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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Wulfgar.

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You note the spine bears the word 'Wulfgar' scribed in light purple ink.

Author:  Wulfgar
Date    Sun Apr 21 11:51:20 2002

Subject  A Traitor Fallen

It was midday the day of Agorin in the month of Dry-Heat, when I, and my
fellow knights Konan and Trevalin, spied one of our most feered and respected
of enemies, Delve.

Recalling the order place to have him killed in anyway possible, we
immediately began preperation to attack, whispering prayers to our Dark Queen,
we were whisked to the traitor and we proceeded to attack.

With much difficulty, we tracked him down, and were finally able to defeat
him. We took no trophies off of the body of our victim, but proceeded to take
the traitor himself with us back to our headquarters so that proper punishment
may be dealt t to him.

Beware the wrath of Takhisis on those that desert her cause.

(OOC This is IMM approved) Wulfgar Protector of the Skull

Author:  Wulfgar
Date    Mon Apr 29 11:27:30 2002

Subject  journey for the Dragonlances...

As designated to me by my superior officer Lord Konan, i have gone to study
the dragonlances in order to discover their secrets.

by studying the lances we can acertain the knowledge required to produce the
fabled Shadowlances of Takhisis. Using the lances captured during the last
war, I have begun studying their aspects, delving for their secrets. With the
blessings of Tak Takhisis I can safely go about my business of aquiring the
knowledge of the forging of these lances. Soon I will find their hidden powers
so that the Shadowlances may be produced, and the armies of Takhisis can once
again overthrow the land.

Wulfgar Protector of the Skull

Author:  Wulfgar
Date    Wed May  1 13:48:29 2002

Subject  The Lance of Shadows

It was of the same day that he had received his vision of the Forge of
Takhisis that Wulfgar began his work towards discovering what secrets lurked
beneath the power of the Dragonlance.

After aquiring 2 of the mighty lances which had been taken during the war, he
quickly tread in the direction of the forge. "What shall we do my lord?"
asked one of the skull clerics restingin wait for Wulfgar.

"I do not care, leave me in peace so that I may work undisturbed."
returned the dwarf, quickly passing inside.

Finding a large stone table used for weapons, Wulfgar carefully layed out and
unwrapped the twin lances. Still having an eye for good steel, he quickly
noticed the fine craft and sturdy make of each lance.

Noticing no imperfections among the handle nor the deadly barbed hilt he
quickly muttered "A fine weapon indeed...a fine weapon..." Then, carefully
he reached out a hand to touch the lance.

From within the lance, a soft light of it's own glowed, and as he reached his
hand nearer, it began to grow in brilliance until it became painfully

"As I believed...a servant of Her Majesty may not touch this lance, and be
left unharmed." Quietly, he began to muse the possibilities of the lance,
the fathomless power that they held, to be able to slay dragons so easily.

Having come to a decision of some sort, he bowed his head, and uttered a
prayer to his queen. A shimer of force surrounded him, and once again he began
to reach for the lance.

Once again, the light began to eminate from the lance, but it was no longer
painful. Smiling, and giving quick thanks to his queen, he picked up the lance
and held it before him, once more examining the outer make.

The power that was heald inside was all to great to imagine, taking the lance
to the anvil of the forge, Wulfgar slowly placed it down. Reaching into a dark
corner, he picked up an immense hammer, his own, used for the make of fine

Slowly turning it in his hand, staring at the old craft and design, he hefted
it lovingly. "Now, we will see what powers this lance truly holds!" with a
violent swing that would have flattened any piece of metal, he slammed the
hammer onto th the lance, only to thrown backwards.

"In the name of Takhisis!" he silently said as he stared at what remained
of his favourite hammer, now cracked along it's strong handle and through the

Swearing an oath he quickly placed the lance back into the wrappings from
which it had come, and carried it away with him once again leaving the forge
as he had found it.

Outside, a Lily Knight snapped to attention, only to be brushed away by the
angry dwarf in his rush from the forge.

To himself he though "Only something blessed by Takhisis herself, only
something of the most profound evil can bend this lance to her will."
Slowing his pace, he began to laugh to himself.

