The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Nekros.

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The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a gorgious hardback on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Nekros' scribed in dull maroon ink.

Author:  Nekros
Date    Sun Dec 23 13:12:29 2001

Subject  Old Wounds... Now Reopened (Revenge Part I)

Well over a hundred troops stood in the hot sun in the city of Tarsis
sweating, bleeding, and tired. They stood with their swords in their hands,
going through countless drills being ushered and taught by a dark figure
standing in front of them. A black gauntleted hand raised in the air,
guesturing for them to stop. A deeply intense voice rang out above their deep
breathing, telling them to rest for an hour or so. The men dashed gratefully
towards the huge kettle of cool water the man ordered be brought forth. He
stood and watched them drink for a few moments, then decided to walk around a
bit, to view the city.

The figure was Nekros D'Vorath, Lord of the Lily, and faithful servant of
Takhisis. The armor he bore was black etched with intricate designs of gold,
all except the gauntlet on his right hand. This was purest ebony, inlaid with
a simple crescent. On each hip hung the most ornate sheathes, each bearing a
sword with a golden hilt and black blade.

His features were pale and handsome, and his deep aquamarine eyes swept back
and forth sharply, until they came to rest upon a simple tavern, where he
planned to enter and drink a bit of wine, and continue to better his already
positive realationship with the citizens of Tarsis.

Nekros opened the door slowly, and most of the people sitting about looked up
and smiled, a salute being added here and there. Nekros returned the looks
with one of his almost-smiles which the people of Tarsis had grown accustomed
to. Nekros gave the bar a sweeping glance and was about to sit at an empty
table in the corner when he heard some racous laughther from the bar table. He
glanced to see what the man was finding so amusing, and his eyes came upon a
bellowing fat man, his brown hair greasy and matted, and stubble growing on
his double-chin. Beside him was his companion, small, wiry and with a beak of
a nose set beaneath two squinty black eyes. Nekros inhaled sharply as his eyes
fell upon two people he knew all too well. Memories rushed to his mind...
memories of the good times overwhelmed by a seething tide of hatred and anger,
and everything permeated with thoughts of revenge.

Nekros's cool composure shattered in an instant. He stood so quickly that the
oak table and chair he was sitting at toppled and skidded along the boards of
the floor. A growl escaped through clenched teeth as he ran towards the two
sitting at the bar table. The skinny man turned just in time to feel a black
steel-clad shoulder ram into his face, sending him reeling to the ground,
unconscious. The fat man turned and yelped pathetically as Nekros, powered by
the berserk rage warriors were so famous for, grabbed the man around the neck
and hefted him against the wall with one hand, pinning and holding him there.
Nekros's eyes were bloodshot now, his lips peeled back over a wicked snarl,
his lungs drawing huge breaths of air as his left hand slowly glided for his

(To be continued...)

Author:  Nekros
Date    Sun Dec 23 13:32:05 2001

Subject  Old Anger... Now Revived. (Revenge Part II)

As Nekros's left hand glided slowly for his sword, words filled with hatred
and malice slid from his lips...

"Ilkonas... old friend," with that his grip dug deeper into the man's throat,
causing the man to whimper in pain, "How good it is to see you.. one last
time." Nekros's sword was drawn now, it's tainted blade gleaming dully from
the light of the open door, through witch almost every occupant of the tavern
had fled. Nekros quickly drew the sword so that the tip was pressed against
the man's throat.

"Wait!" came the gargled response from Ilkonas, "Wait, who are you!?"

Nekros laughed darkly, "You mean to tell me you have forgotten your dear
friend Nekros?" Nekros applied slightly more pressure to the sword.

"Nekros!?" fear filled the trapped man's eyes.

"Yes, Nekros D'vorath... fiancee to the woman you, Edrick here," Nekros jerked
his head in the direction of the fallen man, "and Algoth killed eight years
ago. Now I am here to return the favor." Nekros pulled the back, ready to kill
the pathetic creature he held in his iron grip.

