The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Naery.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a dirty book showing much wear on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Naery' scribed in dark black ink.

Author:    Naery          
Date:      Wed Jul  1 08:16:39 2009
Subject     Packing

The day started out normal, but a big change was coming for me. Today i
travel to Palanthas. Father and Mother think i will do well there. They
expect me to get a revelation and pick up the way of the sword, but i dont
feel confortable with those ways. I pray to Mishakal for a safe journey
and the strength to follow her path, even against my parents wishes.

Krysta, my friend, was kind enought to find the address for the Temple of
the Gods for me. I think i should send a letter to the Holy Order of the
Stars and ask to meet with someone to talk to.

Perhaps my path will be more clearly lay out before me when i get there.

The local priest has taught me a few simple prayers that will aid me in my
way, but i do feel confident that i can be of much more use to Mishakal by
learning adequately in her temple.

Oh, i need to finish packing now. Its nearly time... 

Author:    Naery          
Date:      Fri Sep  3 16:16:57 2010
Subject     The Tatto that came Tonight pt.1

Again I was mixing vegetable oil, 2 thirds of the white flower pistil and
coconut extract. My favorite color. This will be the tatoo that represents
me. My identity. What will it be? How will I make it if I dont even know
what it is?

The Elder said I need my game up tonight. I will go into the forest and wait
for something particular to happen. I will then return to the village and in
front of everyone, I will draw my identity tatoo onto my forehead. 

I asked the elder what is it that I would have to see to get my identity
tatto. He said that my own nature will determine that for me. That I will
KNOW what it is the moment I see it. I must travel to the nearby City of
Solace and observe from afar. Im suposed to find my defining moment there.
well. I guess we will see. 

Author:    Naery          
Date:      Thu Sep 16 14:34:47 2010
Subject     The Tatto that came Tonight pt.2

It was late at night. I could not believe that hours had passed and I
still didnt had seen what I was supposed to over notice. "You will know when
you see it" The Elder's voice rang loudly in my head as I wondered horrified
If I had already witnessed THE event and didnt "noticed" it. Maybe it was
the child crying for his mother. Maybe it was the annoying mage whom
everyone seems to bump into. Who knows? Maybe it was that kind person
helping travelers find their way.

Solace was a strange location for my Elder to choose. Everyone said so. And
still, I waited, hoping to find something relevant, something important
enough to become my Initiation Tatto.

I was almost dawn. A rattling sound brought my attention to the ground. I
turned and saw a rabbit, small and fragile. It walked oddly enough, very
slowly and stumbling. It seemed that with each hastly breath it took, its;
life neared doom. I then started wondering about life, how ever since we are
born, we are getting closer to our end. We will never be as young as we were
yesterday. We will never know what the future brings to us. perhaps our end
is closer then we think. 

As I wondered these toughts to myself. I noticed, almost unwillingly, the
presence of the rabbit's doom. A small brown colored snake stalked its prey
slowly and from afar. An odd reminder of how danger lurks around us even
when we dont know it, waiting for the moment to strike.

As my line of tought halted. I noticed This was the moment I was waiting
for. The subtle and random moment of apreciation of life, and the awe that a
simple thing like poison can cause.

Confident that my task was done. I swiftly climbed down the tree that held
me through the long night. I gathered the few things I always hide close to
me and started to long journey home.

It would be yet 3 hours until I found myself at my village. But as soon as
The first scout spotted me. More and more neighbours came to the center of
the village to watch. It is a silent tradition where no one is allowed to
speak until the Tatto has been finished, and no one is allowed to help. this
simple tradition dictates that when you come of age, you do a simple task
and go to where the Elder tells you. You will wait, observe and locate the
motif of your Tatto, you forge your own Tatto on your forehead and,
afterwards you tell the village the lesson you learned or the experience you
lived during that moment.

I slowly but steadily forget my Tatto, a simple yet elegant piece, like all
the drawings in my skin. I like the lines. Crafted on my own fashin and in a
very stylished and barely recognizable way, i drew a very slim serpent, its
fangs dripping poison. And the Poison, being the main Item of the Tatto. 

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