The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Warnotes_2003.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a miniscule pocket book on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Warnotes_2003' scribed in light green ink.

Author:  Tayraen
Date    Wed Feb 18 23:33:29 2004
Subject Evil Deeds

There comes a time and all mages lives when it is time to leave
the tower and begin either to rampage or help those of this
world. Too long I have held off going out into the world which
has been the cause of so much of my pain.  This day I left the
tower and through my magic journeyed to the High Clerist Tower
here I expected to find an opponent worthy of destroying for I
have a hatred of the Solamnics. But to my surprise I find one of
our own apon the steps of this place. A wearer of the Robes red
and thus did I utter a word hiding myself from plain sight. Then
did I seek to remind this red robe of where is place was to be.
Throwing a powder into his face from the shadows I did not expect
his reaction. His being sensed my evil and the stench of my power
and he did flee. But the persuit was on following him quickly I
again threw powder in his face and uttering a word his eyes
turned to milk. He swung his dagger but it was to no avail I
quickly subdued him and stop over him and demanded he tell me his
name. 'Antius' he uttered, fool I called him and using the butt
of my own dagger hit him across the head. For his death was not
my purpose the good knights were to feel my wrath this day.

(Attacked Antius in the High Clerist Tower, His death was not my
purpose I only had wished to put the fear of evil in him.
Unfortunately the attacks went too quickly and the fight was over
in seconds. But he put up a good fight regardless. Let him
recieve sanctuary from all evil of the conclave for atleast the
next 24 hours I will attack him no further unless he wishes to
test himself against me)

Tayraen, the Unleashed Mage if Destruction

Author:  Torraent
Date    Mon Apr  5 19:53:57 2004
Subject Calypso

I had studied the girl, Calypso, and her studies, for the past
few days. I had watched her slay innocent faeries and sprites. 
She reeked of evil everytime I passed her by.  I had watched
other Black Robes, and they were growing in power.  I could not
let the power shift to favor one side greatly, and I knew I must
keep the balance.  I stalked her in the recesses of the High
Clerists Tower, where she had slain numerous beings.  I stalked
her and when I saw and opening I struck.  She was more powerful
than expected as she resisted my sleep spell.  As she fled, she
shouted for me to stop, but I knew that I must help shift the
power so that it would balance, for without balance, there would
remain only Chaos.  She tried to flee, but within the walls of
the area we fought, had been weaved some of the greatest magics,
so she could not magically flee.  I quickly left her unconscious,
hopefully keeping her from helping the unbalance for some time. 
Hopefully. I took two items, two items that would do better in
the hands of the Balance...

(24 Hours to Calypso from Myself. Looted only Globe and Tiara)

Author:  Dalner
Date    Sun Apr 18 16:01:30 2004
Subject PK

As i followed the "good" kender Puck into the woods, I heard a
the rustling of feet through the leaves.

IT was Calypso and the two began to battle.  Well since Calypso
is not know to follow the path of rightousness, I aided the
kender in need.

Calypso fell to the power of my sword.  When she woke up, she
tells me that they were just friendly dueling, so being the
Honorable Knight I gave Calypso a great sum of steel to buy back
her clan equipment. We are now on good terms...24 hours to

Author:  Dalner
Date    Sun May  9 23:10:37 2004
Subject PK

24 Hours to Ekkana.  Next time, fight for real.

Author:  Raelin
Date    Sat May 15 16:09:52 2004
Subject Rigel

To my brothers in magic,

This day, the Holy Order cleric of neutrality, Rigel, was slain
by my magic in exchange for Ghared's cowardly attack on my
master, Lelthas. I bear no further grudge against the Order, of
which it seems only a few such as Ghared require our aggression
against. Please grant the acolyte the mandatory protection of a
full day.

Raelin Starblade, Apprentice to Highmaster Lelthas.

OOC: Nothing has been looted, please give him 24 hours.

Author:  Vrinak
Date    Wed Jun  2 12:45:04 2004
Subject A battle

Me friend the cleric Ghared ask me for help in tracking down a
mage.  Me glad to help.  Me wait for Ghared.  Ghared come, all
hurt and bleeding.  Before he can say anything a little kender
attack him!  Me no think, me attack!  Me reconize kender, it be
Parlak.  Kender not be able to fight off two of us when suddenly
the mage, Rodrigo come.

he help the kender he does.  Kender flee while mage cover him but
then we have mage hehe.

Mage manages to run, bad mage.  we chase.  We hunt.  We find
kender hiding but we no get to him, too small fit.  Me get trusty
bow.  Finish him off.

(OOC: Ghared and I were looking for Rod, Rod and parl were
looking for Ghared.

