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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Vahan.

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Author:            Vahan
Date    Wed Jun 28 18:43:15 2006
Subject  The History of the Kar'Tess Family as noted by Vahan Kar'Tess, Part I

The Kar'Tess family line is a strong one which has been absent for some
time from the modern day Knighthood.  While our blood ties to Solamnia run
deep, it is just recently that I myself am finding out about my own family
legacy.  My name is Vahan Kar'Tess and I hail from Southern Ergoth.  It is
within this letter that I shall divulge the information I know and with it I
shall include the appropriate documentation for such.  

Our blood runs back to the days of the early knighthood, era 1760 when one
of my ancestors found himself fighting alongside a man known as Elias
Solamnus, son to Vinas Solamnus.  Seeing this man's noble cause, my ancestor
took it up as his own and followed the Elias.  Joining with the Knighthood,
my ancestor realized this group had a divine purpose and dedicated himself
and his family to the same.  

For years the Kar'Tess line served in the Knighthood until the fateful days
following the cataclysm.  In those dark times, when the Knights of Solamnia
were being hunted down and slain along with their families, my forefathers
felt it best to leave Solamnia and find safer haven elsewhere for my
family's sake.  It was during this time that my ancestors settled on the
bluffs just north of what is now modern day Serval in Southern Ergoth.  With
the estate being just to the north and across the seas from Caergoth, it
provided a strong means of business through the shipping industry.  

After several years, those living in the surrounding areas came to hear of
the strong Kar'Tess estate and rumors spread of Solamnic heritage.  A large
group of people made their way to the gates of our family estate.  My
ancestor feared the worst, knowing he could not willingly kill these people.
He went to the gates however and answered their call.  Surprisingly, my
ancestor was joyous to find out that these people did not want war, they
wanted protection.  These men and women were mostly farmers, poor from the
dark famines wrought upon the land and being as such they cared little for
placing blame upon any other man for the cataclsym.  Seeing this and being a
man of strong faith, my ancestor took these people in and the Kar'Tess
estate grew into the workings of a small castle complex. 

Author:            Vahan
Date    Wed Jun 28 18:46:11 2006
Subject  The History of the Kar'Tess Family as noted by Vahan Kar'Tess, Part II


The Emperor of Ergoth, though in control of little these days, grew rather
curious and slightly jealous when he heard rumors of this Solamnic and his
growing territory.  Fearing this man slightly, he sent a contingent of his
armies up to the northern tips of Southern Ergoth, where our family's castle
stood.  Knowing he could not defend his newly built castle against this
army, my ancestor agreed to meet with the Emperor himself.  After a journey
to Daltigoth and a session of delegations, the Emperor was impressed with my
ancestor and grew slightly envious.  He wanted that man for his own and
therefore promised my family that we may continue our ways upon his land if
we would send our best young soldiers to serve the Empire.  After many
nights in prayer, though the gods no longer answered, my ancestor saw wisdom
and strength in the future for our family by accepting this and did so.  

Since those times, my family has grown strong and still continues to house
and protect the families of the men and women who beseiged my ancestor for
his protection.  Young men are still trained in the manners of the
Knighthood and sent to serve the Empire of Ergoth's small remaining armies. 

I myself have just returned from such.  I, Vahan Kar'Tess, son of Kalis
Kar'Tess, was sent to the Academy of Military Sciences in Daltigoth at the
age of 16.  By 20, I had completed my studies and training and was sent to
an outpost near the Valens on Ice Mountain Bay.  Here I was given the rank
of captain and command of a handful of troops along with a corsair.  It was
our duty to protect the outpost as well as certain merchant vessels who had
an interest in a mineral found deep within the ice.  After serving four
years on land and sea fighting off pirates as well as raiding thanoi, I was
replaced and released to return home.  It was upon my return that I was told
by my father of my past ancestry.  Knowing such, I could not simply lay down
my sword and take up the family business as many had done in the past.  I
felt it only right to make an attempt to restory my family's honor and it's
name to the Knighthood.  My father understood this, knowing he still had
help from my younger brother Glenn to run the estate.  

With his blessing, I left aboard one of our merchant ships and made my way
to Caergoth.  It was here that I spent some time learning about the current
Knighthood.  I knew plenty from my studies growing up, however I realized
that my military life was much different from the Knighthoods.  I had to be
strict with myself and force myself to adapt some new habits.  Falling in
with a small group stationed in Caergoth, I befriended several younger
Knights of the Crown and came to approve of their purpose.  Gaining the
information I needed to enlist, I traveled from there to Palanthas where I
now reside and complete this letter.  It is with high hopes that I submit
this to the Knights Council, seeking admission into such a highly devoted
Vahan Kar'Tess

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