The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Warnotes_2008.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a metal bound tome on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Warnotes_2008' scribed in deep yellow ink.

Sender  Skrup
Date    Fri Jan 25 23:44:47 2008
Subject Falling down a Hatch, Rasyx cozy!

Skrup followed the rat south with his sword gleaming until it went into a
strange shop.

'Where did rat go?' he puzzled with a stoic face.

'Oh well!' he quickly grinned and forgot the rat, for sounds of play came
from nearby! 

Thump Thump Thump, Wack, Grunt

(not that kind sicko!). 

The hatch on the ground shuddered as the fighting continued.

So he slowly began pulling open the hatch, 


He fell head over heals into the opening below!


'Oh, soft landing!' he giggled, then realized he'd landed upon his old
friend Rasyx! 

'RASYX!!!!' he chortled with glee.

Now Rasyx was one of those friends that... well maybe he just didn't
realize that he and Skrup WERE bestest friends. That could be it! 
The gully giggled, then remembered the trouncing that Rasyx had given him 
only the day before...

'Him be MAD!!' he though, and quickly grabbed a shiny and ran away.

- Skrup

(24 hours to Rasyx, after taking his Desert Survival Kit earlier, and
finding it empty... Skrup went back for more)

Sender  Vishar
Date    Sun Feb 17 18:18:03 2008
Subject Last of the Takhisans

So there I was of all places in palanthas.... my back against the wall
and a hoard of solamnics bearing down on me.. so I did what any Mino would
do in that situation....... I knelt down as if I was surrendering and laid
my arms down. the men started to get closer to me just as they were in range
I grabbed my weapon and lunged forward with all the power i could muster.
the men scattered like bowling pins before my wake. I made trails for the
gates... Ohh no they were closing... I thought of what to do breifly then a
produced a dagger from beneath my robe and threw it at the pully.. sure
enough it lodged it long enough for me to escape. I started dow the path
twards the docks hopeing to make a clean getaway. I got to my ship and
before I knew it a woman stood before me clad in robes and adorned with
symbols of her god. She spoke softly to me telling me that it was her gods
will that i be sacrificed to help end the rein of the Knights of takhisis. I
gave her a sideways glance and pulld my mace from it's holder. I told her
that she would have to take me down fighting .. She slimed at me which threw
me off guard a bit.. I am pretty intimidating.. She threw up her hands and a
thick cload descended upon us I could hardly see But I swang my mace wildly
when The fog had cleared she laid at me feet unconcious.. 24 to Emla from me
and Aya the last of the Takhisans 

Sender  Ranyth
Date    Sun Feb 17 20:19:14 2008
Subject Aliquin

Twas a breezy morning on the palanthas docks. The dock creaked loudly as
waves crashed roughly against it, making it hard for anyone upon it to keep
balance. The fish were not biting as much as usual due to the rough waters.
Praying for a bite all morning I sat there in anger. Another fellow by the
name of Aliquin was fishing as well. Aliquin miraculously managed to catch a
fish. Proudly reeling it in, I snapped and bonked him over the head with my
bait pail and stole his catch. 

24 to Aliquin.

Sender  Crag
Date    Tue Feb 19 01:22:38 2008
Subject Tanon

Crag ! Crag! ........Get em Tanon ! The crowd cheered. We circled one
another trying to find a weakness but nothing.. we both were experienced
fighters and nither of us wanted to lose face infront of all these people.
He lunged at me trying to take me to the ground I struggled a bit but
finally got him flipped over on his back. He punched me in the eye and
knocked me back a bit. we both gained our footing and went at it again.. He
kicked at me and aI charged at him back and forth we went for some time.
Then we were locked togather He went to go for my knees to take me down And
i brpught up my knee and met with his chin. He fell back hard against the
stones. We ewre bored so we got some people togather for a cage fight... 24
to tanon from me and Da 

Sender  Kiania
Date    Tue Feb 19 01:27:02 2008
Subject Crag

Boy oh Boy, I was just running amok, and I heard this hidden voice say
"I'm a hidin and a furry, come 'a find me in a hurry."

I just had to find that voice!  So I snuck softly down this trail,
and sure enough, there was something shiny and furry hiding
behind an old twisted apple tree.  When I tried to grab for it, the little
thing ran away, with these wirey little legs.  So I chased after and caught it.
24 hours to Crag, the furry bastard, no loot.
Removed killer

Sender  Shinare
Date    Thu Feb 21 04:50:15 2008
Subject woops

i accidentaly "c charm saige" and killed him

Sender  Arrisk
Date    Tue Feb 26 17:54:27 2008
Subject Dang blasted Kenders!

Old man Arrisk smacked the annoying kender with his gnarled cane, yelling
obscene phrases in front of a group of pretty young ladies. The kender
dropped, eyes dazed and foaming at the mouth. "That'll teach you,
insolent whelp!"

Hearing the voices and clanking of Solamnic knights, Arrisk peered around
the next corner. Find the alley clear, he took off full tilt, uttering an
incantation as he went. "Enod on, nuf rof Naik dkp i."

(OOC) Been hunting Kian long time. Finally caught the quick kender. Only
Large curved looted.

Sender  Ashever
Date    Tue Mar 25 03:17:41 2008
Subject Far from home

The forest was in pain today, so much so that i was awoken from my sleep in
zahn. The guard called me to the edge of the forest where i found a trail
of withered and seared foliage.

I studied the ground, heavily plated-boots had left their mark traveling
south. We took to the trail. There were six or more heavily armored, two
others with me.

Numbers mean nothing in our land though, we are the elite. The forest
sped by we approach like wraiths. we cut down the distance, the trail is

And now we are upon them, silently tightening arrows and loose them without
so much as a nod between us three.

Sender  Kothe
Date    Fri Apr  4 03:20:48 2008
Subject Xzar

Xzar fell in battle today better note to follow ..
24 to xzar from me nothing looted

Sender  Shronius
Date    Fri Apr  4 03:29:22 2008
Subject Nathan, Maraxus, and Leodas

I woke suddenly in the midst of the great dome in palanthas having taken
a long nap through out the day. Outside was some sort of commotion, so I
decided to snoop around. The air tingled with magic and blood was on the
ground, but alas I could find no battle. Since I had nothing better to do, I
decided I would look for the fighting, but there was no trace of which way
the fighting could be as I examined the remainders of the previous fighting.
I was in luck though because soon a mage appeared in the room his robes
rustled as if he had just been in sort of scuffle. 

The man appeared to have been the same man I had foughten briefly a few days
ago so I quickly engaged him in combat while he was unsuspecting. The
Solamnic Knights had other ideas though as they had been watching me
(probably knowing that I would soon get in trouble). I found myself engaged
with four or five knights and the mage managed to slip out in the scene. 

After a few minutes of fighting a knight fell (Nathan), but I did not
recognize him and had no time to pay him any mind. The remaining solamnics
pushed me back into the great dome where a number of spectators were now
watching and making various comments such as "Kick their asses Shronius!"
and laughing at out loud at the knights. One of the knights seemed to be a
caster and stuck me with a spell but the affects were very mild and I played
on it acting like I had become incapitated. As a knight came close to
examine me I planted my foot into his groin and then gave him a nasty cut
while he was off balance. The knight fell to the ground and the remaining
knights appeared scared and went off to get reinforcments. 

At this point I noticed the mage who I had originally attacked standing near
the back of the crowd, so I chased after him swining my weapon giving him no
time to cast or reinstate his magical barriers. warnote + He cast some spell
on me that burnt my flesh, but the wounds were only minor and gave him a few
minutes to run. I had an idea to where he was going and raced to the
southern gate to find the mage attempting to cast a spell. I tossed a decent
sized stone at his head off the ground which was just enough to stun the
 Unfortunantly, the Solamnics had returned and I did not have time to
 finish the mage off. There force was much larger this time and instead of
 testing myself I decided it would be more advantageous to retreat.
(24 to Nathan, Maraxus, and Leodas from Shronius) Good fight

Sender  Luerk
Date    Fri Apr  4 04:25:29 2008
Subject Subsequent Retribution

Highmaster Trell held his breath, pressing hard into the thick stone
wall behind him. He thanked the heavens he was born thin for he easily hid
in the shadow of the barricade. The cold stones were frigid and
uncomfortable and the sharp ones dug into his back. But the Highmaster
welcomed the cold, for it seemed to soothe the burning rage within. He
squinted his keen elven eyes, struggling to identity the traitor in the sun.
Some distance away, two men conversed in lone tones. The shifty-eyed,
swarthy faced fellow bore the standard of the Dragonarmies. The taller of
the two wore a worn travller's cloak, but the spurs on his boots gave him
away. Highmaster Trell recognized the spurs of the escaped Solamnic knight!
He quivered with rage as he clenching the hilt of his blade, his knuckles
bone white. but he would master himself, for this man's treachery demanded a
slow, precise and painful revenge.

The two men began to argue, the traitor growled loudly which immediately
cowed him into submission. His eyes darted around, hoping against hope he
wasn't heard. "This man is doomed." Highmaster Trell thought to himself. The
Solamnic snickered, an insulting muffled chortle. The traitor twitched
violently, growing blue in the face. He quickly reached for his knife wedged
in his boot. His swing was quick, and it was over far too quickly. The
traitor wore a surprised expression on his face, his eyes opened wide but
the light fast growing dim. His own blade stuck in his chest, strong
Solamnic fingers wrapped around the hilt. Gently, ever so gently the knight
laid him down.

Highmaster Luerk Trell stepped out from the shadows, smiling brightly. But
his cheery face did little to mask the menacing aura about him. "And here I
was thinking I would have the pleasure. Tsk. Tsk." There was one solitary
and still moment. Then the knight took off in full flight, whistling loudly
for his steed. The Highmaster smiled for a moment longer, before slamming
the bottom of his fist into the stone wall.

"Deollaws eb mih tel dna noitubirter fo setag eht nepo."

With ferocious speed a deep crack raced splintered the wall, sloped downward
into the hard soil and sped after the fleeing knight. The hapless man made a
flying leap for his mount, but the whining horse disappeared from beneath
him. Both mount and rider disappeared into the inky black below. 

(OOC) Tellumealnor and I duked it out and I managed to be stay up on my
feet. 24 hours to him from DA Green and Conclave. Only a few pieces looted. 

Sender  Kiyohime
Date    Sat Apr  5 00:20:16 2008
Subject A repentant Killer (rushed version 1.0)

I had a few errands to run outside of Palanthas, out the West gate to be
exact, so I retrieved the ox and cart from the Solamnic barracks, where they
were kind enough to tend to the beast while I moved into the local Mishakal
Temple. So I set off down Platinum Street, out the gate and onto the plains.
As I traveled, I came upon a pitiful creature, who was flogging himself and
wailing away.

He was screaming something about not being worthy, being corrupt and sinful,
a horrible black hearted Killer, on and on.

I kept my eyes straight, hoping the ox would get a good stride going, but,
the traitorous beast stopped next to the creature. It looked back at me and
I swear it was smiling.At least its eyes were. Soooo, I climbed out, getting
on my best "concerned-for-your-well-being" look, and asked, gently, what was
his malady, (besides madness).

""I have taken another's life!"" he cried. ""Is that all?"" I thought to
myself. Not like the area around Palanthas wasn't wrought with people
knifing and magicking each other into oblivion almost daily. I tried to calm
him, then to cast a blessing of quiescence, both of which only seemed to
agitate him further. Then, it happened. I recieve Divine Revelation! I heard
Mishakal whisper to me."Use the Staff" So I raised up the staff, and with a
prayer and invocation...

Swung it down on his head, striking him with a resounding crack!

He was now quite calm.

Actually, resting nicely.

Then I heard a Celestial groan."Not like that you oblivious gudgeon! Fix

I hurriedly checked his skull, which wasn't too damaged, and set about
mending the fissure. When I finished, he was still resting nicely, so, I
dragged him off the road, over to a shady tree. Looking around for who may have seen this, I saw all was clear. I climbed
back into the cart, and urged the ox on, who just shook his head and
grunted, then slowly begin his trot onward. This Divine Intervention thing
needs to be more clear in the future. Mishakal be Praised etc.

Removed Kothe's Killer as a sort of Mercy thing..24 hours from Holy Order
(light) and Mishy's vague Ministerings. 

Sender  Nathan
Date    Wed Apr  9 22:01:00 2008
Subject Makarth

The night air was cool and, since the regulations didn't require full
plate for city patrols, it was actually quite comfortable. My patrol was
proceding quite normally. 

I stopped as I heard the clang of weapons up ahead. It was too early for a
tavern tussle to turn violent, and besides, they were more likely to use
fists than the weapons I could hear. 

I charged ahead, unlimbering my swords as I ran. I came accross a grisly
scene. Lord Maraxus stood, surrounded on all sides by a dark cleric and his
menions. Raising my sword in the salute, I charged straight for the cleric.
Seeing he was outmatched, he fled, but I persued, while Lord Maraxus fought
the foul cleric's menions. I caught the cleric a glancing blow as he was
intoning a prayer to his dark god. He fell just as Lord Maraxus finished off
the summoned demons. 

I continued on my patrol, leaving the cleric's uncontious form behind me. 

24 to Makarth from Solamnic.  
Nathan uth Weston, Hammer of the Light

Sender  Maraxus
Date    Wed Apr  9 23:12:22 2008
Subject Encounters

The brisk night air was soothing after the rather warm day that had
passed, taking a walk through the city streets, Maraxus sighed deeply
enjoying the mellowness that filled the air within Palanthas. Approaching
the monstrous fountain that dominated the imperial square, the knight took a
seat on the rim and just listened to the water splash into the pool of
water. Quietly focusing, he heard something that didn't sound right, tilting
his head towards the sound he heard a quiet murmuring coming from the other
side of the fountain. Standing up, he walked around the edge and saw someone
kneeling near the fountain facing towards the great dome. Approaching the
man, he put a hand on his shoulder which was immediately shrugged off as the
man wrenched his neck upwards so that he was staring face to face with
Maraxus. A scowl smeared across his face, this man was obviously angered
that Maraxus had interfered with whatever he was doing.

Quickly shooting his hand towards the knight's face he shouted a few words
and emitted a small blast directly into Maraxus face, temporarily stunning
him as he stumbled back. Instinctively wrenching his blade from its sheath,
the knight uttered his prayer to Paladine and prepared to defend himself.
Once he regained his vision he saw that the man was charging towards him,
swinging a flail above his head, and shouting more gibberish in, what
sounded like, the preperations for another spell. Pulling his shield from
his back as he stepped backwards and planted his feet in anticipation of the
strike of the flail, Maraxus stood firm in front of the seemingly insane
man. The flail fell and the shield rose to deflect it, arcing his blade
towards the man he landed the blade in the mans ribs. Screeching sharply he
fell back and completed his incantation as a fireball seared towards the
Solamnic. Crouching down behind his shield he felt the heat of the fireball
begin to envelope him, it burned like no fire he had ever felt. The plume of
heat dissipated and Maraxus stood, to see the man kneeling and leaning upon
the handle of his flail clearly feeling fatigue from the blood pouring from
his side and the spell he had just cast. He was still murmuring gibberish,
likely still attempting to produce another spell. His breathing haggard and
irregular, coming to stand over him the knight raised his blade and ordered
the man to cease his incantations and surrender his weapon. Looking up, the
man smiled and completed his incantation, seconds later the man was
surrounded by a light mist and vanished completely. Frowning, Maraxus
decided he would return to the Solamnic Hall within Palanthas and take
record of the event. 

OOC:Makarth and Myself were having fun beating each other up, in the
end I won, 24 hours to him from Solamnics.

Lord Maraxus Ter'Silis, Champion of Paladine.
Knighthood of Solamnia, Order of the Rose

Sender  Kothe
Date    Sat Apr 26 01:39:51 2008
Subject Quintin

I found myself in the same position I always do out of money and out of
booze.. I knew what I had to do I smiled to myself.. thinking about the
rush I get from robbing the innocent. I figured today I would try a new
spot maybe I could get some rich merchant or a noble full of coins. I
walked the path a few times to get a feel for it and find a good spot that
would give me the best outcome in my favor. I waited a while getting bored
there hadn't been anyone on this road all day.. I was starting to get angry
with myself foor not just using my good ol spot.... when all of the sudden
I spotted a man walking down the road wearing some Nice robes. I could feel
the rush my blood was pumping and all I could think about takeing him down.
I waited till he passed the tree infront of me.  I sprung out and tackled
him to the ground. I could hear all the air escape his lungs when he
landed. I put my hands around his neck before he could take in a breath. he
was frantic his feet kicking and he arms flailing about It was rapture. I
happened to glance down and note the emblem on his robe it looked to be
that of a conclave member. I reeled back from the man leaving him gasping
for air. I took a quick look around and lept back into the woods.
24 to quintin from Kothe no loot.