Interesting little 2v2 ensured.  No loot, good fight.  24 to parl
from me)

Author:  Fhisa
Date    Sat Jul 10 18:28:12 2004
Subject Biting the Hand that Feeds You

I offered to help the KOT Kaiba with a few chored he had for me. 
One was to obtain the odd pants held my the chess player Yarus.

I agreed in helping him with the equipment and even agreed in
helping him sharpen his skills later on a few bodyguards in

When he arrived at HCT he came with a powerful protective spell
and a pet that attacked me.

So i retalliated and defended myself.  Kaiba then started a short
game of cat and mouse.

I tracked him down in Solace and with a flick of my wrist, he

24 hours to Kaiba I learned never to trust a Kot.

Author:  Ralmus
Date    Tue Jul 27 03:51:47 2004
Subject Fhisa

He attacked me without warning and did not flee after two rounds.

I fled, fb'ed, and seconds later he denied having attacked me at
all.  I have no doubt that he did not mean to attack me, but to
not even admit that he did attack me, or apologize, I found that

He apologized after the slain.  All is peachy now.

Author:  Mazik
Date    Mon Aug  2 14:02:34 2004
Subject Delve & Damone

24 hours

Author:  Ghared
Date    Mon Oct 11 15:58:00 2004
Subject Lord Mykas

Ghared rose from his knee`s , he had spent many days in fast and
prayer...  Seeking guidance from Black Death.  His sudden urge to
seek some mortal being and sacrifise it to his Lord overwhelmed
him.  Fast and prayer were not enough..  Insufficient to please
his Lord.  Fastening his robe , Ghared reached for his mace and a
small pouch filled with poison dust. Sighing , Ghared lifted the
mace to his lips and kissed the cold metal. Suddenly , Images of
a Solamnic Knight appeared in the Nightlord`s mind.. Images of
this man fighting , swift slashes and cuts disturbed Ghared ,
this man was no ordinary warrior...  Brow furrowed , Ghared
whispered words of prayer to his Lord , to transport him to this
Warrior...  With a flash of dull yellow light , Ghared was
transfered to the shadow`s of a run-down building.  Slightly
dazzed by the sudden change of surronding , Ghared blinked
several times before his vision and mind returned to their
original state.  The sounds of steel clashing was nearby ,
lifting his mace slowly , Ghared walked about the building... 
There he was..  The warrior , whose images he had just seen. 
Uttering a few words of thanks to his Lord , Ghared moved towards
the man slowly , making sure that the sound of his footsteps do
not alarm the Warrior.  Lifting his bag of poison dust , Ghared
threw the pouch.  The contents dispersed into the air as soon as
they struck the warrior.  Uttering his prayers once more to his
Lord , to poison this symbol of threat to his order and
priesthood , Ghared blinked , awaiting the effects of the poison
to befall the warrior.  Minutes passed and the Warrior continued
fighting with the same verocity as before , Snarling , Ghared
clenched his fist and lifted it pointed the fist towards the man.
 Lifting his mace , Ghared rushed towards the warrior , uttering
words to summon fire`s from the ninth hell to burn the Solamnic

(24 hours to Mykas , looted a candle)

Author:  Ralmus
Date    Thu Oct 14 17:38:20 2004
Subject Lelthas

We dueled.

Author:  Lelthas
Date    Sat Oct 16 20:10:00 2004
Subject Rodrigo

A spell of continual light went horribly wrong today in the
laboratory in Wayreth.

A spell of continual light went horribly wrong today in the
laboratory in Wayreth. Instead of producing a globe of light, it
turned into a rombus of fiery, shreiking death. The High Archmage
of the White Robes was closest and lost conciousness trying to
controll it. Myself being furthest away went to him and managed
to pull his body away from the terrible geometric mistake.

He is safe now and recovering. Now I just have to figure out what
to do with that rombus...

24 hours to Rodrigo, removed a sphere of death with uh...death,
for him.

That is all.

Author:  Ralmus
Date    Wed Oct 20 22:51:14 2004
Subject Elmdor

Knowing Elmdor's penchant for the goblin love, I charmed a young
goblin boy and used him as bait.  Once my fellow black robe came
out of the tower, his eyes blazing with unquenchable lust, we
engaged in an magical fire fight.

Unfortunately for Elmdor, he was distracted by the young goblin's
sexy posturing nearby and soon was vanquished.

Author:  Lelthas
Date    Mon Oct 25 18:07:39 2004
Subject Prodithas

Killed Prodithas.

24 hours.

Author:  Lelthas
Date    Mon Oct 25 18:44:05 2004
Subject Treik

I sat in the Library of Palanthas lamenting over the boredome
I've been feeling of late. With no promising pupils to teach and
no new texts to study, I've been simply attending to the minor
duties of a Highmaster.

