The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Eban.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a concise treatise on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Eban' scribed in light maroon ink.

Author:    Eban           
Date:      Sun Sep  6 07:21:13 2009
Subject     Beginings

My story starts like many others. I was born to a mother and father who
were traveling merchants. They would travel the world hawking their wares at
faires, and marketplaces throughout the world.I spent most of my time at an
early age with my mother, who taught me to read and write. My father taught
me the value of money, and the basics of math. I had no former teaching as a
lot of children did. At least until I turned fifteen years old. That was the
day my life changed, and I owe it all to my father I suppose. He had went
into the city of Palanthas to trade, and had left me and my mother at a
small inn outside of town a few miles. As my mo straighten them out as he
had had a long day and was tired. He layed on the bed next to my mother and
handed me the keys to the locks on his small wagon. I entered the wagon, a
bit upset that he wanted me to straighten up the mess he had made out of it
d during the day but doing what was asked. It was then that everything
changed. Looking through a small box under the seat I found three books,
covered in symbols I had never seen before. I didn't know at the time what
they were, but later knew the runes for what they were. But I opened the
book, and a soft light seemed to emenate from the words written on the
pages. And the more I looked at the words I found some of them I could read.
Though it was a strange language, I made out a few words here and there. I
hid the books away in my own packs and finished the job my father had set
for me to do. 

A few months later......... 

We had traveled from palanthas to Neraka. I had opened and tried every night
to make out the words on the pages of the first book. And the more I read
the more I understood, until I knew I was reading the words of a spell book.
It took him more then a month to make out the words on the first page, but
after that they started coming easier. And I realized the little scribblings
of different herbs and stones were the components needed for each spell. One
night while my mother and father slept, I took a small amount of a few herbs
my mother had to season the food with each night and slipped out into a
small wooded area where we were camped. I layed the small pouches on a dry
log next to me and opened the book, reading the words and commiting them all
to memory as I took up the first herb. The spell was intended to cause what
I dropped the herb on to turn invisible, I just needed to figure out what to
try it on. I looked around not seeing anything suitable, and was about to
just go back home, when I thought of using my pack. Taking the books out and
setting them on the same log as the herbs. Then took the pack and set it at
my feet. I held the herbs above it, and said the words as the herbs
sprinkled down onto the pack, I felt a tingling run across my skin, like my
limbs were falling asleep, but also a burning with it, as I finished the
words and the last of the herbs fell out onto the pack, I looked down and
the pack was still there visible. I hadn't cast the spell right.Or I had did
something wrong. I kicked the pack disgusted at my failure when I heard a
chuckle from behind me and I spun around quickly, my only defense a small
dagger I quickly brandished from its sheath at my belt. I turned to see a
large man, nearly twice my size, dressed in black robes, and still chuckling
at me."You did well with the words, and I see you even have the right herbs.
However until you learn the proper hand gestures none of your spells will
ever work. Tell me lad, have you no master to train you in the art, or are
you trying to learn this all on your own?"he asked with a perk of the brow.
I didn't know how to respond at first, here was a man twice my size, and I
knew I wouldn't stand a hance againt him in a fight. But he didn't appear to
want to cause me harm so I sheathed my dagger and stood as tall as I
could."I have learned what I know on my own. I have no former teacher or
Master as you call it. And do not even know where to begin to look for one
should the idea take hold."I responded. The man smiled and nodded, and
looked at me for a moment as though taking my measure to see if I was worthy
of something. Or to see if I would make a good slave. I wasn't entirely sure
which at that time. He came forward a couple steps and I stepped back just
as many as he came forward."Relax son, you have a gift and I would like to
help you reach your potential. But you must be committed to continue
learning. And Learning in away more comptent then just reading books and
attempting things you shouldn't without proper supervision until your
ready."he said. I did relax a littl at his words, but worried my parents
would not allow me to go to seek this training. I said as much to him, and
he told me to wait here that he would go talk to my parents, as he had
passed our small camp earlier, just before happening upon me. I was hesitant
at first but agreed. I sat on the log and waited many things running through
my mind, until he returned, with a note from my mother and father saying I
could go with him and continue my studies. I was happy my journey into magic
was finally going to take a turn for the better or so I thought. What
happened in reality was far different. I was more a slave then a student for
the first few years with him, but I did learn alot, about different runes,
and herbs, and other spell components. I tended his garden, made his meals,
and sorted his library. Which I had read every book he allowed me too. Then
came the day the agic lessons began. He had explained to me that the last
few years had trained me to know all spell components, and to know all the
runes. Now it was time to learn how to write the magical alphabet, and to
pronounce each. It took me nearly a year to master all of that. Then I
received my first blank spell book. And was told to write the words to the
spells he would cast. It was hard, trying to write he arcane as it was
spoke, but soon I had many pages filled in my spell book. Spells he had said
would not get me into trouble with the Conclave of mages, but he also said
he had taught me all he could until I was summoned by the mages of the
Conclave to take my test. 

Author:    Eban           
Date:      Sat Sep 19 20:57:27 2009
Subject     The Master

I had been at the tower of Wayreth for nearly a month. In that time I had
spoken to very few people. I went to classes that had been set for me, but
they were really just reviews of what I already knew. I was trying to be
patient, knowing that sooner or later someone would take notice. Or perhaps
that the one who had summoned me to the tower had not yet arrived himself.
The days dragged on, and my patience was fleeing faster then a gully dwarf
chased by a draconian. Then a messenger arrived with a missive, written on
black parchment, in golden lettering, summoning me to the meeting room
within the black tower. Perhaps this is what I had been waiting for, I
thought, as an evil grin spread across my face, and I made my way through
the gardens of the towers, to the entrance of the black tower. There I knelt
and whispered a small prayer to Nuitari, before entering the hallowed halls
of his chosen, and made my way to the meeting room. 

As I entered the room the doors closed behind me, seemingly of there own
will. All I saw was a small wooden chair in the center of the room, which I
assumed was for myself, and a stood behind it as I waited. Then the voice
echoed around the hall, though I could see no one. 

"Greetings young wizard, what brings you to the silence of these hallways?"

I stood tall as I answered the voices question, though I had no idea who it
was I spoke with. "I have come to further my training in the art I have been
blessed with by the Dark Lord Nuitari." 

The voice spoke again, questioning me further. "You seek wisely, for the
Conclave has many such masters. Yet you have none still, why do you tarry in
submitting? Do you disapprove of the magi here?" 