Sender  Quintin
Date    Sat Apr 26 22:21:25 2008
Subject Misto

There I was walking down one of the streets of Palanthas commiting my
spells to memory and thinking of when I will take my test and have a chance
to prove my self as a mage.

Out of the blue a thief knocked me to the ground and started choking the
life out of me. It was over as quickly as it started. Perhaps it was
because of the color of my robes or the fact that someone was walking down
the road.

Either way the thief left and I noticed that during the encounter my spell
book and some of my spell components were scattered all over the road.

As the man got closer to me I noticed that he was an elf, Silvanesti I
learned from his accent. He saw me picking my things up and started
laughing and pointing at me saying something in elven.

I snapped, I was filled with so much rage and I felt the power of my magic
flowing through my veins. I would make this elf pay.

I grabbed some of the components from the road and blinded and poisoned
him. Lightning shot from my finger tips knocking him to the ground.

Satlisfied I continued on my way recommiting my spells to memory for future

Sender  Eirith
Date    Tue May  6 15:59:37 2008
Subject Hashmalum

It is 21:30, Day of Ghabuhmeehr, 5th the Month of Toe-Freeze.

"Bothersome little wart" he was not talking about the small growths nor
tusks on his face. Instead, he mostly directed the comment at the tiny
humanoid standing in his shadow. It had been following him for days now,
observing from a distance, until now. "Eirith not know way to holy grove.
Leave now!" He had told it. It diddnt care, it enjoyed singing loudly and
stomping on the path so that dirt clouds appeared like towering eiriths foot
steps did. It was mocking him, Eirith began to seeth, he turned unlocked his
weapon....but it wasnt there. It had been replaced with a twig as well,
"Firebreath" gleamed in the creatures hands. "RaWr!!!" Enraged, eirith
lunged at the figure. The stick held high above Eiriths head he brought it
swiftly down into the annoying creatures back. Eirith's eyes grew wide,
examining his work as the tiny human teetered then fell onto the path. The
stick protruded straight up from the body. Satisfied, he continued wondering
if the same technique would work for hunting deer. 

Untameable Eirith Iz Pr0, Kthnx.

(24 from myself and marauder to hashmalum)

Sender  Kothe
Date    Fri May  9 02:05:37 2008
Subject siel

It was the begining of the tryouts for the new fighting team the king was
putting togather and this was the first yeah I was able to sign up. I was so
excited at a chance to possibly be an entertainer a gladiator. There was a
goodly ammount of people who had also showed up for this event. I stood in
line for what seemed like hours before I finnaly got to sign up and get a
number. we all had to go wait till they pulled the numbers from a hat to see
who was gonna fight who in the first elimination round. I was second in line
as was another man named Siel. he seemed to be a formidable opponent. he was
not much taller than I and just a little bigger, but I had speed on my side.
the first match went by faster than expected it was a Ko in the first round
due to a spinning backhand. our numbers were called and we both walked to
the ring trying to pump ourselves up for the fight. the bell rang and we
started in on eachother. he came at me with a right cross which I ducked and
came up with a knee to his stomach. He was staggered a bit but he recovered
faster than expected and he came for me a second time this time he faked
with the right and jabbed me right in the chin . I was knocked back a step.
He saw the opening and charged me. I dropped down and with all my might
lifed up to try and flip him over me using his momentum. he hit me harder
than I expected but i was ready for it and threw him over me with a
shoulder. He landed on the ground with a thud. he laid there for quite some
time before he came to his senses. but it was already too late I had won by
24 to siel from Kothe no loot.

Sender  Eirith
Date    Fri May  9 02:13:49 2008
Subject Shamus

It is 16:45, Day of Grooshnak, 6th the Month of Butt-Freeze.

A brawl in Palanthas broke out today. A Huge goblin had apparently been
discovered, observing the Imperial Square. He was found, very poorly
camoflauged, hiding behind a bush. Less than a dozen Knights and armed
civilians rose to defend their city from the invading creature. Though after
minutes of chaos insued, it was found that all of the defenders had been
savagely beaten. The armed patrol that found the epic mess of property
damage and injured humans found no trace of the assailiant. He simply
dissappeared into the crowd. Beware, He is armed and dangerous. 

Untameable Eirith Iz Hiding, kthnx.
(24 hours to Shamus from myself and Marauder.)

Sender  Elinos
Date    Tue Jun  3 17:58:57 2008
Subject teague

Palanthas is a disgusting city.

A city filled with filth, where even the knights of Solamnia are more
likely to attack a mage than a goblin.  It remains one of the most
uncivilized cities on Krynn.

Case in point:  The other day, I was wandering through the city, searching
the local mageware shops for magical artifacts, when I encountered Teague. 
The Black Robe seemed agitated to see me, and shouted at me through the
throngs of passersby outsides the various shops in Palanthas.

"You!  You are the mage, Elinos?"

I acknowledged that I was and, he stalked forward, black robes swaying
behind him. At this point, I was starting to become annoyed at the crass
way the Black Robe was brazenly

walking through the city.  I stared hard at him and he slowed his advance.

"What can I do for you, Black Robe?"

He glanced down the street, perhaps searching for a Solamnic patrol.

"Your paper on spell components in regards to defensive spells at the
master level.  Your conclusions are false, and directly contradict my
research.  Gavof's theory alone shows you to be--"

"Gavof's theory deals with spell components made solely of animal matter.
 My paper deals in components consisting of plant matter.  There is no
comparison.  If this is the caliber of scholarship among the Black Robes,
perhaps I should speak to Jendaron about his followers."

Teague grew enraged at this, and lunged, with both magic and dagger, at me.
 I stopped the magical attack with a simple spell, but the dagger scored a
line down the side of my chest.

I twisted, my staff comming up from the ground to thump the Black Robe a
solid blow, sending him sprawling to the ground, where he lay, motionless.
I left the area quickly, less the Knights take exception to a mage in the

(OOC:  This is a repost.  24 hrs from now to Teague from me
and...well...the rest of the Conclave)

Elinos Highmaster of the White

Sender  Elinos
Date    Sun Jun  8 04:53:36 2008
Subject tellumaelnor

Palanthas is a difficult city to navigate, even under the best of
circumstances. Today hardly qualified as such.

Today, as I was leaving my shop, a Knight acosted me.

"We don't like your kind here, mage."

I let him know that I would leave peaceably, and turned to leave, but he
would not be swayed.

"Magic-users are not welcome here.  You're comming with me.  Maybe a
night in the jails will soften you up a little bit."

He leered unpleasantly at me.  Not wanting to spend any time in a prison, I
drew some sand from a pouch, and tossed it into the air, muttering the
proper incantation.  He slumped to the ground, asleep.

I struck him solidly in the head, and headed for the nearest gate.  I fear
I will soon have to avoid this city entirely.

(ooc:  little bit of fun pk.  Nothing looted or anything like that.  24 hrs
to Tellu from Conclave and me.)

Highmaster Elinos of the White

Sender  Talvidas
Date    Thu Jun 12 06:54:26 2008
Subject misto

Talvidas sighed as he sat in the opulently appointed chambers of the Nightlord.
Even the money from the tithes wasn't enough to distract him from the nagging
boredom.  Things had been slow lately.

He stood suddenly, sending spy's reports and prayer requests sliding to the
floor.  Some air would clear his head, and he was overdue to check on his
business ventures in Palanthas.  He walked quickly to the chamber of the High
Priests, passing unscathed through the holy flames that guarded the door.  
Standing in the center of the chamber, he raised his hands, and called to 
Hiddukel to aid him.  

The torches flared, and Talvidas found himself in Palanthas.  The smells of 
the city flowed over him, and he relished in them, smiling slightly.  Cities 
had always held a special feeling for the High Priest, and he always enjoyed 
his trips there.  Perhaps he would stop by that tavern, where that girl...what
was her name?  Would be there to warm his sheets.  His musings were interupted 
by a sudden impulse.  Kneeling in the street, he prayed to Hiddukel once more.

The world seemed to turn around the Priest, and when it settled back again,
there was a mage standing with him, looking confused.  

Moving quickly, Talvidas swung his mace in a low arc, connecting with the white
robe's chin, and sending him sprawling.  a few more well placed blows,
and the mage fell, uncontious.  

Talvidas smiled again, as he moved towards the shadows and the tavern. 

(ooc:  killed misto in palanthas.  24 hour protection from Holy Order and
myself.  Have a nice day)


Sender  Kiyohime
Date    Sat Jun 14 01:15:31 2008
Subject Late Night Study Session (Jendaron)

I was up rather late, going over some documents concerning the movement
of this "upstart" Dragon Army or whatever it was called, a hot kyusu of
gyokuro on my desk, when I heard the alarm sounded. I stood up and turned,
only to face a furious man wearing Black robes.He was uttering something,
some magic nonsense I think. A flash of flame and smoke momentarily blinded
me, and I staggered out into the main hall. When my eyes cleared this
frustrated mage was standing in our Holy Sanctuary, having followed me I
think. I tried to warn the enraged caster, but it was too late. About a
dozen burly, and very angry clerics piled onto the black robe, pummeling and
thrashing him most unkindly, with a very admirable zeal, I might add.
Anyway, I went to heal him, but the clerics were dragging him by his ankles,
at a run, heading for the Holy Order Jail. The poor man's head hit every
step on the way down I fear. Well, I guess everything is taken care of by
our excellent staff here, so, back to my tea and studying.

24 hours to Jendaron from Holy Order...Jailed and released...all in fun, no

Sender  Dharisath
Date    Mon Jun 16 20:46:14 2008
Subject Joreous

I leaned up against the tree, peeling away at an apple with me knife. It
was all Johnny Appleseed and picturesque. With my back on the tree and one
of my feet, I took a bite out of the apple as some damned army of vagabonds
came rumblin' and stumblin' up the road. 

Guess they figured any old chum could walk my road. As they passed, I
dropped me apple and casually walked in with them. 

Made my way to the front o' the line an' saw another of my kin leading these
tramps. I figured, as I slowly palmed me knife, that this'd be a jolly time
for a bit o' tag. 

I sauntered up and put my arm around the man's shoulders as my other hand
sliced his purse strings. "Great day for a robbin, eh?" 

He looked at me with an extremely confused expression, like a gully who
learned there was a number past two. I held up his purse, winked, and took
off. He roared and gave pursuit, while his mindless followers kept wandering
down the path. 

I dipped around a tree and waited. He made more noise than a blind ogre in
the governor's mansion. A quick leg out gave me a leg up as he tumbled to
the ground. 

As quick as a whip me garrotte was out and around his neck. He was a
sleeping baby under a wizard's spell. When I left the woods, he was tied to
a tree trunk upside down. 
A bit o' fun.
24 Hours to Joreous from me

Sender  Nathan
Date    Tue Jun 17 03:44:58 2008
Subject Swervin

****Patrol Report for 32nd in the Month of Chislmont, 401 PC****

Patrol reported little activity amonst the stree thieves.  Overall, 
peace reigns, though there seem to be an inordinate number of mages 
hurrying around.  

One event of small note:  Lone Kender discovered in the harbor area.
When asked to leave, he resisted, and was beaten senseless, and left
next to the local healer.  

End Report.

(ooc:  Killed Swervin.  He was a good guy about it.  24 from me and Sol)

Sender  Sdresk
Date    Thu Jun 19 01:19:59 2008
Subject Teague

As I prepared to make my rounds of Palanthas, a duty of a squire of
Solamnia, I attached my sword to my side and strapped my armor on chest. I
exited the Solamnic's Base in the center of town and headed to the healer's
temple to begin my patrol. As I stepped into the Great Dome, a ghastly sight
stood before me as a black robe man of average height stood chanting evil
words of some ungodly cantrip. 

I ordered the man nervously to leave Palanthas, stating my duty as a squire
and a future knight to protect the citizens within these city walls. The
mage sneered at me and quickly headed towards Imperial Square. Knowing my
duty, I followed after him quickly. I struck the first blow, my final
warning to him that I was completely serious. The mage quickly spoke many
powerful words I could hardly understand. 

After a battle that luckily ended in my favor, I quickly said a prayer to
Paladine, and spoke before the slumped mage how he should leave the town
before I dispatch the knights after him. I left his belongings intact and
spoke with him about honor, he seemed not to understand. 

24 hour protection from Sdresk and Solamnics

Sender  Kurinth
Date    Thu Jun 19 01:22:22 2008
Subject the death of Sdresk

I was strolling down the eastern road, minding my own business, when i
stumbled upon a corpse. this wasnt any old corpse, this corpse had coins in
it! unfortunetly i was carrying too much already, so i left them and went on
my merry way. Alittle further down the road i found the owner of the corpse.
It was an ugly guy, named Sdresk. I could tell instantly that he was
wounded, but he was trying hard to hide it He looked at me funny, and that
was the last straw, i drew both my swords, cut his legs off, and killed him.
Then after unloading some useless eq into pal junk pit i went back to loot
coins out of his corpse. 24 from me to him and everyone else if they want
it, no just joking. 

Sender  Dharisath
Date    Fri Jun 20 22:52:56 2008
Subject Kurinth

I wiped the bit o' sweat off me brow as I stood over the fallen minotaur.
'Twas no easy task. Ya see, I had me sights set on this nice piece of
jewelry, but it was just a bit too high fer me..if ya know what I mean.

This here creature did me a bit o' a favor. He plucked that prize right off
the pedestal and walked out with it. I was just going to lift it from him,
of course, until I realized his strides were so much longer than mine.

He took off runnin' and runnin'. I don't think he ne'er stopped. I gave up
after awhile, couldn't match his pace. So...a month goes by an' I'm down
visitin' me cousin. He runs this "mine" a ways from Caergoth. Just a front
fer some smuggling, doncha know? I didn' say nothin' though. 

Anyways, me cousin is givin' me a bit o' a run around showin' me the ropes
an' how hes got this ol' thing runnin' right under the Solamnic's noses. Me
an' him have a good laugh about it, an' he pulls out some ale when I spot
tha' same minotaur who ran off with me jewelry. So I look at me cousin and
say, "Reorx be damned Bartie! Tha's the same minotaur who ran off with me

He looked at me strangely. I didn' have no time fer words. The minotaur'd
spotted me and was lookin' to run. This time I wouldn' waste no time tryin'
to lift the jewelry. I'd decided just to take it from his corpse. 

So, there I was, jewelry in me hand and minotaur at me feet. He was either
dead or as wounded as a cougar flyin' on an eagle's back that fell into a
forest jungle then rolled into tha stream over there and then a goblin
jumped on him. Ya know? 

24 Hours to Kurinth

Sender  Kurinth
Date    Sun Jun 22 14:52:03 2008
Subject The attack on teague

The setting was gerighelm, The time late.

I was stumbling along in a blood crazed rage, leaving dead civilians in my
wake. Men, woman, children, old people, it didnt matter. They had money,
and i wanted it.

Now here i am in gerighelm and what do i see? I see teague

There was no time to think, surely if he laid eyes on me he would run
Quickly i attacked. The fight was long and hard, and i took some damage,
but i came out on top, VICTORIOUS!