So when a kender came in dressed in the red robes of a cleric, I
glanced upward naturally. I noted the symbol of Lunitari on his
medallion and decided a chat might be in order. I approached him
and we began discussing magic and the moons themselves.

The conversation went well untill I asked pointedly why Lunitari
would even favor a Kender. He became quite irritated and informed
me that he was more able to cast magic as a kender than I was as
a human, but found praying more fullfilling. I would probably
have apologized except I found the notion had all the appeal of a
goblin prostitute crawling up my leg with a rusty knife.

I simply told him a kender had no buisiness doing anything aside
from coin redistribution, and he became quite livid and asked me
if I wished to test the theory. Being bored, I accepted.

We met on the plains south of the Tower of the High Clerist and
did battle.

It went back and forth fairly evenly untill finally I turned to
my elementary days as a spellcaster and cast a sleep spell upon

It slipped just past his protective shields Lunitari had favored
him with and encouraged a rather short fall to the ground, where
he lay slumbering peacefully.

Chuckling I brought him back to the Library of Palanthas and set
him in a chair as though he'd simply fallen asleep. I wonder if
he'll remember our duel, or if he'll think it was all just a

24 hours to Treik from Conclave.

Treik gated in before I could loot anything, but that's alright.

I didn't plan on looting anything anyway.

I grabbed his mace while he was asleep so he couldn't use it.
I'll be happy to give it back next time I see you Treik.

Author:  Ralmus
Date    Mon Oct 25 20:48:36 2004
Subject Jonis

I pk'd him. It was cheap, unnecessary, and I'm sorry. Story to

Author:  Kael
Date    Thu Oct 28 18:02:44 2004
Subject Tranch once more.

Tranch has been defeated by my blade yet again for his renewed
aggression against the Knighthood. I have little wish to combat
him any further unless duty calls for such once more.

Sir Kael of House Encuintras.

Author:  Ralmus
Date    Fri Nov  5 12:33:06 2004
Subject Sobleski

A bit belated, but I removed Sobleski's killer flag.

Author:  Treik
Date    Fri Nov  5 15:04:02 2004
Subject [            ] (Slain) * [
Conclave ] [Black]  High Archmage Ralmus

It is 1:45, Day of Shadow Day, 33rd the Month of Harvestfete.

Today the balance is reknewed, the dark leader of the Black Robes
has been deposed.

I do not pretend to know much about krynn, but i do know that
there is priceless little that goes unwatched or unheard.

Arch Mage Ralmus, a demon of sorts but, man by creation
constantly tipped the scale to black. His heart is ridden with
worms, and those that have fallen victim to his power have been
let loose upon krynn, souless and wandering.

"Something disturbed the pool on this day, the waters stirred and
rippled; beckoning. At it's center I spied the evil one with the
red robe Lelthas."

The compulsion to fight was strong. I remembered my debt to the
conclave, how it was these two who had caught me unawares the
last we met. I paced the circumfrence of the pool and was
stricken by inspiration.

Now was the time to equalize our fates. Grip tight, I threw my
body into the pool...

Author:  Ralmus
Date    Mon Nov  8 15:47:04 2004
Subject Prodithas

He wanted to duel.

Author:  Sebastion
Date    Tue Nov 16 02:32:13 2004
Subject Ghared

removed his killer flag 24 hours to him from WR

Author:  Aldren
Date    Mon Nov 22 09:29:15 2004
Subject Loror Stonehelm

Nature crackled at the sounds of an unwelcome disturbance - a
being bumbled through the trees towards the vicinity of Pax
Tharkas. Breathing a sigh of irritation, I drew my swords from
their sheaths and set out upon seeking out the creature that may
have troubled my brethren. I soon found a dwarf amongst lowly
goblin-kind southerly of Zhan, and within moments I released my
blades upon him. The battle did not last long, and the dwarf was
left unconscious on the jagged rocks.

Please grant Loror the 24 hours as is required.

Aldren Kyra'dir.

Author:  Raelin
Date    Mon Nov 29 11:02:47 2004
Subject Mazik

Removed Mazik's killer flag. Please grant him the mandatory 24

Raelin Starblade.

Author:  Dalthanos
Date    Mon Nov 29 12:36:32 2004
Subject Ralmus and an unsightly blight

Ralmus had a VERY unslightly mark upon his forehead, a glowing
red K (we're assuming it meant killer or the like)...  A few
blasts of acid to remove the unsightly mark, yet when Ralmus woke
from the onslaught...  The red K had returned! (24 hours Ralmus,
killer removal doesn't work in the same clan rofl) Dalthanos

Author:  Parlak
Date    Mon Nov 29 12:53:30 2004
Subject A little birdy told me it

A little birdy told me that if you smack a mage on the head with
a hoopak...  They turn into a funny lookin dog.  Now there is now
way this could be true...  But after like 3 days of biting nails
and fidgeting... Parlak just HAD to find out!

