The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Tamfa.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a concise treatise on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Tamfa' scribed in faded maroon ink.

Author:  Tamfa
Date    Sat Jan  7 03:12:07 2006
Subject Elf Hunting on the Shoals

The smell on the docks was worse than usual that day, at least to
Tamfa's nose, some pointed ear elves had come through today...
laughing and giggling, not a care in the world. Their stench or
lack of one, made the little goblin writhe as he thought of
nothing more than silencing their laughter and taking that stupid
pole the big one had.

If an elf could catch fish... damned well a goblin could!

Quietly paddling behind them on his beaten skiff, Tamfa watched
as the two ran aground upon the shoals. The sheer genius of them
amazed him, when he realized they truely were stuck and yet sat
there laughing and joking... a darkness came to him. It was time
to take that pole...

Arrow after arrow  flew from his concealment on the other side of
the shoals... the two were sitting ducks, in a barrel, on a
reef... it was all over quickly.

As he picked through the belongings, Tamfa noticed that he
himself had become stuck upon the very shoals that had trapped
his victims... only time, only time, he thought... Eventually he
freed himself and went about on his way.

(24 hours protection to Soara and Tamriel, I shot them in the
neck until dead) (The mud froze or something after I left, I
showed up back again in the Shoals room???)

Author:  Tamfa
Date    Sun Jan  8 03:52:23 2006
Subject Fried goblin, and a few arrows, and a

Tamfa woke late into the evening with one heck of a kink in his
back. With a grimace and a growl he kicked the smaller goblin in
the cave, 'Outta me way ya bastid!'. The smaller goblin simply
rolled over and snored.

Glax is one mean uncle... Me goin' to the cities.. he thought to

After he'd climbed from the underbrush out on to the Knights way,
he began to pick up a familiar smell... that Silvanesti...
stooping low to hide his silhoette from the darkening sky he ran

A sniff here.. nothing... backtrack... sniff... nothing... run

sniff... sniff.. faint but there. He turned and ran towards the
city, the Solanthian guards not even seeing him pass as he darted
from shadow to shadow.

Glancing around a corner he spotted the Mage standing with some
Aghar helper... who hires Aghars anyway? With a quick appraisal,
Tamfa spotted a nice leather backpack... quietly... quietly....

HEY!!! The Silvanesti exclaimed loudly as the opening of his
backpack wasn't nearly as quiet as it should have been...

The little Aghar tackled Tamfa and began to beat the living snot
out of him... OUCH you little.. HEY!! Tamfa turned and bolted out
the door, for a brave goblin he wasn't.

ZZZZZZZZRRRAAAPP!!!!! A blinding white flash exploded from the
room behind him and scorched the side of his face!!! Oooh that
damned elf! I just wanted his pack!

Tamfa dove behind the door and pulled an arrow into his now ready
bow, THUNK, the arrow shot past and hit the wall, THUNK THUNK..
THUD!! The mage crumpled with a shaft buried in his leg...

Darting in, seeing the mage near unconcious, Tamfa grabbed the
backpack but the mage still refused to part with it... a single
scrap of paper fell to the floor and the goblin ran off cursing.

(24 more hours to Tamriel, was trying to steal a backpack, failed
and almost died) Shot in the neck until dead, again. )

(He had tried to hire a 101 to kill me, no further aggression
from this goblin unless warranted.)


Author:  Tamfa
Date    Tue Jan 10 12:00:01 2006
Subject Seria: RE: Lowe vs Epidemic

For making head hurt...

(Nopk'd Seria, noFulled all eq, no slapped too, stop making head
hurt) Tamfa, a goblin with a headache

Author:  Tamfa
Date    Wed Feb  8 16:22:22 2006
Subject Solamnic abuse

After following the dirty Solamnic through town, Tamfa finally
found that the man had begun to raise a ruckus with the ruffian
kids in the bad neighborhood. Enough was enough, so as the man
and his horse passed by, Tamfa quickly pulled the magical pouch
from the mans belt then slipped behind a crate and waited until
there was ample room.

