The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Xaephran.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap is at 80. You change? Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a worn folio on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Xaephran' scribed in dull blue ink.

Author:  Xaephran
Date    Thu Oct 25 23:43:49 2001

Subject  "A Night at the Docks" - Part 1            by Xethan

The warm sea breeze blew through the open window and lovingly caressed her
face, as she looked out. Long it had been now, that each night she would stare
out that open window.

The view of the docks and the ships laying by the quayside. Each night she
would look out and watch, as the sailors passed by. Sometimes she would see a
rather cute sailor fresh from the sea after a long voyage. She would call out
to him with her sweet voice and beckon him to come up to her room and keep her
company.  Often times there would come a knock on the door and one of the men
in town who would pay her a call would be found standing on the other side of
the threshold. She enjoyed the times that men would pay her a call for she was
fond of her life and the gifts that it brought.  This night was not any
different from any other night. The sailors of a ship fresh in to port were
walking down her street. Their routine was always the same, once their ship
was unloaded of its cargo they would seek the local tavern for a touch of ale.
She preferred them to visit her before they entered the tavern, for she found
it hard to speak with them, after they were long taken with the drink the
local tavern provided. A striking sailor walked by her window, his dress not
unlike that of the other sailors. She could see the ripple of muscles long
hardened from months spent at sea. He also walked with the particular gait of
a person who was more steady with the a rolling ship at sea than on unmoving
land. He turned his head up to hear her calls and smiled. She liked that
smile, his cheeky lips turned upwards. She found herself quite attracted to
him and felt the night had potential.

He stopped walking and seemed to ponder something and then spoke with his
fellow sailors.

They all cajoled him with whistles and cat calls at he walked through the her
downstairs doorway. She moved back from the window and look at herself in a
mirror, which sat across from the window. She thought she looked good as she
passed by on her way to the door.

Not having to wait long, there was a light knock at the door. She opened it,
the man from the street was standing there. He was fairly tall and his shirt
bespoke a well defined and quite muscular body beneath. Her heart jumped a
little at the sight of this stranger at her door. His face was well tanned,
but he did not have the weather beaten look of a sailor come upon middle age.
She motioned for him to come inside and as he moved through the doorway she
watched his movements knowing she would enjoy this evening. She slipped a red
piece of cloth over the outer door handle this would let anyone know who came
to her door that she was not to be disturbed. Following the man into the room
she asked him his name, she really didn't care what it was, but she found that
men tended to like to hear their own name when she spoke with them it gave
them a sense of wanting. He told her his name was Marcus and she followed it
up by saying her name was Linda. This of course wasn't her real name but she
preferred only a select few to actually know the name she was born with. She
admired the man for he was a fine looking fellow, but he did have a particular
odour of one spent in the salt-sprayed ocean that sailors tended to exude. She
told him to sit on the bed and that she would fix them a drink. After he had
done so, she went to a table next to the bed, picked up two glasses and filled
them with some wine from a decanter on the table. She put one glass back on
the table and handed him the other, he gave thanks to her for her generosity.
Linda then casually walked over to a chest of draws and opened the top one
talking out a small bottle of clear liquid. Unstoppering the top she sniffed
the contents, she then walked over to the man and sprinkled some on her wrist
and let him smell.

                                 To be Continued.....                   

Author:  Xaephran
Date    Thu Oct 25 23:48:58 2001

Subject  "A Night at the Docks" - Part 2            by Xethan

She watched him close his eyes closed and breathed the fragrance into his
nose. She could see him enjoying the smell and her closeness to him. Linda
then moved away from him less he got carried away and made a move before she
was full ready for him. She sprinkled a few drops of the perfume on the bed so
that his body odour would be more pleasant. After that Linda returned the
bottle to the draw and took up her wine and drank deeply, then setting the
glass back down on the table beside the bed.

Linda moved in front of Marcus and smiled at him. She could see he was already
starting to feel the effects of her presence mixed with the loneliness of the
sea, he was more than ready for her. Linda wanted to tease Marcus a while
longer so she started to undo the ties that held up her blouse. Letting it
gently fall over her shoulders and expose the top of her breasts. She heard
his breathing begin to quicken but he made no move towards her.

Preferring to watch as she removed her clothes. Linda giggled softly and held
her blouse in place with one hand, with the other she untied the strings
holding her skirt in place.