"This is no easy task you have bestowed upon me my queen." Still chuckling
softly, he began to head towards the armory. Later after having aquired
several more of the lances, as well as his equipment for war, he whispered a
silent prayer to T Takhisis, and was whisked away to begin his search for the
evil artifacts that could break the power of the mighty Dragonlance...

Wulfgar Protector of the Skull

Author:  Wulfgar
Date    Sat May  4 21:27:22 2002

Subject  Quest for the Shadowlances

The Quest for the Shadowlance After his initial experiments and revalations
concerning the mystical, and very powerful, Dragonlance, Wulfgar traveled
forth from Storm's Keep to find the power that could ultimately bend the
lances will.

Through a quick journey blessed by the powers of his queen, he arrived at the
dragon stables and saddled his favorite blue mount. A dragon of much smaller
size than most others, its loyalty and magical prowess more than making up for
its lack of physical power. "Tonight my friend we travel on swift wings to
find that power that can bring about the glory of Takhisis." he soothingly
told the dragon.

Excited by the prospect of a long and trying journey, the blue quickly and
attentively followed his commanders orders. Without delay the pair took flight
and headed south, guided by the light of the red moon, which shed an eerie
light as of blood on the travelers. They flew straight for Sanction and to the
temples of the mighty goddess Takhisis. Wreathed in flames from the volcanos
surrounding, the two landed, and as the small blue was taken care of, Wulfgar
quickly proceeded to the templ temples. Once inside, he was accosted by two
guards. "My Lord Wulfgar, what business brings you to the temples of Her
Majesty the Queen?." asked the guard with quick precision and a sharp

Though the guard towered over him, Wulfgar dismissed him with a swift shove,
muttering "Tis no business that is needed to be discussed in the open...".

Once inside the temple, he proceeded to what was a quiet room, and once there
began to contemplate. Only a power of great evil could bend the lance, but
where could this power be found? How could this power be harnessed? With a few
moments thought the idea quickly crossed the dwarf. Of course, he was
surrounded by it, the deep and enthralling power that was the awe of Takhisis.

With the holy relics of Takhisis, even the great dragonlance could be broken,
he has seen it's power squashed before with just a simple blessing from the
Dark Goddess.

With great haste he quickly began to pick through the artifacts inside the
temple, retrieving the most powerful and unholy ones within reach, even the
weapons of Ariakas, which lay inside an honored place, became what he required
for his dark dee deed. Gathering his things in a thick backpack, and the
lances, still wrapped within their strong cloth, he traversed the distance to
the forge with little hinderance from the guards, who quickly stepped aside
for the Lord Knight.

Once inside the hot forges under the Lords of Doom, he unwrapped his things,
and placed them about. Once again, whispering the blessings of Takhisis he
reached for the lance, and once more was able to safely handle it.

This time, before immediatly reaching for the hammer, he began to whisper
soft, delicate words, words of great evil imbued with the wrath of Takhisis.
The words seeemed to have no effect, but they silently bit into the lances
outer power, debilit debilitating them only a fraction, yet as he continued to
speak, the lance began to lose some of it's luster.

Then laying the lance on the forger's anvil, surrounded by the evil artifacts,
he then procedded to take up his war hammer, not his forging one as he used

His hammer was made of the strongest materials that the dwarves could forge
with. It had no equal, and knowing this, he hefted it into position over his

Whispering prayer one more time, he dropped the hammer, smashing down with a
force that would shatter the strongest metals, that would rend any living
thing into a splintered mess.

And the lance, began to glow with light, to pulse with a brilliant aura, right
before it was hit....

(To be continued)

Author:  Wulfgar
Date    Sat May  4 21:43:02 2002

Subject  The Quest for the Shadolances (part 2)

The lance split, the aura glowed, and there was the sharp crack as if all the
rocks of the mountains had been shattered in one mighty thrust.

And the glow faded, leaving behind what could only be the holiest of holy
weapons, the Dragonlance...or was it? The cracks glowed as if still molten
steel, and slowly, quickly they sealed themselves. The lance became whole once
again, though something was different.