As i looked over his crumpled body, and looked through his things i saw
alot of things that would've looked better on me than on him and i saw alot
of things in his backpack that would've looked better in mine But i took
nothing i left teague in my wake, to die another day

24 2 T

Sender  Crag
Date    Mon Jun 23 00:12:37 2008
Subject Kurinth

Upon hearing the news about my fellow Clansman being brutally assaulted
and robbed I did everything in my power to make sure that I was on the list
of mages that would be hunting hum down. We set out that day with one thing
in our minds and that was to bring this maniac to justice.. The search was
long a grueling but eventually it lead us to a garbage dump where we spotted
him rifling through some things in a pack. The pack looks a bit too fine to
be his so i Figured that it was probbably another victims belongings. We
fanned out and closed him in before he was aware anyone was even in the
area. He had a greedy smile on his face and his eyes showed malice. I was to
be the first to aproach him hopefully it would create the diversion we
needed for my clansmen to get into position. The moment I stepped out into
the open he immediatly went for his sword.. He had lost all intrest in what
he was rummaging through. his intent now was to make me the next victim and
thats just what we had planned. He moved closer to me his movements fluid
and precise. I knew that I had to time this just right for it to work as
planned. I acted a bit startled and started to move away from him somewhat
like a rabbit when spooked. He took my bait and started to come further into
the dump. I told him that I wanted no trouble that i was just looking for
some dung beetles to experiment on. He haulted for a minuite then in an
instant he bloted twards me. His steel shimmered in the sun as it came
crashing down agaist my Iron staff. The clang was resonating I dipped under
his next attack and tripped him up with a blow to the back of his legs. He
dropped with a harsh thud. As soon as he dropped I ran to where I needed him
to be. Just as i had assumed he came running after me. but before he goth
there he was Accosted by a rather large barrel of fermented goat urine. the
man was knocked unconcious and covered in some very unsavory brew. 24 to
kurinth from Clave and DA. 

Sender  Sdresk
Date    Mon Jun 23 05:54:39 2008
Subject Sources of Knowledge

After having repeatedly warned the black robe human to leave Palanthas,
and having once become phsyically violent with the man before, the solamnic
Squire Sdresk saw the black robe walking slowly towards the healer's. This
time though, a tip had been given to the squire that this man would be
returning. Being his duty to remove all threats to the peace of Palanthas,
the squire chose to attack. 

'You are not supposed to be here black robe, we don't take kindly to what
you bring to this town!' the squire spoke with a quivering voice to the
imposing figure of the conclave magus. 

The black robe barely uttered a word before Sdresk took a heavy swing with
his mace at the man. The blow struck firmly on the side of the head leaving
the mage staggering and confused. Quickly the man tried to escape from the
squire, leaving the Imperial Square and running for the gates of town. This
attempt at escape was thwarted by the speed of the squire and his ability to
track his foes. 

The man fell quickly in a slump to the ground as Sdresk landed the last
blow, rendering him unconscious. Quickly he called for the local healer to
ensure that the man would live, and then with the help of the local solamnic
guards posted in town, Sdresk removed the mage from the city of Palanthas. 

After returning to the home base of the Knighthood and cleaning both his
mace and armor, Sdresk said a few short prayers to Paladine in thanks for
his safety and success. Shortly afterwards, he left the hall and to his
suprise a white robed man was standing outside, seemingly waiting on him. 

The two exchanged a quick glance and then headed off to an undisclosed
location to discuss the occurances of the earlier hours. 

24 hour protection from Sdresk and Solamnics, nothing looted

Sender  Khel
Date    Mon Jun 23 18:32:23 2008
Subject Gobble Gobble Goblin

I sat there politely as the sun ascended to the middle of the sky,
watching as the bright globe made its way from the east to directly over
head. The docks were within view, so a nice sea breeze kept me cool as I sat
on the ground, leaning back against the old, broken down warehouse behind

I watched from behind dark sunglasses as coins rebounded off of the inside
of the tin can next to me. It had a sign nailed to the wall above it: 


Most people walked right by, but a couple would stop and grasp my shoulder
in comfort and drop a few coins into the tin can. I'd smile sympathetically
and bow my head slightly, thanking them for their help. 

One creature, a goblin, wandered up quietly...trying to sneak up on the
blind man. I watched as he looked around and then leaned to his left a bit
and looked into the can over his shoulder. He grinned wryly, his squashed
nose looking even more grotesque. 

Ever so subtly, he bent down and dropped a coin in. I thanked him, feigning
ignorance. He smiled at me and slowly picked up the can. When he had it
safely in his grasp, he quickly walked around the corner. I waited until the
few people on the streets weren't looking, then stood up and removed my hat
and glasses and stowed them, along with the sign, into my pack. 

I turned the corner that the goblin had walked and found him crouched next
to a trash can, counting his loot. I smiled and slowly walked up to him. He
was completely unaware of my presence until my foot came down on his head
and slammed his face into the cobblestone street. He kept squirming as I
retrieved my can, as well as several coins he had on him. He was trying to
squeal something in the common tongue, "You not blind! Not blind! Fake!" 

His wagging tongue was dangerous. I bent down slowly and pulled out a knife.
My hand grabbed his jaw firmly, and I put my head near his face. "Either you
shut up. Or. I cut your tongue out." 

He whimpered and nodded as best as he could with my foot on his head. I
smiled and replaced my knife and took my foot off his head. He sat up
slowly, and I squatted down next to him, smiling. With one swift movement, I
grabbed his hair and slammed his head against the building, knocking him
out. I stood up to brush myself off and turned around to see a sanitation
worker watching me with wide eyes. 

"You killed goblin! You killed him! I tell shinnies!"

The little aghar ran off in the other direction. With a curse, I took off
down the alley, darted around a corner and sidestepped into a small, hidden
entrance to the back of a building. 

24 Hours of Protection given to Tnaxz from Khel the Aristocrat.

Sender  Khel
Date    Mon Jun 23 19:57:51 2008
Subject Furry Little Woodland Creatures

The atmosphere felt calm. I thought it might be safe to go outside now.
It had been at least half a day since the goblin incident. In fact, the sun
was on the western horizon.

I dipped out from beneath the awning covering the front of the building and
strolled past the place where I usually sat to collect money. As I passed
the alley, I saw the goblin still face down in the middle of the street.
Flies were buzzing around his head, and he appeared to be missing several
pieces of armor that he had previously been wearing. I gave a light chuckle
as the view disappeared. 

I figured I'd take a stroll through one of the parks inside the city. The
rich folk usually liked to feed the birds and squirrels and all types of
furry little woodland creatures. As I arrived on the scene, I saw a man
dressed rather outlandishly. He was dressed in all dark greens and the like,
very forest-y. I couldn't help but laugh at how absurd he looked. However, I
did notice the silver coins that he dropped into a homeless man's hat. There
had to be more where those came from. 

He began to weave his way through the trees. I had no idea where he was
going. Maybe he liked to be alone in the woods. Whatever he fancied, I
slinked through the woods after him and his coin purse. I could take a break
from my blind act for a month with all of the money he had to have. 

It wasn't long before I'd caught up with him. I found him meditating in a
small grove. As quietly as I could, I stole up behind him and cut the
strings of his purse. He was completely oblivious. I stood over him, opening
it to peruse its contents when I realized that it was empty. He had
selflessly given all of his money to that bum! 

It was then that he realized I was standing over him, and he quickly spun
and tried to knock my legs out. I jumped over his trip and brought my elbow
down on his head. He was out. I was about to take off when I noticed a small
globe, an interesting looking trinket. Without hesitation it was in my bag,
and I was into the woods. 
24 Hours of Protection given to Dane from Khel the Aristocrat.

Sender  Hikwri
Date    Tue Jun 24 17:28:03 2008
Subject the Ranger and the Hobgoblin who cried Lightning.

It was a warm sunny afternoon, i was traverling to Solace, that i knew,
the summer is comming and i needed a nice fresh place to ease my body. It
was the first time i saw peace in a land. I stepped out of the ferry only to
spot a wanted poster, with one of the most horrible faces i've ever saw on a
human, messy hair, cooked teeth, sunburned face. As I entered Solacmic
territory again, i could feel any safer or in dagngered, anyhow i stroled by
the tall Vallenwoods searching for a place to have a drink, a shag and maybe
a smoke. Then I saw it, the same human on the poster. But it was no human
I'm sure of that. Hes face was red an he was taller than any human guard Ive
seen, we spoted each other, gazed the eyes, and i simply wlaked away, i was
to tired and battered after the fight i had with that dreadful pirate. Lucky
for me i got his preety boots, but for some reason I feel weaker. I decide
it to go for a swim at the lake. The first thing that happened right after i
came to land was a terrible blow. My legs shaked and my arm where weak. I
parried and Dodged many blows, but this hulk was the strongest thing ive
ever encontered. I ran for cover, hide, and tried to plan a strategy for
getting this creature off this beautiful forest. Again the same dagger
sliced my flesh, this time I wasnt able to parry or dodge many blows. When
the Hobgoblin was ready to take on the final blow BOOM! a the loud sound of
lightning was the only thing that distracted the red hulk. A heavy branch
falled on the Hobgoblins head giving me the chance to flee. Ran again,
looked back and saw another lightning hit the Hobgoblin, we crossed blades
once more, and i fond a spot, and sliced the monsters belly with my axe. THe
damage was not enough to kill it, but for some reason he droppen on his
24 hours to Eirith from the Monkey. nothing looted...

Sender  Jendaron
Date    Wed Jun 25 02:57:45 2008
Subject Luerk the Treachor

On this day, a plot against the conclave was uncovered and partically
foiled. The first step to unveiling this plot was to deal with the mage
Luerk. I quickly attempted to place him in a divine sleep but somehow
failed, Nuitari giving his last smile to the pitiful fool. He fled quickly
through the forest of Zhan but, taking a wrong turn ended up falling off the
waterfall. I quickly chased after him and used powerful lightning bolts to
render him unconscious. I dragged his slumped body back to the conclave's
hall and placed him in our jail for trial. Work with renegades, especially
within the brotherhood of mages, is unacceptable. There are others involved
in this plot, and they also will be dealt with accordingly. 

Jendaron Mer-Kel

Sender  Sdresk
Date    Wed Jun 25 23:40:12 2008
Subject Teague... again

As his search for the dwarf that had hounded him earlier continued to
produce no leads, the young squire Sdresk again headed to the temple of
Palanthas, seeking refreshment from his patrol. Something felt wrong as he
entered the scene, and once again found the black robe of solamnic blood in
the midst of the temple. 

He sat and waited, both sneaking and wearing a strange ring that made his
appearnce altered to others, something given to him by a cleric as a means
of protection. Speaking a prayer to Paladine Sdresk watched as the man stood
and left the temple, hoping to be unnoticed by the local watch. Again his
trespass in our fair city has gone noticed, and Sdresk was again the one to
do something about it. 

Sdresk struck this first blow against the man, but a sudden fear overcame
his heart. Some sort of magical protection used by the mage to try to help
make himself impervious to attack. This however worked to his disadvantage
though, as each time Sdresk retreated in a way that was advantageous to his
position. Dazed from the blows the mage wandered again back to the palace,
perhaps seeking the help of the local healer.

Sdresk gathered his strength, and his bravery, in an attempt to overcome the
powerful magic. Quivering slightly from his inexperience in battle, the
squire returned again to the temple to try to finish the job. A few quick
blows by the squire across the chest and arm of the mage proved to be enough
to subdue him for a moment. Again, Sdresk used his own powers of healing,
laying his hands upon the mans chest and praying to his god, "Paladine,
forgive this evil man, he deserves to live and again be given another chance
to learn from his mistakes." 

The squire's hands glowed a bright blue as a powerful healing aura eminated
from him. Saved for the moment, Sdresk picked up the slumped over body of
the black robe mage, and brought him to the eastern gates of Palanthas. "I
hope you will learn from this, black robe. We merely wish to keep our city
peaceful and your kind tends to bring ruccus." Still disoriented, the man
laid upon the ground and moaned sligthly, his wounds still serious but no
longer fatal. 

24 hours from solamnic and sdresk, no loot

Sender  Rurik
Date    Mon Jun 30 22:17:53 2008
Subject Viccaro

He looked so smug parading a young kender slave around palanthas. My
stomach turned when i saw the chains that shakled him to her, the weapons
and heavy equipment she was made to carry around. I watched this disgrace
with furious eyes unbecomming of my nature. He noticed my stare and
returned it with a sickening grin.  The young kender lass ran right into
his backside, books and things spilled from the bags she carried.
It was when he spit upon her that i assaulted him and liberated the poor girl.

Rurik - From Palanthas Prison
(24 hours to viccaro from myself and handler. nothing looted. careful now.)

Sender  Viccaro
Date    Tue Jul  1 00:51:25 2008
Subject Tyrolan

While wandering down the beech of palanthas I noticed a srange figure in
the distance.. He looked to be making haste where every he was going.
Cloaked in black he looked to be up to no good. I followed the man in the
shadows for some time before he realized he was being followed. At that time
he took off into an alley to the right I tried to follow but he was gaining
ground. I took a shortcut I knew should bring me right ontop of him. I
zigged to the right then ran through a building to the left. Just as I had
thought i slammed right into him on the other side. He landed squarely on
his back and skidded to a hault. His cloaks flew open and I could see he
bore the mark of the Dark mages of the conclave. I freed my axe and went for
him.. He rolled to the side my axe splintering the road beneath. I cast a
spell of air to knock me off balance then sliced my arm with his dagger. I
landed a stiff kick to his midsection and a swift knee to the face sent him
sprawling to the ground. He got up and with a flash of smoke he dissapeared
into the city. 24 to tyrolan from HO and muah 

Sender  Jendaron
Date    Tue Jul  1 00:52:35 2008
Subject Sobleski

[BANK] Zivilyn has transferred 10000 gold to your account.
nuff' said

Sender  Viccaro
Date    Wed Jul  2 21:35:29 2008
Subject Kilgorin

Just when i thought my encounter with the Drk mages was over I spotted
another roaming around the streets of palanthas. I figured they must have
set that area near the docks as a meeting point. I watched tentativly as he
looked around for his missing counterpart. He looked a bit confused then
started to walk twards where i was hiding. I was behind a busted up shop
that sold fish. I walked out of my hiding spot and right out infront of him.
He was taken aback a bit but then yelled 'Get the hell outta my way son I am
on important buisness.' I bowed my head a casually stepped back out of the
mans way. As he walked by I grabbed the back of his cloak a ripped it off.
He whirled around and right there on his chest he bore the emblem of the
dark mages. Before I knew it he produced a dagger and started twards me 'You
dumb bastard now you will pay for that'. I dodged his attack and backhanded
him knocking him nearly off his feet. He let out a blast of energy that
singed my shoulder and knocked me back a few steps. He was starting to chant
something but before he was finished I slammed the hilt of my sword into his
midsection and sweeped his legs out from under him. He landed with a bone
jarring thud. being exposed as he was I took a stab at his chest. before i
could finish him he rolled out the way. He sprung to his feet and started
after me. I lowered my shield just before he got to me and slammed it into
his chest. He dropped before my eyes. He looked dead so I left him there for
the guards to clean up later. 24 to Kilgorin from Viccaro and Balance 

Sender  Bishope
Date    Mon Jul  7 05:01:20 2008
Subject Viccaro

There was a brawl over bread or some such thing in the city today. I took
the initiative of stopping it by myself. One uncanny fact: the instigator,
who i paid special attention to, was the one had attacked me and mine just a
few days ago. When he wakes he'll see how big a mistake that was. 

(24 hours to Viccaro from myself and only myself)

Sender  Bishope
Date    Wed Jul  9 04:45:41 2008
Subject Lyndol

I caught a man's hand in my pockets as i walked through the crownded
Imperial Square. Reactions took hold and As I turned to face him i brought
my fist up into his lower jaw. The blow knocked the slender figure off his
feet and his body crashed into a nearby fruit vendors stand. I lowered my
head to avoid the stares of nearby shoppers then ducked into the Solamnic
recruiting office. 

(24 hours to Lyndol from myself only)

Sender  Jendaron
Date    Tue Jul 15 14:45:49 2008
Subject Khin

I was doing work in my shop, perusing my wares and peddling to a few
interested shoppers, when a rather tall and scruffy human man entered into
my building. I thought nothing of it as the man merely appeared to be
browsing he made his way to a position to steal from me. He made off with a
backpack of mine that was precious, one I had owned for dozens of years.
Before I had noticed it was gone, the man made his way from my shop and was
on the north side of Palanthas by the time I had caught up to him. I spoke
quick and loud, imploring him to return my backpack if he knew what was

However this threat was apparently taken as idle, as the man snuck off only
to attempt to pick my very pocket this time! I could stand for no more, it
was apparent this man suffered from kleptomania, so the decision to quench
my thirst for pyromania was easy enough. I threw a ball of pitch towards the
man which quickly turned to a fireball. Apparently the local guards saw him
attempt to steal from me because they took my side in the conflict. (for
once) The man attempted to run from me after a few more guards poured into
the room. 