She let her skirt fall and revealed her creamy white thighs. Her legs that of
soft alabaster, for she had not been scarred by anything or anyone. Marcus
began to get very excited and his pants were showing just how much. Linda took
her other hand away from her blouse and let it fall to the floor, left only
with her lower undergarment. Marcus stood at this point and moved towards
Linda. She held up one hand and told him to remove his clothes. Even with the
perfume his clothes still had that smell to them. In a made flurry of movement
Marcus flung all his clothes from his body and stood there with a grin on his
face. Linda admired the masculine form before her. He was indeed a fine
specimen of a man, she even felt her body respond to him this was definitely
going to be enjoyable.  Moving on Marcus Linda pushed him gently back onto the
bed. Linda removed the rest of her clothes and mounted the bed sliding her
thighs around his body and gently pushing against his manhood with her groin.
Marcus reached to pull her down and again Linda drove off his hands but this
time she moved them down onto her breasts and let him play with her now hard
nipples. Marcus seemed to take a great deal of pleasure in this and Linda was
also enjoying as she moved back and forth against his manhood. Linda lifted up
slowly and moved further forward, taking Marcus' manhood in her hands she
positioned it against the opening of her vagina. She slowly release her legs
and let his manhood slide into her. She could feel him fill her with his
manhood. Linda let out a small squeal of joy at he penetrated deep inside her.
Marcus' grin nearly split his face as he began to rhythmically move up and
down, bouncing Linda on his manhood. Laughing Linda squeezed her thighs again
him and moved in counter to Marcus' movements. She wanted him deep inside, she
wanted to be filled with every last bit of his manhood. She felt an all too
familiar warmth in her groin, a signal that her body was going to spasm and
explode with pleasure. Marcus kept his rhythm steady and when he saw her tense
her muscles he grabbed her hips and drove her hard down onto his manhood.
Linda screamed with ecstasy and moved hard against Marcus, trying to prolong
her spasms and reach for more. She loved it when the men who came knocking on
her door were able to make her do this. Marcus continued to move Linda up and
down on his manhood. Trying to re-create the first spasm that had rocked Linda
into screaming. Linda's body seemed to take on a mind of its own going into
spasm after spasm, Linda's felt her

                                 To be Continued.....                   

Author:  Xaephran
Date    Thu Oct 25 23:53:25 2001

Subject  "A Night at the Docks" - Part 3            by Xethan

groin ache for more. Not being able to stay upright any longer she flopped
down against Marcus' chest and panted from the spent energy. Marcus stopped
moving and laughed with pleasure.  He then carefully rolled Linda onto her
back and moved on top. Linda smiled as Marcus told her he was not done with
her yet. He began to move his manhood in and out of her, Linda moaned with
delight and relaxed to enjoy what Marcus was doing. He began to increase his
rhythm and started driving himself deeper and deeper inside of her. Marcus
felt Linda beneath him, her body one with his as he moved back and forth. She
felt good and smelt good to him, he was enthralled by her passion. Marcus
lifted Linda's legs onto his chest and started to really drive his manhood as
deep as possible inside of Linda. She moaned and screamed as he hit the far
reaches of her vagina. He felt his body draw close and a small shudder in his
groin let her know he was near done. Linda moved her legs and grabbed his
backside and drove him hard inside her. Marcus moaned as he exploded inside
her. His manhood shuddering and pulsing as it filled Linda. After a short
while his manhood subsided and he rolled off of her laying next to her
panting. They layed there for what seemed a long time, trying to catch their

Marcus was the first to move, he rolled up and stood moving about the room.
Linda watched him gather his clothes and put them back on. He moved towards
her and grinned playfully caressing one of her nipples. Linda chuckled at this
knowing he was about to leave. They always did that to her, they would fill
her with their gift and then quietly leave. Marcus turned and moved towards
the door stopping long enough to drop something on the table by the door. He
left, letting the door close behind him. Linda got off the bed, straightened
it and put her clothes back on. She went to the table by the door and took
what Marcus had left for her and put it in her secret hiding place. She then
went over to the window and sat down looking out, waiting for the next passer
by to catch her eye for the night was young and there would be more knocks on
the door.......

Here Endith The Lesson

Author:  Xaephran
Date    Wed Jan 16 18:44:20 2002

Subject  Beware the Darkness for it has TEETH! - PART I

Crouched over his dark stained desk, he wrote, the light of the moon and a
small candle in front of him on the desk, lit his page. A quill dipped in ink
in his hand and a black leather book open before him. His hand flowed across
the page, deep in thought his mind open and letting the words of his mind form
on the page. This was how each day was spent for Xaephran, his past long
forgotten. The image of Chislev replaced with one more striking, the image of
a dark woman with fire in her eyes and an allure of pure evil.

Tempted and captured by the powers that only the followers of evil could
obtain, Xaephran had given himself to this woman and become a servant of the
Dark Queen herself. Takhisis was his mistress now, his days as the Champion of
Chislev wiped from his mind. The Nature Goddess exacted her revenge upon her
one time Champion by erasing what had happened to him when he made the journey
all Wildrunners make. His powers to change the natural course of nature gone
from him. But the Goddess Chislev was not happy with just that, now even the
earth itself was exacting revenge on Xaephran. His steps were like the fires
of abyss burning in his heart.  All things of nature burned him now, weakening
him as he passed.