The dwarf himself, lay sprawled upon the floor, breathing heavily, his hammer
thrown from his hand. Wulfgar slowly got up to examine the lance that now lay
on the ground, having flown off of the anvil under the pressure of the blow.

"Of all the damn things this lance!...." cried the dwarf in an utter rage
at his seeming failure, and as he reached to grab the lance and try to
throttle his will into it, he noticed that when he touched it, it did not

There was no searing pain, no blinding force that would have incapacitated the
dwarf. As he looked more closely to it, he noticed that that there was a
strange hue to it as well, no more lusty silver radiance.

Stepping out from the glare of the forge fires, he examined it more closely
only to reveal success! He had done his work, he had forced the will of
Takhisis onto the lance, no longer was it the holy dragonlance, but a
corrupted version of its former self.

No longer the brilliant lance of Paladine, it fell somewhere between lightness
and dark, the effective forces of good and evil bound up inside canceled each
other out, leaving only what remained to be what looked like a normal lance.

THe only difference was that Wulfgar could feel the power, the wrath of
Takhisis inside, and he knew instinctively, that that power could be
harnessed, that it could overun the light inside.

Whispering thanks to his queen he picked up his hammer, and then the lance
itself, carefully placing them back into the folds of their respective cloths.
From there he left, and was once again before his mount.

"Up my friend, we head for Icewall to meet with Lord Konan and Sir Lotari,
that we may use what I have produced and their items as well to create anvil
upon which we shall forge Takhsisis' great weapons."

They quickly mounted upon the sky and flew south once again, this time due
south, towards the great Icewall Glavier where the anvil which would bring
into this world the greatest of all evil eapons was to be forged.

Wulfgar Protector of the Skull

Author:  Wulfgar
Date    Thu May 16 13:45:24 2002

Subject  Quest for the Shadowlances

The anvil was made, the tools for forging complete. Only one thing
remained....the hammer itself that would forge the mighty Shadowlances.

As Wulfgar thought over the possibilities, his Lord Konan burst in,
"Wulfgar, we have recieved a vision of the hammer."

Intrigued, Wulfgar listened, again, the trio of knights had to split upto
search for the individual parts of the hammer. Lotari for the stone shaft,
Konan for the dragon skull that would form the hammer itself, and Wulfgar for
the ancient magic t that would seal the two pieces together. Wulfgar pondered
the ancient craft of the weapon. What magic could seal these two parts
together and still hold the great weight of the magic of Takhisis? Only a
wizard would know.

Knowing no one else to turn to, Wulfgar sought out the dark knight Aelroth,
sorceror of the Thorn.

"Greetings lord Wulfgar," the mage began with a slight sneer on his face.
Muttering a quick hello, Wulfgar turned to the mage, "You know best the
magic of Her Majesty, tell me, what magic can be used to bind things together
in the most unholy of power?" Thinking for a minute, the mage responded
slowly "I know not of any magic readily available for what you request,
though I am sure the libraries in  the temples of Her Majesty may contain what
you seek."

Of course! Why had he bothered with the mage in the first place? With a quick
salute and not another word, Wulfgar stocked out of the room towards the
temples of Takhisis.

Once inside, he immediately began to ply through the books, searching every
one he could find dealing with the workings of his queen.

FOr days he searched fruitlessly finding no book that suited his purpose.
Finally, seeking rest from his labor, he lay down, only to wake again.

In his mind floated the burning image of a book hidden behind stacks of others
like it.

Wulfgar instantly knew the location as if bidden to it by his queen. He ran
towards it and crashed through piles of papers and books, seeking the one that
was his goal. Plowing into a stack he came back up with a book of ancient

The bounding of black leather was rotting away and the pages were yellowed
with age. Looking inside he found a recount of magics known only to those
loyal to the Queen of Darkness.

Inside he saw a paragraph that peaked his interest:

The spell of binding used to form the temple of Takhisis in the valley of
Neraka is one of great power and might. Inseperable are the items that are
bound bye it, The unholy magiks which flow through this binding can never be
undone unless the Queen herself bids it.