The human thief became a metal pinball as the local solamnic townguard
surrounded him on Garnet Square. I saw this as my opportunity and I called
down chain lightning upon him to devestate him from above. The man staggered
after my first assault, blood began to trickle from his nose and a single
drop fell from his left ear, obviously an effect from the lightning A second
incantation of chain lightning knocked the man from his feet, unconscious.
Blood frothed from his lips and his eyes remained half open, a look of pain
and fear in his eyes. I stood above him, snickering lightly but pondering as
well. Why would you try to steal from me you fool? I am the High Archmage of
the Black Robes of Nuitari, I am no pitiful traveller or shopkeep. 

I quickly frisked the unconscious man for my backpack, my bag, and his
coins. A fair price for my inconvienence. Let it be a warning to all thieves
and pickpockets. That kind of action will not be tolerated in my shop or
against me in general. Heed my caution or you will be met with the swift
justice of Nuitari's bane. 

Sender  Sdresk
Date    Wed Jul 16 03:40:20 2008
Subject Crag and a Battle with Kevril

I was making my way down West Street in Gerighelm, doing tasks for Ridel
and promoting the general good of Paladine, offering my healing services to
the local citizenry. I was shocked at what I came across, too dragonarmy
members assaulting a local guard. Knowing my duty to Paladine, I said a
short prayer and headed off to assault. 

The nevres of battle still remained in the young squire, but they no longer
crippled him with fear. I assaulted the one man, clearly a mage from his
outfit. Slashing and striking at him repeatedly I chased him off past the
palace of Gerighelm and into the northern parts of town. The second man, a
powerful cleric, constantly uttered words of prayer to his Dark Queen. I
knew these were no words of healing or prayer, but instead words of curse
and beguilment. The man attempted repeatedly to curse me but Paladine
continued to smile upon me. 

The cleric ran southwards, towards the Gully realms and I returned my
attention to the annoying mage. I knew that seperating the two trained army
members would make them less effective opponents for me to face. I chased
the mage through the town, down Peter Avenue, through the park and
eventually to Merchant's Way. Shockingly to me, I found myself overcome with
strength and power, something I had not felt in previous fights. I believed
that the nervous energy that had previously crippled me had now begun to
fuel me. 

I struck a powerful blow across the mage's arm and he fell to the ground in
a slump, panting and bleeding. To ensure my own safety, I proceeded to hit
him with the hilt of my sword, knocking him unconscious. I said a prayer to
Paladine, and left the man and his belongings sitting inside an armorer's
shop along Merchant Way. I stopped, spoke a few words of healing and a
blessing to Paladine, and returned my attentions to the powerful cleric. 

Again the cleric laid curses upon me and this time I felt myself lose touch
with reality. A powerful curse of confusion was put upon me, and as I
attempted to retreat I found myself unable to discern one direction from
another. I had been trained for this, quickly I reached into my pack and
retrieved a powerful ring given to me by my lord, Ridel. This ring, was said
to bestow great inteligence upon the wearer, and see as I couldn't even
recall the words to many of my common prayers, I found it highly nescessary
and useful. 

The assault continued, as the cleric poured down the curses upon me,
blinding me, sapping my strength, and stripping my voice. I was poisoned and
diseased, yet I continued to press on. The battle spilled into the den of
filth known as the land of the Gully Dwarves and I wandered, blind, mute and
confused through the trash. Repeatedly, I was struck by fireballs, strange
magical projectiles, and even lightning bolts as I wandered around. Prayers
that were unable to cross my tongue were chanted in my head as I saw visions
of Paladine and glory in my head. 

My prayers proved worthwhile as eventually my understand returned and I
began to feel my way around. I searched frantically for the closed door that
I knew led towards salvation. Hindered by my poisons and disease, I crawled
down the pathway towards the gully's cleric, a strange one I discovered in
my travels. I quickly headed towards where I knew he would be, and upon my
crawling into the room, he quickly came to my aid, dispelling the curses
that had been put upon. I stood, seeing, understanding and able to speak. 

I returned to fight the two, and focused again on the damned mage as he had
proven to be the easier target in the previous encounter. He chose not to
stick around this time, and was unable to be found after a short period of
time. The cleric on the other hand made his way to Palanthas via the
flinger, and I followed him. This damn dragonarmy scum would not come into
the city I called home and protected in Paladine's name. 

Sender  Sdresk
Date    Wed Jul 16 03:41:30 2008
Subject Crag and a Battle with Kevril pt 2

The powerful cleric knew however that he had met his match this day, and
after an extnesive search of the city and its surrounds, was unable to be
located. Hopefully this massive battle will prove to the dragonarmy once and
for all, the Solamnics are a force not to be taken lightly. 

24 hours to crag from solamnic, kevril never died, great fight you two

Sender  Talvidas
Date    Fri Jul 18 02:44:08 2008
Subject Barp

Walking in solace, I saw a gully dwarf, eating a filthy apple. "Hey! Put
that down! You don't know where it's been!" I shouted, but to no avail. I
wrested the apple from the gully's hand and thumped him over the head with
it to teach him proper sanitary eating procedure. He fell down, and I went
on, munching on the apple. 

24 to Barp from myself and HO.  Killer removal. 


Sender  Tnaxz
Date    Wed Jul 23 21:51:37 2008
Subject Lonex

Tnaxz heard screams coming from far away, it was his baaz soldier
screaming for help. Running around the garbage, he flung into the city of
Palanthas, where he saw his loyal troop has run off to. Scanning around, he
saw a thief! Casting his powers of sleep he had learned in his time in the
Tower Of Wayreth, he put the dirty thief to sleep, and kicked his head in.
Rifling through the unconsious body, he discovered he knocked out the wrong
one. Sighing, he looked around, and ran off before the guards asked why he
was crouched over a bloody form. 

Sender  Ashever
Date    Thu Jul 24 01:25:46 2008
Subject Kilgorin


Constantly i found myself worried about the palanthas. Since my arrival in
Zahn i had been detached from all news of Palanthas' underground, Rhibbl,
the thieves and ridiculous knights that frequent the human town. And
constantly i my mind wanders, this time my body followed.


I tap my foot impatiently, my patience thinning. It had been more than 4
hours since i had arrived via ferry. I waited there at the trapdoor that
lead to the guild hall. Feeling as though i would catch someone. Though to
my dissapointment, no one came. Perhaps they had finally been ousted from
the city entirely. What was more likely was them that they relocated. It was
late now, i hoped to retire to the Inn and restart my hunt in the morning.
Things dont often work out that way. I heard chanting, and as i turned onto
Diamond the glint of a dagger caught my eye. It fell hard onto its victem,
downing him and stopping the chant. I looked down at the body quickly. The
figures' robes wer e black, his fingers and face gnarled by Nuitari's
twisted magic. The mage's companion, obviously of the same order. Took off
running in my direction. I slid, undetected into a doorway. I made a
decision then, I knew the danger. I thrust my foot out, the man crashed face
first onto cold pavement and i stared directly into the eyes of the dagger
wielding man. Danger was now more present. I saw his intention then, this
was robbery. He bore down on me, unlatching an axe from behind. He swong the
combo viciously. I stammered backwards. Weaving back and forth to avoid the
blows, i realized this man coul d easily kill me here. Thinking quickly i
pluck two warrows from the quiver slung across my back, then thrust my body
forward against inertia and common sense...The arrows sink deep within his
chest and things spill out from a pouch the blow ha d apprently punctured. I
heard the clank of metal on stone and turned. Knights. I drew my bow now,
notching arrows, but when i turned back to aim at the man he had vanished. I
picked up the tiny items that had fallen from his breastplate. A stamp. At a
quick glance the print read: DeathJester. DeathJester had the right idea, i
followed suit and dashed down the ally before the patrol arrived.

Ash (24 to Kilgorin from me and Wildrunner. Fight included Tarones, Kilgorin
and Guido. Nothing looted. I guess we are 'to be continued' again Guid. Come
back soon, Ol Man.) 

Sender  Rurik
Date    Fri Jul 25 02:00:10 2008
Subject Tnaxz

I Borrowed something from this goblin that was chasing me around chanting
and stomping his feet! It was his pants, they were made of sharkskin. But as
soon as i took them, he ran off So, i guess ill have to give them back to
him later ? How embarassing. 

(24 hours to tnax from me and wanderlust. For real, i took his pants)

Sender  Jendaron
Date    Fri Jul 25 07:52:18 2008
Subject galadir/nathan

Two knights fell this evening, two 24 hours of protection were given.
Both were voided as another battle commenced afterwards. Nothing looted from
either corpse, no current protections. 
story tommorow on the fight

Sender  Jendaron
Date    Sat Jul 26 19:44:52 2008
Subject Konan

I hath struck down a wretched dragonarmy soldier this day, in the town of
Palanthas before the healer. I shall continue to exact my revenge against
this foolish army until Nuitari is satisfied. I have begun with this foolish
minotaur fighter, and will continue as the opportunity presents itself. 

nothing looted, 24 hours from jendaron and conclave

Sender  Kiyohime
Date    Sat Jul 26 19:54:39 2008
Subject No Loitering

So, I was walking around just outside the east gate of the city,
and I se this big fugly mino (Is there any other type?) and this
scrawny black robed mage (again, stereotypical) arguing over who
was the more powerful. Honestly, they were just loitering around, scaring
the locals and children.
I tried to get their attention, but, they just ignored me.
I will never be ignored.
I called upon the heavens, willing the earth to shake and tremble.
I just wanted to scare them, but, you know, making the earth rattle
probably wasn't the best idea.
The mino beat hooves to the city, but the black robe
,well, tried to stand his ground. Um, until it sort of
opened up under him, and kinda swallowed him up? It got sort of
ugly then.
He screamed a lot of unkind words at me before disappearing under the dirt.
Again, I raised my hood up, and quickly headed to the temple.
Mishakal no doubt had words for me ,too.
24 hours to Jendaron and 23 minutes to Konan from Holy Order Light.
Removed Killer on Jend and shok some dust off Konan.

Sender  Alexandros
Date    Sun Jul 27 21:41:31 2008
Subject Galvin

A naked man with a wavy dagger attacked me in Sanction. Thinking him a
loon, I locked him in a tent with some angry draconians. Now Sanction has
one less problem to worry about. 

Took his outrigger 'Waverunner' because now I can claim I'm a pirate. 24 to
Galvin from me and Clave. 

Sender  Alexandros
Date    Tue Jul 29 02:18:43 2008
Subject Galvin

I was taking a nap in the Forest of Wayreth (hey, its a nice place, mossy
and stuff). Anyway, all of a sudden I woke up and something was very wrong.
Tons of people were fighting each other in the forest. I saw that naked guy
again and was worried he was following me. Since we haven't developed proper
restraining orders yet I took care of the problem myself.
24 to Galvin from me and Clave. No loot, Returned his... 1 arm3r...

Sender  Menoch
Date    Tue Jul 29 04:55:15 2008
Subject Tarones

The Great Dome in Palanthas shone with the reflected glory of Paladine. 
Everywhere, white marble gleamed with the power of the light.

Menoch sat still, dull cow eyes not noticing the brilliance of the gods
around him. The power of the place was in him, but he didn't even notice. 
He was sitting, Staring out of the temple when a hand tapped him on the
shoulder and a voice spoke:

"Greetings ogre.  Would you be interested in helping us to kill a priest?
 I am Tarones, and I am seeking his death."

Menoch turned slowly and stared at the small man before nodding. They
traveled swiftly into the city until they found Viccaro.  Tarones swung
first, and Menoch followed through, but somehow his mace missed the priest,
and slammed into Tarones, knocking him uncontious.

Menoch, confused at the happening, wandered off in search of something to

(ooc)  24 hours to Taro from Marauder and me. Please note that it is
actually "Marauder and me" not "Marauder and I," because you would not say
"protection from I." Have a nice day.

Sender  Galvin
Date    Fri Aug  1 00:54:26 2008
Subject Kevril

It is 21:00, Day of Dream Dance, 3rd the Month of Winter Come.

We lost them when darkness came down. Goblins and men, zombies driven by
disease. My party, consisting of 4 other Silvan, set up in a alclove. We
knew full well this is the first place they would check for us. shacked up
in trees as the sniffed through, we reigned down arrow upon arrow at them.
Paladine saw fit to appease my prayer for fire. In the end, many of them had
fallen. One of them was a leader of the dragon army. None were Makarth. We
pushed We pushed the body away into the river. 

(24 hours to Kevril from holy order. fell into a trap made for makarth.
nothing looted)

Sender  Galvin
Date    Fri Aug  1 01:32:13 2008
Subject Alexandros

It is 21:00, Day of Dream Dance, 3rd the Month of Winter Come.

An apprentice blackrobe was also among the fallen. I was told he came after
the raiding party, though was brought down only after he had begun to chant.
The body was also sent down the river. 

(24 hours to Alexandros as well. Star metal shield and Torch taken)

Sender  Jendaron
Date    Fri Aug  1 04:14:29 2008
Subject Kiyohime

This day I have attacked and killed the leader of the Holy Order Light,
Kiyohime. She was quickly dispatched by my powerful magic, and she will be
placed in the Conclave's Tower Jail, as the result of one of our own mages
being in the Holy Order jail. Her release can be negotiated with other
leadership per the release of Adept Crag. 

24 hour protection from Jendaron and Conclave + pending trial

Sender  Ralmus
Date    Sat Aug  2 20:50:04 2008
Subject Makarth


After wandering the Abyssal plains for years in
order to "find himself", Ralmus' midlife crisis finally
came to an end and he returned to Krynn - marking
his reappearance with an epic underwater battle against
the dread cleric Makarth in the sunken ruins of Istar. In
true Ralmus fashion, thousands of innocent aquatic
bystanders lost their lives needlessly to dark magic before
our dashing black-robed hero prevailed in his fight.
Leaving death and destruction in his wake, Ralmus was
seen by witnesses to have left the ruins through a portal,
but not before blowing a kiss at a school of mermaids and
making obscene hip thrusting motions, cackling madly
all the while.

Sender  Jendaron
Date    Wed Aug  6 23:41:58 2008
Subject Makarth

After a long and arduous battle between a powerful cleric and a black
robed archmage and his apprentice. The streets of Palanthas turned red with
the blood from the battle, each side having their ups and downs. Eventually
though the magic of the two followers of Nuitari proceeded as he shone high
in the sky and blessed them with his power. The cleric found himself in a
slumber, unable to awaken and eventually silenced, blinded and confused by
magical means. 

Victory finally occured as the cleric fell into a slump. The archmage
grinined to himself and his apprentice as they stood before the huddled
figure. He reached down and tugged a single ring off the finger of the
cleric. He then handed this ring to his apprentice and nodded to him, the
apprentice enclosed his hand upon the ring in his palm and felt its power

Nuitari's blessing shines upon those who dedicate themselves to the arts, as
was shown today in an epic battle of magic and wit. 

24 hour protection from Conclave and Myself 
1 item looted, thanks to Crag for the assist (he actually landed the sleep/malads)

Sender  Alenth
Date    Fri Aug 29 17:02:19 2008
Subject Crag

Traveling today in palanthas, heading towards a tavern to celebrate my
new promotion, I encountered the black mage, Crag. Liking neither Black
Robes or even Mages in general, I quickly hurled the divine power of
Paladine at him. He fell quickly and lay there uncontious while I continued
to the tavern. 

(ooc:  Killed crag, it was kind of a lousy pk, we both had to leave. 
Anyway, 24 hours from Solamnic to Crag.)

Sender  Khanon
Date    Fri Aug 29 17:59:02 2008
Subject Wulfgar

It's been nearly a week since I've returned to Palanthas from my
travels. Most of which has been spent traveling around the countryside
finding old friends to borrow money from. It's hard for me to explain to
them the cause of my absence or my unexpected return. When I arrive for a
short visit with my hand out I realize the destitute remnants of a Knight
they see before them is not the image they remember of me. I'm sure the
trust they have in lending me these financial favors is based purely on that
old Knight. The man they once knew. 