Neither field nor stream or the moss covered ground of the forest would
support the passing of 'The Betrayer'. The earth burned him and he was unable
to stop the torment it gave him. His only solace was to travel on parts of the
earth altered by human hands.

Roads and Paved streets would not burn, it has been like this since the day
Xaephran turned his back on the white Unicorn that was his goddess and his
soul was given to that of the Dragon Goddess Takhisis.

Xaephran's hand moved across and dipped the quill into the ink pot once more.
His mind racing too put down his thoughts to page. The knowledge Takhisis had
bestowed him was his companion in this world. The power to cause things to
evil and vile that those who stood at his side shuddered when he called forth
the dark powers. Xaephran had joined the Temple of Takhisis in Neraka after
being taken by Takhisis. He had started as a novice and quickly learned the
ways of the Dark Queen.  His rise amongst the Order was fast as he was blessed
by Takhisis, his goddess would have him stand in the light and show him off to
her sister Goddess Chislev to cause her pain over the loss of her Champion. 
It was soon clear to Xaephran he was stronger in mind and body than the other
clerics around him. He stood before the High Priest of Takhisis and issued his
challenge. The priest rose and called upon his dark powers but blessed was
Xaephran that Takhisis took his side and the old priest was killed.  He now
spent his time in observance of his Goddess and put her words sent through him
onto a page.  Dipping his quill again Xaephran began to write more words of
knowledge, there was a light tap at the door. Xaephran lifted his head towards
the door

"Enter" he commanded.

It made him irritable with roused from his work, he was quick to punish those
that sort him out without due cause.  A soldier entered wearing the rank of a
knight of Takhisis, a group of elite knights sworn to defend Takhisis and do
her bidding. Xaephran bid him stand before his desk and give his report. The
knight did not speak simply held forth a rolled parchment, Xaephran taking
from his outstretched hand.  He un-rolled the parchment and read it allowed

----- TO BE CONTINUED -----

Author:  Xaephran
Date    Wed Jan 16 18:46:46 2002

Subject  Beware the Darkness for it has TEETH! - PART II

High Priest,

Your presence is demanded by rights of the Knights of Takhisis, to call all to
arms, those who would call the Dark Queen their god. You are commanded to
bring what forces you can, to the gates of Palanthas worth with. We of the
Knights of Takhisis hold the city and are being pressed, make haste with your
followers for that is the command of the Lord of Night, head of the

The note Signed

Lord Delve

Xaephran's face darkened and his fist closed over the parchment crunching it
beneath his fingers, he looked at the Knight before him and let the parchment
drop to the floor now a ball in size. His hand reaching out towards the knight
his finger outstretched he muttered a single word, not even audible to the
knight. Darkness shot forth from his finger and passed through the knight. His
armor not stopping the dark flame. He simply sighed as the air left his lungs
as his body died while he stood looking at this old man that had killed him.
The knights armor making a loud crash as it hit the floor. Xaephran's aide
came crashing into the room of his master and took one look at the dead knight
and then stood staring at Xaephran. The high priest turned his face still
flaming from reading the parchment.

"Gather my followers and call to me those of the Clerical arts of evil who
would follow my call. We go to Palanthas to seek Lord Delve. Go now and gather
my minions that dwell beneath this temple, bring them and let us gather in the
courtyard two hours from now. For that time we march to Kalaman and then onto
Palanthas. Let the whole world shake at my coming"

The aide disappeared through the door he entered and doors could be heard
opening and closing, word was spreading of the High Priests call. Soon those
loyal to Xaephran would gather what they would need and meet him in the
courtyard.  Closing his book a sigh came from his lips at the lost time, the
journey would take many days and he was sore to loose that much time he could
spend writing.  He did sit just long enough to make a single entry in the back
where he kept all his personal entries. it simply read

Today I leave for Palanthas, at the calling of Lord Delve of the Knights of
Takhisis. This I do as a worshipper of the Dark Queen, but this I would write
to all those who read these writings....

Lord Delve SHALL PAY!

Closing the book and taking it from where it lay on the desk, Xaephran
muttered a prayer and the book sealed itself from being opened by anyone but
him. He then walked over to his chest by the bookcase and opened it. Taking
out a large piece of black wood, Xaephran turned it in his hand watching as
the spikes on the end turned and caught the light. His weapon of choice a 3'
cudgel with sharpened spike on one end. This weapon was not designed to kill
outright but inflict terrible pain on anything it struck. Looking around the
room to check he had all that he needed Xaephran left the room carrying the
words of Dark Queen in his right hand and the instrument of her will in his
left. Upon reaching the courtyard many of his clerics had already assembled,
there were a few clerics of other gods of evil.

