The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Valkilrakas.

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Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a leather bound tome with glowing glyphs on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Valkilrakas' scribed in dark yellow ink.

Author:    Valkilrakas    
Date:      Wed Jan 20 20:41:40 2010
Subject     Souless Monster Returns from the Void.

Swimming in a sea of darkness and torement a vast nothingness with no
company but the screams of the damned and the horrors they must suffer. The
air smells of sulfur and rotting flesh the only emotion is confusion and
fear ..the only senses are those of denial; strarvation (constantly near
death and weakness) thirst with a mouth so dry (of firey sand) and lust (no
company could ever snake)... But for Axz Valkilrakas, damned to walk the
realm of the dead in eternal torment the worst thing of all is the forever
could ever snake)... But for Axz Valkilrakas, damned to walk the realm of
the dead in eternal torment the worst thing of all is the forever separation
of the moons. A world with no magic.

Lord Chemosh a bodyless Black Robe creature calls out, might we deal for the
souls of Krynn? Might you take the souls of three of the gods of good for
this one soul? CHEMOSH : Ah, Axz ... so you think you can appease the fallen
by making a deal? Axz: Yes, My lord... CHEMOSH : And how might you do this
Axz I already have you, and your magic does not work in this realm. Axz :
Lord Chemosh God of the Undead, I have but one spell left in me I my lord
and host would allow it . I could bring you three souls of the gods of good.
CHEMOSH: How is this Axz? You were no cleric in your days but a man of the
moons? Axz: Yes lord and in my days I learned magic of the dark clerics of
Takhisis to summon the undead and to trap souls. CHEMOSH : Interesting, but
as you are already dead. How could you do such magic. Axz: My Lord, I have
left this spell in the final pages of my spellbook, still inside the Black
Towers of the Conclave. Axz : I need but your permission to allow me to
speak to the followers of Nuitari, and I will lead them to it. This will get
your three souls of the gods of good for this one soul of Nuitari. As you
well know the souls of the good are worth three times as much here as the
souls of the damned. Will you allow me to speak to them and bring you this
prize master? All the allowing but one damned soul to return. 

A bodyless booming voice is heard above all the screams of the underworld.
CHEMOSH: Yes, let it be done go now to the ledge of sorrows there is a
portal there in blue light prepared for you. This will let you speak. Axz:
Bows, making his way to the ledge of sorrows and as promised a swirling blue
portal is there inside Axz can see his old lab covered in cob webs dusty and
dark. He can see the black robed mages shuffle by past his old lab as if it
wasnt there. Axz : Amazing they still havent found it.I am sure if the
conclave had they would have had it seals hundred of years ago. Axz: Grins
evily as he knows only the evil races of Krynn can see this room, and the
conclave from on such races ever joining the, as most if gifted with magic
are taken to the Dragon Armies. Axz begins to meditate a skill he hasnt had
in a century restored to him by Chemosh and sends his thoughts flying back
to the world of the living. "Come brothers; come sisters", the voice cries
"come for power!!" 

Axz notices a staggering body cloaked in black stumbling down the hallway of
the Blackrobes tower. Axz's eyes widen as he makes out the creature to be a
goblin. Axz : Yes, yes !!! a race of evil!! Axz calls out to the goblin mage
again and again, growing frustrated by its lack to listen. He continues for
what seems like years to him. But in reality was only hours to the living.
Finally getting the goblin mages attention he leads the dark mage down the
hallway toward his lab. Goblin: there is no lab here, I have walked and
staggered these halls many times. Hissing Voice from beyond : look again...
look as blue light shines outlining a doorway long forgotten by the
conclave. "Look again" the voice from beyond calls out. The goblin reaches
for the doorway and it swings open, Bless my absinthe the goblin replies as
the stands in the entry to a long lost lab of a fallen Blackmagus. 

To Be Continued.

Author:    Valkilrakas    
Date:      Thu Jan 28 06:22:39 2010
Subject     Memories of the Past.

After awaking from yet another night of nightmares I began my daily task.
But now the nightmares have turned to nightmares by night and Visions by day
making it hard to concentrate on my studies. Visions of battle, blood, the
screams of innocents people I have never met or have I ? More vived they get
always becoming more and more a part of my life, my future or my past?

Yet another night of dreams, wicked and sinister I was awakened by Mistress
Kaede with a splash of water. Kaede; you were having another nightmare
Valkilrakas, follow me to the library where we might study the source of
these dreams. Valkilrakas: Yes Mistress, And the nightmares have gotten
worse since this black robe was left at my door. Stained in blood, I have
tried burning it, it will not burn. Interesting Keade replied, meet me in
the library in ten minutes. Valkilrakas bowed to his teacher and lights the
candle getting ready. Quickly he made his way to the great conclave library
where he saw Kaede sitting at a table. Kaede replies, Sit Valki (her
nickname for Valkilrakas) you must discover the sour ce of these nightmares
and visions as they cannot heed your studies anymore. 