"I can provide you with a way of revenge!" Ilkonas screamed. "We know where
Algoth is! HE was the one who killed Elayne! We just... watched! We had
nothing to do with her death! Please, I merely want to help you... AGH!"
Nekros's armored knee slammed solidly into the other man's genitals. Nekros's
eyes and face were even more filled with rage.

"Do NOT feed me lies! Elayne told me what Algoth allowed you to do with her
when he had had his way with her! For that ALONE you should die!"

Nekros once again readied his sword for the killing blow.

"But if you kill us, who will lead you to Algoth?" Ilkonas sputtered.

Nekros's blade wavered for a moment, and Ilkonas continues on what seemed to
be his only way of survival. "That's right.. you won't be able to find him
without us. Let me go and let us gather our things and we will take you to him
tomorrow, yes?" Ilkonas's eyes glittered with hope.

Nekros allowed the man to drop heavily to the ground, his features bearing a
look of digust. "You have spared your hide for the moment, Ilkonas. But after
I kill Algoth I will also kill you and Edrick. You may gather your things and
stay in my camp tonight. Tomorrow we leave."

With that, Nekros rushed out of the door, his black cape flapping behind him.
Ilkonas's large face bore a greasy smile as he chuckled to himself.

"That arrogant fool! Algoth will make short work of him, and then I will be
rewarded for bringing about the death of Nekros D'Vorath!"

Ilkonas cackled quietly to himself as he began to awaken Edrick to prepare
them for their journey.

Author:  Nekros
Date    Sun Dec 23 13:54:44 2001

Subject  Old Memories... Now Relived. (Revenge Part III)

Nekros emerged from his tent early in the morning, before the sun had yet
risen. He began striding towards the tent a few feet away, passing two brown
horses with common saddles and one black stallion, built for speed, saddled
with a black saddle with golden engravings. He bore a dark look upon his pale
face, which bore signs of lack of sleep. He strode into the tent where two men
lay snoring, one with a beak of a nose bound in white cloth. Nekros drew his
leg back and kicked the latter, Edrick, hard in the ribs. The man yelped in
pain and rolled over to look up at the figure standing over him. He groaned
and woke his partner, Ilkonas with a sharp elbow in the kidney, who muttered
an oath and stood to his feet. Edrick's thin, tinny voice whined, "Dammit,
Nekros. What is the point in waking us so damn early. How can we ride if-" he
was cut off as Nekros backhanded him smartly across the mouth, drawing blood.

"Shut up and get ready. We leave now." Nekros strode out from the tent and
mounted his horse. In a few moments the two men emerged from the tent and
walked quickly to their horses and mounted. Ilkonas mutted to Nekros, "It is
only a two day ride from here. We will make our bed in an inn tonight and-"

"We will make it in a day. Start riding. We will rest when we arrive, is that
clear?" Edrick sneered and spat on the ground near Nekros's horse.

"Why should we listen to you, hm? The two of us should kill you now, bastard.
If we weren't in some damn Knight's camp I'd-" Edrick was cut off as the black
blade of one of Nekros's swords was drawn and swung, stopping inches from his
neck before Edrick could even reach for his own short sword. Nekros calmly
replied, "Do as I say, or I will flay you alive and find your master's keep
myself, even if it takes me weeks.

You understand that you are merely a convenience to me now, and that I will
kill you both once I kill Algoth. Now.. ride."

A few hours into the ride, Nekros began to think back.. think to his past and
what had brought all of this upon him. Why he was so cold and unfeeling now,
and what made him hate Algoth and these two lackeys with such intense

It had been nine years since he and his sister, Eladia, had fled from their
drunkard of a father to live in a small city a ways out from the city of
Tarsis. Nekros was 18 now, his sister, 14. He had brought them here and
learned by himself how to survive. He never accepted anyone's help. He hated
everyone.. everyone but his sister. But then Elayne had come along. She was
known as the town's coquette, she was also the most beautiful girl in the
town. Nekros was a handsome lad, well built and strong mentally, but had never
really paid any attention to anyone but his sister. But Elayne changed him.
She was not the coquette everyone thought her to be... she truly loved Nekros.
She made him caring and kind once more. She had even convinced him that he
should stop training to be an arena fighter. Nekros realized he truly loved
her and asked her to marry him, and she gladly accepted. They would be married
in a month's time.