Reading furthur on he discovered that the magic scrolls onto which the ancient
spell were scrawled were kept in a magic shrine on a forgotten island east of
Silvanesti The writing went on furthur to explain the anicne tmagic curse that
had been layed upon the shrine.

"Bah, with Takhisis' help I can pass through any damn mages 'curse' with not
so much as a scratch." FInally taking leave of his studies he layed down to

In his mind floated a voice of the worst dreams, filled with doom and death,
"Do not underestimate the power of my curses foolish dwarf, and forever
remember them for their deadliness"

Muttering to himself, Wulfgar fell asleep. Before dawn the next day, he set
out upon dragonback, not wishing to expend his energy, for the cursed island.
WIth a slight shiver running down his back he prepared to face the trial which
his quen had layed before him.

Wulfgar Protector of the SKull

Author:  Wulfgar
Date    Thu May 23 18:20:17 2002

Subject  Quest for the Shadowlances

It was night before the dwarf emerged from the chasm of the island cave where
he had so recently entered.

Blood streamed from a gash across his arm clumsily bandaged with a scrap of
his tunic he had worn. His eyes were red rimmed and wide, as though still in
shock from what he had seen.

He slumped against the flank of his resting dragon, too tired to contemplate
what had occired to him, he only knew the minions of the evil sorceror who
cursed the great maw of the cavern had put up stiffer resistance than one
would think.

The blessings of Takhisis shielded him from their onslaught and yet
strengthened his own. He smiled wearily to himself and pulled a molded scroll
case from his belt. The outer casing was cracking, but the sacred pize inside
remained unharmed.

The ravages of time had not touched the last copy of the ancient scripture
that would bind the Hammer of Shadows together. Finally haveing achieved his
goal, he took one blissful moment of rest.

Then, Wulfgar whispered a slight prayer to his queen..."My Queen...give me
the strength to continue onward..."

Strength flowed through his tired muscles, blood burned once more in his
veins. The strength of the Dark Queen flowed through him like a dark wave.

Once more he mounted his dragon. "Up, we ride for Sanction."

With a powerful burst of his wings the dragon plummeted up into the air.

With grace the dragon floated upward and soared towards the horizon.
Eventually the two reached the glowing summits of the Lords of Doom, the
mighty cauldrons that would form the hammer.

Upon arriving a blast of heat slammed into the two, the metal of Wulfgar's
armor heated and began to burn. The tips of his plated beard began to singe
and the smell of burnt hair filled his nostrils.

He sharply reined, and flew out of range of the furnaces. "Damn blasted
volcanoes, can't get near them like this. We must get something to deal with

Searching his memory, he remembered the small village of Ironhammer. It was a
small village of his fellow neidar, skilled in the crafting of enchanted items
that provided protetion from all elements.

"Of course!" he guffawed "My own kin make the best steel, with the
finest protection." He reined the dragon again, and began to head for the
foothills of the mountains.

A day later, he was upon the air again. "Damn times, forces a dwarf to sell
his own beard before he can get what he needs." he muttered. After a days
exhausting bartering, he had to part with his favorite forge hammer in order
to aquire the s small helmet he now held in his hand. The helmet was ordinary,
but felt chilling to the touch, and had a mane that seemed to be frzen into a
spike of ice protruding from the top.

Again, the pair flew for the Lords of Doom, this time, upon seeing them, they
approached more cautiously. Then, he replaced his skull-like helmet with the
small dwarven one, and instantly felt a chill through his soul.

But, it was not a numbing chill, only a slight discomfiture that subsided
after beeing worn for a long time. Again the fired of the mammoth volcanoes
blasted up, and heat struck, but Wulfgar felt none of it, only a slight

The dragon, unaffected, landed and deposited it's rider on a crag that lead
deep into the heart of the mountain. It was finally time to create the
instrument that would bring about the mightiest and most evil of all weapons.

Wulfgar Protector of the Skull

Author:  Wulfgar
Date    Tue May 28 13:40:12 2002


The Lords of Doom echoed with the thunder of their booming eruptions, fire
hotter than a thousand red dragon's flames burned a smoky glow into the sky.

