapon down with all his might, Tourach parried
the blow as he quickly moved around behind the off balance warrior. making a
quick strike to the back of the young soldiers right shoulder causing the
warrior to stumble heavily before regaining his stance. He turned quickly with
an angered look on his face, he charged Tourach once again swinging his blade
down with immense strength. Deflecting the blade off to the side, Tourach
pulled back and made a quick blow to his opponents chest then whipped about
and slammed the flat of the blunted blade upon the warriors left arm. His
opponent fell to the ground with a solid thud, the crowd standing around them
was taken aback by his victory. Stabbing the sword into the ground, Tourach
went back to where he left his things and picked them up.

"I'll leave the rest of you to your sparring, keep practicing 'young

Tourach wrapped his swordbelt back around his waist and clasped on his cloak
before walking away and disappearing through the clouds of the camp's fires.

Author:  Tourach
Date    Tue Aug  9 19:49:23 2005
Stamp   1123634963
Subject  Old Comrades

The camp was larger than Tourach had first anticipated, tents scattered
throughout the entire plain all the way to the edge of the forest. Walking
about he examined the soldiers he would soon be fighting alongside, they
seemed to be quite a strong group. A few of them looked somewhat scruffy, but
they were vaguely seen among the hundreds of soldiers. Hearing a group of
people start shouting, Tourach looked up to see what the ruckus was about and
saw a group of about six people shouting to him. They looked familiar and
obviously they knew him because they knew what his name was.

"Tourach, by Takhisis it's been years since you've been seen amongst the
Knights of Takhisis. As I remember it you had 'retired' from being a knight,
what's made you return?"

"The time has come for my return, our Queen has beckoned me to rejoin her

"Well let me sharpen your sword for you, I've been working on everybody elses
all day, making sure they are nice and sharp for the Solamnic bastards. heheh
It's been too long since I've been able to cut one of fools to the ground."

"I assure you this blade will never be dull enough to need sharpening, but
thanks none the less. So, how have..."

"Sir Tourach, your presence has been requested at the main tent, please follow

Cut off shortly, Tourach looked a bit surprised as he slowly began to walk
from the group he shouted back to his old comrades that he would be returning
to catch up as soon as possible. He followed one of the officer's guards back
towards the center of the camp.

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