The town was full of excitement at the couple's engagement. Eladia was
particularly excited and began preparations for the wedding immediately.

Almost the entire village was invited... Nekros remained quiet and shy as was
the norm for him. The only person he really talked to, other than Eladia and
Elayne, was Algoth.

Algoth and Nekros had been friends since Nekros had arrived. Algoth was three
years older that Nekros, and helped Nekros out even though Nekros did not want
any help at first. But eventually they became close friends, almost brothers.
And Algoth was there for Nekros now more than ever, keeping him from getting
cold feet.

But Algoth had always lusted after Elayne... and Algoth's greed and lust were
a much more powerful combination than simple friendship with Nekros. Three
days before the wedding, Elayne disappeared and left a note saying she loved
Algoth now... (To be continued...)

Author:  Nekros
Date    Sun Dec 23 14:10:50 2001

Subject  Old Memories... Now Relived. (Revenge Part IV)

Nekros was devastated. Two of the people he loved and trusted most in this
world had turned against him... and betrayed him. Eladia was all he had now.

Nekros remembered it all to well, that stormy night three months later. The
night that Elayne burst in the door, wet, sick and begging Nekros for
forgiveness. She told him she had been a fool, that she had been weak, and
that she was sure she loved Nekros now more than ever. She knew Nekros could
not love her... but she begged him to let her stay with him. She told of how
Algoth raped her nightly, and when he was finished he threw her to Ilkonas and
Edrick. She spoke of when he came home with his friends, drunken. And the
three of them beat her mercilessly. Nekros agreed hesitantly and allowed her
to stay in Eladia's room, since she was off in Nereka, visiting relatives.

Nekros's eyes brimmed with tears of anger, his hands clenched the reins so
tightly that the joints of his gauntlets cut holes in them as he remembered
what happened the next night...

Algoth, Ilkonas and Edrick burst through the door, swords in hand.

Nekros stood up and as soon as he saw who it was, dashed for his swords.

Algoth acted quickly swinging the blunt side of his sword down with force upon
Nekros's head, knocking him out. Edrick wanted to merely kill them both for
the 'outrage.' But Algoth had a much more cruel fate in mind.

When Nekros came to, he was tied to the wall and he was forced to watch as
Algoth wickedly tortured Elayne, finally slaying her with Nekros's own sword.
Algoth grinned as he poured alcohol down Nekros's throat, then untied him and
knocked him out once more. Algoth left the house, sobbing that Nekros had
kidnaped Elayne and had killed her in drunked stupor. He used Nekros's swords
as evidence of this, and brought the town council to Nekros's house. The
council saw Nekros unconscious, reeking of alcohol, and Elayne's bloodied

The town exiled Nekros. Nekros left, knowing that he had been beaten.

He had hoped at least Eladia would trust him, but when he sneaked into town
one night to speak with her, she glared at him and coldly called for the town
guard. Nekros fled with his swords, armor, and a few simple supplies.

Algoth had efficiently destroyed the ties to all those Nekros loved and cared
for. And Nekros meant to make Algoth pay for the atrocities that he had done.
Nekros looked up and saw a small keep looming before before them, backed by
the now setting sun. "There," Ilkonas rasped, "We are finally here..." he
snorted and spat on the ground. Nekros merely rode coolly on, thinking only of
what was to come... and praying to Takhisis for the strength to prevail...
praying for the revenge that was so rightfully his...

(To be continued...)