The question irrated me slightly as none of the magi here seemed to have
time for those of use without a master, and I responded calmly. "Disapprove
of the magi here? I have seen so few. And those I have seen have neither
spoken to me, or looked in my direction. I came with willingness to learn,
not to be slave to another. So I will not beg another to teach me."

I heard after that a low chuckling from the voice, whether it was approval
of my answer or not, I was sure I would find out soon enough. 

When the chuckling ended his next questions seemed as though I he
disapproved of my earlier answer. 

"Proud are we, magi? Perhaps too proud. We of the Conclave are arrogant too,
in our own ways. Few of us share our gift so freely, and those who do ...
well, I can't imagine they would approve of your ... desire. By what right
do you deserve education? Will you not bow before another, nor toil for our
services? Believe me, you're already a slave. A slave to our art. That is
why you are here."

I nodded at these words spoken to me, perhaps he was right, but it changed
little. "I do not ask for approval of my desires. I am proud yes. Is pride
in one's accomplishments up to the time he arrives here frowned upon by the
order? I am slave to the art yes, but I will bow to those greater then
myself, and with more to teach me as my desires dictate. However I will not
bow to a man only because his title outweighs my own.  

A soft snicker emanated from the shadows at my answer before he spoke again.
"Ambitious and proud, most fitting for one of our order. Yet you will soon
learn your past accomplishments are nothing. Whatever miniscule feats you
have performed, thousands others have done better. But you crave something.
We all do, even the most humble and generous of us. What is your desire
young Eban Dracart? Respect, titles and honor, power? A name feared by those
who darn utter it?" 

I nodded at the first words he spoke, as I held a stoic expression to his
next questions, and answered him slowly. "My ambitions are my own to keep.
If they garner me respect, power, titles and fear. Then so be it. I care
little for what the world will think of me in the end. It is not the
ambitions of any race on Krynn that I seek." 

There was no chuckling or humor from the voice this time. As the next words
were spoken and the man who had spoke to me faded into view. "Then you are
no fool, but rather a truly dangerous man." he said. "Do you know who I am?"
Asked the man who stood before me in dark robes. And I had heard of this
man, and I nodded. "Yes I know who you are. I have heard your name whispered
in taverns, in both fear and respect." I replied. The man chuckled at my
response, all too aware of the fear and respect he had throughout the world.
"I have watched you young wizard since you're first days here. Do not be
fooled by your peers and their downcast eyes. You have been noticed and
appraised. But I reveal myself to you because we have something to offer
each other."  

I listened intently as he spoke of what he could offer me and what I in turn
could offer him. Thus the ground work was layed for my apprentice ship. I
was given instruction on where to meet him. And hurriedly made my way to my
rooms to gather my few belongings, and to follow my masters instructions. 

Author:    Eban           
Date:      Tue Sep 22 23:16:41 2009
Subject     The Journey

I had left the protection of wamyreth forest, and the towers of high
sorcery behind, as i began my journey of knowledge and the fullfillment of
my desires. I had camped just outside the forest of wayreth on that first
night. I lit no fires, nor did I make a camp, after all I was just one
person, instead I leaned my back against the tree and closed my eyes. Dreams
over took me quickly. 

Magic cast by powerful wizards Flared, and Streaked all around me. Soldiers
in dark armor, and other in shining silver armor, did battle in front of me.
Above dragons screeched, and thunder shook the skys as the dragons let loose
their powerful breath. Dragons of many colors circled and dove down on their
enemies, laying waste to the landscape around me. The battle was going well
for the dark armored soldiers in this dream. I looked directly above me as
my master flew overhead on the largest dragon I had ever seen. Using his
magic to make his voice heard over the din of battle, he flew over the
battle field directing the armies into foramation to take best advantage of
the oppurtunities given by the enemy. The men in silver were falling back
into the seeming safety of a nearby forest, the battle was his, or so I was
thinking, when a horn sounded loud and clear from the forest. The sound
drowning out the clang of steel on steel, and the thundering of the dragons
breath. All heads turned toward that sound as the sun was setting and a new
roar was heard as sparkling, silver{s, gleaming gold, shining brass,
shimmeringbronze, and copper, rose out of the skyline in front of us.
Another roar was heard as these new dragons began to battle with the ones of
our army, and the soldiers that had retreated returned to the field,
seemingly fresh as though they had not just been in battle all day long. I
looked to my master and he down at me. 

I awoke and shook my head slowly, this could be only a dream I told myself,
but I wrote it down in my journal, and made a note to talk to my new master
about this. As it could very well be a sign of things to come. After writing
the dream down in my journal, I made a quick breakfast, of bread and cheese,
with a warm cup of tea. Taking my staff in hand, and slinging my pack over
my shoulder I took a look back to where wayreth forest had once stood only
to see it had moved on. Such was the nature of the towers, I shrugged and
took my first steps down a little used trail, heading in the direction y
master had told me to meet him. I traveled for two days seeing not a soul
along the trail, but feeling eyes upon me. I was not unprepared as I spent
my rest times studying my spell book, and ensuring the spell components
needed were easily at hand should trouble arise. Though I new few offensive
spells I was confident in my ability to handle thieves, and a few goblins or
other creatures that may try to attack me. The end of the forest was only a
days travel away so I knew if I was right in my assumption of being
followed, that the attack would be coming shortly. If they mustered the
courage to do so. I took a small rest break at midday eating a bit of bread
and cheese, with a piece of jerky. Then sat at the base of a tree and
studied my spell book for a bit, before closing it and leaning back against
the tree and closing my eyes. Giving my unseen advesaries the oppurtunity
the would percieve to catch me by suprise. 

I heard them approach, slowly cautiously, they knew I was a user of magic,
though I was sure by the way they approached they had no idea just how
powerful I was. Had they known I only had a few spells in my arsenal I am
sure they would have approached much quicker, as it was I opened my eyes
just a slit to get a look at what I was up against. Two young humans,
dressed in leather armor approached me one on the left and one on the right.
I waited a moment longer waiting for them to get closer as I moved subtly to
get my hands near the components needed. They were only twenty feet from me
when I jumped to my feet whispering the words to the spell as the sand
dropped from between my fingers, and the two of them fell to the ground. I
smiled to myself thinking I had won, when I felt something hit me hard on
the back of the head, then everything went black, as I heard a high
screeching whistle come from behind me and another thud as though someone
else had fell. My last thought before losing conciousness, was only one
word. "Fool" Then all was still and silent. 

I awoke sometime later, my head aching worse then ever before, and I had a
good sized lump upon the back of my head where I had been hit. I shook my
head and rubbed my eyes to clear my thoughts before I looked around. The
smell of smoke hit me as I turned to the right and saw a small fire was
crackling inside a circle of stones. I wondered who had built the fire as I
slowly stood and walked over to the tree to check on my belonging. My pack
laid still unopened, and with the exception of a few potions, and a ring or
two everything was there, including my spell book. Though I saw no signs of
anyone else. 