Yes Mistress Valkilrakas says as he walks down a isle of the library
entitled "History of the Conclave" he scans several books taking hours when
he feels a pull to a dark book at the end of the colum. The Mages of
Nuitari. Opening the black leather book with dark ink he begins to read,
listing the history of the black robes. Finding nothing of interest at
first, the with a gasp Valki drops the book on the floor. Axz Valkilraks the
name reads. Mistress Kaede the apprentice ask as he reaches for the book, I
have found my name in this book the book of the followers of Nuitari perhaps
it is the link to my nightmares? Maybe a old Relative?

Perhaps Kaede replies, as she looks to the entry of the library where Gruuk
the Goblin black robe is entering. And yet my nightmares have doubled since
I found this black robe at my doorway. And there is some dark text apon it I
cannot read. Kaede answers; there are few whom can Valki except those whom
follow the Dark moon Nuitari. Kaede see's Gruuk fumbling through some books
obvisously not reading but spying on the convesation. Is there something you
would like to add Gruuk? Kaede ask; looking toward the goblin black robe
questioningly. Gruuk see's he has been discovered and replies; Well yes,
Kaede I know more about this than either of you apparently. Gruuk, you see
Valkilrakas, you are no relative of Axz Valkilrakas, you, ARE Axz
Valkilrakas. Valki replies; this cannot be Axz has been dead some 150 years
now. How can I be him? Gruuk replies you see Valkilrakas, you are the
Archmagus of Blackrobes. Returned from the dead, a souless devil whom made a
pact with chemosh to return from the void, at the cost of three innocent
souls . I myself helped with this. The Goblin replied, somewhat proud of
this. You see, I was lead to a secret lab the lab of Axz Valkilrakas by a
dark voice from the underworld, where with the help of Lord Chemosh and
Myself we performed a dark ritual to return you from the de 
dead. You were granted a wraith body to return from the void and with your final incantation of your spellbook Axz , you sacrificed the souls of a silvanesti maiden , a hylar warrior and last a solamnic squire ..who's body you still posess today.

Apon hearing this Tyrolan faded into existance , apparently spying on the conversation as well. Tyrolan replies there is a way to find out if this is truth or lies Mistress Kaede. With your permission might I try to find out?
To which Kaede replies , yes as long as no harm becomes him. It would be most unbecoming of my career at Wayreth if my first apprentice died. Tyrolan replies , not to worry Keade he has a 90% chance of living.

Author:    Valkilrakas    
Date:      Thu Jan 28 06:33:59 2010
Subject     Memories of the Past part 2

Tyrolan tell Gruuk to restrain Valkilrakas as he pulls out a dagger and
vial from his cloak and begins to chant. Making a small cut on Valki's arm
he fill the vial with blood and chants. It begins to glow red as he
finished. Valkilrakas goes lifeless as a spirit flees his body to float
above him, a silvanesti maiden. Shaking once more as Tyrolan begins to chant
again another spirit flees Valkilraks body, a Hylar warrior. which also
floats above him. Once more Tyrolan begins to chant as a third spirit flee's
Valkilrakas body and floats above him. Gruuk replies it is them, the
sacrificed !! Sacrficed? Kaede ask looking to Gruuk.

Yes, the sacrficed . I was lead to a secret lab in the Black tower. The same
Lab Master Lynx sealed of to all the conclave, inside that lab I cast a
incantation inside a lost spellbook of Axz Valkilrakas. This incantation,
Gruuk replied; was the spell that summoned Axz from the void, you see
mistress Kaede . Gruuk explained. Axz made a pact with Chemosh to become a
wraith to return from the void. But he had to sacrifice 3 innocents to lord
Chemosh for this favor and those souls you just saw were them. Gruuk replied
to Kaede. Kaede having a more and more impatient and disgusted look on her

Just then as the three mages finished there conversation Valkilrakas's eyes
rolled back into his head going jet black as a hissing voice came from his
mouth. "Yes the souls of the innocents, the souls of the sacrficed and I
have returned!!!" Valkilrakas shakes as if possessed by a demon and falls
face first onto the table. Tyrolan looks to Gruuk, we have much to talk
about you and I come Gruuk tell me everything. Kaede watches and they leave
the library. Slowly waking Valkilrakas stands, as Kaede says to him " You
have to discover the history of your past before you can continue your
training. You must come to terms with whom you are if you are ever to be
tested and become a True mage of Wayreth. Yes Mistress, Valkilrakas replies.
I shall not stop till this riddle is solved. Bows to Kaede and leaves the
library toward his private quaters. 

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