Author:  Nekros
Date    Sun Dec 23 14:52:43 2001

Subject  Old Friends... Now Enemies. (Revenge Part V)

As the three riders approached the keep's gates, Edrick snickered at Nekros's
sullen attitude through the entire trip. "Why so quiet, almighty Lord of the
Lily? Perhaps you are afraid of the imminent death that awaits you? I didn't
tell you this but Algoth has become quite a skilled warrior with the sword. He
will undoubtedly embarass you as he did eight years ago." Edrick cackled to
himself for a few moments but stopped as he saw that Nekros had merely stopped
his horse and was just waiting there in front of them. He glanced over his
shoudler, his aquamarine eyes became as piercing as arrows.

"It is easy to be brave when you have your master and his keep to cower like a
dog behind, Edrick. But I wonder..." Nekros's words and face remained stoic
and calm, his eyes as frigid as ice, "when your master is dead, his keep
burning to the ground... will you be so brave then?" Nekros turned and began
riding towards the iron portcullis of the keep's entrance.

Edrick gulped loudly and Ilkonas snickered to himself, drawing a fierce glare
from Edrick as they rode towards the keep. The soldier at the gate had his
questions, which were quickly answered by Ilkonas. A stable boy came by and
led the horses away. Ilkonas and Edrick led Nekros around the tiny fortress
for a few minutes, and stopped in front of a huge set of double doors.

"Wait here, LORD Nekros." said Ilkonas mockingly as he and Edrick entered
through the massive doors and disappeared.

A few moments later, Ilkonas's round face looked out from a crack in between
the doors and said, "Algoth will see you now, LORD Nekros." He swung open the
door and Nekros strode boldly into the chamber, his right hand on the hilt of
the sword on his right hip. Nekros's eyes narrowed as he beheld the one man he
hated most in this mortal realm. The man who was once his loyal friend. The
man who eliminated all ties to the only people Nekros had ever loved in his
entire life. The man who made him the cold man Nekros was.

Algoth D'Breim.

Algoth was now thirty. His tan face bore various scars from battles he had won
in his past. His brown hair was straight and cut short. His square chin now
bore a three-inch beard. His eyes were the color of brandy, and sang of
battles won and a greedy soul. He wore steel armor... at least, Nekros guessed
it to be steel, for the armor was covered by leather that was connected to the
armor underneath. Algoth wore a long, leather cape which flowed about him as
he sat on a chair obviously stolen from some town's dignitary. His tan skin,
brown hair and armor gave him a very rugged look. The two men were as
contrasting as they were alike. Algoth, with his rugged features where
Nekros's were smooth and handsome. Yet they both bore the weight of countless
battles, and they both dual wielded swords that had been in the family for
generations. Nekros merely stood before Algoth D'Breim for a few moments,
silent, impassive. His eyes and visage remained a stoic mask. Finally his pale
lips parted to speak...

"I've come to kill you."

(To be continued...)

Author:  Nekros
Date    Sun Dec 23 15:15:18 2001

Subject  Old Friends... Now Enemies. (Revenge Part VI)

"I've come to kill you." Nekros's voice rang deep and clear in the voluminous
room. His right hand still rested lightly on the hilt of the sword hanging on
his right hip.

Algoth sighed deeply, his shoulders heaving. "I know..." His eyes had a
strange look to them... a mix of what seemed to be amusement, sorrow, and
respect. "It has been a long time..."

"Too long indeed. I should have killed you long ago... but now I finally have
my chance to get revenge for all the wrongs you have committed against me and
against Eladia." Nekros drew both of his swords, holding them up and asssuming
a battle position. "Get down of your pitiful throne Algoth, and prepare to
die." Nekros's voice was calm... but so filled with hate that Nekros's voice
sounded almost inhuman. Algoth arose from his throne, his eyes boring into
Nekros. He then looked to the sky and chuckled.

"Fate, it seems, has a cruel sense of irony. Am I right?" Algoth shook his
head slowly. "Look at us now... both affected differently by our paths, and
yet they now intertwine as a direct result of what happened eight years
ago..." Algoth chuckled to himself again.