So much has changed in the city. It will take much time for me to come to
terms with differences from then to now but after assuring Lord Ridel that
I'm up for the task I feel a renewed vigor to do so. The countryside however
is much as it used to be. Years of this fresh air and these rolling hills of
captured my eyes and filled my lungs with their essence. This is home. I am

This afternoon I begged the last of my favors and was on the trek home to
commission a new set of plate from the armory when an unlikely vision came
to me. It was a dwarf that I once knew years ago. He was always a
self-disposed unruly fellow but I couldn't remember last having a quarrel
despite his alliances to the "shadier elements." He was somewhat down the
path ahead of me wearing what must have been training gear. I watched as he
attacked random passersby on the trail and the vow I spoke so many years ago
to the Knighthood and renewed only days ago sparked a fire in me I've long
since felt. 

Having just an old training weapon temporarily gifted me by the brotherhood
and a leather breastplate borrowed from a friend, I knew it was a dangerous
endeavor but stepped between the dwarf and his prey all the same. He reacted
with speed and zeal which caught me unaware after so many long months of
neglect for my training. Fortunately for me when he turned toe and began his
onslaught he forgot to consider the prey he left behind. I presented two
successive failing parries nearly losing my sword hand when a rather large
woman walloped him with a tree branch. 

I found comfort in knowing that the beauty of the realm, the spirit of the
people that I always loved, was still intact. I hugged the woman who so
bravely rescued her rescuer and left the dwarf with the local authorities. 

So here I find myself again on the road of a brand new adventure. Where will
it lead I wonder.. Thankfully I'll have plenty of time to ponder the nuances
of life in Solamnia. Hopefully I will be here for a long, long while. 

OOC: Gave Wulfgar a little spanking and looted his leveling eq. Thanks old buddy!

Khanon uth Relek

Sender  Kiyohime
Date    Sat Aug 30 07:39:56 2008
Subject A Lost Solamnic Soul

Well, I returned to Palanthas, after my short abscence, ready to take my
position as the Leader of the Holy Order of Stars, Light Sect. As I wandered
down Platinum, I saw a mighty knight, one I knew by reputation, but not in
person. He was famed as being a just and noble knight. A Knight of the
Sword! As I approached, I could see he was distruaght and anguished. I felt
compelled to offer him comfort, and hear his tale of woe. He apparently
ridded the fair city of some evil black robe wearing spell caster. A very
noble deed! However, he was perceived as doing it a bit too earnestly, and
some called him too proud. He wnated to be forgiven, and have his confession
heard. Well, that is part of my duty, so, I listened as he poured his heart
out. When he finished, and asked for absolution, I had to think hard about
how that was done. So, I offered a prayer to Mishakal on his behalf, and
granted him forgiveness. I was so caught up in the moment, I was a bit too
zealous with the "Touch the forehead with the Staff" part. I sort of hit
him, hard. Too hard. Well, I asked a few of the passer bys, to help carry
him to the outpost in the city where we left him in the capable hands of the
squires there. I felt a psychic slap in the back of my head, nad our Blessed
Lady's Voice. "A Touch, a Tap, but not a full blown THWACK! you foolish
girl!" I took comfort in Her Voice, and rubbed my head ruefully. Yes ma'am,
I will try to remember that 
24 hours to Alenth from myself and Holy Order (Light)
Of course this was a Killer removal, and in no way an attack on the fine knights
in the Solamnic Knighthood.
No loot, as always.

Sender  Eirith
Date    Sat Aug 30 21:30:48 2008
Subject Khanon

Smashed man who was wearing nothing but him skibbies today. As me take
copper coin from his 'purse', me begin to think think how it waste of time.
Then me remember pot pie only cost, 12 copper. Only Eleven more naked
knights need to be bashed, praise Morgion...and Takhisis. 

(24 hours. Looted a copper.)

Sender  Tyrolan
Date    Mon Sep  1 22:19:36 2008
Subject Mia

So much time has passed.  So much time.  Since the early days of my
apprenticeship, I haven't left the towers in Wayreth.  I've been in here,
working on my spells, perfecting them, and then perfecting them further. 
Only by the light of a candle in the bowels of the Studying Tower, I've
been reading, casting, and perfecting my Art.

However, today!  Today was going to be different.  Today, I was going to
use a very high tiered spell.  Today was going to be the day that I control
the elements themselves. I had everything ready.  I spent the entire day
yesterday pulling a spirit from the stream of souls to test on.  It
silently cursed and spat at me from the binding circle, unable to do
anything.  The spirit was a opaque version of a fallen Minotaur warrior.
Pierced through the neck via an arrow and various other slices and cuts on
its incorporeal form showed how it died.

I took position in front of it after meditating on the words and motions
for four hours. I wanted this to go absolutely correct and would need
perfect concentration.  The spirit still cursing my existence could do
nothing as I raised my arms and moved them in a fluid and strange dancing
motion through the air.  The candle in front of my flared and flickered
with a pulse of my motions.  After a few more motions, a rush, a tingling
flew through my being, extending from my core and pushing out quickly to my

Completely lost in the ecstasy of the magic, I didn't hear the door open. 
Nor did I  notice the presence enter the room.  The raging storm of fire
and wind blow forth from my hands and enveloped the spirit.  It screamed in
agony a silent scream.  The flowing living fire looking for another target
struck the individual who was at the door watching the dancing flames.

A blood curdling scream erupted from the form and blasted them into the
hall!  The scream pulled me from the moment and came crashing down to
reality.  The trance broke, the magic faded, I looked at what I had
wrought.  The spirit, floating in the air burnt and smoldering, the walls,
floors, and ceiling charred and the figure in the hall burnt beyond

I walked up to the smoking mage, unconscious and moaning from the pain and
shock.  Annoyed now that I was interrupted I conjured a missive to send for
a healer.  They came quickly on the wings of magic and looked down at the
form and back up at me.

"What happened here?" scowled the white robe.

"This mage interrupted my studies.  I did not mean for it to happen," I
sneered back, "And I don't appreciate the accusing tones in your

The white robe with a few others took the injured mage out through a portal
to the infirmary. "We will look into this and see if there was any wrong
doing by you and report to the conclave," said the white robed mage,
obviously not believing his story.

"I do hope justice is served," I said flippantly as I went back into
the study room to continue my experiments.


This is obviously an accidental killing of Mia by me practicing spells.  I
appreciate the Imms jumping in and helping out.


Sender  Alenth
Date    Tue Sep 16 01:22:49 2008
Subject Cry Wulf

The robes of the High Clerist are remarkably uncomfortable to wear in the
heat. Today, as I was making my rounds through the city, examining the
defenses of this great city, I noticed a strange feel to the air. 
Something evil was afoot.  I stopped, to confer with Croaker, to see if he
knew of any evil in the city, but as I approached the former High Justice,
a black-robed man ran at me from the shadows, screaming prayers to
Takhisis, and swinging a large warhammer in my direction.

I leaped backwards, almost tripping over my new robes of office, and barely
managed to get my weapon in line to block the next blow, aimed at my face. 
He lunged, and I saw the armor of the dragonarmies plain under his robes. 
Ducking another blow,

I prayed to Paladine to guide my strike.  Pointing at the dwarven cleric as
he was mid-swing, I cried out my prayer, and Paladine struck through me,
sending a bolt of light at the cleric.  Clutching his burned chest, he
staggered back, and I swung a single swing at his face.  He turned, and the
end of my flail struck him a glancing blow to the temple.

He fell, his prayer to his queen still on his lips.

Gathering up the uncontious soldier, I bade Croaker dump him outside the
city gates, and I continued on my way.

24 hour protection from myself and the Knighthood to Wulfgar Lord Alenth
High Clerist

ooc:  just some good fun pk.  no looting or anything.  To the Dragonarmies:
 Bring it on!

Sender  Kiyohime
Date    Mon Sep 22 22:47:30 2008
Subject A Heathen and a Braggart!

As I walked down the street in Palanthas, a loud crash brought me out of
a daydream. People were running past me, apparently frightened by something.
I could see it was something happening around the Temple Of Kiri Jolith, the
Blessed son of our Gracious Lady. I felt at some obligation to see what the
commotion was. Upon arriving, it appeared a rather disheveled warrior,
wearing the soiled robes of Kiri, was attacking the acolytes in the Temple,
boasting he was a knight of that Temple, and the better of any who
worshipped there. Looking at him, I knew by his unkempt appearance that he
was certainly not of the Holy Order, and was most likely not a Knight of
Solamnia. I stepped toward him, trying to get his attention and calm him. He
turned wildly, staggering about. Just who in the Abyss do you think you are
to speak to me?" he bellowed. I answered that I served Mishakal, and was
there to help him. "Mishakal?" he yelled, "That filthy little who..." About
that time, my hands went up and a bolt of lightning knocked him across the
Temple and left him slumped over the altar. I took a bit to calm myself, as
a few of the city guard showed up, looking around. I directed them to take
the heathen, for it was the only civil thing I could think to call him, to
the Solamnic Outpost near the centre of the city. He could sober up and have
his new burns and injuries attended to there. As the guards removed the
would-be-Templar, the Temple priests slowly stood up from around the room,
staring at me wide eyed. I blinked, started to raise my hand in a gesture of
freindship, but upon doing that, they all dived for the floor again. So, I
sort of waved, and slowly backed out of there. 
I had a feeling I may of overdid that a bit.
Removed Killer from Aaron, and lectured him on being a Heathen!
24 hours from Holy Order (Light) providing he work on his apostacy.

Sender  Kael
Date    Fri Oct 24 04:16:44 2008
Subject Sanathos, Conjurer

The binds of a journal slowly crack open and pages flip, revealing its contents.

The granite streets gently squeak under the woven boots of the hunting
warrior, the bustle of the alleyways a faint blur amidst the thumping of
adrenaline and a steadily beating heart. I have not felt this exhilaration
in some time. Ever since that day in the woods near Sanction when I found
myself bloodied and clad in rags, nursed by a kind ranger, my life has
never held any meaning. For some reason that eludes me, I can recall
neither my past nor my identity. The only object that I foolishly believe
to hold the key to my mystery being a cracked seal of a house that no one

"The House Encuintras, I believe? I've seen it somewhere before, but I
can't be sure," the ranger shrugged when I asked for his advice, speaking
in the little of the common language we shared. "Oh yes, the person who
brought you here, one of those Solamnian Knights, he said your name was
Kael." Filled with hope, I asked about the whereabouts of the knight. "Oh
no no," the ranger shook his head with a noticeable sadness, "I could only
save one."

No, I cannot be distracted by this. For now I am but a mercenary working
for pay. I have come thus far to the city of Palanthus to uncover my past
secrets, but before I can work on my true agenda, bread has first to be put
on the table. The heartbeat quickens again and my swordarm steadied for the
task that was to come. A warm outline of a Silvanesti clad in the white
robes of the Wizards' Conclave appeared amidst the bustling crowd in the
Imperial Square. I cannot miss, not now. Flipping a serrated dagger from a
hidden sheath within my greaves, I stabbed the back of the mage. Not too
little, not too much. I watched as the mage's eyes widened in fatal
surprise and I felt a tinge of remorse. No, not now. I grabbed his pouch
and let the natural excitement of the crowd drown my tracks. For now, the
pay will have to do.

The pages flip furiously to a close and leave a trail of dust in the

OOC: 24 hours to Sanathos from Kael and Shadow. I warrant to return
Sanathos his log, as promised.

Sender  Eleena
Date    Fri Oct 24 13:20:11 2008
Subject Kael

After 3 long years on the waters, I'm finally back at Palanthus.
Everything's changed now I no longer know the streets nor the faces. Barely
two sips into my Irish Red, shouts were heard from the street beneath my
cobwebbed room in the inn. My hand went to my blade instinctively, while I
peered over the window, just in case those bounty hunters knew I was back
in town.

A robed figure fall to the ground as another run from the scene, dagger
quickly back in sheath-- the handling of that blade told me he was no
stranger to fights, nor that he was a stranger. Could that be...? No. The
story goes that he was left for the dead. Unless necromancy is now back in
fashion, I have yet to see who rose from the dead. But that outline, that
odd sense of liberation that imbibed him-- hm, interesting.

Before long, I was out of the inn and after the fleeing assailant. Rounding
a crowded corner he suddenly turns and strikes. "KA--" I began but was not
allowed to finish my sentence. He did not appear to know who I am at all.

"UGHHH" as I took a slice to my arm during that moment of recognition.
Local guards were bearing down on us, I could hear the armor clanking from
miles away. I needed to get out of there quick! Circling him, I caught him
by the neck and tightening my hold just until he passed out. "Sorry" I
muttered before speeding down the alley with the guards hot on my heels.

(OOC): 24 hours to Kael. 

Sender  Kael
Date    Sun Nov  2 02:28:57 2008
Subject Acaydon RavenClaw, Mercenary

I noticed a group of rowdy swordbearers today amongst the vallenwoods
nearby the township of Solace. Having confronted their supposed leader as
to their business in the woods at a strange hour of the day, I received a
hostile and dismissive response both from him and another of his band,
perhaps indicative of the nature of their shady dealings. Further, the
leader dishonoured the name of the great Kiri-Jolith, a transgression that
I do not take lightly. Not wanting to make a scene in the peace of the
township, I allowed the band on their way, but noted the distinctive emblem
upon their armour. A warning was issued that should any of their band cross
my path in the future, the consequences would be nothing short of dire.

Unfortunately for a hill dwarf amongst their ranks, that day came soon
enough. Ignoring the warning bestowed upon him, the dwarf appeared in the
streets of Palanthus. I subdued him promptly and handed him over to the
city guard. The hill dwarf has promised to return the "favour" soon enough
and I will hold him to his word. My sword will be drawn should we have the
opportunity to meet again.

Kael Encuintras.
OOC: 24 hours to Acaydon to those who consider themselves my allies.

Sender  Acaydon
Date    Sun Nov  2 12:52:00 2008
Subject A Brutal Attack

A caravan arrived at the city at its roads end, which left me without a job. 
I'd been hired as a guard for the long trip, an honest enough job for one 
familiar with both the road and of my profession. Shortly before arriving 
the lead merchant informed me that this would be the last stop on his 
journey for quite some time. I ended up at a local, but crowded inn and as 
chance would have it sat with an unusual person. By and by, it came 
around that he was looking for some help and as it would happen I needed 
a job, a perfect match it would seem. After enjoying a fine meal, my 
compliments to the innkeeper, we were accompanied by a pair of fellows 
one similarly looking for work of some kind or another and the other an 
apparent friend of that unusual fellow. We spoke a while of various work 
and jobs to be done. We left the inn together, still discussing the details, 
on our way to the location in question. I, being a hill dwarf, have some 
skill with masonry and was indeed hired for just such a job.

This Kael person, of whom I've never met, and certainly have never had 
any dealings with, finds me in the fine city of Palanthas, on my way to the 
great library no less. I had to check a few minor things for the masonry 
work I was doing. He, without so much as a word, jumps in and starts 
attacking me. I'm no stranger to battle, when I see it coming, but to have 
one attack from behind is quite cowardly. I suspected robbery for certain, 
only to learn he is a supposed member of the city watch.

This ruffian attacked me with nothing more than unfounded suspicions, 
never once did he confirm his claims of my intentions or dealings with 
anyone. It was quite disrespectful and his claims of warnings are all 
complete lies, for there was no need of warning for an innocent contracted 
agreement to do some masonry repairs. His vigilante style for justice 
without any confirmation is a disgrace to witness in any local authoritative 
figure. If I wasn't such a forgiving fellow for this misunderstanding I 
certainly would pursue for his immediate removal from the local watch for 
his unprecedented actions on an innocent dwarf trying to make an honest 
bit o' coin....

Sender  Kael
Date    Mon Nov  3 20:37:18 2008
Subject Acaydon, a different kind of mercenary?

It was a stroke of fortune that led me to chance upon a familiar figure
today, a hill dwarf wandering within the city of Palanthas. However,
stranger circumstances dictated our present meeting. Having had an
acrimonious end to our previous encounter, I was quick to draw my sword to
subdue the dwarf and to preempt a nasty altercation when I found him at the
entrance of the Great Dome. The dwarf was uttering guttural words I can
only assume to be magic and possessedly tapping on a symbol of Sargonnas,
certainly an oddity for one of his kind. I admit that doubt did abound in
my heart as to whether my previous assesssment of the dwarf's threat to the
city's safety was erroneous, for his pleas to the city guard appeared
sincere and genuine. I consider my actions now vindicated by my witnessing
of his obedient chants to the Dark Queen's consort.

