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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Xarius.

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You note the spine bears the word 'Xarius' scribed in unearthly green ink.

Author:    Xarius         
Date:      Wed Sep 20 12:25:06 2006
Subject  the Arrival

It had been a long journey, but Xarius had finally made it to the
tower of High Sorcery. the trek had been long, starting from his
hometown of Solace, Xarius had traveled across ansalon.

the Trek had taken him to some of the more famous parts of the
continent, places like new thalos and Palanthas, as well as the
darker lands of Neraka. All the while under the guidance of
Lunitari, the red moon. Camping beofre the night of the arival,
Xarius took time to write in his journal. "It has been a strange
journey for me. I never immagined when I discovered I had the
power to use magic that it would lead me to the places i've seen.

My power has grown strong, and it has aided me in my travels, yet
I did not know the scorn that others felt about mages. most of
the towns I have visited treated me with fear and contempt, and
my red robes did little to help.

I even had one man in new thalos tell me that a red was only one
step away from a black robe. if this is how people feel about us,
then it is a dangerous time we live in. I am about a day away
from reachinng the conclave.

There I hope to apprentice under one of the masters of my order,
and hope to someday take my test. until then I shall practice my
art and study dilligantly."

With that Xarius stroked his fu man chu, and dozed to sleep, for
in the moring he would arive at the conclave, and there meet his

Author:    Xarius         
Date:      Mon Oct  2 14:56:30 2006
Subject  the Apprenticeship

It did not take long for Xarius to find a master willing to train
him in the ways of the arcane. the Taskmage Leodas had taken
Xarius under his wing and began to train the young apprentice.

"It is imperative that you memorize the proper spelling and
pronounciation of your spells. the wrong letter or wrong
inflection of a vowel could have disasterous, even lethal
results." this was one of the firsts lessons Leodas had tought

and it was one he took to heart. When he wasn't working directly
with Leodas gathering spell components or learning a lesson form
the great mage, Xarius found himself in the scrying pool,
practicing his spell casting and writing.

As the days went on, Xarius began to realize his gift of the
arcane was special, as well as dangerous, a lesson he learned
when he almost killed a fellow mage by accident while working on
learning lightning bolt. With his new found respect, he at

tacked his studes with a new fervor, in hopes to impress his
master, and move on to better and more challenging assignments.

Author:    Xarius         
Date:      Mon Oct  2 17:54:16 2006
Subject  The origin of Xarius

The story begins 18 years ago in the village of Vallen, which sat
two days ride south of Solace. Vallen was a peaceful town,
perfect for Sarha Ravenbane and her husband Aramel to settle

Sarha was once one of the greatest female warriors to ever grace
Krynn, with bright silver hair and a fair complexion, she was
called the Angel of death by her foes.

her husband was the mage Aramel of the red robes, an often
callous and sarcastic man who found Sarha to be his perfect mate.

Shortly after settling in Vallen, the couple gave birth to thier
first son, Xarius. Xarius had shown from a young age a keen
aptitude for learning, aw well as the gift for magic.

His father was pleased, however knowing of what lied ahead, his
mother forbade him from practicing his art, so in secret Aramel
began to train his son.

Xarius grew stronger over the years, until he was old enough to
travel to waywreth to begin his life. with the blessing of his
father and the begrudging concent of his mother, Xarius set out
into the world, to prove himself as a magi.

Author:    Xarius         
Date:      Wed Oct 11 20:46:50 2006
Subject  Journey to Neraka

Xarius was gaining power and quickly, and with that power a
distaste for what he was seeing.

"FOOLS! don't they see the power they possess? its no wonder
we're almost extinct! the whites and thier sense of justice, and
the reds are pathetic cowards." Xarius looked at his own red
robes and snorted. "The only ones who have a grasp of thier

power are the blacks, and the spend too much time trying to kill
each other. by the gods! if I could start my own conclave." he
muttered to himself.

Tired Xarius stood and left the scrying pool, and headed to his
chambers within the red tower. the Walk was short, but gave him
time to think. As he aproached his chambers somthing caught his

The door to his chambers were slighty ajar, somthing he never
did. he often cast spells of protection over his room. whomever
broke in had a decent knowledge of magical locks.

Cautiously, Xarius entered to find nothing out of the ordinary,
save for a black evelope lying on his bed

Xarius eyed the envelope, and saw that the front had his name
written in a blood red. picking it up he borke the seal, which
resembled a red condor. Loathing filled Xarius as he pulled a
letter form the envelope.

"You seek a greater power than most could ever dream of, though I
know your true ambitions. Seek out Lunisaire in Neraka, there you
will find the fuel to stoke the fires of Vengance and power."

Xarius read the short note one last time before shaking his head
in disbelief. No one could possibly know of his agenda within the
conclave, nor the reason he desired his power so. "Whomever sent
this is clever in deed." he mused.

Xarius stoked his fu man chu and sat on his cot, contemplating
his next move. The note made little sense. Neraka was a place of
great evil, and the seat of Takisis' power. to foolish venture
there was almost certain death. He was also curious abo

ut this Lunitaire. "I have heard that name before but where?" he
asked himself, irked that the name should ring so familliar with
him. Xarius felt the answer laid close. Afain shaking his head he
thought of the envelope.

He though the seal was strange, yet somehow familliar. somthing
he remebered from his studdies, yet he could not bring it to
mind. Tired, Xarius decided to get some reast. tomorrow was going
to be a long day.

The sun rose the following day and showed Xarius packing his
varius things, and leaving a note for his Master. "Master Leodas,
I am leaving on a task to gather the components for the burning
hands spell which I am practicing. I shall return in a

fortnight when I have gathered enough ingredients to last a
while. Xarius." With his note in place he set off towards Neraka
to seek out this Lunitaire, and hopefully answer the question of
who sent the letter.

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