Nekros's composure cracked, anger seeping out from the breaks in his emotional
barrier, and he spoke loudly in rage, "What are you talking about?"

Algoth slowly looked down to look at Nekros. "Don't you see? Fate controlls
our actions. Fate made me to kill Elayne, which made you to harbor hate within

You see... Fate had it planned that you and I should battle one day.. but It
knew that that would never happen if you and I remained friends. So Fate
twisted my mind, and led me to kill Elayne and blame on you. So that our
destinies might be fulfilled... so that you and I would have our GLORIOUS
fight to the death!" As he spoke, Algoth's eyes took on a crazed look, a
twisted smile of pleasure forming on his face.

Nekros was outraged, "You mean to tell me that this "Fate" of yours forced you
to kill Elayne!? That you had no choice, that you are the victim here!?"

Algoth shook his head slowly, "No... you are undoubtedly a victim as well, my

"Do not call me 'friend,' Algoth! You and I ceased to be friends when you
stole Elayne from me! Do you hear me!?"

Algoth seemed not to hear Nekros's shouts. "Fate saw fit for you to suffer as
well. And now Fate is calling... can you hear it, Nekros? Hear the cries of
Fate that bind you and I together!" Algoth's voice rose steadily in volume,
until he was screaming in the end. His shouts ended as abruptly as they
started and Algoth slowly lowered his head. He raised one arm limply to a
window, his fingers dangling limply. He then pointed out the window. "There,
Nekros," his voice was quiet, almost normal, "That is where Fate has led us.
Our battlefield will be there."

Nekros was now standing straight and tall, a sword in each hand, their tips
pointing towards the ground. "Why should I fight you at a place of your
choosing? Perhaps you will tell me when I arrive that 'Fate' has decided that
I should fight you and your small army of henchmen? Tell me why I should fight
wherever it is that you are pointing."

Algoth, looked up at Nekros dully, "Because I challenge your honor... we


(To be continued...)

Author:  Nekros
Date    Sun Dec 23 15:40:01 2001

Subject  The Final Confrontation. (Revenge Part VII)

Nekros followed Algoth at breakneck speed, their horses travelling as fast as
they possibly could, their hooves drumming on the emerald green of the grass
beneath them. They raced though the limestone-spattered hills in the direction
of Nekros's home town... but Nekros did not notice. He was concentrating on
the figure before him, knowing that soon, only one of them would be alive.

As they topped the next hill Nekros saw a small grey stone building on the
horizon. He was just beginning to remember where he was. Algoth pointed at the
building and pushed his horse harder. Nekros increased his tired steed, urging
it to go faster...

Then... he knew... he could see the single spire of the building, he could see
the stained glass windows depicting gods and goddesses of all alignments, the
worn stone that made up the cathedral where he and Elayne were to have been

Nekros dismounted his horse and saw Algoth disappear inside the wooden door at
the top of a stone stairwell. Nekros began to slowly walk up those terrible
stairs, memories of Elayne flooded his mind... memories of when he and Algoth
were companions, and Eladia was planning the wedding of her brother... and
when Elayne was totally in love with Nekros D'Vorath...

All too soon Nekros reached the top of the stairs, and inside the wooden door
Nekros saw Algoth kneeling at the altar. Directly above the altar was a round
stained-glass window, with a picture of a woman goddess that Nekros did not
recognize. Nekros closed the door and noticed that all the pews had been
removed. Algoth stood, and drew two iron longswords, the same length as
Nekros's. Their hilts were wrapped in leather, and their blades were polished
iron. Algoth peered at the stained-glass window, then spoke with his back
towards Nekros.

"That is the Goddess Fate... She has blessed me this day and will give me the

Algoth's voice held an enraptured tone, "Today, Fate will be recognized!"
Algoth turned to Nekros, who now had his swords drawn as well. Nekros peered
icily at Algoth and spoke...