"Hey your awake. Your a magic user right. Can you do some magic on me? I
always wondered what it would be like to have a spell cast on me. Nothing to
serious you know, maybe you could like turn me into a frog or something.
That would be fun don't you think. I mean not forever or nothing, but like
maybe an hour or so."the voice said, and I knew this journey was going to be
a long one, as I cast my detection spells again and saw the little fellow in
his bright clothes, the topknot on his head, and I groaned as my head
suddenly hurt even more, and noticed the ring on his finger. 

"That ring where did you get it?"I asked, though I already knew, I knew also
that to accuse him of stealing it would have just set off an arguement, and
the last thing I wanted to do at the time was argue with a kender. 

He looked down at his finger and pulled the ring off holding it in front of
him," This ring? Oh I found this ring outside an old tower, that had
crumbled when I first left home. Do you like it? I suppose you can have it
if you want it. It doesn't really do anything, although when I put it on
people always act like they can't see me. It was useful a few times, but
gets rather annoying when I try to talk to people. They always think I am a
ghost or something." He said as he handed me the ring and I put it safely
inside a pocket of my robe. 

"So what's your name? I am Halivar Redfoot. Everyone in my family was born
with red feet. Which everyone considers odd." he said then looked as though
he was thinking of something, I decided I better say something before he
went rambling on about his family history. 

"My name is Eban." I said and laid back against the tree again and closed my
eyes trying to act as though I was sleeping. 

"Well were you heading Eban. I have been wandering around these parts for a
long time." Halivar said," I may have a map that could be useful to you. Or
could go with you." 

Those last words made me cringe, and I knew I was going to be stuck with
this kender for most of my journey now. As I opened my eyes and glared at
him."East", I said"I am heading east." 

"East I have been east, there is a large desert that way, used to be an
ocean some say, if you ever been to tarsis you would think they still think
it is an ocean, what with all the old wrecked ships they have there. I
wonder how they got there. Maybe there is a powerful pirate wizard who just
sends all the ships he sinks there. You know wizards can do things like
that." he said and I knew I would not get a moments peace if i didn't do
something soon. 

"Let me see your map, maybe it will show a better way to get from her to
tarsis." I said and watched as he jumped up and rummaged through his
pouches, spreading items and maps everywhere, as he was looking for the maps
I took all the things he had taken from me and put them back in my pack. 

Author:    Eban           
Date:      Tue Sep 22 23:27:50 2009
Subject     The Journey continued......

"I have been almost everywhere, I love drawing maps of places too. Hmm
let me see palanthas, no that is too far north. Solace, no no west tarsis.
hmmmmm Ahhh here it is." he said as he pulled the map from a pouch and
spread it out on the ground. "We are here just outside the forest, we are
going to have to go up over the mountains here, once out of there is the
desert before tarsis. Why would anyone want to live in a desert? Very little
water and it has to be hard to grow anything in sand." he said. I had looked
at the map, the roads drawn on it I wasn't sure existed anymore and was sure
danger would be around every boulder and turn. Perhaps having a companiong
for part of this journey would be a help. 

"Well I am heading out then, thank you for showing me where to go." I said
as I picked up my pack and began walking down the road. 

"Hey wait." I heard behind me. "I will come with you just let me get my
things." I heard him say as he ran around gathering up his belongings and
ran down the trail after me. 

Three days we traveled resting less often, as we traveled up through the
mountains. I must be half crazy, I thought to myself many times, to follow a
kender through rough terrain like this. But then I had never been through
this area before, as he had. And we seemed to be making pretty good time.
With his eyesight and my use of magical seeing globes we were able to avoid
several well laid ambushes by traveling up side trail and around the spots.
I had to admit if he wasn't along I may have missed a few telling clues of
some of the ambushes. While I still didn't like him I was growing a certain
amount of respect for his skills. But wouldn't hesitate to throw him in the
path of danger either if it came down to only one of us living through it.
We finally made it to the top of the pass as we had wound our way through, a
straight shot would have taken us only a day I calculated, but then so did
the thieves and marauders who called these mountains home. From the summit
of the pass you could see down the mountainside to what appeared to be a
small forest, and beyond it miles and miles of yellow sand. It would be a
long journey through that sand I knew. I would have to be sure to fill my
water skins before leaving he mountains behind. 

We made good time down this side of the mountain. The thieves and maraduers
didn't inhabit as great an area here. I reasoned it was due to the face not
many people would travel this way as the giant desert beyond here was such a
deterent to most. We made camp at the edge of the forest, a small stream ran
nearby, from which I was sure to fill the water skins with, and prayed I had
enough to make it through the shifting sands. 

"When we arrive at tarsis, I will find a caravan heading northwest and see
about traveling along with them. What is it you plan to do?" I asked
Halivar. He smiled brightly. "Oh you will love tarsis. Like I said before
there are lots of old broken ships. No sails left on them though. I wonder
why that is. I will have to ask around when I get there. They probably used
them for blankets and stuff." he said with a shrug, then his eyes widened as
he understood what it was I was saying."Well I am coming with you of course.
Someone has to keep your head on your shoulders. What if you are attacked
again. Those books aren't going to save you from a sword you know." he said

I sighed I had expected as much from him."You may be suprised just what
these books will save you from." I said, then nodded at him ending the
conversation as I closed my spell book and my eyes to get a few hours sleep
before finishing our journey to Tarsis. 

We awoke at nightfall, I reasoned that traveling through the desert at night
would be more comfortable the trying to go through it in the heat of the
sun. The sand was course and gritty and got into everything. My feet were
rubbed raw as the sand in my shoe tore through my stockings, and into my
skin. But I kept going on, nothing worth having comes easy, I reminded
myself. We would stop often, if only to empty our boots of the sand and get
a few more miles in before another pair of stockings was ruined. We drank
little, trying to perserve what water we had as we wandered through the
desert in a generally eastern direction. For his part Halivar said little,
he as well as I knew the more you talked the more your thirst would rise.
Water was precious here, and we did all we could to preserve it. 