Spread amongst the clerics were their personal servants, minions of various
races and species. Monsters that mothers used to scare their children.  An
evil smile crossed Xaephran's lips as he thought about the destruction he
would cause.  He ordered his followers to come before him and he said a
benediction to Takhisis to bless this army and let all those who stand before
it fall bloodied by the wayside. The army was not like that of soldiers it did
not march they simply moved as one mass towards the northern gate of Neraka
and beyond.

----- TO BE CONTINUED -----

Author:  Xaephran
Date    Wed Jan 16 18:49:38 2002

Subject  Beware the Darkness for it has TEETH! - PART III

They headed through the northern pass stopping the first night in the
mountains, Xaephran was pleased that his aide had seen to everything as he was
ill suited for organising details for bedding and personal needs. His thoughts
turned to things he would do to Lord Delve when he caught up with him. 
Looking over a map of the eastern parts of Krynn he quickly decided that to
get through to Palanthas then he would first have to take Kalaman, it would of
been stupid of him to march straight through for the Solamnics would of hit
him from behind the first chance they got. Xaephran knew his numbers were not
large enough to take a city, his clerics were too few and the minions would
have been little more than an annoying flee biting at the walls of Kalaman. So
Xaephran sent out scouts, their mission to go to the temples and shrines
around northern Neraka and bring with them the clerics that would be found
there. They were to bring them back with all the followers they could find.
The other clerics left would attempt to raise Undead and bring forth more
minions. Xaephran watched the sun rise the first night after he had marched on
the road.

He looked to the trees beyond knowing he was not able to walk the unploughed
land, he said a curse aimed at the nature goddess and the proceeded to wait
for his reports to arrive.

That first night on march Xaephran's scouts had not done so well, many didn't
not come at his call or they were already gone to join the Knights of Takhisis
and all that were left were old men and woman. Xaephran walked out of his tent
at the news and ordered the camp broken for them to continue towards Kalaman.
During the daylight hours they passed a cemetery and temple, Xaephran stopped
and gave a benediction to Takhisis and on leaving he stopped at the entrance
of the graveyard.  He began to chant, his voice rising and falling in a
crescendo of music. The aura around him began to brighten and the dark mist
that covered the aura seemed to expand, there was a creaking noise and the
earth shuddered as forms began to rise out of the ground. Undead servants that
would follow Xaephran came forth, their bodies shambling at various stages of
decay. Moving on throughout the day they marched towards their goal.

They continued to march for the remainder of the day and most of the night,
stopping only to let the living rest and keep control of those that were less
than alive.  They walked through the next day, Xaephran's driving purpose
shared now by his troops.  Night fell on the third day and it was then he aide
informed Xaephran that they needed to rest as some of the undead and living
were looking terrible. Xaephran waved his hand and gave his permission to stop
for the evening. After the camp was set up Xaephran sat at his desk eating the
meagre meal he had been served and looked over his reports.  There were no
reports of any troops near Kalaman of between them and their destination.
Xaephran's eyes sagged as he read, fatigue began to take hold. He barely
noticed the person standing before him and it brought him out of his daze
quickly. The cleric bowed before him and told him that they had found a very
old altar and that the high priest might like to take a look.

----- TO BE CONTINUED -----

Author:  Xaephran
Date    Wed Jan 16 18:51:02 2002

Subject  Beware the Darkness for it has TEETH! - PART IV

Rising Xaephran followed the cleric out of his tent heading towards the edge
of the encampment.  Passing the out edge they head down a beaten path. It went
into the woods and snaked back and forth concealing what was up ahead. The
trees seemed to part as they entered a clearing, some of the other clerics had
come to look at the place and as Xaephran looked at the altar he saw something
that made him smile. That altar was made from a black rock and had a bowl
carved in the centre. behind the altar was a statue of a five headed dragon,
with each head different colour. The eyes of the statue made from gems of the
same colour as the head. Xaephran grinned evilly as he recognised it as an
altar to the Dark Queen.  He looked around at the priests and banished those
not of the same faith.

Gathering up those who also worshipped the dark queen they kneeled around
Xaephran as he faced the altar. Xaephran begun a prayer he had done many times
in the past, it was a prayer of guidance and one in which Takhisis might grant
him insight.  Long into the night he prayed his clerics around him praying
silently.  Near the hour of midnight a shadow passed overhead, Xaephran looked
up and another shape passed overhead, this time he caught the sight of red. 
The clerics stopped praying and looked up their eyes filled with religious
wonder. Two forms fly into the clearing and came to a stop before the clerics,
Xaephran moved through where the clerics were still kneeling and came before
the two creatures. They genuflected their head towards him bowing them low in
subservant to him.

