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An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Valek.

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Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a small book on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Valek' scribed in rich grey ink.

Author:    Valek          
Date:      Thu Oct 30 15:49:10 2008
Subject     Pursuit of Power - Chapter 1

How does one being the story of their life? For our purposes, we shall
start with the event that changed my path, and led me to become the person I
am today. My parents and I left our village to go hunting on the second
Majetag of Gildember. We travelled for 3 days into the forest before coming
upon a family of wild boar. We were all excited due to the fact if we killed
the whole family, we would eat well for the next week. As my father drew
back his bow and let loose first arrow, I started to get that uncomfortable
feeling that we were being watched. As the boar was stunned by the arrow
lodged in its throat, my father dropped his bow and charged in, quickly
decapitating the boar with his axe. Silently he turned to the two younger
boars and slaughtered them as well. As we loaded the bodies on to our cart
to make the long walk home, we noticed a rustling in one of the nearby
bushes. Once more, with pinpoint accuracy, my father loosed his arrow, this
time, only to see an elf fall down dead, an arrow piercing h is right eye.
As my mother went to check the body, we heard a scream as a sword lashed out
and sliced her midsection open, dumping her stomach on the ground. Three
elves now surrounded the body of their slain kinsman, faces covered with
tattoo's, dressed in green and brown tones.

"Wild elves" my father whispered.

Speaking in the common tongue but with heavy accent, the apparent leader
stated "You have taken one of ours, and we one of yours. The balance is now
restored. Leave our forest now and touch nothing else."

I glance over at my father to see his hand resting on his dagger, anger
filling his face. With a hoarse cry my father flings his dagger at the
closest elf and charged, falling dead to another arrow. As I charged forward
to my fathers side, only to find his usually bright green eyes, dull and
lifeless, feeling for a pulse beside the arrow that pierced his throat. I
reached down for something, anything I can use to attack the people that
murdered my family. My hand closes around a stone, and as I jump up to
attack these creatures, the elf nearest me kicks me in the temple. My last
thought as I faded into the black was "Someday, I will have my revenge
against these elven scum..."


Author:    Valek          
Date:      Fri Jun 12 22:49:19 2009
Subject     ...excerpt from Valek's Journal...

Day of Nuindai, 22nd the Month of Hiddumont

...been stuck in this dank hole too long. One would think with my skill,
escaping from this pit would be simple. All the spells I have mastered and
committed to memory, all my work USELESS! This cell seems to have been
specifically designed for those of us with knowledge of the arcance, for it
prevents me from uttering a single sound, never mind the complex spells that
would free me. This cage wont contain me for long... This thaumaturge will
be free. 

Author:    Valek          
Date:      Sun Jun 21 19:13:23 2009
Subject     ...Valeks Journal...15th the Month of Rannmont

Day of Nuindai, 15th the Month of Rannmont

...three weeks and still no word from my Master. I was warned by one of the
other mages at the Tower that he was furious with me for my actions. Still,
this silence has me worried. There is more I must learn from him before my
apprenticeship is ended. My actions may have been rash, but I need this.
Still, mayhap it is best to behave, for the moment, I cant be removed before
I am ready... 

Author:    Valek          
Date:      Thu Jun 25 22:33:18 2009
Subject     The Fire Salts

Standing outside the chambers of the Archmage, Valek ponders the task at

"Journey to Xak Khalan and collect a specimen of fire salt from the Fire
Elemental in the forge."

Walking downstairs, Valek enters his room in the Tower to collect what items
he will need to the trip. A plain pair of black gloves, and a glass jar are
placed in his pack. Unrolling a map on the floor, Valek loses himself in it,
plotting the best course for the trip. The Archmage had given him a few days
to complete the task, so mundane travel was more sensible to Valek, giving
him time to prepare a plan of collection.

Travelling to Xak Khalan took longer the Valek had hoped, running into a few
creatins on his way through Tantallon that needed to be taught a lesson.
Never bother someone when you have no clue what they are capable of. But
even with the interruption, eventually he arrived at the ruined city. The
enterance to the city seemed almost to shine in Nuitari's light. Valek gazes
up at the black moon, noticing the moon in high sanction, grins

Entering the ancient city, Valek finds his mind wondering if the storys of
the kobolds some of the mages speak of is true. Walking south along a dark
corridor, the Archmage's warning runs through his mind, ever thinking about
the elemental. Coming to a 4-way intersection, the faint sounds of a hammer
clanging off an anvil can be faintly heard coming from the east. 