WACK WACK WACK!!! Ralmus slumped to the ground unconcious.

Waiting.... waiting...

Damnit! He didn't turn into anything!

Parlak grumbled rather like a hill dwarf and wandered home
muttering for a few minutes.

(Ralmus lost the killer flag, 24 hours and all that jazz)

Author:  Ravisk
Date    Wed Dec  1 16:16:27 2004
Subject General Loror

I dueled General Loror Stonehelm and won.

24 hrs to him from me.

Author:  Marcz
Date    Thu Dec 16 14:54:25 2004
Subject Shaind

24 hours to shaind (story to follow)

Author:  Marcz
Date    Fri Dec 24 04:09:36 2004
Subject Vheris

Vheris fell to me today..

24 hours to vheris from clave, story to follow.

Author:  Smoak
Date    Sun Dec 26 01:42:15 2004
Subject A missing Component...

*A shadow slips quietly from across the waters of Palanthas
Harbor and up onto the Dock, the guards seem unaware as it passes
them by with barely a whisper and enters the City* "Ah tis good
to be back on dry land, I'm sure we can find the proper materials
here in Solamnia. Perhaps the Scholars of the Library will be
able to... help... me?" *The shadow coalesces into a large dark
form and walks south* *Screams can be heard thru the City and
fires are burning in the background as a large party moves into
the Dome* "Healer I require your services!" *Booms the dark
figure in a rasping voice* The only other occupant of the Dome is
a small Kender Bard who seems shocked at the sight of this thing
and it's Army of charmed Historians, he simply stares and says
nothing as they prepare to leave.

*Only after leaving and gathering his troops at the Fountain does
it dawn on him what significance the Kender plays*  "Is it not as
the writing had said? YOU! Loreseeker! You had said the scrolls
spoke of an Essence?"

*With adoring eyes the bookish man reads from an ancient scroll
in a tongue dead for more than an Age- he carefully explains to
the hulking mound what wisdom it holds.* "So I must have it for
the Ritual, I wonder where that little runt went..." * And as if
answered in a Prayer the Kender who had been in the Dome passed
by the Foutain and headed west* "Oh I DO believe I know where
he's going. YOU ALL! Follow Me!" *Gathering his troops they swept
down into Central Palanthas killing noble children and ruffians
alike the streets flowing with mixed blood* Quickly moving in and
out of every home he searched for the Kender- and finally found
him in a hidden place long forgotten by most. He tried to speak
to him and ask him nicely for what he needed but words Magically
failed him.

But as he soon realized his friends would make short work of this
poor Bard, and his body was left very near to death- pale white
with bloodloss from the hole in his side... and whatever it was
that was taken out of him.

"MWUA HA HA HA HA!!!! My Master shall be so pleased! We are now
that much closer to be able to cast the Ritual!" *Wildly cackling
and screaming he proceeds to Fireball the entire Army- pausing
only to loot the blackened bodies and smile* (*OOC* 24hrs Prot
from Rogue (whoever the fuck is left :P) to Samuel of Wanderlust-
someone said my Clan was dead recently- really pissed me the fuck
off- so the Cripple has to write a Warnote :P (*OOC* Da Cripple
and still One Handed PK Champ -Lee)

Author:  Ashea
Date    Sun Dec 26 20:58:54 2004
Subject Gallion

This day, the warrior Gallion has fallen by my fists in the
vicinity of the forest of Zhan.

Please grant him the mandatory 24 hours.

Ashea, Priestess of Morgion.

Author:  Ashea
Date    Tue Dec 28 09:58:13 2004
Subject Loror Stonehelm

A general of the Hylar armies, Loror Stonehelm, has fallen victim
to the will of Morgion. Please grant him the mandatory 24 hours'
of protection from further aggression.

Ashea, Priestess of Morgion.

Author:  Kael
Date    Wed Dec 29 07:59:30 2004
Subject Gemtyr

Greetings my fellow brethren in the sword,

I have found a magic-user donning robes the shade of maroon
amongst the common people in the city centre today, apparently
using the opportunity to practise his skill at the arcane art out
in the open. I subsequently subdued him and handed him over to
the city guards, who I believe have released him after a stern

Please grant Gemtyr the mandatory 24 hours of protection from any

Est Sularus oth Mithas, Brother to brother, yours in life and

Lord Kael of House Encuintras, Order of the Sword, Knighthood of

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Astinus sighs as he recants 'We saved 823 books from Ansalon from before the great Cataclysm through today.'