Further, it bears noting that I have uncovered amongst the dwarf's packs a
strange emblem of allegiance to a particular cult -- a medallion branded
with what appears to be a symbol of a scarred face. Hopefully, my retention
of this item will lead to a greater future understanding of the business
the dwarf and his fellowship has in these fair cities.
Kael Encuintras
OOC: 24 hours to Acaydon from my allies and I.

Sender  Kael
Date    Tue Nov  4 20:42:55 2008
Subject Shinji

A loud battle shout and a subsequent whimpering deathcry ringed through the
city of Palanthas in the wee hours of the morning. A squire stationed in
the Palanthian Solamnic garrison and on guard duty at that time was
dispatched to investigate the incident. This is his report, penned in the
squire's log book:

To my brothers-in-arms,

I am Kael of the House Encuintras, Squire of the Crown. Having heard sounds
of battle in the early hours of the morning in the vicinity of the Garrison
guard post while I was the duty squire, I vacated my post to investigate
the anomalous happening. I searched both the secluded alleys and main
streets and noticed a trail of blood leading to the northwestern portion of
Garnet. There, I discovered a cloaked human crouched over a patrolling
squire with a blade in his hand. Logical inference led me to the conclusion
that the human did attack and murder the squire and I was compelled to
subdue the human and bring him into custody. He will be contained in the
Palanthas city jail pending further investigation.
Est Sularus oth Mithas,
Kael Encuintras
Squire of the Crown
OOC: 24 hours to Shinji from the Knights of Solamnia. To clarify, no
jailing in-game is to occur; it is just for storytelling's sake.

Sender  Eleena
Date    Thu Nov  6 03:24:40 2008
Subject Shinji

The few pathetic coins that amounted to my wealth jingled in my pocket as I
strode down the streets of Palanthas. Several tens of silver short needed
to pay the innkeep, I slipped out the backdoor before dawn broke. While I
did earn a livelihood selling my swordarm to the highest bidders, I made it
a point to at least pay off those who put a roof over my head.

Soon my lonesome jingle was joined by the chorus of a much fuller purse. I
looked around nonchalantly while strengthening the grip on the hilt of my
blade. I reduced my pace and fell behind. Raising my unsheathed sword,
braced by my arm, I dealt a swift blow to knock out the unsuspecting

Pulling his coin purse loose, I turned the corner on Steel Street and
whistled a brighter tune that matched the now louder jingle of silver.

(ooc) 24 hours to Shinji from me and those who walk the same path as I do.

Sender  Kael
Date    Thu Nov 13 00:52:54 2008
Subject Derkylos

After observing an influx of monks, all cloaked in innocuous brown robes,
to the city of Palanthas within the confines of these past few weeks, I
decided to do some sleuthing of my own to ascertain the authenticity of
these supposedly devout creatures. Preliminary investigations exposed the
random beggar scouring for food under the pretence and an occassional
exiled brigand who was erroneously let back into the city due to the
disguise. None of these characters caught my attention, till a monk passed
me by one day.

I felt a sense of repulsion one can only experience when in close proximity
with a being of pure evil. Placing my gauntleted hand on the monk's
shoulder, I promptly apprehended him and released him from the city of
Palanthas with a warning that he should not return till he changed his
Kael Encuintras
Knight Postulant
Order of the Crown
OOC: 24 hours from the Knighthood to Derkylos.

Sender  Derkylos
Date    Thu Nov 13 06:42:34 2008
Subject Adverse fighting style.

This day began like most did waking up, meditation, small breakfast, and
then training. Today Derkylos was paired up with someone who was supposed to
be 'closely matched' to him. The training began as normal days did, a few
blows blocked and dodged a few scratches landed nothing serious. Then his
opponent let down his guard, he had tired himself out from using the heavy
handed fighting style and Derkylos snuck a blow in to the bottom part of his
opponents jaw to teach him never let his guard down. At that moment his
opponent had become enraged and began to fight fiercely, seeing this was no
longer a training match but a duel Derkylos began to fight full force as
well. He knew his opponents style very well, hit hard and miss nothing.
Little did his opponent know Derkylos had adopted his own technique of
fighting and concetrating more on wearing down his opponent than striking at
first. After setting in his strategy and seeing his opponents weariness
Derkylos then began to strike, punch after punch after kick after dodge. It
seemed like his opponent was defending out of strategy when he just suddenly
fell. It turns out his opponent was so exhausted he collapsed in the middle
of the dual. With that the others dragged him to the healing tent and
Derkylos went about the rest of his day without a worry, yet a cocky smirk
on his face. 
(OOC) friendly duel 24 to Seig from Holy Order and myself.

Sender  Aldren
Date    Thu Nov 13 18:03:11 2008
Subject Acaydon RavenClaw

Acaydon, a mercenary for hire, fell by my blade today. It appears that my
attack was a slip of judgment on my part, for the mercenary has not yet
partaken in the rites for admission into the newly-formed Brotherhood of
the Scar. Nonetheless, I did learn something new today. A Brotherhood of
the Scar member, Raeszor, stood idly by while Acaydon was attacked and it
seems that the allegiances between the mercenaries and the Scar are well
nigh thin, if existent at all. Or maybe, just maybe, the members of the
Brotherhood of the Scar are far too busy protecting their own skin rather
than lending an arm to those in need.

So, to those of you who would hire a mercenary to guard you on your travels
or to protect an important member of your community, do think twice before
hiring those who cannot seem to hold their own or have in them to assist

You certainly wouldn't want to find it out the hard way.

Aldren Kyra'dir
(50 silver pieces for an escort mission, request a rate quote for other services)

OOC: 24 hours to Acaydon.

Sender  Kael
Date    Sun Nov 16 02:01:45 2008
Subject Derkylos, a new mercenary recruit

I caught the drift of fresh blood in the air today on my patrol through
the Solace vallenwoods. Screams of anguish were to be heard not too far away
in the town of Tantallon and I hastened there, only to find a familiar being
-- a half-elven monk that I had once banished from the city of Palanthas. It
was there that I witnessed the relentless and brutal beating of a loyal
servant. Blinded with rage for the innocent, I drew my sword in aggression.
However, the monk was swift-footed and fled with an alacrity rarely seen in
these parts. I promptly gave chase, but I soon realised just how out of
shape I have been for the past few months when my heavy breastplate started
weighing down on my pace. It was not long before I lost all trace of the

An outlandish hunch then struck me. I recalled a brief meeting with a rowdy
group of mercenaries in the woods slightly west of the Solace township not
too long ago. Could the monk be party to their group? I decided that there
was no harm seeking answers and I ventured towards the vicinity of that last
encounter. I couldn't believe my fair fortune when I spotted the monk
tending to his wounds at an unusually situated campfire set up by the very
mercenaries that I have been hunting. I shouted a battlecry and charged
towards the monk, only for the monk to once again flee at a speed that I
simply could not keep up with. Muttering under my breath for having forsaken
my physical training for far too long now, I drew my crossbow and loaded a

-whizzzzzz- The quarrel spun wildly through the misty air. -thud- My target
fell at a distance, motionless. Phew, I breathed a sigh of relief. I walked
briskly towards the monk, meaning to apprehend him. Before I could carry out
my intentions, yells sounded from all quarters of the camp. It appears I
have excited the damn hornet's nest. Sighing in anticipation of the long run
that I would have to undertake back to the town, I left the monk slumped on
a large rock and disappeared into the inviting mist.

Kael Encuintras
Knight Postulant
Order of the Crown.

OOC: 24 hours to Derkylos from the Knighthood of Solamnia. Dear mercenaries,
war impends!

Sender  Godric
Date    Wed Nov 19 03:38:21 2008
Subject A thief and a mage

I was scrying random locales as I normally do and after viewing one known
as Denath he challenged me to fight. I rode forth from the Solamnic Keep to
oblige his challenge and began to swing my mace while sending prayers to
Kiri-Jolith. The thief tried to move around to stab me in the back but I
bound him to my will with holy energy. I began to weaken him with prayers
when out of nowhere a mage began hurling arcane spells at me. I was now
faced with two opponents so I took away their sight and sowed confusion into
their minds to seperate them. I used my ability to outmove Graff and
weakened him from a distance, hurling lightning and then moving. Then I
moved in to finish him with blows from my mace. I decided to hold onto his
possessions temporarily as punishment for interfering with a fair fight. I
moved on to the thief and repeated the same tactics after healing some of my
injuries. I returned the bulk of the mages possessions after leaving him
bereft for a time. Hopefully the thief will be less quick to challenge a
knight of solamnia to a fight and the mage will be less quick to interfere
with a fair fight. 
OOC:  Denath and Graff have 24 hours of protection from Solamnic and
myself.  (not sure if protection extends to secondary clans, if so then
they have protection from holy order light as well)

Sender  Kael
Date    Mon Nov 24 02:56:47 2008
Subject Reethan, Theiwar

A deep dwarf defiled the waters of the Tantallon moat today with the
blood of many servants. It seems that the loyal servants of the town have
become an easy target for the minions of evil. To ensure the future safety
of the peoplefolk, the dwarf was promptly thrown out of the gates and a new
batch of barbed fences has been erected. Hopefully the massacres will end,
for the manpower needed for our daily patrols is slowly but surely wearing

Kael Encuintras
Knight Postulant
Order of the Crown

OOC: 24 hours to Reethan from the Knighthood.

Sender  Halieth
Date    Thu Nov 27 04:50:19 2008
Subject Kael

My path crossed today with a squire weary from his overactive swordarm.
Back home, we call it goboitch, an incurable disease that finds its way
into the hearts of the strongest of mankind.

While laying my healing hands on him to help ease his pain, he resisted
and suffered a reverse flow of magical energy, knocking him out cold
in the outlying fields of Palanthas.

(removed killer flag. 24 hours to Kael from us light hosers.)

Sender  Eleena
Date    Sun Nov 30 03:56:11 2008
Subject Tnaxz, maverick marauder

I was strolling leisurely toward the High Clerist Tower when I heard an
anguish cry ring out in the distance. A small figure emerged at the gate,
chattering excitedly to his gnoll companion. A bright pendant daggled from
his neck, reflecting the sun's glare onto my blade. I leapt behind some
bushes for cover and waited until the two lumbered past before I tried to
sneak up for a closer look.

A coin fell out of my pouch and jangled on a nearby rock as I came out of
hiding, announcing my presence earlier than I would have liked. We traded
metal, loud clanks ringing out in the serene air of the plains. The goblin
took off, disappearing into the unknown. Muttering to myself, I continued
on to Palanthas, keeping a constant lookout for the creature.

Before long, I was lulled by the arcane words of a robed figure. I fell
headlong into the dust that settled on the streets but was woken by a sharp
jab to my rib. Goblin toes! Branchala bless them. Jumping up, I swung
around groggily, knocking unconscious the same creature that ran from me.
Severing the chain that strung the pendant with my dagger, I took off down
a familiar alley before anyone else noticed.

(24 hours to Tnaxz, from me and those who stand by my beliefs.
Looted dragon-eye ring, Walrus tusk, Solace signet and Albino Talisman.)

Sender  Tnaxz
Date    Sun Nov 30 04:04:19 2008
Subject lorci

Mutter and cursing, I waited next to a gully who smelt worse then I did.
Suddenly however, my gnoll companion started muttering and jabbering. He
finally had come. Tnaxz fully blamed Lor... Lorci, yes Lorci, for his early
incident with the crazed women, who woke up and crushed him. The gnoll
pointed, and Tnaxz cast of spell of sleep, and appearantly the man had
already been deeply wounded, for the gnoll quickly dispatched of him.
Muttering to himself and rifling through the corpse, he stole a ring, the
same kind of the king the crazed women had stolen earlier. Tnaxz muttered
and spoke a few words with his gnoll, and ran, an angry Knight was coming 
24 to Lorcan from marauderz

Sender  Lyndol
Date    Tue Dec  2 01:02:01 2008
Subject Tnaxz

The forest rustled softly, so unlike the cities that Lyndol had become
accostomed to.

It all came back though.

Ahead, a cave stood secluded, hidden behind two large boulders.  Lyndol
waited.  His informant was usually reliable, and had gotten word of a
goblin living in the area. Lyndol waited patiently, his unstrung bow
covered beside him.  You couldn't leave a bow strung for too long if you
wanted to fire at any distance.

Ahead, movement.  The goblin was returning!  Lyndol strung his bow slowly,
and waited as the goblin walked towards the cave.  The string was taunt,
and Lyndol's entire body shook with the effort of holding then tension. 
Finally, the goblin turned, presenting a clear shot, and Lyndol released
almost without thinking.  The arrow flew true, and the goblin slumped to
the ground, bleeding from the stomach wound.  Lyndol quickly gathered up
his supplies, and moved silently through the forest.

ooc:  Tnaxz attacked me with a few fireballs, I pincushioned him.  
24 hours from me.

Sender  Kael
Date    Thu Dec  4 23:27:33 2008
Subject Asher the minotaur

The sky today grows cloudy with unease, forming an imposing backdrop
against which the cityscape of Palanthas lay. There has been no paucity of
the minions of evil passing through these quarters nowadays. The quantity of
their kind is more than enough for the Knighthood to deal with, but the
weeding out of the occasional brigand from the constant crowd has proven to
be the true challenge.

There wasn't such a problem today though. A gargantuan minotaur stood heads
and shoulders above the predominantly human and elven populace. It is
perhaps questionable how he could possibly have thought that he would not be
detected and apprehended. A struggle soon ensued with the minotaur not
bothering to put up much of a fight, but preferring instead to run and hide
all his belongings before the guards got to him. Courage appears to be in
short supply these days, even amongst a race as majestic as the minotaurs.

As of the time of this report, the minotaur has been released back into the
wilds east of Palanthas.

Kael Encuintras
Knight Postulant
Order of the Crown

OOC: 24 hours to Asher from the Knighthood.

Sender  Eleena
Date    Fri Dec  5 03:05:09 2008
Subject Asher

The soft rustle of dried leaves among the vallenwood alerted me to an
unwelcome presence. Tracing the heavy steps of a creature that I would seem
familiar with, having sailed the seas with the clumsy bovine kind, the
stone path of parted leaves led me to the thunderous falls.

Spiders crept along the uneven rock outcrops, etched out by the powerful
force of the waters pounding mercilessly unto the bedrock that cradled its
plunge. The critters now moved along in a hurried manner toward the east,
and having been to jungles of the Isles of Pirate Lords, I've learnt that
this behaviour manifests only when something or someone that inspires fear
has intruded into their territory.

Heading west then, I leaned myself as far into the walls of the stone cave
as possible. Loud bashing sounds drifted from a wet cavern nearby. I peeked
cautiously around the corner but alas, my blade ran loud against the stone
cold walls and rattled a resounding announcement of my presence. Stepping
quickly into the moist, dark air, I circled and knocked the hulking figure
unconscious before an unnecessary brawl broke out.

Fleeing from the scene, with the shouts of the Solace town watchman bearing
down on me, I tripped on a rock that appeared out of thin air, falling down
a deep ravine, towards a robed figure that steadily muttered arcane

(OOC) 24 hours to Asher Bababooey from me and those who walk the same path
as I do.

Sender  Kiyohime
Date    Fri Dec  5 03:40:26 2008
Subject A Knight who strayed

So, as it happened, I was hurrying back to the Temple one night,
which seemed to be some sort of Festival Night in Palanthas.
People were celebrating, wearing colourful masks, making noise
and singing.
And of course, ale and spirits were flowing.
Which always leads to perhaps overly rowdy behaviour in
some people, especially those prone to boasting about
their particular talents.
Well, I was almost to the Temple doors, when I was acosted by a very
, um, happy Knight of Solamnia. He was drunk.
I tried to avoid him, but he kept jumping in my way, singing
some bawdy tavern limirick.
So, he jumped at me, grabbing me.
He didn't notice that I had been practicing a protection
spell called "Shockshield".
The smell of burnt hair wafted down the street.
He more or less collapsed on the street.
So, um, Mishakal bless you, Sir Kael.
25 hrs to Sir Kael, in hopes he learns sobriety, from Holy Order Light.
Removed Killer, all in the Spirit of Alliance. :)

Sender  Karezak
Date    Mon Dec  8 20:34:00 2008
Subject The goblin.