Takhisis had chosen to bless him with two red Dragons. Xaephran could tell
they were young but they were still dragonkin, something that would strike
fear into the hearts of those they faced.

With the blessing from Takhisis, Xaephran headed to his tent and to bed.
Resting well in the knowledge his god was with him on this task.  He was
unsure how she would feel when he came upon Lord Delve. Xaephran knew in his
heart he would try to kill this cleric who had stepped above his station.  The
morning came all too quickly and the army now larger than before once again
set out towards Kalaman. There were still a good four days travel before they
would see the walls and gates of Kalaman.  The days were filled with walking
and the nights in prayer and recruiting, again Xaephran called to his goddess
and he was rewarded.

On the second night two more red Dragons joined, they were young like the
others and the same number again on the third night.  Scores of Undead were
raised and marched behind the minions that served their masters.  The fourth
night of recruiting, which would mark the sixth night from when they started
to march Xaephran gathered the clerics to him and they all ringed a circle of
faith. The young dragons looking on, Xaephran took up his position in the
centre and began to pray.  Long he chanted and prayed to Takhisis for her to
send more dragons to fight by the side of his army. Once more there was an
answer to his prayers, a dark form streaked across the sky in the night. It
was far larger than the young dragons but not as big as the Ancient Wyrms.

----- TO BE CONTINUED -----

Author:  Xaephran
Date    Wed Jan 16 18:53:08 2002

Subject  Beware the Darkness for it has TEETH! - PART V

The creature screamed in the night and the young red dragons seemed to flinch
from the noise. It was then that the dragon swooped down and into the fire
light. It was not the dark red of his other dragons, but the shine of light. A
silver dragon of Paladine struck out at Xaephran's forces. Having heard the
call to dragonkind it had responded and now sought to destroy the evil it had
found. Clerics ran and dived to get away from the Dragon.

The silver dragon claw and killed them as they ran. Xaephran stood shocked at
the sight, his goddess had abandoned him, turned her back on him and sent the
forces of good against him.  Still stunned Xaephran was knocked to the ground
by one of his clerics as a wave of Undead passed him to engage the beast. The
young red dragons taken but the swift attack turned on the beast with flame
and claw. The Silver had surprised them in its attack but that was over now it
was pressed hard by the forces it had sought to destroy. A dragon streaked
from behind the silver as it sought the skies and bit into its neck, a
horrible crunching noise was clearly heard as sinew and muscle were torn by
the dragons teeth.

The other three dragons closed in and tore the silver dragon apart, blood
splattering everywhere.

Standing in stunned silence, Xaephran looked over the carnage of what had
happened. A look of profound horror in his eyes, had Takhisis forsaken his
trek across the world in search of Lord Delve. Had his faith fallen to that
which would bring down her wrath upon him.

Xaephran still covered in the blood of the dragon called one of the Red
Dragons too him and after he spoke quickly to the dragon he mounted up upon
its back just in front of its wings.  Five of his clerics also mounted the
back of the other dragons, Xaephran instructed a cleric of the order of
Morgion to continue the troops towards Kalaman and that he would return
shortly.  Xaephran spoke to the dragon and it responded, muscles clenching it
shot into the air its wings beating furiously to gain altitude.  The other
dragons following the lead of the first, leaping into the air with riders
holding on tightly. Xaephran guided the beast south back towards Neraka and
both Dragon and Rider shot through the sky like a bolt of Red flame. The small
party like flaming comets flew with all the speed the dragons could muster
back the way they had come. Flying low Xaephran sought out something only he
knew of with his eyes. Travelling til the dawn sun peaked over the eastern
sky, they flew still further on. Xaephran's eyes scanning the way ahead in
search of something.  Xaephran finally saw what he was after and guided his
mount to slow and land in a small clearing. The other dragons followed and all
six landed suddenly. Xaephran slid down from the mount and walked past the
dragon towards a the black rock structure, his clerics in tow behind him. 
Xaephran walked to the base of the structure and threw himself onto his knees
at the base his head touching the ground, his voice uttering the words of
observance to his goddess. Having travelled by winged beast, Xaephran and five
of his clerics had returned to the altar where the first Dragon had appeared,
Xaephran shaken in his faith needed to give himself once more to the dark
powers to see that his Goddess approved of his actions  The other clerics with
Xaephran fanned about him and joined in unison adding their voices to
Xaephran. They all chanted to the Dark Queen that she might bless then and
give them the power to destroy her enemies.  The dragons feeling left out of
this ritual came closer and also fanned out behind the clerics their large
heads kept low tot he altar as they too sought benediction from their Queen.

Striking up a counter chant to the Clerics the words only a dragon could utter
started to rise out the of the mouths of the Dragons.