"I, too, have a Goddess on my side. Her name is Takhisis, and She has blessed
me with Her presence on Krynn. Today, Algoth, your corruption will end."
Nekros's eyes narrowed. Algoth looked at Nekros and shook his head sadly, "You
and I are so alike... we both have a Goddess to look over us, we use the same
type of weapon, the same style of fighting. Why must we fight? We could rule
over Fate, Nekros. Think of it! You and I would be more powerful than a
Goddess!" Algoth's eyes bore an excitemet and a misguided passion that
reminded Nekros of the insane... perhaps Algoth was insane.

"You are wrong, Algoth... you are I are nothing alike. The Goddess I serve is
real... your's is a crazy man's excuse for relieving himself of the guilt and
shame of murdering the innocent and destroying a man's soul. And Algoth I
already rule over 'Fate.' I control my destiny, no one else. I serve Takhisis
of free will, not because She is forcing me. And today I will battle you for
myself... not for some supernatural scape goat." Nekros took a fighting

Algoth slowly shook his head and took a fighting stance of his own. "I am
sorry to hear that, Nekros...

Prepare to die!"

(To be continued)

Author:  Nekros
Date    Sun Dec 23 16:42:52 2001

Subject  The Final Confrontation. (Revenge Part VIII)

Nekros stood ready as Algoth charged, screaming wildly at Nekros. Nekros
braced himself for the blow as Algoth leaped in the air and swung both of his
swords down towards Nekros with the full weight of his body behind their
blades. Nekros staggered backwards as the blades clashed, sending sparks
flying. Algoth was more skilled than Nekros had first thought him to be,
quickly regaining his balance and launching another volley of strikes towards
Nekros. Nekros brought his blades up to block, but was sent sprawling because
he had not yet fully recovered from the last blow. As he fell, time seemed to
slow and Nekros saw Algoth's blades arc towards him. Nekros grunted in pain as
a chunk of his armor was dislodged, and he was startled to see blood flying
from the blade of his enemy. Time resumed it's normal pace as Nekros landed
hard on the ground. Nekros's left arm burned intensely. The wound was not
terribly deep. Algoth laughed and turned both blades downward, driving them
towards Nekros's chest. Nekros relied on his skill in hand to hand, and swept
Algoth's knees with his shin. Algoth grunted loudly and toppled. Nekros
continued to roll and came up on his feet, swords in hand. He spun the blades
over his knuckles then proceeded towards his opponent who was just getting up
off the ground. Nekros slashed horizontally with both swords, and Algoth's
skill was again made apparent as he parried the blow. Their blades locked with
each other, both men trying to out-do the other in strength. Algoth was built
larger and had both weight and mass on his side. Nekros then gave, tucking
them both into a roll, landing atop of Algoth, who was lying beneath him,
stunned. Nekros flipped both blades and drove both of the tips of his swords
down upon Algoth. Algoth managed to knock one aside with his gaunt- let, but
the other bit deep into his left shoulder. Algoth drew back and cracked Nekros
smartly across his jar with the hilt of his sword. Nekros stumbled backwards
off of Algoth, and quickly lept to his feet. Each man glanced at the wound on
their left limb, then glared at the man standing across from him. Algoth ran
forward, yelling, Nekros charged, yelling his own battle cry. The two met in
the middle of the cathedral and battled, blade ringing and clashing with
tainted blade. Blows exchanged evenly, and soon they found themselves panting,
glaring at each other from twenty feet away.

Algoth breathed heavily, "No... this isn't how it was supposed to happen! You
should be dead, DEAD!" Algoth's face seemed to calm as he stared at Nekros.
"Perhaps Fate was meant to be...

altered." Algoth grinned darkly and snapped his fingers. And from within the
shadows stepped Edrick and Ilkonas. Edrick held two daggers and Ilkonas hefted
a large axe. Both bore evil grins. Nekros merely shook his head, blood
streaming from a cut on his cheek.