The arrows quickly found their mark, and the man fell to his

"He was being mean too!" a ruffian kid said as Tamfa chuckled.

"Not anymore I think..." the goblin chortled as he tossed that
magic pouch to the nearest kid and dashed out of town.

(24 hours to Baulin, followed him all over town, he started into
Central Pal.. stole the sanc, shot the sol)

Tamfa of the Red Hands clan.

Author:  Tamfa
Date    Wed Feb  8 17:26:32 2006
Subject Shooting cans out back.

A full fledged Solamnic, even came with the shiny horse and
pompous attitude...

After following the loud man around Gerighelm, into the Solamnic
Plains, the goblin caught up with him back in Lemish. A nice town
Lemish, what that crazy Solamnic was thinking going there was
beyond him.

Apparently it became obvious to the Solamnic as well, as he
turned and spurred his mount back out across the plains.
Following in hot pursuit, the goblin ran as fast as he could, and
came upon him watering his horse in the gully. Quickly past him,
Tamfa took cover behind some refuse and began to stick arrow
after black feathered arrow into the now prone Solamnic.

(24 hours to Davan, followed him all over Gerighelm, into the
plains, found him again in Lemish, finally nabbed something in
Gerighelm, then chased into Gully and ... took qi's, shot the

Tamfa of the Red Hands clan.

Author:  Tamfa
Date    Sat Feb 18 21:32:19 2006
Subject An Adventurer in trouble.

Tamfa ran from town to town looking for a mark, the mage had
charged him quite dearly for this stupid scroll and it better
work. Finally he entered Solanthus near dusk and spotted a weary
adventurer setting to leave town.

What kind of man leaves town all beat up and downtrodden, in the
middle of the night? It invites thieves and other ill-mannered
guests... Tamfa pondered, then realized with a sly chuckle.. I am
one of those.

The man's horse apparently wasn't nearly as tired a the man, and
the little goblin had to give chase. Following the bent grasses
across the plains, the warm trail left by the man's mount wasn't
too hard to follow but it was slower than he would have liked.

Past that dreaded tower he ran.

On through Yarus, silly village anyway, why some humans breed...

Finally, on the outskirts of the great city of Palanthas, he saw
his target had stopped to take a drink.

"Yousasleepnowpluuse" he mangled the words on the scroll and the
man reacted with a swing of his sword. DAMN! Tamfa jumped back as
the man fell from his horse and hit his head upon the ground. The
man lay there sleeping quietly with ragged breaths.

Hm, so it worked, in a fashion... Still that mage will pay for
that farse he thought.

(24 hours to Xithious, tracked him all over and finally caught
him, then noticed he was hurt, but the boring didn't land...
accidents happen). Oh, I did keep his sword, and some coin.

Tamfa, the wise. Goblin among.. well goblin.

Author:  Tamfa
Date    Tue Feb 21 21:08:04 2006
Subject Medium Rare please, with a side of

The smell was unbearable, and that inn lady not nice at all. Who
care what smelly hooman think anyway... Into the forest he went
following the strange cow hoofprints, but only two at a time...
Ah, must be Cowotaur he thought to himself. Up ahead, he spotted
the large bovine resting against a boulder..

just sitting there, like... well a cow in the pasture.

Hm, me wonders, taste like cow? Or.. taste like chicken?

Zap, zap, the beast fell over in a pool of red.



Him taste like poop!

Took a worm, looked tasty.

(24 hours to Indigo, he stopped being loud when told of violating
24 hours protection, so he keeps it)

Tamfa of the Red Hands clan.

Author:  Tamfa
Date    Tue Feb 21 23:04:23 2006
Subject Braised, with just a hint of

The tower guard screamed with great vengeance at the little
goblin as he swung his heavy sword, but he was too slow and a
kick to the kid factory dropped him like a stone. The blade to
the throat and it was all over.