----- TO BE CONTINUED -----

Author:  Xaephran
Date    Wed Jan 16 18:54:24 2002

Subject  Beware the Darkness for it has TEETH! - PART VI

Both Cleric and Dragon prayed long through the day and into the following
night.  At the troke of midnight in this strange clearing before the altar of
the Dark Queen there came a noise. A scream in the sky louder than anything
Xaephran had heard before, its voice immense with power within striking all
before the clearing. Xaephran stopped chanting and as one he and his clerics
turned back towards the Red Dragons.  The scream came again louder and closer
than before, searching the black sky Xaephran tried to seek its source,
something had heard the prayer and had come to help or destroy its source. 
The dragons did not move and continued their strange chant in the language of
dragons.  A creature far large than the other dragons landed behind them, its
head turned up the sky in defiance towards the gods, it scream again the
scream of the dragon, terror striking all within its reach.  Xaephran felt the
scream enter his heart and it lifted him, he could feel his goddess within
him. Her dark powers flowed through him and through his clerics, his heart
soared as his faith was restored. Takhisis had sent her servant, a beast of
incredible power, one of the Ancient wyrms of Krynn. Within his head Xaephran
heard the name of the Dragon before him the name was 'Tombfyre'. Xaephran
walked before his clerics and towards the Ancient Wyrm, heading past the other
red dragons he stopped before the beast.

Tombfyres head dipped low to come eye to eye with this puny cleric before him.
His large eyes locking with Xaephran, their wills clashing to see who would
master who. Xaephran let his power flow through his eyes and lock with
Tombfyre, the was a flicker in the eyes of Tombfyre as flame bright red flash
across the iris of his eyes.  Tombfyres large dragon lips seemed to grin as he
felt the evil in the cleric before him, a darkness he shared and a lust for
blood equal to his.  He moved his head towards Xaephran almost touching he
then lowered it to touch the ground and lowered he eyes breaking the test of
wills.  Xaephran reached forth his hand and placed it on Tombfyres head
between the ridges of his eyes. he said a prayer to Takhisis and asked that
she bless them both. Turning to the rest of the party, Xaephran motioned for
them all to mount up for there was a war to be waged, a war that would mark
the coming of the Dark Queen through her vessel the vessel of her High Priest.

Where once the dragons numbered six there were now seven bolts of red
streaking across the morning sky, travelling low to remain unseen.  Xaephran
now mounted on his blessing from Takhisis, Tombfyre's mind locked with his
they travelled sharing each others thoughts and what they would do to Kalaman
once they reached it. The party struck low across the forests of northern
Neraka and in lower still when they reached the plains south of Kalaman,
travelling with terrific speed Xaephran and his followers reached the rest of
his army as they set up camp a mere one days travel from the gates of Kalaman.
Xaephran was surprised when he received the reports of the army after Tombfyre
landed and he dismounted that they had not yet met any resistance. Surely the
Solamnics were not cowards that they would not know of his coming by now or
the fact he brought an army with him.  The night was spent in observance and a
keen sense was put towards making sure all the troops were ready for the
coming days. Xaephran finished his work as quickly as possible for he had been
without sleep for over 24 hours and wished to seek out his bed and rest. The
nights work over, Xaephran slipped into his makeshift bed and his dreams
drifted him off to be with the evil which his mind brought forth.

----- TO BE CONTINUED -----

Author:  Xaephran
Date    Wed Jan 16 18:55:41 2002

Subject  Beware the Darkness for it has TEETH! - PART VII

Dawn broke early over the eastern mountains and the sun quickly broke the
predawn hold over the world. The sun rose into the morning sky and this marked
movement within Xaephran's encampment. Breaking camp quickly as they were in
enemy territory and wanted to be on the march as quickly as possible. The
dragons came at the rear of the march trying to keep out of sight as much as
possible. Undead walked with Cleric as they marched ever nearer to Kalaman. 
The army was in full swing now and ready for battle, Xaephran rode on the back
of Tombfyre, suppressing his mounts need to kill so that when they struck
Kalaman, Tombfyre could unleash the full fury of his power. The army march
onwards towards Kalaman still unopposed in any way.  It was passed the noon
sun when they crested the rise that brought Kalaman into view, advanced scouts
reported movement around Kalaman and that there were Solamnic forces occupying
the city.  They also reported fortifications around the walls and trenches to
slow down approach.  Xaephran knew within those walls would be Knights of the
Solamnic Order and he wanted nothing more than to destroy them utterly.

Gathering his forces he struck out and reached the other edges away from the
walls, his horde not attacking yet. Xaephran has a plan that he wanted to use
that would bring him the city within a day. The dragons had remain back passed
the crest and would attack at dawn, when they did so it would mark the
beginning of the battle. Tombfyre would not lead this attack instead he would
wait out of sight in case of a counter attack.