Deep withitn the bowles of the tallest mountain the three knights once again
met. "Greetings Lord Konan, Lord Wulfgar" exclaimed the knight Lotari,
who's most recent venture to the elves had provided him with protection
against the inferno's heat. The giant minoutaur nodded his greeting, and all
three raised a quick solute. "Let us be done with this, our forces need this
weapon, and our commanders yearn for the chance to once again raise the
Knighthood from this stalemate

into which we have ben placed" replied the dwarf.

Each in turn, drew their prized objects for which they had searched, Konan,
the skull of the silver dragon, Lotari, the stone shaft, and Wulfgar the
scroll upon which was contained the blessings needed to forge the hammer.

Wulfgar peered up through thick eyebrows at the other two, and then , the
forging of the shadowhammer began. WIth a loud, resounding voice, Wulfgar
began to read the enchantment upon the scroll. His voice echoed around the
cavern like a thunderou thunderous roar that carried all of the weight of the
Dark Queen.

Konan and Lotari simultaneously dropped their pieces into the blazing
cauldron, and as the enchantment continued, the steeming lava began to roar
with a violent force.

AS Wulfgar neared the end of the scroll, the lava hissed and screamed, the
smell of sulfurous smoke was overwhelming, black clouds of smoke churned in
the air, the forging was nearing it's completion.

" the poer of her Majesty Takhisis!" were the ending words of the
scroll, which boomed like a clarrion call through the cave. The cauldron
exploded, fire poured around the three warriors, only the enchantments of
their items protected th them from the toungues of the flames.

In front of the dwarf, amidst the chaos of the explosion, the hammer appeared.
Awe struck him...of all the hammers he had ever seen, this was the finest.

The stone was a dark obsidian color and the skull had faded to a melevolent
black. The entire hammer seemed as stone, but when he took it it was light and
easy to wield.

The chaos ceased, and before the trio appeared what had long been lost to the
world of mortals...the forge of Takhisis.

"By the queen..." they whispered. THe forge glowed with a dark radiance
that seemed to repulse all other light, but soothed the souls of her servants.

Inside lay the anvil that the three had constructed, the lances that had been
corrupted, and a hotly burning forge fire.

Walking over each realized that all of their work was a bout to be achieved,
the pinacle of their goals had come to fruition. FInally, the armies of
Takhisis would rise with a new power that would make them unstoppable.

Taking the lances, Konan placed them on the anvil, and took the hammer from
Wulfgar. With a critical eye he look the lances over and decided the time was

"It is now time for Her Majesty's greatest weapon to be created" stated
Lotari, not without a hint of excitement in his voice.

A glimmer corssed Wulfgar's eyes, and he smiled happily, "What fine weapons
we will create for our Queen." Konan easily hefted the hammer into his
hands, and taking a step back from the forge, he prepared to swing it. This
was the moment that could change the world, bring new power to the forces of

Taking the hammer, he lifted it up, higher and higher, until he was stretched
to his fll height. And then he swung...

The light of the forge flickered across the obsidian hammer that plunged down
with the entire weight of the minotaur behind it.

The world shook, the mountains trembled with the power that was unleashed, the
walls crumbled, the fires roared, the sound was deafening, and amidst it all
the scream of the chromatic dragon reigned triumphant.

Author:  Wulfgar
Date    Tue May 28 13:46:09 2002


This was it, the Shadowlances had been made, sparkes flew from the lance,
a dark purge swept through the glowing steel, and then it blackened into the
same color as the knight's armor.

The lances glowed not a light radiance as their silvery counterparts did, but
shone with a brilliant fiery aura that swirled around it. The firy aura did
not remain one color, but seemed of all colors.

At first it seemed green, then blue, then red, then white, and finally black,
until it settled into the last hue, and remained there, a dark overpowering

"It is done" sighed the minotaur, as if the blow had made him wearry,
requiring all his energy. The others nodded, feeling drained themselves.

With that, they looked upon the rest of the lances, they all matched the
first, glowing with the same dark aura.

Picking them up, they ventured out of the Volcano with their prizes. They had
creted her Majesty's ultimate weapon.