It was a brisk cold night on the Day of Shinari, 18th the month of Argon
while Karezak was sent to patrol the surroundings of a possible invasion
from those he had just become one of. Karezak walked around the city, never
entering its limits for fear of being spotted. Karezak sat in the forests of
Solace, watching, looking at peoples every day lives, seeing there routines,
noticing guard patrols, things of the nature. On his third trip around the
city at about 0:15 he had happened upon a goblin, one wit h not so great
looks and an even worse smell. Thinking nothing of it he continued on his
journey's studying this town and those who inhabited it, by the time Karezak
came around again, this goblin was still sitting in the same spot, at this
point Karezak was weary of the goblin not knowing if it was stupid or what,
that was then that it happened a silly villager had see n Karezak, bells
raised alarms rang out through the night, realizing he had to get away and
fast Karezak turned on his heels and was about to flee when he suddenly
remembered that stupid goblin. This goblin had seen him, knew how many times
he went around and Karezak could not let this stand, if the goblin was
captured and tortured karezak could not risk being identified by a goblin
the night was dark so it was not too much to hope the villager had just seen
a shadow, but the goblin saw him. Without a second thought karezak drew his
blade and quickly set upon the goblin who barely, if at all, reacted and was
quickly put down with a few precise swings. Counting this as a victory of
his assignment Karezak quickly fled and hid until the commotion quieted down
and he could move around in peace. 
(ooc) Saw tnaxz killed him, took some coins and his crown 24 to Tnaxz from DA.

Sender  Derkylos
Date    Tue Dec  9 20:47:14 2008
Subject The mage and the monk.

Walking through the city coming back from important business with the
Royal advisor I happened to pass by a mage, one of which i would not forget,
this was the very mage that had previously knocked me out a while ago.
Deciding to finish my business with the royal advisor before engaging this
new foe, i walked up and spoke with the advisor informing him my business
with him was done i went back down to ask a fellow clergyman for a few
blessings. With that done i walked down to the imperial square and quickly
set upon the mage, a few well placed punches had the mage fleeing, running
this way and that. Quick in pursuit i followed the mage who seemed to know
his way around palanthas well, in and out of alleys, up and down the
streets, i gave a few shots where i could before he finally walked the
corridors of magic, at this juncture i went back to chat with the clergyman
in the pit . Had him tend to my wounds during out chats before the mage
returned, this is when the final blow was landed, after a few minutes of
blows being traded Marcz started to attack my snake, i then took the chance
to plant my palm in the back of his head This rendered him unconcious while
i was free to delve into his items grabbing some of interest and moving on
my way back to the temple. 
(ooc) 24 hrs to Marcz from holy order looted a few things of value.

Sender  Elinos
Date    Tue Dec  9 20:55:07 2008
Subject derkylos

A mage must sometimes deal with unpleasant elements in the search for
spell components, Elinos thought as he walked through the city of Tarsis.
Seeing the correct door, he knocked in the prescribed fashion and was
admitted. Just as he crossed the threshold of the hidden shop, a shout
caused him to turn and look. An unarmed monk was running from the local
watch, cursing and obviously drunk. Glancing both ways, Elinos threw some
sand into the air and recited the spell. The monk fell, sound asleep. The
town watch quickly grabbed the monk, and dragged him off to jail. Elinos
returned to the shop. They were rumored to have an excellent supply of gnat

24 hours to Derkylos from Conclave and myself.  
Killer removal. 

Sender  Derkylos
Date    Wed Dec 10 22:02:49 2008
Subject Another mage and a monk.

Walking the streets of vingaard taking care of things, i was accosted by
a mage, one that wore the same color robes as the last mage who came at me.
With the recognition of the spidery sounds of magic i promptly set up the
attack. It was with great ease that i had the mage bleeding and broken, when
i fled i gave chase and finished the mage with a choke hold to subdue but
not kill him. 

(ooc) Tarones attacked by accident, i killed. good game kids, 24 hours to
tarones from HO

Sender  Kael
Date    Fri Dec 12 20:27:47 2008
Subject The Knife of Dracart: Gnash the goblin

It has been two full days since I have discovered the knife artifact, but
something gnaws at me. I have heard reports about a farmer being slain at
the gates of Kalaman around the time that I found the weapon. My
comarades-in-arms also say naught about the impending siege of the
Dragonarmies that I supposedly witnessed. Was I the perpetrator of the
crime? I took a prolonged leave of absence from the garrison today and
sought answers. The artifact that I found seems to wane in its power each
day. At the beginning, the blade shined with a strange luminosity and the
handle was a polished ivory. What I now held in my hands is but an ordinary
dagger, more likely to be discarded by an ironsmith as a lemon than an
unholy artifact.

I revealed my escapade to no one. I set on a journey to the city of Sanction
where I am certain to find a force of evil too strong to counter alone. But
I need to know the truth. If it were truly the artifact I held, it would
draw the minions of evil upon me. If not, I would have saved myself the
embarrassment of turning a useless knife over to my superiors. The journey,
hopefully, would not take long.

It was a folly of mine that I did not factor in my calculations the
eventuality of other creatures on Krynn seeking the same thing I sought.
Everywhere I went, I felt the burning gazes of others upon my back. I
clutched the parchment with the dagger's sketch tight and the knife I
believed to be the key to this mystery even tighter.

It did not take long before my first battle on this quest was fought. My
path crossed with that of a goblin, not unlike the two of the Dragonarmies I
encountered east of Kalaman. This one bore no trappings of the Dragonarmies,
but in these times fraught with deceit I could not be sure. A hasty battle
with the goblin ended with the goblin being knocked unconscious. Not wanting
to be delayed any further by such distractions, I took the goblin's lantern
such that he could not easily find his way back to his base to report his
mishap. When he does, I will be long gone.

Kael Encuintras
Knight Postulant
Order of the Crown

OOC: 24 hours to Gnash from the Knighthood.

Sender  Tnaxz
Date    Fri Dec 12 23:31:51 2008
Subject Knife Of dracart. (fireballed karezak while he had 1 hp :) )

Finally leaving his alley, Tnaxz had decided hed leave other goblins to
note any strange occerences in the city or anyone leaving with a strange
dagger in their hands.  " Beh. Dark alley no fun. I find why dagger so
important." After a long while of wandering around and eating rats in a
dump, Tnaxz stumbled upon a Dragonarmy officer! But, the Dragonarmy officer
burst out when Tnaxz was still wondering what to do and attacked his troll
(This one was trained better so he wouldnt end up running in terror from his
bodyguard again.) So screaming, Tnaxz fled and used magic to dissapear. 
"Bah, I come back, make him a toasty corpse, steal what he knows of dagger."
Walking back into the dump, Tnaxz looked down from a precariously swaying
pile of trash. Screaming  "BWA!!" and shot a fireball downwards.

Checking out the smoldering unconscious body, Tnaxz noticed a few sword
marks  "Hrm. Guess Dragonarmy already get beat up. Mebbe he lost dagger and
dragon step on him." Shrugging, Tnaxz rifled through his things.  "Bah! No
dagger No dagger message Must have exploded in fire, yes, must have exploded
in fire. Have to use not so fiery spell next time." Shrugging Tnaxz went to
peek down behind the Inn outside the city, near the dump. He heard some
interesting things, a elf in Palanthas with a pretty dagger, seen coming out
of an alley by the thief guild.  "Dragon dagger?" Tnaxz asked himself out
loud . He shrugged, it didnt matter, it might be, and thats what counted. He
would get a goblin to go and spread rumors of this quickly to Kalaman and
Caergoth.  "Someone get it, sleep outside city. Tnaxz get it then, mebbe." {z
Tnaxz sighed, this was too much work for a lazy goblin like himself.
Besides, a guard from the city gates was chasing him and screaming.  "Bah!
Dont think ill come back to Palanthas." Tnaxz muttered and disappeared into
a gate appearing from nowhere.

24 to karezak from marauder and meh. Fireballed him, turns out he had 1hp :P

Sender  Raelin
Date    Sat Dec 13 20:17:21 2008
Subject The Knife of Dracart: Derkylos

Penned in the leather-bound diary of a mage of Lunitari:
This Day of Nuindai, 22nd the Month of Reorxmont, I struck gold. Well, not
really gold, but close to it. Rumours have drifted far and wide about an
artifact of power lost by the Dragonarmies and all who coveted it scrambled
to retrieve it. The magical channels have been clogged by the black robes
loyal to Nuitari who sought to grab hold of the artifact before their
Takhisisian brothers did. The red robes have been largely apathetic about
this, but the Archmage has issued a decree that should the opportunity
arise, the artifact (which has been said to be a knife with a curved
handle) should be returned to Lunitari's embrace to restore Krynn's

The opportunity did arise, though not in the manner that I would have
expected, but such is the way of life. I have been hunting a particular
dark robed monk who attacked some members of the Conclave a while back.
Long has he eluded me, but not today. I spotted him in the Solamnic plains
curiously sticking his head into a well covered in vines. After a minute or
two, he began to cover up the well with sticks and stones, apparently in a
bid to obscure an item of value. It appears that I have hit the jackpot.
Haste nearly got the better of me as I reached out my hand in an attempt to
cast an incantation on the monk. Rationality soon grabbed hold as there was
no way that I could win a battle head-on without a touch of guile.

I wandered around the locality, asking if anyone would be willing to join
me in my little quest to subdue the monk. The strangest of creatures were
party to my ad hoc army. Solamnic guards guarding the walls of the nearby
city of Vingaard stepped down from their posts and even the citizens of the
town of Lemish joined in the fun. Soon, a sizeable army was amassed and the
monk was subdued easily without much of a hassle. I rummaged through the
unconscious monk's items and not knowing which ones were valuable, I took
them all.

The covered well beckoned. I stuck my hands through the vines and stones
and was unpleasantly surprised when my index finger was cut by a sharp
object. I threw the debris aside. What is this -- a shiny dagger with a
curved blade? I grinned. Lunitari will undoubtedly be pleased.

Master Raelin Starblade for the Wizards' Conclave.
OOC: 24 hours to Derkylos from the Conclave.

Sender  Makarth
Date    Tue Dec 16 06:17:09 2008
Subject Derkylos

24 to Derkylos..may incorporate a story in the knife quest later

Sender  Tobin
Date    Tue Dec 16 16:29:46 2008
Subject Lasher, Thiewar thief

It has been hardly a day since I have joined a peculiar band of people
driven by the same desire to maximise their wealth at the expense of
others. Having been mediocre at nearly everything that I have done so far,
I sought a way to impress upon higher management my utility. I stole apples
from a nearby street cart, but was chastised for it. I wagered a handsome
coin against a kender's pouch and won, but was subsequently asked to return
the item. It seemed I could do nothing right.

I drowned myself in the bitter ale in the thieves' guild. Perhaps it was
the ale, but opportunity never looked prettier. A lone figure was busy
concentrating on placing his stubby dwarven hands into the pockets of an
old woman. Heaving a huge breath, I managed a sharp blow to the back of the
dwarf's head. Rummaging through his pouches, I found some coins and a
little lint. Excellent, this will cover the ale.

OOC: 24 hours to Lasher from me and my people. 

Sender  Leaflock
Date    Wed Dec 17 00:24:16 2008
Subject Nurse, victim, wayward shark

The docks were quiet, unusually so for this time of night, but his victim
was there and that is where he had to be. Ever so quietly, Leaflock slipped
past the sleeping wharf kids and moved silently past the rats who barely
noticed his passing.

Plop. Crap, was that too loud? He wondered if his victim had heard the
noise, as it seemed louder than a mating chicken to the kender.



A nurse shark broke the surface of next to the docks, desperate for escape.
It looked huge! A nurse shark thrashed around by the surface of the water.

'Ahhh, you did not hear me did you' he grinned.

Quickly it was over and the carcass of his foe lay at his feet.

Leaflock, the Shark Hunter!

OOC: 24 hours to the Nurse Shark, from me and my people.

Sender  Valas
Date    Thu Dec 18 15:02:56 2008
Subject Retaliation.

I was walking through some Gods-cursed hole in the planet when out of
nowhere something that looked like a gully dwarf attacked me. I hate the
wretched little gutter trash. He lacked any real skill but the attack was
vicious enough. I fended him off and before I could even take to the
offensive he was gone. No one touches my person and survives to tell the
tale unless I allow it. I wandered a bit, but following a trail in such a
high traffic area was impossible. Luck was with me as he happened to cross
my path again, this time I laid the ambush. 

He wandered by, oblivious to my presence, and when he wasnt looking I made
the attack. It was a vicious combo, designed to completely kill the little
beast, but as he did no real damage to me, I merely left him bleeding in the
street. Perhaps old age has made me soft. *shrug* 

(Think Lasher was testing my level, well... Now you know.  24 from me and merc)

Sender  Kael
Date    Thu Dec 18 18:02:29 2008
Subject The Knife of Dracart: Lasher and tales of a mercenary

I have been looking over my shoulders the past few weeks. The road to
Sanction is impossibly long and the air grows stale with the sweat of the
weary warrior that I am. The light source that I have brought with me from
Kalaman has long been extinguished and the lantern I took from the goblin I
previously encountered lit the way for the most part. The flame weakly
flickers and I am going to have to change it soon, but probably not just
yet. I trudge resolutely on. It was not long before I adjourned my endless
walk at a bar along the streets. The ale was warm and bland, but an
adventurer cannot really complain. I was just glad that my aching body could
seek a rest. 

A casual conversation with the barkeep revealed an interesting story about a
mercenary and a dragonarmy soldier who was a regular at the establishment.
Apparently, a kidnapping was witnessed by one of the serving wenches, where
the soldier was bound and taken by the mercenary. Afraid to be implicated,
the serving wench hid in the shadows before excitedly reporting the incident
to the barkeep. Interestingly, the barkeep had earned a pretty coin from the
mercenary in exchange for his silence, but I guess secrecy is not his best

Now that he was in the groove, the barkeep had more information to spew. His
connections were wide and ranging in this area and his tales spun
vicariously off those that he had held from the many customers visiting this
sole tavern. He could not be certain, but he said that a theiwar dwarf was
found bleeding nearly to death on a nearby street apparently assaulted by
this very same mercenary. I thanked the barkeep for his candour, albeit
persuaded by a slightly drunken stupour, and left a silver coin on the

On my way out, I did see the theiwar the barkeep spoke of. I picked him up
gently to see if all was well with him, but my aching arms could not hold
the immense weight. The dwarf fell to the ground from a height with a
sickening thud. I feared I might have been the straw that broke the camel's
back. Thankfully, the dwarf started snoring heartily after a while and I
went on my way. I tightened the grip on my sword hilt. This mysterious
mercenary might prove to be an interesting distraction on the road.

Kael Encuintras
Knight Postulant
Order of the Crown

OOC: 24 hours to Lasher from the Knighthood.

Sender  Kael
Date    Thu Dec 18 22:41:38 2008
Subject The Knife of Dracart: Lars Ognash

My sword crossed with a minion of evil nearly 4 hours after my departure
from the tavern, though not with the mercenary I was seeking. While
returning on the road to Sanction, I recognised an emblem of Takhisis
proudly worn on a passing warrior -- a symbol that incited a burning
battlelust within me. As much as I admired the warrior's courage in donning
his faith for all to see in these times of peril, I felt it necessary to
draw my blade at the sight of the enemy. The ensuing fight was a
straightforward one and it was not long before the point of my blade was
perched precariously on the warrior's throat. There is little to be had in
taking another life unnecessarily, for much blood has already been spilt.
Having issued a stern reprimand and requested for a change in the warrior's
errant ways, I released him on his way and continued on mine. 

Kael Encuintras
Knight Postulant
Order of the Crown

OOC: 24 hours to Lars from the Knighthood.

Sender  Cinna
Date    Fri Dec 19 01:52:14 2008
Subject Pockets of Impending Doom

I was taking a stroll through the Vallenwoods under Solace and enjoying
every minute of it. The weather was perfect for a little aimless wandering!
I reached down to pick a pebble to practice my newly acquired skill on the
lake - rock skip. As I tossed the pebble, a gleam of light caught my eye,
and it wasn't coming from the sky. Over taken by curiousity, I lightened my
step to a stealthy creep and moved to a better angle behind the shiny
object. Upon closer inspection, I found a man sitting up against one of the
large Vallenwoods - oblivious to my presence. 