It was the third day in the desert now, I thought we should have seen at
list the shadow of tarsis in the distance but all there was was sand. Sand
rising and falling like the waves of an ocean. We rose up over a tall sand
dune when we spotted it, not the city we were looking for but a giant cloud
of yellow heading straight for us. A sand storm of this size I knew was
likely to kill us if we didn't find cover soon. Grabbing hold of the kender,
who just stared at it like he wanted to run and leap in and see where it
would take him, I ran back down the sand dune and began digging a hole in
the side of it. It wasn't going to be much protection but it should be some,
I thought. I heard the rumbling as the storm got closer and yelled for
Halivar to get in, But he wasn't listening to me. Kender are too curious,
and he was no exception, as he ran back up the sand dune and jumped up into
the approaching storm. "Foolish Kender." I muttered as I jumped into the
hole as the storm poured over the dune carrying a laughing kender with it. I
couldn't see him but I heard his laughter as the begining of the storm flew
by. I wasn't upset he was gone was rather releived in many ways. As I
climbed out of the hole which had been sealed by the storm and started again
across the desert. I never made it to Tarsis on this journey. As I ran into
a carvan heading toward neraka the next day. I joined up with them, using
what defensive scouting spells I had to pay for my way, as I had few coins,
and wished to keep what I had. We made good time and we arrived in the city
three days later. I often wonder what happened to Halivar. Good be the storm
killed him more then likely. Though he was probably off on some other wild
adventure. Perhaps I will search him out one day, I thought to myself. But
now I need to go and find my masters tower. I scanned the skyline of the
city as I saw it and a grin passed over my face, I had made the journey
successfully, now it was time to learn all I could from a master of magic. 

Author:    Eban           
Date:      Sat Sep 26 02:17:28 2009
Subject     Arrival

The smell of sulphur and excrement was strong as he approched the walls
of the city. He figured the animals and other beasts needed for the
protection and feeding of the cities many residents was kept outside the
walls. As he approached the black gates, he was barred entry by the guards.

"What is your purpose within the city." one of the guards in black armor

I looked over at him a cold look in my eyes, and saw him squirm a bit, as i
silently mouthed the words to the charm spell I had learned just weeks prior
to leaving the tower of wayreth. I hoped it would work, but wasn't sure as I
had never tested it out anything but small animals while at the tower, this
would be a test i knew, and failure would lead to my jailing or worse. The
rose petal crumbled to dust in my hand as I finished the spell and held my
hand out as the wind caught the fragrant remenants of the rose petal and
carried it into the faces of the two guards. A strange look crossed their
faces which I hoped meant the spell had worked, now was the moment of truth
though, as I smiled at them. 

"My name is Eban. My purpose is not for you to know. Open the gate." I said
as calmly as I could, though inside my heart was racing, and my mind was
scrambling for enough defensive magic to protect myself should the spell
have failed. I waited with bated breath as the two guards looked to each
other and smiled. I thought for sure I was in serious trouble at that moment
until the guard spoke again. "This way sir. You will need to report to the
commanders. Their tents are just down the road here and too the left. You
can't miss them." he said as I approached and walked through the small
opening inside these gates. I had thanked the dark lord for allowing my
magic to work, thinking the guards weak minded at the time. I was to only
find out later they had been alerted to my approach to the city, and that my
magic had not worked on them at all. That did not matter now though. I had
arrived at my destination, now I only had to find my master. "Report to the
commanders" the guard had said. I shook my head, there was only one reason I
was here, and it was only to him that I would report. Though I had no idea
where he maybe, and was new to the city. He had seemed a man of great power,
perhaps he was the ruler of the city. It shouldn't be hard to find him if
this was the case I assumed as I set out to the center of the city. After
all most cities ran their goverments from the central portions of them. 

I traveled down one twisting road after another, listening to the talk of
the city and gleaming as much information as I could while saying as little
as possible. Knowledge is power after all, and knowledge of others without
giving away knowledge of oneself is more powerful. I walked slowly down the
crowded streets arriving at the center of town and the large temple built
for the dark queen. Here I had reasoned to find my master, though as I
walked around and into the temple I saw nothing of him. I had wasted most of
the day already and I could not figure where he was. 

It was getting late, and I decided to find a room for the evening and to try
again in the morning.I traveled back down the road towards the gate,
remembering an inn I had seen on the way into the city. I figured to get a
good nights rest, and try again in the morning. But I wanted to stop in at
the temple of Nuitari first. I had located a man who gave me directions and
went on my way. The crowds had thinned out considerably, making travel
through the streets easier. I arrived at the temple at sunset, and stepped
inside, the beautiful obsidian inside the temple, glowed with a dark light
as I knelt at the altar, sayin a small prayer of thanks, for his guidance,
and the ability he had given me. Then turned to leave, as I left a small
magical ring as an offering to the Dark Lord. As I turned a figure stood
within the doorway leading back out to the streets. A familiar figure, one I
had seen only a few short weeks ago. I bowed my head to him, though never
took my eyes off of him. "Master." I said as I stood to full height and
folded my arms inside the sleeves of my robe. 

Author:    Eban           
Date:      Fri Oct  2 02:51:49 2009
Subject     Learning

I stood within the protective circle of magic, the goblin on the other
side, it was the moment of truth now, I had studied, written, and memorized
the spell for weeks, my master stood a good distance away watching, if the
spell went right the goblin would be reduced to a puddle upon the floor, if
it went wrong the same effect would happen to me. I had a good deal of
trepadition as I prepared for the casting. And I remembered everthing that
had happened up until this point. 

A Month Prior 

I sat at the small table inside the laboratory. Vials of different colors,
and many tomes lined the walls of the small room. My master walked to one of
the many shelves and pulled the tome down setting it on the table and
sliding it to me. 

"You have done well thus far apprentice. You have shown mastery over the
spells you already have learned. Now it is time you learned more complex
magic. This tome will teach you how to blend that which you already know
with another more powerfull spell." he said as he stood up straight. 

"Read it, write it, memorize it. I will quiz you daily until I feel you are
ready to attempt the spell. It is more then what you are used too. But I
know it is well within your capabilities." he said as he left me to my
studies, and returned to whatever it was he was working on. 

I spent the entire day and much of the night reading what was necessary for
the spell. The components listed were readily at hand i knew. But I would
need to be sure of the amount used, too little and the damage would be
minimal, too much and the spell may destroy the caster as well. I set the
book aside as I went through the components needed, and the effects of the
spell until I was sure I had that part right. Then double checked with the
book and smiled as I knew I had that part under control. Next was the tricky
part, learning the arcane symbols that needed to be drawn while saying the
words. The memorizing of the words themselves I knew would not take long, it
was the cadence and inflections of the words that had to be mastered, as
well as the arcane symbols that was the hard part. 

