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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Xithious.

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You note the spine bears the word 'Xithious' scribed in earth-colored maroon ink.

Author:         Xithious
Date    Sun Feb 12 17:22:15 2006
Subject  Xithious, younger days

"Xithious, you expect to much," his mom always told him.

He lived in Sanction all of his life. He was the son to a successful
mercenary and waitress of the most famous inn in Sanction.

Xithious lived well, he was an only child and his parents doted him. His
father trained him in sword and shield. His father said often,"Ill have
you in my platoon and we will ride into battle together." He looked
forward to this, but wanted more.

At the age of 13 he took on a master, in secret for his father would
never agree in the mix of magic and steel, and started to study magic.
He found that he was a natural at the art.

By the age of 16 he was finished learning the simple spells that could
be learned at his young age. He wanted to take the test at the Tower of
High Sorcery, naive to the fact they would not allow the mix of their
precious magic and the reviled sword.

In a secret meeting with his master, his master told him the situation
and recomended the mighty Knights of Takhisis. He immediatly packed and
left on a long jouney to find a recruiter of the knights.

His last thought before he left that warm night was of his family which
he will never see again.

Author:         Xithious
Date    Wed Feb 15 20:48:57 2006
Subject  A new friend, Road to Neraka

After days of traveling the road north of Sanction, Xithious heard from
a group of mercenaries at an inn that he could find a recruiter in
Neraka. Xithious was grateful for the information but the mercenaries
wanted payment.

"50 steel for the information," The mercenary leader said impatiently.

"I only have 30 steel sirs," Xithious muttered.

"Well, we'll have to do something about that," the leader said grinning
The three mercenaries threw Xithious out of the inn on his face.
Xithious quickly recovered and gathered in his left hand the components
for his only offensive spell, Magic Missile.

He looked up to aim his spell to find a man in between him and the
mercenaries. He saw by the dagger and robes that he was a mage. He spoke
the words to the spell on Xithious knew all to well.

The missile hit the mercenary leader square in the chest, wrenching the
mercenary leader's heart from his body. Xithious quickly cleared his
resolve and join the mage against the mercenaries.

He cast his own missile at the at the next mercenary. The mercenary
which took the missile took flinched at the magical blow but stood tall.
The mercenary charged at Xithious and the mage while the third fled into
the woods.

The unknown mage spoke the spidery words of the spell once more killing
the charging mercenary. After the body fell to the ground lifeless, the
mage turned to Xithious.

"Come into the inn we need to talk Xithious," the mage said.

Xithious and the mage walked into the inn and sat at a table in the
corner. The mage uncovered his face to reveal a young, handsome visage.
The shadows obscured his details from Xithious.

My name is Aldavorn and I overheard that you are going to Neraka,"
Aldavorn said.

"I wish to accompany you," said Aldavorn "I go to join the Knights of
Takhisis," He informed him coldly.

"I know, and I am going for the same reason," he said.

Xithious nodded in agreement and they left the inn in haste to begin
their journey to Neraka. Two days later they arrived at the massive
gates of the mighty city of Neraka. Draconian guards were everywhere,
hissing and glaring at the two humans.

They walked through the gate, unheeded by the guards, with cold hard

Author:         Xithious
Date    Sat Feb 18 16:23:19 2006
Subject  Xithious, New Knight of the Thorn

Xithious and Aldavorn walked into Neraka standing tall, although
extremely weary from traveling. They found an inn in Red Quarter.
Xithious woke to find Aldavorn gone. He looked downstairs and outside
for signs of his new friend, but he found nothing. "He must be trying to
find the recruiter," Xithious muttered to himself. Xithious went to look
for the recruiter to the Knights of Takhisis with little luck. After a
long day of searching he went back to the inn. He was expecting Aldavorn
to be there, but he was not.  Instead, a man in robes the color grey was
standing in front of the staircase waiting. I went to pass him. " Are
you Xithious?" the Gray Robe said.

"Yes, how did you--," Xithious started.

"Come with me," the Gray Robe said cutting Xithious short.

"Where are we going?" Xithious said puzzled.

"I have heard of you exploits to find me, but it seems I found you," the
Grey Robe said.

"We go to Storm's Keep to induct you into the Knighthood," the Grey Robe
said informed him.

Xithious was shoked that they had found him, and not the other way
around. He couldn't talk any longer due to his stomach that was turning
with fear and excitement. The Grey Robe took Xithious to Storm's Keep
not on the roads of man, but on the roads of magic. They were standing
in a large temple in the blink of an eye. Xithious was surprised, but
his pride wouldn't let him show his fear. The Grey Robe took him to a
small room and told him he has to pray and fast for four days prior to
the ceremony. The Grey Robe then questioned Xithious on his knowledge of
the Knighthood and passed flawlessly. The Grey Robe pleased, left
Xithious to commune with his Queen. Four days past miseribly for
Xithious, being used to a semi-lavish life, but his pride held up in
spirit and soul. Ayasana, Lady of Night, strode into the room pleased of
what she had heard of the young mage.

"It is time, Xithious, for the ceremony," Ayasana stated.

Xithious said no word, knowing she was the leader of the Knighthood and
had no right, he only bowed deeply in honor and reverance. He followed
her out of the room to the center of the Temple of Takhisis where all
the Knights of Takhisis were gathered. Xithious was awed at the sight of
all the knights and felt a warm feeling of welcome. Xithious came before
Ayasana and kneel in honor before her. Ayasana grew her sword from her
shealth and held it out in front her over Xithious. The mighty sword had
a black aura covering it. Ayasana lowered the sword onto Xithious's
shoulder and Xithious grimaced in pain. The vision flew through his mind
and he saw his death and purpose in life. Xithious stood with in life
and the knights around him cheered and chanted Xithious's name. Now he
was Xithious, Knight of the Thorn.

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