The lines now drawn, Xaephran gave his troops the order to line up in
formation and await the coming battle. It would be a long night in formation
for his troops but he did not care. It was the battle he waited for not the
well being of his troops.  The night past slowly and still no attack came,
Xaephran's ego began to rise as he felt the Solamnic Commander a coward to let
such a large army rest casually at his door.  The night was nearly over and
the battle would soon begin, Xaephran watched the eastern horizon for his
dragons, given the order to fly off east and out of sight they were to attack
as the light of the sun struck Kalaman in a hope that it would mask their
approach.  Xaephran had given orders to his clerics to have the Undead strike
out at the first strike of flames upon Kalaman and to attack the gates.  The
person minions of the Clerics were to act as bodyguards and the Clerics would
attack before the undead with dark fire and flames allowing the undead access
to the city.

Pre-dawn was in full bloom as the sun rose over the eastern mountains, a
single ray of light striking the ground to the east of Kalaman. Its rays
spreading like a plague across the ground, lighting the way. Moving swiftly
towards the walls of Kalaman, Xaephran could feel the evil of the dragons,
following the path of light, they would be high in the sky and would dip low
and across the stream of light hitting the battlements of Kalaman. Like a wave
from the ocean, with the screams of death itself the dragons broke from the
protection of the morning sunlight and strafed across the battlements, fiery
death rained upon the heads of those caught unprepared for the aerial assault.
Flames of bright red spewing from the mouths of the dragons could be seen from
where the rest of the troops stood waiting to attack. Screams of the dying
could be heard. From out of the sky a challenge was screamed as the dragons of
the solamnics broke from their circling of the skies at the attack of the red
dragons. The two groups clashed in a fiery lightshow in the sky.

----- TO BE CONTINUED -----

Author:  Xaephran
Date    Wed Jan 16 18:56:37 2002

Subject  Beware the Darkness for it has TEETH! - PART VIII

Xaephran seeing now his dragons engaged ordered his troops forward. Unleashing
the hordes of Undead, they stumbled and staggered across the ground towards
the gates of Kalaman, their tortured moans marking their passing.  With fires
still burning on the battlements a line of defenders rose up and as one they
pulled the strings on their bows.

Then from an unseen order they released, hundreds of arrows streaked into the

Xaephran had prepared for the missiles from his foes and as one his clerics
raised their hands and struck with the power of their gods. Xaephran slashed
his hand across the sky in the path of the arrows his prayers to Takhisis
clearly heard as flames as dark as night flashed forth in a sheet of burning
death. The arrows passed through the curtain of flame and turned to ash, the
heads of the arrows melting and raining upon the ground. An arrowhead dropped
at Xaephran's feet turned to a mass of metal no bigger than a coin.

Xaephran bent down and picked up the melted arrowhead, turning it in his

"SILVER! By the demons of the Abyss they knew we were coming..... But HOW?"

Blood struck Xaephran's face like an explosion, the cleric standing in front
of him had an arrow protruding from his neck, hot red blood pumped from the
wound as he gagged and fell to the ground. Xaephran turned upon this new front
as creatures swarmed out of the tree line to the west. Their presence
unnoticed til now. They flew out of the trees in formation their wings shining
in the sunlight. Xaephran curse himself for not sensing them earlier for they
were the chosen of his enemy. The celestials of Paladine. Their winged bodies
still resembling humans blessed in the afterworld to serve Paladine.  The
minions protecting their masters reacted first hurling themselves at the
Celestials. They were no match for these creature and many fell. Their masters
fought on teaming up to kill them in groups with powers granted by their gods
and the maces and cudgels they carried. Xaephran turned back quickly and
Tombfyre responded to his masters call. The ancient Wyrm rose up from his
hiding place his powerful wings beating hard. Tombfyre streaked across the
ground striking the Celestials with flame and claws. Driving them from around
Xaephran, fighting hard himself Xaephran struck another Celestial that had
come to close to him. His cudgel biting into the skull of the creature the
spikes of his weapon squashing its head like a melon.  They were holding their
own, but they were suffering losses. Xaephran spied a quick look towards were
his undead servants had managed to scramble up and over the gates they now
hung on broken hinges. His forces had gained entry into the town and would be
now killing all they found.