For the next three days I went over the symbols, drawing them on parchment
first, then drawing them in light using a spell so the symbol would hang in
the air a breif moment. I practiced these symbols until the became second
nature. Luckily it took all three parts of the spell for it to work
right.Having mastered the first two portions of the spell all that was left
were the words to the spell itself. And the inflection and cadence required
to call upon the magic of the Dark Lord himself. 

I spent many hours memorizing the words. Some I already knew from other
spells, others were completly new to me, and it took me days to memorize
everyone of them, and then another day to get the cadence and inflections
correct. Nearly two weeks it took me to get to the point I was ready to try
my first casting of this new spell. It wasn't all just study time, I had
other responsibilities to attend to during this time as well. Cleaning the
laboratory, organizing the spell comoponents, and potions. Each action a
learning experience. Soon I found myself knowing exactly what spell
components were used for what spells, even if I hadn't learned the spells
yet. I learned what potions were used for healing, and which to stay away
from as there magic could destroy a mind, or a drop could render one

The day finally arrived. My master had cast a protective circle for me to
stand in that would allow my spell through, but not back in, just in case I
made a mistake in it's casting so it would not harm me. I stood in this
circle staring at the wretched creature in front of me, and knowing if the
spell worked the wretched creature would not survive. 

I began the incantation, the spell component in my hand as it began to
crumble the first words spilled out of my mouth as my other hand drew the
symbols in the air. I felt the burning sensation start at my feet, and knew
the magic was building inside me. As I continued the words the light burning
sensation intensfied and traveled up my legs and chest. Another symbol drawn
and the sensation traveled down my arms, the burning growing more and more
intense as the room darkened, all light sucked out of the room, the pitiful
creature began whimpering as I felt the magic burning my finger tips and
knew it was time to release it as the last word was spoken at the top of my
lungs, and I opened my hand that held the spell component, and directed my
gaze to where the creature had stood. A thick dark liquid shot from my hand,
and splashed against the creature, the smell 

of burning flesh filled the air, and made me wretch a bit as the disgusting
stench filled my senses. The cries of the creatures filled the air and hurt
the ears it was so loud. Then as suddenly as it started it was all quiet
again. All that was left of the creature was indeed a puddle of blood and
gore upon the floor. I smiled, I had mastered yet another spell, my spell
books were ready for another spell to be written within. 

I heard my master approaching from behind as I turned to look at him. 

"Excellent work apprentice. I had thought you may have been a bit over
zealous, in saying you were ready to try that spell. You have shown great
apptitude in the art." he said. 

I smiled as I nodded to him. 

"Thank you master. You have taught me much. And I know there is still more
yet to learn." I answered him. 

"Indeed there is. But rest first we will begin again tomorrow." he said. I
nodded as I retrieved my spell book and retired to my quarters, spending the
rest of the day and part of the night copying the spell into my own spell

The next day was a new more complicated spell. And as I learned each spell I
felt more pride growing in me, and developed more confidence in myself as I
learned. I knew soon the day would come where my knowledge would be put to
the test by my peers. But until then I was eager to learn all I could from
my master. And he taught me much more in the months that followed. 

Author:    Eban           
Date:      Fri Oct  2 04:20:39 2009
Subject     An end? Or a new Begining?

The news had arrived quickly. My master had disappeared suddenly at the
end of his latest mission. Scrying by the mages, and divining by the clerics
had turned up no trace of him. I went to the laboratory upon hearing the
news, needing a moment to mull what this meant for my future. I sat in a
chair and scanned the room where much of my learning had taken place in the
last few months. My eyes scanned the many spell books I had learned from and
I knew the spells written within their pages. Until I got to the last one.
It's bindings glowing with a Dark glow. A smile crept upon my face as I
remembered the last lesson taught to me because of that very tome. I stood
and ran my fingers across the binding a cold chill passing through my body
as I took it down and sat it on the table. The last time I had opened this
book it had nearly cost me my sight. 

------------------------- A week previous. 

My master had warned me not to open that tome. But it's magic was strong,
and I knew the power it held must be immense to feel the magic from across
the room. It was one of the last books left to study, but it was protected
with strong magic. I took the tome down and layed it upon the table.
Thinking to myself that surely looking at just the first page could do no
harm. With trembling fingers I began to open the book, the cold chill
spreading across me as the cover slid back easily, and just as I looked down
at the page, the entire room went dark, and the coldness left me, replace by
searing pain in my eyes. I closed the tome quickly but the damage was done,
I was blind and the pain was excurciating. I screamed as my hands flew to my
eyes, trying to rub the pain away. The pain lessened a bit but it was still
there as I heard the door open and footsteps as someone entered and closed
the door behind them. 

"I am disappointed apprentice, you were rash and too eager. Did you suspect
I was lying, that such curses did not exist?" I heard my master's voice
asking me. I shook my head, knowing he had told the truth but also fearing
the punishment he would impose upon me for disobeying him. 

"No master I did not suspect a lie in your warning. But the magic of the
tome was too much for me to resist." I replied to him. 

I heard him chuckle at my response. 

"Such ambition is dangerous without the correct temperment. You have
disappointed me.You have the skill and genius to unlock this curse yourself.
Your punishment will be to suffering this blindness until you succeed in
curing yourself." He said. 

My eyes widened in astonishment, wondering how I would be able to do such
without the eyes to see with. If I thought that was the worst of it his next
words would drive that thought from my mind. 

"But I must warn you, even as we speak your eyes are rotting away. You do
not have long before you'll have no eyes left to cure." he said. 

"Master, how am I to learn how to cure this with no eyes with which to read
with?" I asked, fear begining to creep into my mind. 

"This is almost too ironic apprentice. For you see, the magics inside the
tome are based on complex blending of theories you've learned.So there is
nothing more for you to read. Step outside this physical realm and look with
your arcane eye. Look at the curse and observe it's core components." he

I nodded my head, as i forced myself to relax and seperate my thoughts from
what i felt to that which I already knew. Seeing within the magic the
components of the curse. 

"Is it based around manipulation of light, obscuring or displacing the
visiable spectrum? Or is it primarily constructed around a corrosive acid,
working to burn away the connections in your skull? Or both?" he asked me as
he saw I had indeed relaxed and was looking at it through the magic. 

I saw within the magic it was both, a darkness that blocked out all light to
the eyes, as well as an acid that burned at the connections, eating away at
the nerves that led to the brain. I responded as such as I remembered the
spells that would negate the effects. First I knew I had to render the acid
ineffective so as to spare my eyes. 

"Reach out with your left hand Eban, and find the components you require." I
heard him say. 

I reached out with my left hand searching for the components, my hand
falling onto something a bit wet, and feeling like a bone. I raised an
eybrow curious as to what component that might be, when I heard my master
chuckle again. 

