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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Xhanfest.

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Author:    Xhanfest       
Date:      Thu Jan  1 04:25:52 2009
Subject     Rise of the Shorn One

The screams of a dying elf maiden tore through the air. The citizens of
Qualinesti cringed at every one of her terrible screams. For the elves, the
birth of a new child was one for celebration and merriment.

Yet for this one, none was had. For the half-breed that was sewn in the
young elf princesses womb was despised of by all. The elfen princess cried
out as her child was born," do not kill my baby!" She screamed that until
her last breath left.

For when the child was born many of the Qualinesti could not believe what
they saw.

Hazel eyes looked out from a Onyx skinned face, faint whisps of
Silvery-blue hair matted to the top of its skull.

The collective elves gasped at what they saw. Many shouts erupted from the
throats of elder elves who demanded its death, others argued at what mix it
really was. Yet one among them knew, one among them knew the Elven
Princesses darkest secret.

A few months prior to the birth, the elf princess and her maiden adventured
out into the wilds bording their land. Through that adventure the princess
fell in love with a rather peculiar half breed.

The father of the child was revealed to the maiden to be half-ogre, and
half-dargonesti sea elf. How such combination came about none knew, yet the
face of the man captivated the elf princess.

Continuing on their adventure together, the elf maid, the princess, and the
half ogre fought goblin bands and saught out untold richest. Yet later on
the princess discovered she was with child.

Terror struck her and her maid, for what was becoming in her womb. The
father continuously argued that he would take the child and raise it if her
people would not. Yet she desired herself and her child back to Qualinsti,
a place which the father could n not go. So they fled from his company.
Sorrow filled the elf princess's heart at abandoning the man she loved, yet
the fear of not returning to her homeland struck her worse.

Later on after the birth of the child, and the deliberation of the Speaker
and the others it was decided that the child be taken back to the father,
and that the maiden would be the one to deliver him. Yet by decree of the
Speaker, the elf maiden and the child were to be exiled from Qualinesti
lands under pain of death. So with a heavy heart the maiden  took the child
to his father.

Years later, when the child grew into a young man, he found his affinity
for magick. He told his father of his new powers and his father began to
teach him what lore he knew. Yet their came the day when both Son and
Father's legacy caught up to them.

Men from a local village disdained having half-breeds living so close to
them, hating both the ogre, and the elven, sides to them. So the men
gathered themselves in great numbers and sought out the father and son.

Catching them unawared, the father bade the son to flee as the men burst
through the front of the house. The father fought hard to defend his son
from the men, using both mage lore and blade to stop the men. Yet soon the
men retreated and began to fire flaming arrows into the house and upon it.

One such arrow caught the father above ribcage. With his father slowly
dying, and the thatch on the house catching, the son bowed to his father
and began to pray to Lunitari for the power to take them far away from

Suddenly, both the father and son were enveloped in ruby colored flame, and
their perception of reality changed for an instant. When their vision
returned, they found themselves in a rocky clearing before the High Clerist

Looking down at his father, his father began to become enveloped in the
same ruby fire that had taken them here. Before he could utter a word the
weight of his father left the son and his father vanished.

Thus, the son, Xhanfest walked into the world of man. 

Author:    Xhanfest       
Date:      Sun Jan  4 17:09:31 2009
Subject     Knife of Dracart/Rise of Wolf Clan

The roar of the charging ogres dimmed the challenges of the human
defenders. Fifty strong, the ogres charged the line of humans outside of
the village. Screams from within the village could be heard, a faint blue
glow emanating from within the town square. Tendrils of smoke wafted in the
air, remains of the ogre's previous attack. Strewn among the ground were
dozens of goblin corpses, victims of the Chieftan's decision of a grunt
rush prior to the main attack. Yet the end result of their charge gave the
advantage to the ogres. Weakened by the goblin assault, the defenders had
little respite before the next wave hit.

Xhanfest stood among his warriors, looking over each and every one of the
Wolf Clan's mighty warriors. Long had he led this clan, waring with other
clans had honed these warriors for the fighting they now faced. Leading the
assault head on, he exhaulted in the chaos around him warriors tearing the
human defenders apart with their blades, other ripping men limb from limb
with their bare hands. This was the kind of thrill he lived for. As the
music of battle whirled all around him, Xhanfest charged ahead of his clan,
running straight for the heart of the town, where the woman and children
wher being kept.

He spotted the women and children hiding in the main hert of the village,
cowering behind the flimsy wooden barricade erected to defend them against
possible foes. Focusing his will on barricade, he drew an herb from a sack
hanging from his belt, grinding it in his fingers he threw it at the house.

Thin cracks popped into the energized air. Whisps of smoke traveled up from
the base of the yert. He watched as the wood of the yert caught in his blue
magical flame. He reached behind his back and wrapped one massive hand
around the hilt of his bastard sword.

Screams of women and children filled the air as the yert blazed with blue
flame. Ogres poured into the town square, matts of flesh and hair covering
their weapons, what remained of the town's defenders. Looking around at the
devastation, satisfied Xhanfest strode over to one house off to the side of
the village and ripped off the wooden door. Kneeling inside he began to
search the house for any parchment. Whilst consumed with his search,
commotion erupted from the village center. Ogres argued as a human survivor
was found in a nearby abode. Hearing the commotion outside, Xhanfest
withdrew from his search and walked over to two ogres holding a bloodied
solamnic knight in between them, peering down at the wounded man he knew
his injuries would claim the life of this one soon. Kneeling down to the
knight, Xhanfest stretched one massive arm down and grasped the knight by
the throat," Where is the order?" The knight's eyes glowed with a faint
blue light, mirroring the Chieftan's very own. "Where is the order!",
roared Xhanfest. Mumbling incoherently, the knight was thrown to the grown.

Scrambling away from the giant ogre the knight did not make it a few inches
before a massive booted foot smashed down against his knee, You know of
which order I am speaking of human."

Screaming in agony, the knight finally divulged the location of the order.

Reaching up and unclasping his bastard sword, Xhanfest swung down,
decapitating the knight. "My Wolves, we have a hunt."  Fifty ogres
roared as they surrounded their Chieftain. "Find these orders, there
written of fancy white parchment. Ogres tore through the village looking
for the orders their Chieftain commanded them to find. Finally, after hours
of searching, one ogre returned bearing a white parchment roll. Breaking
the seal, Xhanfest read through the orders furiously. Finished reading the
parchment, he rolled his head back and roared into the air, summoning his

After the last of the ogres assembled, Xhanfest began telling them in
ogrespeech of a knife lost by the Dragonarmies, and how so many are hunting
for it. My clan,  roared Xhanfest," We hunt now, for this human
knife, in honor of our god, and our clan!

The Wolf clan charged out of the ruined village heading for the first
rumored location written on the parchment. Each one hungry for the hunt,
yet Xhanfest had more than the hunt in his intentions for the knife.

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