Calm seemed to reign the Lords of Doom for the first time in their history.

Author:  Wulfgar
Date    Tue Jul 30 14:49:52 2002

Subject  My History

I was young when the cleric Delve came to my town. I lived peacefully in a
small village of other Neidar dwarves, a village that existed off of trade
with humans.

I was gifted in the art of healing, the use of herbs and other such things.
For a long time I practiced this art and became very good at it, but I was not
content to stay at my home.

I saw my chance when the dwarf Delve, a member of the Knights of Takhisis,
came to our village. It was certainly something, none of us had seen many
outsiders before, least of all a knight, and a dwarven knight at that!

Soon after he passed through I left my village, seeking him out. I had always
wanted to do something, rather than sit and become a simple minded farmer.

I cought up with him, and upon his inspection, and after prayers to his Queen
I made oath, and joined the Knighthood.

As a squire, I received clerical powers from Her Majesty that were beyond my
wildest dreams, and they were only a taste of what I could achieve. I could
become powerful, and respected, a dream of any young dwarf in my taown.

Soon after I joined, war erupted between Solamnics and Knights of Takhisis. I
was placed in charge of the defense of Sanction, the capitol of worship for my

There I raised defenses, recruited hundreds of soldiers and trained them. The
war raged on, and though my soldiers did not directly participate, they held
the most important stronghold of the Knighthood.

The war calmed, and during the lull, I was promoted to the rank of Skull
Knight. It gave me great pleasure to be among the elite Knights in Her army.
The war began afresh, and my troops were tested in combat.

Though I myself did not accompany them, they helped in the taking, and the
defense of the HIgh Clerist Tower. During this period I was hunting the
elusive Wildrunner Makaris, who eventually escaped me, but not after
considerable harm.

Soon afterwards, the war ended, the Knighthood had fallen back to Sanction,
and for my efforts I was promoted to Skull Paladin. All was well, but then,
Lord Delve defected and began to systematically hunt down our knights.

Therefore, as a paladin of the Skull, it was my duty to put his crimes to an
end. With the help of the Lord Knight Konan, we hunted Delve down, and had him
at our mercy, only to have him escape before we could aprehend him.

Soon afterwards, to fill the whole left by Lord Delve's departure, I was made
Lord of the Skull and achieved the highest rank of the Skull Knights.

Things went well, I took squires, trained them, and produced knights. Yet,
things began to go downhill. The new Minions of Dark began to stir
considerable trouble.

The Mercenary General Thez was not agreeable, trying to force his ways upon
the other knights. The newer members also began to pose problems, and instead
of spreading the will of Her Majesty, I was forced to instead train her new

Therefore, I left under the precept that I becomre one of Her priests, or even
high priests, to spread Her influence throughout the land.

Thus, I have come to you, the Holy Order of the Stars, in order to achieve the
will of my Queen.

Wulfgar, Retired Lord of Skulls

Author:    Wulfgar        
Date:      Sun Sep 14 04:19:43 2008
Subject     Dark Purpose

Tenuous could best describe his relationship with his dark goddess. The queen of evil had both blessed and cursed the dwarf. Blessed him with unnatural powers and yet cursed him by turning on him at the most cataclysmic of times.
That he had turned back to her after years of faithless wandering was a small miracle- though he was always drawn to power. Considered old among his race and ancient among his followers he was still weak to the charms of the dark temptress.
For weeks she whispered in his dreams, and his anger could only sustain him for so long. When Takhisis desired servitude she would have it, and she knew just how to get it. Wulfgar had an iron will, but iron is nothing to the gods.
After resisting he finally bent knee and prayed to his goddess once again. She answered not with an apocalyptic display of her power, but rather a deep sense of power that welled up within the dwarf.
He would no longer fight his battles alone. Instead he would, as he once had, wield all the terrible wrath of his goddess in the fall of each hammer blow. Yet again the relationship was....tenuous.
"Make them remember my name as it should be..." she whispered. And his response was not that of the devout, but rather that of the mercenary, "As long as you pay me what is due."
Thus their relationship was renewed, and he set out with a new purpose albeit grudgingly. The bidding of his master.

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