"Apprentice, that is the remains of my dinner. Please keep searching" he
said still chuckling at what I had reached my hand into. 

I sighed as I searched again, finding the components spread in a neat order
upon the table a bit closer to me then I had thought they were. I knew my
face was still red from the embarassment of earlier as I picked up the first
component and spread the powder over my eyes. I knew it would hurt worse
then before as the acid would intensify in heat as it becam neutralized. The
pain was intense but I clinched my jaws together as I grabbed hold of the
table and stomped my foot on the floor until the pain was gone. I had saved
my eyes, but now had to get them to see again. 

Again I reached to the table, this time finding the component I needed, a
small piece of crystal, that would intensify light and if directed properly
should penetrate the darkness spell upon my eyes and allow me to see again.
I touched the crystal to my nose and slid it up until i had it held between
my eyes. I thought back to the last few spells I had learned. The one I
needed would cast a more intense magical light then those used simply for
lighting ones way. It had it's dangers also I knew, It could burn my eyes
right out of my sockets if i wasn't careful, I would have to start low and
use more magical energy slowly until the effect I desired. Taking a deep

breath I began, the arcane words rolling off my tongue as I felt the magic
course through me, and felt the crystal warm against my skin, I still could
not see. I cast the spell again, intensifying the light and heat of the
crystal, knowing it would burn the skin, but the darkness began to lighten.
One more time I thought, though I knew the heat would blister the skin it
was the only choice I had. Again I cast the spell, fighting against the pain
caused from the heat of the crystal, as the light intensified again, causing
the darkness to fade away. 

I still couldn't see for a few moments as the light I had used caused
another temporary blindness. All I could see was white for a few moments,
until it began to fade, and the room began to appear through bright white
swirling orbs in front of my eyes. I looked over to my master and saw his

Author:    Eban           
Date:      Fri Oct  2 04:23:18 2009
Subject     An end? Or a new begining? Continued....

"Very impressive Eban, a true show of genius. You now realize you have
the tools to master any spell.Now we work to harness this knowledge. Make it
quicker, faster and smarter. A second nature to you.Given enough foresight
and speed of tongue, you can transform a raging fireball into a refreshing
wave of saltwater.But be aware of the cost this deconstruction takes on you.
You will become very weak tonight, and I suggest eating a considerable
amount." he said. 

I nodded at my masters words as I felt the weakness take hold of me from the
spells i had just cast to free myself of the curse. 

"I understand master. I thank you for this lesson and will eat well befor
retiring this evening." I said. 

D"One last thing before you go apprentice. I will be leaving in the morning
on an important mission. I expect you to keep to your studies. And keep the
laboratory clean. We will continue your lessons, when I return." he said. 

Those were the last words he spoke to me. Now the reports filtered in saying
he was no where to be found. I knew not what my future held now, but I was
confident in what I had learned from him. As I stared at the tome that was
now on the table in front of me. And knew I had the knowledge to find the
secrets hidden within it. 

Author:    Eban           
Date:      Sun Oct 11 00:51:23 2009
Subject     The Test

My master had disappeared of the face of Krynn. No magic, or divinations
were able to find him. I had spent my days in his laboratory catalogging the
many scrolls, potions, and other writings within. Such valuables were not to
fall into the wrong hands. It could be catastrophic if this were to happen.
I was finishing the last few items when a knock was heard at the door. I
answered the door to see a black robed mage escorted by one of the shady
characters that followed my master and I in here many months ago. I found it
odd and turned my head curiously to the side, and cocked an eyebrow.

"What can I do for you?" I asked the black robed man. 

He said nothing but handed me a missive, etched with silver runes, and
rolled into a tight scroll. I knew it came from the tower, what I didn't
know was who at the tower even cared what happened to an apprentice who had
no care for anyone there. It made me quite curious as I tucked the scroll
into my robes. 

"If that is all, I am sure you will see he is properly escorted back
outside." I said with a nod of my head. The guard escorting him nodded and I
smiled as I closed the door and sat upon the chair near the door. 

I reached into my pocket and pulled out the scroll. Carefully examining the
runes to unlock the seal upon it before opening it. It was quiet intricate,
and full of spells a modest wizard as they sent would have had trouble with.
It took me a few moments but I finally had the seal broken and unrolled the
scroll. A blinding light shot forth from the scroll and for a moment I
thought I had screwed up the seal. But as my eyes readjusted I found myself
outside the city of Neraka. A few days walk away in the surrounding forest.
Sitting upon a log sat my old pack, along with my first spellbook, and a few
pouches of magical spell components. I spun around finding this to be quite
odd, and noticed the black robed man walking towards me threw the forest.
His robes were bloodied, as he carried a dagger still dripping with blood in
his right hand, and smiled at me as he approached. 

"It is done young mage. Your parents were reluctant at first to allow you to
study the art. But I have assured them it is what is best." He said as he
wiped his dagger clean with a small cloth he procured from inside his silk

Anger coursed through me as I assumed the blood upon his blade belonged to
that of my parents, and I glared at the man, the only hope I had to learn
this art. I wanted to kill him, yet in so doing knew my one chance to learn
would be taken away. And perhaps my life. My mind raced as I nodded to him,
a plan forming within my mind. I decided i would learn what I could from
him, then when my training was done, I would kill him. 

"Then everything is set sir. Let me gather my things and we can be on our
way." I said with a nod, holding back the anger and grief I felt inside. As
soon as I gathered my things the light flared again. 

As it died down I found myself again standing before this mage, who had
taught me in the begining. I could tell it was time for me to go, the day
looked exactly the same as it did back then, and he was eyeing me, with a

"I have taught you all I can. It is for the mages in Wayreth now to further
your education. You must head there now, and wait for one who would
apprentice you." He said.

I nodded my head, as I let the dagger I carried strapped to my forearm drop
silently into my hand. This may be my only chance, I thought to myself, as I
felt the cold steel slide down my arm and into my waiting hand. I struck
quickly lunging forward as my stab penetrated only air, and I heard laughter
from afar. I turned my head to see the mage exiting the house, and knew my
life was coming to an end now. Though I wasn't going to go without a fight.

"Foolish young mage, but admirable." The man said with an icy tone. "Perhaps
I shall let you live." He said as he circled around me as though measuring
my worthiness. I glared silently at him, the spells I had been taught
recently rushing to my mind. What did I know of this man, his weaknesses,
his faults. I waited for my chance to strike again, the words of the spell
on my tongue ready as my fingers slipped to one of the many pouches at my
belt. I didn't have to wait long.