I approached him slowly from behind intent on borrowing something for a bit.
Just as I slipped my hand into his pouches he realized that I was there. He
turned so fast that I got startled and walloped him in the head with my
pouches. The coin inside rang out as it connected with the side of his head
and he fell unconscious. 

I hadn't noticed a half-elf making his way through the forest floor. The
report from my coin pouch ravaging the side of the injured man's head must
have alerted him to what was going on. I looked around and back at the
half-elf to see him unsheathe his blade - He was coming towards I
jumped to my feet ran through the trees that I knew so well. I must have
lost him just before I reached my Uncle's house because he was chasing me

Short of breath, I staggered into the house.

"Uncle Brim! Uncle Brim!," I yelled when I got inside. Brim came down the
stairs with a curious look on his face.. 

"Brim! You'll never believe what just happened..."
24 to Valas from the Lusty Wanderers
-Killer Removed-
Aunt Cinna

Sender  Ezarath
Date    Fri Dec 19 01:56:25 2008
Subject [FWD] Kael

GRAGH. Thud.

Ezarath angrily flung the stick he was chasing after a Kender with. Small
lil' slippery creatures they is. Plucking some peppermint leaves along the
dirt paths, he chewed loudly grunting mostly to himself and any interested

He was feeling like he needed to beat up something, like when he used to
wrestle with Trinos many years ago. The fun wouldn't cease till they drew
blood and fell down in a pile in guffaws.

Heaving an extraordinarily huge sigh, Ezarath blew out his torch by
accident. GRAGH. The earth shook from his tantrum and he heard the clanging
of steel and armor.

Perking up, he knew "Target this way come!". Fist cocked, he swung a mean
punch as a figure clothed in blackened steel rounded the corner and knocked
him out cold.

"HAWHAW" he rubbed his palms with glee, first picking up a tiny lantern so
he finally has light, and then continued to rummage through a rucksack the
warrior carried, picking out items that caught his attention. A shiny bell,
a pretty hat, spare clothing...

Ezarath wore the bell on his belt, secured with the help of his newfound
light. Pretty handy lantern he thought, and ran off jubilant, leaving a
trail of dust in his wake.

(24 hours to Kael from me and my clan. Killer removal.)

Sender  Tobin
Date    Fri Dec 19 19:29:30 2008
Subject Gnash

The captain was mighty pleased with the steal I made a couple of days ago
with the theiwar in the thieves' guild. Yet, I was still considered the new
recruit and wet behind the ears. I decided that in order to allay the
misgivings of my commanders as to my usefulness, I had to prove my mettle
more than just that once. A brawl with a minor goblin at an inn that did not
reach a conclusion settled my mind as to who my target for this task should

The goblin proved to be slippery and elusive, but so were the mud puddles in
a gully dwarf hole. Arranging the banana skins and stinky trash in an
orderly fashion, I engineered the momentous fall of the goblin down a
weirdly shaped rubbish chute. The banana skin set the fall in motion, the
wet bags of refuse accelerated the descent and the numerous sharp bends and
corners of the undulating chute ensured the unconsciousness of the goblin by
the time of exit. My bare hands did the final hard work of plucking coins
from under the goblin's chainmail. The captain will be pleased.

Signed (in a scrawly manuscript), Tobin. 

Sender  Kael
Date    Sat Dec 20 06:00:25 2008
Subject The Knife of Dracart: Kaiba

It has been a full month since I left the city of Kalaman for my journey
to Sanction. I understood the perils of a road fraught with danger and
accepted the strenous task ahead of me as I trudged through the snow-laden
Khalkist mountains. What I did not expect was the unprecedented opposition I
faced even before I reached the enemy's abode. Thus far, they manifested in
a yet unknown mercenary accused of battery and kidnap, a servant warrior of
Takhisis and a minotaur warrior I just encountered. There is a likelihood
that the three minions of evil are somehow connected, though I cannot be

For the purpose of recordance and possible later submission to the
Knighthood if I do finally return from this quest, I shall briefly recount
the altercation that took place between the said minotaur and I. I was
freezing from the impossible cold on the road and the only respite to be had
was a desperate huddle under a tiny nook. The travellers through this region
are few and far between and I was caught by surprise when a horned and furry
head stuck itself through the small hole, apparently looking for something.
Minotaur! My hands acted before my head could, and I swung a dagger wildly
at the protruded head, loping off a horn in the process. The creature
screamed in a terrible crescendo of pain. I heard a dull thud and correctly
assumed that the minotaur had temporarily fallen. Stepping out of the nook,
I wondered what business the creature would have had on such a desolate road
but hurriedly left the scene anyway, lest the minotaur regained his senses.
I retained the severed horn as a keepsake -- it would make an excellent

Kael Encuintras
Knight Postulant
Order of the Crown

OOC: 24 hours to Kaiba from the Solamnics.

Sender  Valas
Date    Sat Dec 20 17:24:39 2008
Subject Violence Magnet.

I begin to wonder what it is about my bearing that lesser races find so
desirable... First a gully dwarf then a smelly little goblin.

As I was walking quietly down a side road on my way to Sanction, the little
wretch decided my wealth was worth more than his well being. Assuming it
even was a he... They all look alike. I knew I was being followed, I quietly
slipped a pair of daggers from their sheathes and continued as though
nothing were amiss. The clumsy thing jumped from the shadows and in a move
that completely over balanced it, ended the battle before it ever began. I
immedietly flung myself into a roll, hopping up in perfect balance along
side it. Snapping my arms out in a flurry of well aimed blows, the creature
was completed overwhelmed in a matter of seconds. He managed to dodge a few,
but I scored so many hits in so short of a time, it fell before it I could
finish my routine. I stared down at the creature, almost amused as it's last
sight before losing conciousness was me hovering over it with a pair of
bloodied daggers in hand. I did a quick search and discovered a few items of
interest, some coin, and a smell that I knew would be burned into my brain
for quite a few days. I kicked it, hard, and stalked off to find a stream.
God, the blood stank like rotting fish.

(24 to Gnash from me and Merc) 

Sender  Lars
Date    Sat Dec 20 18:08:54 2008
Subject Redemption

My encounter with the Solamnic had left me injured. But once my wounds
had mended, I was only angry. I must seek redemption in the eyes of

I left at once for the city of Palanthas hoping to find the Solamnic I had
run into outside of Sanction. I made my way through the square attempting to
obtain the name of the Solamnic. All I had was a rough description so things
weren't looking too well at this point. Slightly parched, I stopped to drink
from the fountain. As I bent down to drink from the cool water, a man came
at me from behind. I knew I would not be overly welcome in this town so I
was waiting for this moment - I was certainly on my toes. 

I turned quickly with my halberd in hand and was just in time to catch the
thrust of his dagger with my shield. As his dagger slid off the side of my
shield I lunged forward, bashing him to the ground. He was slightly stunned
as he staggered back to his feet. I slowly walked closer to him, dropping my
shield to ground. 

As I raised my hand I spoke a few soft words, "My Queen, Takhisis... Lady of
Darkness... grant me strength over my enemy and let your wrath flow through
my hands." 

Still dazed, I clutched him by the neck. He screamed in agony and fell to
the ground again. Barely conscious, but breathing, he lay in the middle of
the square afflicted through the power and will of Takhisis. 

I knelt down by him and asked, "Your not whom I seek. Who are you?!" The man
said nothing. "Did he send you after me? Do you work for him?!" Again,
nothing but silence.

A slight smirk formed upon my face and I muttered to myself, "Well... I'll
take these for my trouble. You won't be needing them for a while..." 

I grabbed a few things that I might sale to help cover some needed supplies
for the trip ahead. I looked up to see the city guards coming towards me
with blades drawn. I grabbed my shield and made haste out of town. 
 *-- Twenty-four to Lasher from me and mine --*
Lars Ognash

Sender  Kiyohime
Date    Sat Dec 20 18:40:59 2008
Subject Darkness Squished

Heading back to the Crystal Tower, I always seem to meet the strangest
folk. It never fails that once outside Palanthas, in the farmlands, away
from the ever vigilant eyes of the Solamnic Knights, some sort of mischief
is afoot. Today was no different.

As my cart rounded a slight curve in the road, I spied a stocky Minotaur,
waylaying travellers, demanding information about some sort of object, a
blade, something Dargo..Draco...Drated, I don't know. Anyway, as I came up
to where he was, I could see the Unholy Aura around the beast, and, upon
closer examination, could see he wore the evil raiment of a servant of the
Dark Queen.( A name I will not speak here). He was rude once he saw my
surcoat, not realizing my station in the Holy Order. As he tried to drag me
off my cart, I called on Mishakal to help me.

Thunder rumbled around us, his eyes went wide and he backed away from the
cart, looking left and right. But the danger to him was from the Heavens. A
column of black clouds whirled around him, then they turned white, a
blinding white. A large, sandled godlike foot appeared over the unsuspecting
head of this minotaur Unholy warrior, quickly stamping him into the ground,
grinding him into the earth. Sort of reminded me of how the Gully children
play squish the cockroach.

So, that handled, and everyone else fleeing for the hills, I continued on my
way, enjoying the now clear weather. 
25 hours to Lars, the evil wretch from Holy Order Light and Dr.Scholls.
Keep on gellin'! (Removed Killer while practicing Holy Smite)

Sender  Tilra
Date    Mon Dec 22 02:51:01 2008
Subject Lasher

Drying the beads of perspiration from my brow, I pushed on in the heat.
It felt like the ground was burning a hole through the soles of my feet.
Not used to the stony surface, I waded uncomfortably on the sides of my
feet, while trying to get to my destination as quickly as possible without
drawing unwanted attention.

Was that another shadow I saw? Who could know me in this new land?

I stopped at a streetside stall and pretended to be interested in some
peaches. Glancing sideways, I thought I saw two figures turn and pretend
to examine each other's backpacks.

They couldn't have found me, could they? If they knew where I was, why was
I allowed to live till this day? It has been months since I left the wildwoods.

Deciding that I should waste no time in getting to the meeting point, I
pressed on, my steps now evidently urgent, paying no heed to the intense heat.
More and more, I became certain that I was cursed, my tattoo now burning
in my flesh.

I held on to my right cheek as my eyes burned from the magical affliction.
Rage unbeknownst to me rushed to my heart and I swung around, out of control.
Choking the figure by his neck, I pinned him to the wall with surprising

Who sent you? I hissed at the one whom I thought was sent to accost me.

Before he could answer, his eyes grew wide as my tattoo of a spider came alive
and pierced his neck with its venomous bite. I screamed and loosened my
stranglehold on the now-unconscious figure.

Quickly covering my right arm with a sash, I took off his shoes and ran 
in pain into the vallenwoods, where I felt more at ease.

What have I become? Who has cast this malediction upon me?

Tossing the thought aside for now, I bent down to find a trail to my rendezvous. 
Sprinting along eastwards, comfortable now that I am on familiar ground again,
I came upon a cave entrance and climbed a giant web of unnatural vigour.
There he was, as promised to me. This is going to work.

(24 hours to Lasher from me and those who vowed that we'd keep each other safe)

Sender  Tilra
Date    Mon Dec 22 05:22:22 2008
Subject Kaiba (this is a continuation of my previous warnote for Lasher)

I don't understand what is happening to me. Tilra fought back tears as she buried
her face in his familiar embrace. Uramir stroked her long silken hair and tried
to calm her shivering form.

You are ill from the curse. His voice melding into the whispers of the winds.
Tilra looked up at her master, and sought guidance in his calm green eyes. With
no one she could bring herself to trust after her twin brother's betrayal, she
left the only world she has ever lived in, to look for somewhere else where she
can be safe. Safe from the jealousy of Quintas, safe from those who have been
led to believe that she killed the Elder.

I can fight this devil magic. Teach me incantations so that I can wrestle my mind
mind back to sanity. It cannot be that Majere has forsaken me, his chosen one of
the Wild. Tilra clawed at her burning tattoo, bestowed and enchanted by the Elder.

The magic bound to the tattoo that once granted her strength and wisdom now turned
against her in the most malevolent manner. She fell to the ground as another wave
of torture hit--it felt like a thousand fireworms shot through her body and were
gnawing away at her flesh. 

Uramir's mouth was moving strangely. You cursed me! My master and trusted guide, you--
Tilra lunged forth, swiftly drawing her dagger and aimed to sever the jugular.

And then Uramir vanished.

She followed the whispers of the winds and the marks beneath the vallenwoods, stumbling
now and then through her blurry sight. Uramir! she cried as he stepped off the
docks onto the ferry. She leapt for the stern, barely making it.


The ferry was approaching Palanthas but Uramir was still nowhere in sight. She
had searched the ferry thrice over in vain for her master. Her mind was clouded
and she was longer in control of it as the magical frenzy overwhelmed her.

Stepping off onto the docks, she thought she saw a tall figure walk off towards a
dark alley. Blades drawn, she charged like an enraged beast at him. An unusually
low groan escaped Uramir as he hit the ground. She kicked his torso and gasped
as a bovine face was revealed. 

Was this Uramir's disguise or true self? She shook her head as if it would help her
think clearer. But Tilra had no time to stop, as the Palanthian guards came running 
upon hearing the commotion. She ran for cover clawing the left side of her neck, which
now bothered her more. The magic was moving.

(24 hours to Kaiba from me and those who swear to fight by my blade)

Sender  Aldren
Date    Tue Dec 23 04:50:16 2008
Subject Kaiba

I gestured to the bartender to refill my mug with a pint of his finest.
He is making me wait again. I tapped my fingers impatiently on the oak table
in an ascending tempo. An irate customer sitting just behind me began to
motion to ask me to stop, but decided against it after seeing my
ill-concealed sword. I continued my endless wait.

"Aldren, you are early," a cloaked figure sat gently down in an opposite
chair and beckoned for his own serving of ale. I chuckled at his joke. "So
what will it be this time? I earned a fair bit from you on the last;
transaction and I will have you know that nothing is off the table," I
issued in reply.

"Guile isn't your best suit is it, Aldren? Very well, I need to teach a
certain someone who has recently left; our organisation a lesson." The
cloaked figure hands over a folded and sealed parchment. "The details you
need to know are in there." I nodded in acquiescence.

The cloaked figure rose from his seat even as his mug of ale was served and
laid a single steel coin on the table. "Your first payment," he whispered.
The cloak slightly slips, revealing part of a ghastly scar across the man's
face. He quickly adjusts his cloak, obscuring the mark, and takes his

I commence the finger tapping again and unfurl the parchment. So it's a
minotaur this time round, how interesting. I wonder when my fellow
mercenaries will start doing their own dirty work. I pocketed the steel coin
and left a silver one for the serving wench. The deed shall be done. 

Aldren Kyra'dir

OOC: 24 hours to Kaiba from Mercenary Elite.

Sender  Zimluk
Date    Wed Dec 24 20:05:37 2008
Subject Lasher 


Zimluk was rummaging in the trash for some new clothing when the bell fastened
to his pouch jangled. THIEF! Zimluk grunted and heaved himself up from ankle-deep
trash to run after the escaping pilferer.

Ooh this is slippery one! Zimluk grumbled to himself as he fell down a deceptively
deep pile of garbage and landed with a thump, forming a radius of dust from which
rats ran helter-skelter.

Pulling himself up again, he scrambled for footholds to get back on top in the gully
His astute companion soon spotted the criminal and ran pointing a long finger in
the direction of escape. The gnomes chattered excitedly and worked the catapult with
never-before-seen fervor.

AHHHHHHH GRUGH and a sickening THUD.

Zimluk tilted his bum to the side and saw an unconscious figure beneath him, fingers
barely twitching from under Zimluk's weight. HAH! That'll teach you to steal from
Zimluk. He tilted himself a little more to relieve the thief of his loot and kept
the thief's nifty cloak for the coming winter. 

After all, when you take something from someone you are sitting on, it's not called
stealing right?

Lasher has 24 hours from my brutish brothers and I.

The Storytellers of Ansalon, The DragonLance MUD

Astinus points to the massive wall of books behind him and bids you to make a selection.

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Astinus sighs as he recants 'We saved 825 books from Ansalon from before the great Cataclysm through today.'