After his breathing had slowed down some, he noticed a scent of
older blood wafting in...

Turn turn, up the stairs, bodies...

Around the corner in the tower... more bodies..

Maybe a friend? He wondered, but the corpses were impecably clean
without even so much as a toothmark.. no friend of mine he

Then, a human and some other big creature stood before him, over
the body of some fallen acolyte.

Hm, Tamfa thought as he quickly read the squiggly lines as his
shaman had taught him. The larger of the two slumped to the
ground with a thump, but the smaller man quickly slapped the
bigger across the face with the flat of his sword! ARRRGH!!!

Again, reading a second scroll the big man slumped over...

And again that confounded human woke his ally. Something
prevented Tamfa from striking the smaller man, but the larger one
took quite a few slices before he fell from loss of blood.

Took money, kicked in head until sleeping.

A bite on the leg, nothing edible here...

(24 hours to Vishar, Elzaroth was apparently just out of range,
kept smacking him awake rofl) (Took money, and Britta's ring
back, she was my girl afterall)

Tamfa of the Red Hands clan.

Author:  Tamfa
Date    Wed Feb 22 00:33:38 2006
Subject Grilled, with a nice hollandaise

Into the dirt town he went, newly freed my butt. A trail at his
feet, dragon marks again... A good sized blue by the looks of
them... Hm, was that man a highlord? But those were all gone...
Tamfa was confused for a bit, but the blood in his mouth relieved
him of confusion and replaced it with rage.

A troubadour sang the outdated song of victory, while members of
the guard harrassed old ladies and kids on the street.

A few clangs from the palace area drew his attention...

There he was! A closer look and the markings of a Knight of
Takhisis... so, spoil my hunt will you? Those same squiggly lines
wiggled as the man fell quickly into a deep slumber.

Without waiting for the astonishingly well healed Vishar to
react, the goblin quickly tossed a rope about the mans body and
tied it to his mule, pulling the man from the room in a quick
fashion, down the road and out of the palace as the guards looked
on with astonishment...

Finding a nice quiet spot, the goblin quietly went through the
mans belongings, then uttered a few words about vengeance and
being his brother's keeper.

Took money, kicked in head until him quit snoring.

A bite on the arm, nothing edible here...

(24 hours to Elzaroth, Vishar was apparently slow at the keyboard
and just watched.) (Took potions, a pill, and a globe, later
returned along with presents)

Tamfa of the Red Hands clan.

(ps. Assumed KOT because of the Dragon, if not KOT, ignore that

Author:  Tamfa
Date    Fri Feb 24 17:41:21 2006
Subject Skewered, with a touch of

The large knight had taunted him before, well at least looked at
him with despite as most have, so it wasn't a matter of if... but

While sneaking some food from the pantry in the tower of the
clerist, it in itself no mean feat as the goblin was highly
unwelcome, that all too familiar scent of blood wafted from down
the corridor.


Sniff. Sniff.

It's this way. He ran down the twisting passages thinking...
whoever built this tower was intoxicated on something powerful.

Stop at the stairs... no, that trap up there, looming boulder
would crush me quickly.

A strange mist... yet the smell was nearby as well. Very strong

Definitely human...

Quietly the goblin pulled the door open and slipped inside. The
Knight of the Lily stood there in disarray, blood speckeled the
wall where the man had slewn it's former occupant. Ah... the
Solamnics would owe me one the goblin thought as he lept at the

But a glancing blow, and the knight turned and left.

Through the halls, as quietly as he could while following the
drops of blood here and there...

Finally he spotted the man limping as he tried to run down the
road and it was over.

On his unconcious form the goblin quickly rummaged through the
strangely colored pack and saw some gorgious gauntlets, grabbing
those and the meager money pouch at the man's side, he turned and
fled into the north.

(24 hours protection to Jaxun from myself and the goblins) Tamfa
of the Red Hands clan.

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