"Yes, my student, foolish indeed. Let me leave you with a final lesson. The
price of failure is steep, as you will come to find out. I believe for your
best interests you must be constantly reminded of this." He said as he drew
closer to me, he pointed a finger at me and spoke the words of a spell, the
same spell I also was speaking, though I had started the spell a few moments
before he had. The acid flew from my hand and towards him just a mere second
before his spell fired. I tried to dodge, but was not fast enough, as a
small amount splashed against my face.

My face felt as though it were on fire. The smell of exposed flesh melting
away was horrendous. I wiped at my face with the sleeve of my robe, as I
looked to see my foe had fallen to his knees, his entire head and upper
torso being eaten away by my acid blast. I grinned as I took a powder from
one of my pouches and poured it on my face, neutralizing the acid that
covered me, then took my canteen and washed the powder from my face. I knew
the scars would remain for the rest of my life. My teacher had indeed taught
me a valuable lesson, and his reminder would stay with me. But he lay dead
now, though he had injured me.

I knelt down, weakened from the casting, and the injury. I needed a bit of
time to rest, though that time would have to wait. As I looked back to where
my teacher lay, the bright light flashed again. When my sight returned I was
in a solid black room. A small chair sat in the middle of it. A seat I
assumed was for me, though I had no intention of sitting in it. I walked to
the chair and kicked it to the side. Wondering what sort of challenge was
coming next, when I heard a chuckle seem to pour out from all around the
room. The source of which I could not locate, but soon all became quiet once
again, and I turned to look around the room.

"Greeting young mage." A voice spoke from all around me at once. The person
hiding his location from me. Though I knew it wasn't from fear of me, no
this man did it only because it amused him for some reason to do it. I kept
my gaze straight ahead, though the voice could be anywhere, and kept myself
as prepared as possible, and as watchful as I could should an attack come
from behind. The man must have seen my caution in my eyes, because his next
words nearly stunned me. 

"There is nothing to fear here young mage. I traveled a long time to be
here. I have a proposition for you. One that will be mutually beneficial I
beleive." He said as the voice again went quite. I thought of this, and it
all sounded familiar. The last time this had happened I had accepted the
proposal, and now found myself withou a master, and alone in a place I had
only spent a few months in with little contact with anyone else. I stood
there mulling what I heard in my mind before I spoke.

Author:    Eban           
Date:      Sun Oct 11 01:00:02 2009
Subject     The Test 2

"What sort of proposal do you offer. I have made an agreement with one
already. Though that agreement seems to have come to an end as of now. As
the person seems to no longer exist." I said with a shrug as I awaited the
mans response.

"Tell me young mage, what is it you hope to become? To you wish to become
feared? Respected? Do you wish power over others, or power only for
yourself?" He asked in an even tone. 

I thought this over a few moments. What was it I truly wanted. I asked
myself. When I had started this journey, it was only for knowledge,
knowledge of the arcane, and this gift I had been born with. As my knowledge
increased, it had been about power. I had found as I grew in knowledge I
also grew in power. And I found that with that power, other feared me,
feared I could harm them but with a few words and gestures, and in that fear
I found that respect grew. So now what was it I wanted, to be powerful
respected and feared certainly, but those who feared and respected me now
were merely puppets, being controlled by others, they were nothing. What I
wanted was to be the puppeteer, the one pulling the strings of all those
around me, for my own amusement, or my own gains. But I would not tell
anyone this but myself. I smiled as I stared ahead. 

"What I want is of no concern of yours. However what you have to offer may
interest me. So tell me what it is you have to offer, and if it is inline
with what it is I want perhaps I will accept." I responded to the voice. 

The voice again chuckled, before it spoke. It's words came forth as echoing

"You treat my proposal as a toy young mage. Beleive me it is nothing to be
taken lightly. What I offer you is power, fear, respect. You will bow to no
man, woman, or any race upon Krynn. That is the power I offer you." The
voice spoke again. 

I cringed at the thundering tone with which the voice spoke. If I continued
perhaps I would die now. Perhaps not. But my decisions were made long ago. I
looked straight ahead my next words chosen carefully.

"Should I accept your offer, what is the cost that must be paid. After all
nothing is free. To cast the spell saps the energy of the mage, to swing the
sword tires the arm of that which swings it. So it is with all things. You
offer me this but there is always a price to be paid. I would know that
price before I give you an answer." I said. 

Again the voice chuckled."You have learned well young mage. You seem wise
beyond your years. Yes everything has a price and so it is with me and what
I offer. The price is simple. All I require is your service whenever I need
it. In return you will have power beyond your wildest dreams. Respect from
those who now will not give you the time of day. And fear from even the most
devout of the gods priests, the mightiest warlords, and the most powerful of
mages." He said. 

Service? I thought to myself. That was the only price to be paid. But then
that still left me a puppet. While it may be true that I would control many
I would still be controlled by another. Thus my ambitions would never be
satisfied. I thought this proposal over for a time, my mind saying it wasn't
a bad deal, but I knew it was not what I wanted. I hung my head as I thought
this through, debating with myself before reaching my descion. Slowly I rose
my head as I looked ahead. 

"What you offer me, is indeed tempting sir. But I must tell you my ambitions
go deeper then that. I will not allow myself to be controlled by another. No
matter how much power is offered to me. I will come and go as I please. And
find all those things you offer on my own." I said as I awaited his
response, or attack whichever it was he chose to do. All I heard was
silence, then the light flared again and I was knocked backwards into a
wall. My head pounding, as I shook it to clear my thoughts.

I blinked my eyes rapidly, to clear my vision, to find I hadn't left the
laboratory at all. I sat still in the chair near the door, the scroll lay
across my chest. I looked around to see nothing had been touched, indeed no
one else had entered the room. I looked down to the scroll, to see glowing
letters scralled across the parchment. 

"Congratulations Magus" Was all it said. I reached up to touch my face, to
find the right side of my face was no longer smooth, it was pitted, with
exposed flesh still bleeding. I knew it 

would take weeks for it to heal, and even then it would be scarred for life.
The price of failure, my teacher had called it. To me it was the price of
victory. I had passed my test. 

Author:    Eban           
Date:      Fri Oct 16 05:53:03 2009
Subject     The Plains of Dust.

I had listened from the shadows the last few weeks, to the reports that
filtered in from tarsis. The search was continuing withou a great deal of
success though a lead or two had appeared recently. I had rested long
enough, my wounds had sufficiently healed. There was still open sores on my
face but I was intrigued by the reports of what had happened, and decided it
was time I lent my aid, such as it was in this search.