Valek utters the words, 'invisibility'.

Valek starts to fade from view as he turns down the eastward corridor,
towards the location he thinks is the forge. Stepping silently, Valek
manages to pass a small group of kobold's muttering something in their
native tongue. A distance away, Valek catches a glimse of a yellow glow,
getting stronger, and warmer as he gets closer. Kneeling down about 30 yards
from the doorway, Valek reaches into his pack and retrieves the glass jar,
and his black gloves.

Valek utters the words, 'fireproof'.
black gloves are surrounded by a protective aura.

Valek puts on the black gloves and picks up the jar, moving slowly towards
the open door to the forge. Inching into the room, I see my quarry, the Fire
Elemental watching another enterance into the forge. Stepping silently up
behind the Fire Elemental, I hold my jar near his knees, trying to capture
some of the salts his body so readily disguards. Smiling to himself, Valek
is pleased with the progress he is making.

'This is such a simple task, the Archmage will be pleased with my progress.'
'This shall be enough for me to start my studies with the Archmage. This was
easier then I feared.'

Valek stands quietly, putting the cover on his jar, now holding a fair
amount of the fire salts. Placing the jar in his pack, Valek turns quickly
to leave, tripping over the kobold who had entered the room after him. With
a loud curse, Valek falls to the ground near the door, alerting the Fire
Elemental to his presence. Valek jumps to his feet and starts to flee the
room, but not before his right arm is cut deeply by the axe of the Fire
Elemental. Running down the hallway, turning north at the intersection,
Valek never stops running to look back. Once outside of Xak Khalan, Valek
stops to concentrate for a few moments.

Valek utters the words, 'gate'.

Walking back to the Tower, Valek looks forward to his next summon from the

Author:    Valek          
Date:      Wed Jul 22 20:43:27 2009
Subject     Training under the Archmage

Walking out of the Archmage's chambers clutching the book in his hands,
he excitely heads out of the tower. Leaving the tower, Valek heads out into
the garden near the Tower, and rests under a tree. Running his hands over
the book lovingly, he opens it to the first page the Archmage has marked and
begins to study. 

As the sun sets, Valek casts a small spell to give him some more light.

Valek utters the words, 'continual light'. Valek twiddles his thumbs and a
bright ball of light appears.

After spending the entire night studying the spells the Archmage instructed
him to, Valek decided to go out into the world, and try his luck with some
of his new spells. Making his way from the tower to the woods surrounding
Solace, he searches for a victim for his new abilities. Coming across a
boar, foraging for food, Valek holds his hand up pointing at the boar, and
speaks the spidery language of magic, and grins as the power pulse through
his body, and 3 magic missiles strike the boar in the throat. As the boar
stumbles over, badly injured, Valek walks over and while speaking the
language of magic again, grabs the boar's shoulder as he casts chill touch
and kills the boar.

Grinning evilly to himself, Valek begins the walk back to the Tower, excited
at the possibilities these new spells have given him. Arriving at the Forest
of Wayreth, Valek takes his time to get back to the tower, eagerly awaiting
his Masters next lesson. 

Author:    Valek          
Date:      Tue Aug  4 15:24:34 2009
Subject     Training under the Archmage Pt. II and Ancient History intro

The meeting with his Master, the Archmage of the Black Robes took only a
few moments, but had been of immense importance. In his hands, palms sweaty
with nervousness, the book of spells is held tightly. A new group of spells,
protective in nature, had been assigned to him by his Master. The Archmage
had said that with mastery of these spells he would be able to feel the
darkness of Nuitari envelope him, protecting him from his enemies. To those
he passes in the Tower, Valek seems a man possessed. He walks with a single
minded, determined gait, heading straight for the library. 

Taking a seat at a vallenwood desk, Valek opens the book to the marked pages
and begins to study. Checking the tabs the Archmage marked in the book, he
sees the spells of armor, sanctuary, shield, and earthshield. Over the next
week, Valek has just about disappeared from everyone, only those who come
searching in the back corner of the library would discover him, still
engrossed in the book, repeating the words to the spells assigned by the

Deciding to try one of the spells, Valek gazes at the book again, and speaks
the language of magic while holding a chain link. The link expands into a
shell of glowing armor that bonds to Valek. He grins evilly as he tucks the
book into his robes, and leaves the library. If what his Master had told him
was right, which it had so far been every time he spoke, the next step for
him would be his hardest, the Test...

But before the Test, he had some things to take care of that were starting
to reappear from his past, some things only 2 others knew about. 

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