The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Vandice.

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Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places an elegant book bound in elf-skin on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Vandice' scribed in faded yellow ink.

Author:  Vandice
Date    Fri Jun 14 05:31:22 2002

Subject  Vandices Quest into the holy order.

Quietly the Young Human Cleric wearings a mix of red and black robes
wandered through Neraka. It was most apparent to any that he was a cleric of
Sargonnas Lord of Venegence.

His Hair was a firey red  his cold black obsidian eyes peering
about with little interest at the Denizens of the Dark city.

He was Startled when approached by a Black furred minotaur who directed
his attention to a dark ally. Quirking a Brow he proceeded as the minotaur
directed him to.

What he saw at the end of the Alley frightened him. He was shocked to see a
clear field. but what rested in this field was what caught the young clerics

A large pillar Stood in the middle of the room standing stead fast in a large
pool of Molten Lava. he glanced about for a bridge and quickly found it.

He noticed it was not so much a bridge but a stair way made of Obsidian
blinking several times he ascended the stairway slowly. he relized as he
climbed higher that this was not a clearing.

But a large Temple its ceiling Hidden amoung the floating ash. As he
Ascended he saw upon the now visable ceiling displayed large murals of
Volcanoes errupting, Massive Fires,large spans of Desert, and other things
associated with Sargonnas.

Soon he found his way to the Pillars top Only to find a large Dead ash tree
resting on Ground Charred rock solid. gazing about in the dissapointment as he
expected large golden altars covered in elven blood or the likes.

His gaze though was soon ended when it fell upon a massive Red Condor.
He gasped and flee crawling back at the sight of the bird. He knew.

Darkly the bird peered down upon him. Then spoke "Vandice. My human servant.
Seek the Holy Order so that you may better yourself and spread my dark

He gasped Amazed that the Lord of Venegence had come to speak with
him. he nodded several times and then spoke as well "Yes my master. But why?
The Holy order Resides in Palanthas if i'm not mistaken. a citie of good."

Author:  Vandice
Date    Fri Jun 14 05:41:20 2002

Subject  Vandices Quest )[part II]

The Red Condor looked upon his servant with uncaring eyes as it spoke
again. "do not doubt my will Human. you follow me because your vengence is
great. I can feel it flow within you. Free my children from the cluthes of
Magic and Takhisis ."  The young cleric nodded several more times beliving
himself blessed by this experiance "Yes my master this i will do but
Minotaurs are thick headed and strong willed. it may take me a good while.
Vengence will be long gruling process."

 The Bird's beak twisted into a wicked grin and Sargonnas spoke again
"good let my Vengence take its tole.. Takhisis has long stolen or enslaved
my children to do her bidding. now it is time to take those away from her."

 He nodded once more and suddenly ash shurrounded him. Blinding his senses
he coughed and flailed about the pulling feeling of magic surrounding him.

when the ash cleared from his nose and his eyes he glanced about. his eyes
widened as he found himself amidst the Imperial Square of Palanthas.

Glancing about he decided to follow a Cleric in a rush towards a large temple.
Where he slipped in to seek his masters bidding in the holy order.

(thats it for now but i hope you guys enjoy it and all the colors ^.^ there be
another story up shortly i hope)

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