I slid through the shadows of the halls, and back to the laboratory to
prepare for the journey back into the desert. I had spent weeks in that
desert on my way to meet with my former master. I beleive he was testing me
even then to be sure I was worthy of his tutelage. The journey taught me
many valuable lessons, but I really hoped not to see that barren wasteland
again. But now I had few choices in the matter. Although what I learned
since then I would not be merely walking blindly through it hoping I was
heading in the right direction. 

I pulled down a few empty vials, from the top shelf of a nearby cupboard and
set them upon the high table. I would need a few potions to carry with me.
One could not be sure what they would run into. A few healing potions was
always a necessity. I mixed the herbs and water, heating them over a blue
flame, as the arcane words passed from my lips, embuing the potions with my
magic. The mixture would need time to cool, and time was short as it was,
and I had more preperations that needed to be made. I looked to the shelves
of spell books that lined the north wall, and took a few down as I studied
the spells I would need and copied them into a new book, so I could
replenish my magic as I needed too. The hour was late now, and I had made up
my mind to leave just before the sun broke the horizon. I had only a few
hours left. As I sealed the vials of potions and tucked them into my robe,
the sat in the chair and closed my eyes for a much needed rest before I

Dreams filled my mind as soon as my mind rested, a vision of my former
master appeared in my mind, he stood tall, the magical aura surrounding him,
was dark and forboding, as he stared at me with and icy glare. Much as he
had done on the occasions I hadn't followed his intstructions to the letter.
I held my head high and returned his glare back at him, and watched as the
magical aura began to weaken and crumble around him, making him seem
vulnerable and weak, though I knew this not to be the case, for if he were
vulnerable and weak he would not have risen to the heights he had. As that
thought ran through my mind, a darker more powerful aura surrounded him, as
he stood and glared at me again, his eye flaring with a dark energy.

I woke as the energy reached out towards me, the vision replaying in my mind
as I studied it's aspects and gathered my gear and headed for the gates of
the temple. I passed silently down the empty corridors, and saluted the
guards at the gate as I walked out. I did not have time to wait for more
conventional forms of travel, the situation required immidiate attention,
though I did not want to startle those already searching either. I cast the
spell to transport myself a mile outside what was the last reported command
center for our troops in the desert. 

I set myself at a brisk walk as I walked towards where the camp was supposed
to be, and as the sun began rising over the horizon I saw the tents, and a
few plumes of smoke from cooking fires rising into the air. I saluted the
sentry, and asked where to find the commanders tent. He pointed to a large
tent on the northern side of the camp and I thanked him, as I turned and
made my way towards it. 

Author:    Eban           
Date:      Wed Nov  4 07:13:01 2009
Subject     Arrival

The battle in the desert had drained me of strength, both physically and
mentally. Many useful spells needed refreshing, as well as a few minor
supplies. I decided the best place to do this would be back at neraka. I
still had spells left to me to make the return trip home, and be able to
return here at a moments notice. I cast the spell that opened the hallways
of the arcane, and stepped inside, following the dark thread to my
destination as I stepped into the laboratory. 

Being a little disoreinted as I stepped inside, I waited for a moment, for
my senses to return. When I felt comfortable again I opened the door to let
the guard know I had returned. And left instructions to notify me of any new
reports. Then turning I gathered together the few potions I needed and lit
the lamp on the small table near the chair. Opening my spellbook I began the
long process of refreshing the spells in my mind I would need, or thought I
would need. 

The hours ticked by as the spells took hold in my mind, ready to cast at a
moments notice, when I heard a commotion outside. It sounded as though the
place was readying for war. I opened the door as I heard the knock, and
looked curiously at the guard. 

"The priests sir...."the guard said as he looked ready to run out of the
hall until I grabbed his shoulders.

"What of the priests?"I asked, wondering why this guard was so excited.

"The priests, they say they have recieved word on the emperor."he said as I
let him go and walked down the halls to the nearest priest. Bowing in a show
of respect to the man, "What news on the emperor?" I asked.

"We do not know for sure, but the signs point to a certain spot in the
desert. We are heading there now."he said. I nodded, perhaps a wild goose
chase, but if the queen was giving her priests signs now it was worth the
investigation. I remembered the place I had seen on the map when speaking
with Ayasana. I waited no longer as I cast the spell and again stepped into
the corridors of the arcane, and made my arrival outside the oasis in a few
mere minutes. 

Author:    Eban           
Date:      Thu Nov 19 05:01:14 2009
Subject     Open Trails

After spending the winter in the city of Sanction, it felt good to get
away from the sulphuric, acrid, smell of the Lords of Doom. I sat upon the
back of the old war horse, and scanned the open horizon. I lead a small
group of soldiers through the moutain passes, in the direction the Emperor
had adviced. The soldiers too seemed happy to once again be called upon to
do their duty. Spirits were high as we began our march westward. Though the
roads were in decent repair there were a few places it was rather muddy due
to the melting snow, that ran down the mountainside. And a few drifts that
needed to be cleared before the supply wagons could be moved onward. 

Two days of travel through the rugged mountains finally had us on the mud
soaked plains. To the north of us were Solamnic held lands to the south the
shores of New Sea. We had lost valuable time in the mountains, and the mud
soaked plains looked as though they would bring further delay. I halted the
troops and told them to make camp for the night at the base of the
foothills. There were enchantments to be made upon the wagons themselves.
Enchantments to ensure no further delay. I did not want to have to use any
of my magical abilities on such tedious things. But I knew further delay
would cause those ahead of us more injury the longer we were delayed. As the
men set about making camp, I set the enchantments upon the wagons. The
enchantments would fire at a command word spoken by me in the morning.
Exhausted I retired for the evening, as the men sat about small campfires,
each with a dream of glory in their minds, that they weren't shy about
telling the man next to them. I shook my head slightly, as I pulled open the
flap of my tent and layed on the small cot, and drifted off to sleep. 

I awoke the next morning well before sun up, and told the sentries to wake
the camp and get them ready to move out. The camp instantly became a blur of
activity as tents were folded, and bedrolls stowed. I sat upon my mount and
looked back at the formation. "Shilak ons phether" I spoke as the
enchantment took hold on the wagons lifting the wheels a few inches off the
ground. We moved easily over the muddy ground. We marched hard westward,
gaining back much of the time lost in the mountains. 

Another two days forced march across the plains and we arrived at our
destination. A few of the others already camped there as I ordered the men
to make camp and rest. I did not know at the time that rest would be short
lived, but as I entered discussions with those who had already arrived, I
soon found out that we were to be on the move again shortly. 

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