----- TO BE CONTINUED -----

Author:  Xaephran
Date    Wed Jan 16 18:59:45 2002

Subject  Beware the Darkness for it has TEETH! - PART IX

Tombfyre killed yet another Celestial and his flames kept more at bay.
Tightening the group of Clerics Xaephran shot more Dark Flame at the creatures
wounding some but none fell to the ground. From the battlements of Kalaman a
lone man stood his face unable to be seen from this distance. His hands could
be seen as he raised a horn up to his lips. A single note was blown as
shambling forms of the Undead grabbed him from behind, bringing him to the
ground.  The Celestials reacted as if from some unseen command and broke off
their attack. They flew on swift wing towards Kalaman, Tombfyre followed the

One of his clerics ran to him and informed him that Kalaman was theirs and
that the Commander of the Solamnic Forces had been captured. Striding forward
Xaephran forgot about the curse and stepped off the path towards the Kalaman
Gates and pain struck his legs and his mind was filled with fire. Stumbling
back onto the path he curse the name of Goddess of nature once more and order
the remainder of his troops towards Kalaman. They strode before him and
Xaephran passed through the gates of Kalaman. Travelling towards the centre of
the town, he reached a large square and there he stood on a fountain and
declared the city to belong to the Dark Queen. Those among him raised their
fists shouting the name of the goddess of Darkness.

With Kalaman now in his grip Xaephran moved his troops and took over the
building occupied by the Solamnic Commander. It was a lush home next to the
city jail, here he rested reading the reports of losses and those captured.
Xaephran ordered all the dead brought to the south gates and his clerics were
to raise them to resupply his troops if they could not be raised they were to
be burned.  Xaephran also ordered that his clerics tend the Solamnic Commander
and for him not to die, he would be an example to all Solamnics that he could
not be stopped. He ordered for him to be put in a jail cell and have four
undead guard him.  Xaephran pondered what to do with the city now that it was
in his possession.

He had no need for it and could see no point burning what could be useful
later. A sound of a slight cough from behind cause Xaephran to turn, before
him was one of the clerics of Morgion.

"High Priest, the city is not yours.... But what would you do with it?"

"Why do you ask?" Xaephran replied.

"On of my servants sought me out to ask for the city, his kind are those that
dwell in the;story + dark and feast of the blood of men High Priest. They
could hold the city for us til our;story + return"

Xaephran furrowed his brow, Vampires to hold Kalaman. He gave it some thought
and nodded towards the priest.

"Yes I think Vampires would serve our purpose well. Do what you will with the
captives to increase the Vampires within Kalaman. But make sure none turn the
Solamnic Commander he is not to be harmed"

----- TO BE CONTINUED -----

Author:  Xaephran
Date    Wed Jan 16 19:01:00 2002

Subject  Beware the Darkness for it has TEETH! - PART X

The clerics of Morgion bowed and walked out of the room. Xaephran felt content
for his mind could now rest. The town would be well defended against attack
with Vampires to guard it.  It was quite late when Xaephran sought out a place
to sleep. He slept well in the comfort of some rich fat Solamnic loving
merchants misfortune to loose his house to his forces. The next morning came
quickly and Xaephran spent the day searching for information on the troops
between himself and the High Clerist Tower.  It was not great distance but he
had no wish for surprise attacks along the way. It would take three weeks to
travel to the High Clerics Tower from Kalaman and Dargaard Keep was along the
way. He had no wish to meet the forces of Lord Soth there for that would be
disaster for all. Giving the order that they would depart in the morning,
Xaephran once more sought his bed.

Morning dawned upon his troops as they marched out of the west gate of Kalaman
and towards Dargaard Keep. The morning smelt fresh upon the lips and Xaephran
felt resolved with the faith of his Goddess upon his shoulders and the
smouldering of Kalaman behind him. They walked long days and well into each
night before resting. Over the period of the first week Xaephran and his
troops spent time increasing their numbers and tending to the forces already
under Xaephran's command.  Xaephran had posted scouts in forward positions and
also behind to get more knowledge of the area around him and also to see if he
could find where those blasted celestials had gone. Dragons flew on ahead
looking for troops and peasants a like, their thirst for blood unabated and
unrestrained by Xaephran. It was during the second week of their marching that
they crested a small hill and looked upon the sights of Dargaard Keep.
Xaephran stood staring at the home of Lord Soth, Death Knight of the Black
Rose.  The keep looked burned by fire and ravenged by god knows what. The dead
still walked the keep but they did not seem to Xaephran controlled like those
who served him. Talking with his clerics they decided to bypass Dargaard and
strike for the High Clerist Tower. Not wishing to cross the servant of Chemosh
and incur his wrath.

Pushing around the outskirts of Dargaard, Xaephran and his troops continued
on. Each Day bringing them closer to the High Clerist Tower, Xaephran's
resolve firming with each step that Lord Delve would feel his displeasure at
the summons handed to him.......

This is where the story stands at this moment, Xaephran stands a mere one days
travel from the High Clerist Tower.  His troops are ready for battle, and will
attack the forces of Good that stand between him and the Knight of Takhisis
known as Delve.

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