"I suspected as much. You will pay for your treachery, Algoth D'Breim." Nekros
calmly saluted his two new opponents as the three of them began to advance.
Nekros offered up a prayer to his Dark Queen, and began to advance towards

The trio came on in full force. Edrick and Ilkonas were not major threats to
Nekros, but he was having trouble as it was fending off Algoth. Nekros's true
ability as a warrior, and as a Knight of Takhisis was about to be put to the
test. Nekros ducked under an axe swing from Ilkonas, then raised his swords to
parry Edrick's daggers. He kicked Edrick full force in the stomach, then drove
the hilt of his sword into the jawbone of Ilkonas. Ilkonas roared in pain as
his jawbone snapped in half, and he staggered backwards, clutching his jaw.
Algoth swung each blade and Nekros. Nekros blocked each blade, and they were
locked for an instant. Then Algoth drew back his head and head-butted Nekros.
Nekros staggered, and slashed upward wildly, Algoth stopped moving just in
time to dodge the slash and teetered backwards from the sudden stopping of
movement. (To be continued... [it's almost over!])

Author:  Nekros
Date    Sun Dec 23 17:01:35 2001

Subject  The Final Confrontation. (Revenge: The Conclusion)

Edrick had stood back up and Ilkonas tramped forward in rage, swinging his axe
with all his might, causing him to over compensate. There Nekros saw his
chance, with a mighty yell Nekros wrapped his arms behind him and swung with
all his might horizontally through Ilkonas's midsection, cleaving into him all
the way from his sizeable girth to his backbone, nearly cutting him in half.
Ilkonas collapsed and Edrick screamed in sorrow and rage, hurling both both
daggers at Nekros. One dagger was off, but the other flew true, burying itself
in Nekros's leg right above his knee. Nekros screamed in pain and weakly
raised his swords to block the onslaught of Algoth. Algoth's advantage was too
great, and both swords cut deep into Nekros's left shoulder, forcing him to
his knees. Nekros swung with desperation and managed to hit Algoth's legs with
the blunt side of his right sword, knocking him down. Edrick charged forward
sobbing madly at the death of his friend. Nekros sheathed his right sword and
switched the sword from his now useless left hand to his right and hurled it
at his assailant. The black blade twirled end-over-end through the air,
slashing into Edrick's chest, embedding itself there. Edrick looked up in
disbelief, blood pouring from his mouth. Edrick fell to the ground, dead.
Nekros staggered to his feet and leaned heavily against the wooden doors.
Algoth stood a few feet in front of him, wounded, but nearly as badly as
Nekros. He looked as his fallen companions, and spoke. "I grew up with three
friends... today... all three will die."

Nekros looked on wearily, knowing that he had little strength left. But then,
when all hope seemed to have failed, he saw the light through the
stained-glass window above him formed a dragon with many heads on the floor.
Nekros looked at the stained-glass window, and saw the image of his Queen,
shining brightly. Algoth was already charging, and Nekros remembered the gift
given unto him by Takhisis. His sword was now in his right hand, grasped by
the only peice of equipment that differed from any other armor, his gauntlet.
Nekros spoke the word his Queen instructed him to speak to activate it's
magic, and thrust the sword forward, and staggered toward his opponent. Algoth
swung... time slowed... there was a bright flash...


Nekros's sword stuck through the stomach of his childhood friend... and the
gauntlet that held the sword shone black, suddenly black lightning shimmered
forth from the gauntlet, coursing through the blade and into Algoth. Algoth's
skin flayed as he flew from Nekros's blade, the magic of Takhisis flowing in
his veins. He flew backwards through the self-constructed window of his
goddess, "Fate" and there he died. Algoth was finally dead.

Nekros had himself bandaged as well as he could, knowing it would keep him
alive til he reached Tarsis. He rode for a few moments then glanced behind
him, into the setting sun. There was a mound of freshly dug sod, where now
there lay beneath that mound Algoth, Nekros's childhood friend, and now
defeated enemy. Nekros turned and rode towards Tarsis, a tear streaming from
his eye...

"Elayne, you are finally avenged."

The End.

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